Passengers narrate horrific ordeal with city gangsters in a matatu (Video)

Police are looking for gangsters who hijacked a matatu and robbed the passengers on board before dumping it in Lucky summer area, Ruaraka constituency, Nairobi.

Passengers robbed in a matatu
Ten passengers were injured in the Tuesday morning incident as the gangsters beat and stabbed them in efforts to get money and other valuables from them. The 33 seater matatu was headed to the city centre when the gang which included a woman struck.

Passengers robbed in a matatu
Passengers robbed in a matatu

The matatu crew are being sought for questioning. The victims were later rescued by locals and police.

“As I was texting the guy next to me told me ‘give me that phone’  while holding a gun to my head,” narrated one of the victims.

Another man revealed how the Tuesday nightmare turned horrific while he was on the way to work.
‘I was reluctant to give out my phone and one of them hit me with the back of a gun on the head. I gave him the phone.”

Leakey Ndeda a primary school teacher was on his way to work when he met the dreaded gang.
“I met a gang of 8 people between Ngomongo and Lucky Summer bridge.The first thing they asked me to give them was my phone. I told them I didn’t have a phone but only had my wallet. One of them pointed a gun at me so I surrendered.” he said.

Passengers robbed in a matatu

Adding that:

“Another gangster stabbed me once on the head and I had no choice but give out my phone and wallet. I was stabbed on my left buttock and another one stabbed me three times in the head before they fled.”

More than 10 phones were stolen.

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Dear Slay Queens DON’T DO THIS When You Go Out

You will always know when the weekend is approaching for the relaxed atmosphere that hits Nairobi. Everyone makes sure they find out what the ‘plan’ is just so that they can be ready to paint the town red.

From college girls to the busy working mum, here is some piece of advice that I think you should consider before stepping out.

You’re welcome:

1. Putting on short dresses

I think this depends on where you are hanging out. Will you for instance be able to dance when you hear despacito? Some Kenyan clubs are known to be frequented by perverts, and wearing a ka -mini may send the wrong signal. Although I do remember there was the street protests dubbed my dress my choice. We know those with yellow-yellow thighs want to show them off.



2. High Heels

Have you ever walked behind a girl with super high heels in town and seen how she struggles? Keep in mind that our pavements in town are uneven and you may trip and embarrass yourself. Flats, or those baby doll shoes common with Nairobi girls will do.


3.Too much makeup

This is not the opportunity to try on the huddah makeup you stocked up on girls. A lip gloss will do, and lay off the eyebrows, there are enough scary looking eyebrows walking the streets of Nairobi. Plus your dude will be too polite to tell you that you have done too much. You also could be dating a guy who prefers au naturale girls.

make up

4. Do not eat too much

Especially if it’s buffet, where it’s all you can eat. That little black dress you wore will surely burst, then again no one wants to see a bloated belly, girls. Also stay on your lane and eat what you’re familiar with, lest your tummy rumbles and you have to dash to the bathroom when things get thick.


5. Avoid drinking something you’re not used to

I’ve heard many stories where just because a dude is buying, you think it’s time to try those posh drinks you’ve never consumed. Shock on you when you get drunk and misbehave. Lesson here, ka lane yako. If you’re used to guarana, stick to it, otherwise you will be a mess and trust me it will be hard to land a second date with that dude, if ever you hoped for one.


6. Carrying big purses

Kwani umebeba nguo za kulala? Big bags are a no-no girls. Here’s why: you only need to carry a few items therefore ditch the cucu style bag.



What? A Kenyan Woman HANGS Herself In MCA’s House Because Of Her Husband’s Infidelity

A 22-year-old woman was found hanging by a rope on Tuesday in the unfinished house of a Kisumu MCA and left behind a suicide note.

The house under construction is in Manyatta B ward which is represented by Nereah Okombo. The lady has been identified as Mary Akinyi, a mother of one.

According to neighbors, Akinyi and her husband moved into the neighborhood a few days ago.

They described her as a jolly person but sadly, she killed herself because of suspicion that the husband was cheating on her with another lady from the area.

The late Akinyi attributed the decision to her husband’s unfaithfulness, living behind a suicide note and the man’s number.

Okombo confirmed the discovery of the body saying she was informed after returning from the IEBC where she sought clearance for the election.

After The Death Of a Young Female Thug, Five Suspected Thugs Shot In Nairobi All Aged Between 18 And 25

“After clearing I went straight to my sister’s place and that’s when I was called,” she said.
“The woman left her home at 8 am, leaving her baby behind. It is like the husband did not know where she was. He too left to go look for her. I was called at around 11 am by the neighbors. Rushing to my home, I found she had changed herself. I am yet to find out her identity. I don not even know the husband,” said MCA, Nerea Okombo to Edaily.

