KOT debate if this bodyguard should have carried his boss CS Sicily Kariuki’s handbag

A photo taken by the Star photojournalist Hezron Njoroge has gone viral on social media. Why do you ask?

Well it’s a photo of Public Service CS Sicily Kariuki walking beside her bodyguard, who happens to be carrying her handbag.

The photo has annoyed many social media users who say it’s abuse of office, adding that it’s not the job of a Kenyan police officer to carry personal effects of their female bosses.

cs sicily kariuki nad her bodyguard

Madende Janam… The bodyguard is honoured to carry Madam CS’s most sensitive paraphernalia. That bag must be heavy-duty. As a bodyguard things can’t get better at work!

Rispa Mururu …If the man was carrying a briefcase for a male CS, which happens, it wouldn’t have the same judgement because it wouldn’t even make news. Now tell us what’s the real issue here?

Madende Janam …The bodyguard is honoured to carry Madam CS’s most sensitive paraphernalia. That bag must be heavy-duty. As a bodyguard things can’t get better at work!

Nyamweya Prince… Huyu ni ciciliiy kariuki ajana naye plz

Muna Mohammed… Can she hire a PA??And let the bodyguard do his job of protecting her?

Abraham Wangila Wafula… Who knows,maybe he is her husband.Some employee their spouses as drivers and bodyguards.

Peter Gaclean …May be he guards many sides.but that is not our concern.

Francine Mapenzi… In a situation like this the man is not cooperating in some personal issues apart from his job, so he’s punished, 😁😁😁😁 watching a movie though

Patkanjo Wangari Pakawa.. TOTAL ABUSE,,,na zile viti za wanawake zikianguka

David Mwangi Warutere…. This is what happens when power gets into one’s head.
Why should a lady’s handbag be carried by ANY man?
Even the Queen of England carries her own bag.

Tabi Riri… Mimi sioni shida.Mwanaume ako job

Ng’ang’a Thomas Kimaru… I think “mind your own business ” is appropriate or talk to head of security detail

Jennifer Njoroge.. Maybe the handbag can be converted to a leathal weappn when need be.

De Hud Mchelsea…. what if the bodyguard is also her man?? who knows…..maybe it’s power of love

Wangui Mwangi Agatha …That man doesnt look uncomfortable,may be he carries the handbag,the car keys,places them on her bedside,removes her shoes and what else do you know?

Not Again! Four Police Officers Killed While Two Go Missing After Their Car Runs Over An Explosive Device In Lamu

Five people, four of them police officers, were killed when their armoured police car ran over an IED in Baure area, Lamu, on Wednesday morning.

It is believed the device was planted by al Shabaab militants.

The officers were of the Mangai Rapid Border Patrol Unit in Lamu East while the fifth victim was a civilian.

Seven officers from the unit were on their way to Motown town in Lamu West to refuel the vehicle when the incident occurred at about 9 am.

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KDF officers from Baure camp were attacked by suspected al-Shabaab fighters while rushing to the scene to help.

They repulsed them and reported to the scene where they found the five bodies. The other two officers may have been abducted by the militants as they could not be found.

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The Star

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Police have stepped up vigilance in the country following last night‘s terror attack in Manchester, UK where 19 people were killed and more than 59 others wounded.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet says he has ordered officers to be vigilant because terrorism is real, given the threat Kenya faces from Al Shabaab militants.

The vigilance includes thorough screening of motorists and pedestrians and collection of intelligence.

He says security patrols will be intensified and is urging the public to report anything suspicious to authorities.

The attack occurred during a pop concert by US star Ariana Grande, causing panic in the 21,000-capacity venue after what eyewitnesses described as a ‘huge bomb-like bang’ in the foyer area at the end of the concert.

If confirmed as a terror incident, it would be the deadliest attack on British soil since the 2005 London bombings, which killed 52 people.



-Cyrus Okwema