‘We over pay international acts and undermine our own!’ Akothee speaks out

Singer Akothee popularly known as madame president has an interesting suggestion when it comes to helping promote Kenyan music.

She was part of the panel on Saturday’s 10 over 10 show alongside DJ Pierra and Kagiri. The women were talking about the impact each has made in their various roles in the Kenyan music industry.

Akothee spoke about it last week in a picture where she is seen holding a stick, letting presenters know that she will make sure they play Kenyan music by fire, by force.

mi I want to go physical with this presenters, so we finish quickly you pipo are making too much noise online 🤣😂 tag them here pris

Just after the show, Akothee took to social media to share her views on artiste fees paid to international vs Kenyan artistes get when they go to other countries.

Lets just play our own music, invite our own artists to our own shows , because these fans are our own fans, nobody will give us a platform even to curtain raise in other countries , we over hype the neighbouring countries! Over pay them and they go spend the money in their countries,and underpay our artists

Akothee’s solution is simple, before or after the international acts perform, they should dedicate some of their pay to charity.

we also demand that when international act comes for a show in kenya, let some percentage go to charity , let them visit school’s ,hospitals, orphanages, not only club appearances 😋😋 a bottle of hernesy is a whole year school fee for some needy ,(now you know why I cant join politics , they will kill me after 2 weeks , coz I will expose them all 😂❤


Do you think this will work?

OH MY! Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Premiers Nyashinski’s New LOVE Song. His Reaction Is Just PRICELESS! (AUDIO)

Former Kleptomaniax group member Nyashinski is not done with captivating us with his spectacular and amazing songs.

The talented singer-cum-rapper made a major comeback on the Kenyan music scene back in 2016 after being on a musical hiatus for several years after relocating to the US.

When he landed back in Kenya, Nyashinski, real name, Nyamari Ongegu, worked on a song with Nameless dubbed ‘Leti Go’, but it was his single ‘Now You Now’ that shook the local entertainment industry.

He didn’t stop there, and after a few weeks, he went back to the studio to work on another track, one of the most inspiring and uplifting gospel songs in Kenya, dubbed Mungu Pekee which topped the charts without even a video and the audio is now at 2.3 Million views on YouTube.


His instant reign on the Kenyan music scene came as a blessing for him as he was also featured in Coke Studio Africa season 4 and more so, he was among the few chosen artistes to work with celebrated American artiste, Ne-Yo, who was the international act.

Now, everyone has been wondering when Nyashinski will drop his next song and if it will be better than his last two, but finally, the wait is over. The humble singer has a new song by name Malaika, a love song where he praises and appreciates his woman.

Maina Kageni was the lucky man to debut the song after he met up with Nyashinski recently, who asked him to listen to the song after the radio presenter approved it, the rapper decided it was time to release it.


The song Malaika was exclusively debuted on Classic 105 by Maina Kageni, who couldn’t get enough of the track and went on and on about how much he’s already in love with the track, congratulating and applauding Nyashinski for another banger song.

The new song is one of the most romantic songs you’ll hear from a Kenyan male artiste. This is bound to be one of the biggest hits for 2017.

Listen to the new song below as well as Maina Kageni’s reaction which is out of this world. Is the song a hit or a miss?



TOO HILARIOUS! Larry Asego and Nick Odhiambo Make Fun Of Nonsensical Old School Kenyan Songs (Audio)

Kenyan music has over the years improved in terms of the fan base, and popularity.

In the last couple of years, some of the local artistes have propelled the industry to whole new levels, with the likes of Sauti Sol, Victoria Kimani, Eric Wainaina and Stella Mwangi, just to mention a few.

But before musicians such as Octopizzo and Elani, there were other old school artistes, some of whom are still in the game and going, while others just faded into oblivion, and sadly, others left us soon.

Let’s Take A Journey Through Kenya’s History With These Iconic Love Songs

Back in the 80s and 90s, the Kenyan music industry was well represented by the likes of Kalamashaka, legendary singer E-sir, K-Rupt, Them Mushrooms, Fundi Konde, Mercy Myra, Nameless, Wahu, Jua Cali, Nazizi, Wyre, Les Wanyika and Nameless and others.