The body was taken to a nearby mortuary, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching, and Referral Hospital Mortuary.

Unyama Gani Huu! Heartless Woman Badly Beats Up, Then Hangs Her 4-Year-Old Daughter In Nyandarua


Unyama Gani Huu! Heartless Woman Badly Beats Up, Then Hangs Her 4 Year-Old Daughter In Nyandarua

How can a mother hang her own child?

Police have arrested a woman who beat up and hanged her four-year-old daughter in Gikingi location, Nyandarua county.

Cecilia Wangeci, who is at Oljoro Orok police station, killed her daughter on Saturday morning.

Wangeci is said to have woken a neighbor called Damba, telling her she was going to the chief’s office to report the incident.

Damba inquired about the child and Wangeci told her to go and look in the house.

Concerned, Damba rushed to Wangeci’s house calling the girl’s name but received no response. She found the girl had been hanged from the roof and alerted neighbors who called the police.

‘I Loved Her With My Whole Heart But She Made Me DO IT,’ Boda Boda Man KILLS Girlfriend Then Self In A Love Triangle

Swift action by police and the area chief Mary Njoroge prevented residents from lynching Wangeci.

Njoroge said the child appeared to have been badly beaten before being hanged from the roof of their bedroom.

“What pains us so much is how she got the courage to put a rope around her child’s neck even after beating her,” she said.

The girl’s body was moved to the mortuary, while Wangeci is expected in court on Monday. Neighbors said Wangeci had beaten the child on Friday evening and also woke up to beat her on Saturday.

Crazy World! Kenyan Man DUMPS Wife-To-Be At a Guest Room Because She Didn’t Allow Him To Bed Her Without Protection

While no reason was established for the incident, neighbors said Wangeci often beat the girl.

Wangeci lived with her sister and her three children, but they were away during the incident.

They also have a brother who appeared to be unconcerned by the incident. Neighbors said the brother is a drug addict.

50 Year-old Businessman Charged With Defiling Three Kids, Released On Sh1.5m Bond

A businessman was charged with defiling three minors and released on Sh1.5 million bond on Monday.

Albert Ongera was accused of committing the offence between February 1 and 28.

Kenyan Police Beef Up Security After Manchester Explosion Believed To Be a Terrorist Attack

He denied defiling the children aged between eight and 10 years old.

Milimani chief magistrate Francis Andayi said cash bail would not be commensurate with such a serious offence.

The matter will be heard on July 13.

Kenyans Are Tired! 3 Suspects LYNCHED In Three Separate Incidents In Nairobi As Theft Cases Rise

Kenyans Are Tired! 3 Suspects LYNCHED In Three Separate Incidents In Nairobi As Theft Cases Rise

Three suspects were yesterday lynched in separate incidents in Nairobi.

The suspects were lynched in Kibera, Jerusalem, and Kasarani areas. Police say the men were accused of snatching property from pedestrians before an alarm was raised that alerted mobs who stoned them to death.

Police are discouraging mob lynching asking those behind the same to surrender the suspects for processing.

Such cases are common in city estates and experts blame lack or insufficient policing for the same.

Meanwhile, police are investigating an incident in which a man died after he had walked to a hospital with a stab wound in Nairobi’s Kayole area.

The victim arrived at the hospital in pain and asked for help, but died shortly after. Police say they are yet to know how and where the man was attacked.

His body was moved to the mortuary. Kayole OCPD Joseph Gichangi says they are investigating the incident.





-Cyrus Okwema


Here Are The Sweetest Names To Call Your Sponsor That Will Leave His Atm Flabbergasted

Gone are the days when women were known to be submissive to their husbands, stay home and watch the children, and carry out household chores and wifely duties without complaining.

But nowadays things have changed, women no longer do what their mothers and grandmothers used to do back then. Most of them hang out with men old enough to be their fathers/grandfathers, in short, I mean sponsors and they aren’t ashamed of that.

We are living in the ‘sponsors’ generation and young women are dating fossil/ancestors just to live lavishly. But this doesn’t come easy, women go through a lot to achieve that lifestyle. You need to baby him with sweet names so that he can do anything you want.

Well, I conducted a research of the sweet names to call your sponsor and below is a list, go through and thank me later.

  1. Papi

2. Pekin

3. Blesser

4. Sweetheart

5. Baby

6. Honey

7. The Godfather

8. Daddy Yo

9. Sbonza

10. Benefactor

11. Babzi


13. Sokoro

14. ATM



17. Bae

18. Chief

19. Pumpkin


21. Mr. Msolokombo

22. Mr. Kigongi

23. Big Daddy

24. Oga

25. Hunie pie

26. Mlami wangu