Most of these musicians were renowned artistes, and some of them like Nameless, Wahu and Jua Cali are still in the game but according to Nick Odhiambo and Larry Asego, there are those kinds of artistes who used to sing Kenyan songs that just didn’t make sense.

During their evening show Larry, Nick and Friends, the duo made fun of artistes who drop songs that don’t even have a meaningful message or sensible lyrics.

One of the Kenyan songs the presenters made a fun of was Manyake, which was sung by one hit-maker Circuit and Joel, as the funny guys said that he was suited to be chairman of National Cereals and Produce Board other than a singer.

This two are too hilarious. Listen to the rib-cracking audio below as they make fun of the songs.





Let’s Take A Journey Through Kenya’s History With These Iconic Love Songs

Every generation has love songs that defines the term ‘love’ for them. This is true whether you are 60 or 13. We all have that song that is ours. Or so we think.

The truth, however, is that we aren’t exactly snowflakes. There are millions of other people who share our taste in music and that is why songs such as African Woman by 2face Idibia (which isn’t Kenyan) but it defined love for an entire generation.

Vincent and I sat down and had a look at some of these love songs and we came up with the following list:

She’s Glowing! 5 Photos Of Gloria Muliro That Prove She’s Doing Better After Dumping Estranged Husband

Gloria Muliro made headlines back in 2015 when she came out to reveal that she was separating from her husband, Eric Omba, after claims of abuse, misuse of her cash and infidelity.

The celebrated singer walked out of the marriage because she couldn’t fake happiness anymore. Even as much as she had tried to make amend and make it work, the controversial pastor only made things worse in the 5 years they were together.

Gloria Muliro’s Ex-Husband Eric Omba Is A Bitter And Angry Man. Find Out Why

Pastor Eric Omba and Gloria Muliro exchanged wedding vows back 2009 at a colorful ceremony. Things, however,  didn’t turn out to be so blissful, with Gloria Muliro revealing that her ex-husband mismanaged her career, as well as making claims to property that was not his.

Gloria-with-pastor-Omba (1)

At some point, Eric Omba did not want to let go of his beautiful wife and even hoped to win her back, but sadly,  Muliro had moved on and decided to turn over a new leaf.

But years on, Gloria Muliro has proved to be stronger and has been focusing on her music and rumour has it that she found a man worthy of her attention. She is currently dating him but has chosen to keep the relationship away from the public radar.

Sorry Pastor Omba, Gloria Muliro Has Moved On

On the other hand, her ex-husband has also found himself a younger woman, and they already have a daughter together. Mark you, they have not walked down the aisle, meaning he’s gotten a child out of wedlock…


But one thing I have noticed, Gloria Muliro looks stunning and is glowing even after walking out of the painful marriage. There is no doubt that she’s now stress-free and is doing better than ever.

These elegant photos below prove that Muliro is happier and now has peace of mind;










Hilarious TBTs Of Famous Kenyan Gospel Artistes You Just Have To See

It is quite obvious that people can undergo quite a transformation after their pockets get deeper. These gospel artists, Mtoto Wa Mama Bahati, Willy Paul the Pozze, Hope Kid the General and the famous Kelele Takatifu have hilarious TBT photos dating back to when they didn’t know what style or fashion was.

Here are photos of these artists when they were broke and dusty;

Here Is A List Of Secular Artistes Who Are More Gospel Than The Gospel Artistes

Kelele Takatifu

It is evident that in those days the two Bamba Mbaya hit makers hardly knew what glamourous was. Their old fashioned casual look can obviously tell their past.

kelele takatifu


Willy Paul

Tiga Wana! That is the song title of his latest song but can also refer to his ‘swag’ or rather lack of in this pic. He must have been performing his song Rabuka while rocking this, shiny oversized suit and studs.

willy paul(1)


It looks like Bahati hadn’t started writing love letters and was nowhere near growing bushy dreadlocks. Maybe he was actually deep into doing real gospel music… Let’s just say times and money can truly change a person.

He’s Seen The Light! Bahati Goes Back To His Godly Roots To Work On Genuine Gospel Songs



Well, he must have been colour blocking his style during those days before he got his own fashion identity. Hope Kid who now has a new hit Mzito Ni Yesu has entered the list of controversial gospel artists in Kenya after criticism over the song.


Unconditional Winners! And The East Africa Super Hit Of The Year Goes To…!!!

These boys just aren’t slowing down!!! It seems like Sauti Sol is giving the industry a run for their money. The boy band has remained one of the most talented groups that have not failed to put Kenya’s music industry on the map. This group has gone on to win awards from Africa and beyond.


Being one of the most sought after artistes, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the group won two heavy-weight awards at the recent 5th edition of HiPipo awards held at Serena hotel in Kampala. The band won Song Of The Year Kenya and The East Africa  Super Hit with the song Unconditionally Bae which featured Tanzania’s Ali Kiba.

Sauti Sol Are Privileged To Record In The Same Studio Using The Same Microphone The Late Amy Winehouse Used (Photo)


Among others who walked away with awards was Diamond Platnumz with the East Africa Best Video for the song Salome featuring Rayvanny. Diamond also went home with Quinquennial Africa Music Vanguard Award.

Sauti Sol Move To Improve Girl Education As They Link Up With Amazing Globetrotting Teenager

Tanzanian duo, Navy Kenzo who performed at the event were awarded the East Africa Best New Act while Ali Kiba also walked away with Song Of The Year Tanzania with the song Aje.

Sauti Sol has always been superstars for the longest time ever. They are geniuses when it comes to making music and their mode of music production is on point. Their albums over the years have been nothing but successful and we are more than proud to say they deserved the awards.

‘So Now You Understand My Broken English’: Akothee Finally Reveals Her KCSE Results

Akothee is by far among the most successful female artistes in the country. Her music career has grown tremendously over the years.

Apart from being a musician, she has ventured into other businesses which form part of her side hustles.


We have all heard stories of how Akothee came to be, but one thing we have never known is what she actually scored in her KCSE exams.

Well, Akothee is not shy to display her grades as she took to social media to post her results slip. She scored a C+ but makes fun of her math skills.

Kenya’s Richest Female Singer, Akothee, Gives Her Candid Advice To Ladies Who Pursue ‘Sponsors’


The photo had the caption, “I dropped out of school & got married at the age of 14 , I had 4 kids by the time I was 20 years old , I served my mother in law as a house girl for 7 solid years since my then husband was a student , I collected myself in 2003 & decided to go back to school after staying in the house as a house wife for 10 years , I scored C+, I was the 3rd best in our school & the first girl , it’s never too late , you can achieve what you want if you go for it , maths 🙈🙈🙈🙈has its owners, even that D- ilikuwa kimungu Mungu tuu , so now you understand my broken English , even for 12 years in school professionals managed to pull me up to C , so expect many english mistakes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂never compare yourself with any one , you might be in chapter 1 & them in chapter 10 , comparison is the enemy of joy .😍😍😍😍

Footballer Victor Wanyama Reveals How Sauti Sol And Avril Are Part Of His Pre-Match Ritual

Harambee Stars Victor Mugubi Wanyama is one of Kenya’s budding professional footballers who also plays as defensive midfielder for Tottenham Hotspurs.

The down to earth footballer is known for his prowess on the field and more so for his sportsmanship and leadership qualities.

Victor Wanyama has previously been linked to Chocolate City’s singer Victoria Kimani but the two later came out to deny the dating allegations, saying that they are just close friends.


Have you ever wondered what rituals if any footballers undertake prior to a game, to motivate them before they hit the field?

Some footballers will pray, call their wives or lovers, watch a favorite program or film, urinate on the pitch, wear their favorite perfumes, and for others, they just listen to music.

Well Victor Wanyama has revealed what he does before he starts a game. He performs a pre-match ritual which is listening to music, and not just from any artiste, but from songstress Avril and Afro-pop boy band, Sauti Sol.


Wanyama confessed that to boost his morale, Avril’s songs help him relax since they are soothing while he finds Sauti Sol’s music motivating and awesome.

“When traveling to the stadium for league matches, I usually put on my headphones and listen to some music, mostly from Sauti Sol or Avril, wonderful stuff…that makes me relax and prepare for the task ahead” Wanyama said during an interview.

Avril, who recently dropped her new single, Yule Dame, (above) was very excited that the talented international player loved her music, as she took to her social media to thank him for the support;

“Humbled much !!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Thank you @victorwanyama . I’m glad you enjoy my music 😊..”


It’s good to know that despite being one of the highest paid footballers who plays for a prestigious Premier League club, Wanyama still treasures his roots and appreciates his culture, and showing his undying support for our local artistes.

Kudos Avril and BET nominees Sauti Sol for the good job you’re doing musically.


She’s Done With The Gossip! Kenyan Singer Amani Denies Pregnancy Rumours

Cecilia Wairimu best known by her stage name, Amani, is a household name both in East Africa and Africa as a whole.

The celebrated singer is best known for her hit songs from back in the day which include; Papi, Talk To You, Ninanoki, Bad Boy, Tamani, Missing My Baby, Tonight and Usiwe Mbali Nami featuring Bongo rapper and her ex AY.

Amani is not so active in the music industry of late, but she still drops new music once in a while like her latest collaboration with Congolese Lingala live music maestro “Washington” dubbed Bonbon.

Well, away from that, many of her fans have been curious about whether the gorgeous singer will settle down anytime soon. Amani is known for keeping her relationships and private life under wraps and away from the public eye.

Her only public known romantic relationship was with Tanzanian hip-hop crooner AY, who she dated for three years but broke up with because it was difficult to sustain a long distance relationship. Amani was then living in Nairobi while AY was in Dar es Salaam most of the time.

WCW: Musician Amani

Amani is now currently dating a Nigerian man and the two seem to very happy and at a good place. And though she rarely shares photos of them together, I can confirm that they are still going strong.

There has been speculation that Amani is pregnant after she was pictured during a recent event, The Plot, wearing an outfit that appeared to suggest the singer was pregnant. The outfit, comprising a blown up dress top and shorts, got people talking as her belly was covered but seemed pregnant.

See below and be the judge;

Amani Singer

The Kizungu Zungu hitmaker has had enough of the pregnancy rumours and decided to finally talk about it. In an interview with SDE, she denied being preggers, saying that she’s irritated about people making up stories without valid proof.

“This should be the last time I am answering this questions which for some reason continues to be misunderstood and it somewhat irritates me. I want to categorically state that I am not expectant as suggested by a section of gossipers who are seemingly known to meddle into other people’s affairs and obviously talented at telling if a woman is pregnant or not just by looking at her,” ranted Amani.

Amani And Her Boyfriend



“Usishindane Na Mtu” Nyota Ndogo Tells Off Those Criticising Her Marriage

Mombasa-based female artist Nyota Ndogo, real name Mwanaisha Abdalla recently walked down the aisle to say ‘I do’ to the love of her life, Henning Nielsen.

The Watu Na Viatu hit-maker had been dating her Danish lover for 3 years before he proposed and they decided to have their big wedding on May 22, 2015.

Nyota Ndogo’s engagement and wedding has been the talk of the town for a while, and some of it was not for good reasons, with others getting too personal with their comments.

Some people criticized her for settling down with an old man, including her singer brother, Juma Tutu. Other fans blasted her, saying that she married the Danish national for money and not love.

Well, Nyota Ndogo decided to tell it all in her new song, where she calls out her haters and critics for poking their noses in her life.

In the song, she reveals that all the things she has achieved in her life, is through her hard work, determination and focus, adding that she’s not in competition with anyone.

“They called me poor. They talked a lot of trash about me, but I always do what I can because I am in no competition with anybody. Everything I own has been earned from my own sweat,” she says.

The mother of two also says that she does not care what people say or the lies they spread about her because it’s through her hardwork and effort that got her to where she is now. Talking to Word Is, Nyota Ndogo says that the song was not directed at anyone but just setting the record straight;

“The song was just about speaking out my mind. It was about setting the records straight. You know people will always talk ill about you and your achievements. So, I chose to tackle the topic through a song.”

Listen to her new song, Subira Yangu below.


The Love Of a Father! Jaguar Pens Down a Touching Message For His Adorable Daughter

Kenyan singer and businessman Jaguar is one of the wealthiest and most philanthropic celebrities in Kenya and he’s never shy to flaunt his flashy lifestyle on social media.

He is known for several hit songs in the music industry like; Take It Slow, Kipepeo, Kioo, Huu Mwaka, Kigeugeu, One Centimetre and more.

Jaguar, real name, Charles Njagua Kanyi is not only a successful businessman and musician but also a loving and caring father to two adorable daughters, from different mothers.

Jaguar’s Daughters

The singer – who recently released a huge collabo with South Africa’s Mafikizolo dubbed ‘Going Nowhere’ – never hesitates to show off his babies and there is no doubt that he’s a proud father.

Though he likes keeping his private life under wraps, he took time to share a beautiful photo with his first-born daughter, Tamara Njagua, with a very sweet message;

If I had a flower for everytime you made me smile and laugh…I’d have a garden to walk in forever.

Here is Jaguar’s lovely photo with his daughter;

This Is Big! What Sauti Sol Are Planning Next Will Leave Kenyan Artists Jealous!

Sauti Sol has to be one of the hottest bands in Africa, with their songs going global to the point of receiving a BET nomination for Best International Act: Africa category in 2015.

Sauti Sol is made up of four members; Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Austin Chimano, Savara Mudigi and Polycarp Otieno, the lead guitarist.

The band has had successful tours in Africa and Europe gaining international attention, topped Kenyan charts, as well as doing television appearances e.t.c.

Now, their latest initiative has got to be one of the best they have done so far. The boy band is set to open a music academy in Nairobi while also launching their own record label.

sauti sol koroga

The music recording label will sign new talent, which will be mentored by Sauti Sol. The news of their musical plans was received on June 28th, by NMG CEO, Joseph Muganda (the official media partner of the band’s Live and Die in Afrika nationwide tour).

The proposed music academy will also have a division for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of artistes and songwriters.

During their meeting the band members noted that music is still not being taken seriously in the country.

“We know it is a tough industry and we are happy that we are able to provide you with that ability to be successful. People of your age and generation are part of our target market and we have to remain relevant,” said Mr. Muganda.

He added: “Things are changing, the way people are consuming media is changing, the digital space is becoming the way to go. We have to continue supporting the youth and we as Nation Media Group we will continue to do our bit.”

Sauti Sol










Nairobi News

How Sad! Kenyan Singer Avril’s Father Passes On

The father of Kenyan singer Avril, real name, Judith Nyambura Mwangi has died.

Avril’s father, Mr.Mwangi passed away on Tuesday, March 22 at 2pm, after a long illness.

The news of the sudden death was revealed by her friend and popular rapper, King Kaka aka Rabbit who described Mr.Mwangi as “a dear father and husband who was loved by all and will be dearly missed.”

Avril’s family is asking the public to respect their privacy in this difficult time, as they try come in terms with the loss of their loved one. Funeral arrangements for the late Mr.Mwangi will be communicated at a later date.

Singer Avril, who was born and raised in Nakuru, is one of Kenya’s most popular and talented female singers, whose songs always receive positive feedback from her fans. She is also an actress and is engaged to be married soon to a South African businessman.


Avril has acted in TV programs like; Shuga, Noose Of Gold and her recent one, Sumu La Penzi. She’s also known for hit songs like; Nikimuona, Mama, Hakuna Yule, Hello Baby and many more.

We send our deepest condolences to Avril and the entire family during this sad moment. May he rest in peace.  This is the last post she shared on her Instagram page;


Nameless Sends A Loving Sweet Message To His Beautiful Wife, Wahu, On Her Birthday

Veteran Kenyan singer Nameless and his beautiful singer and celebrity wife, Wahu, are one of the most popular couples in the country.

Wahu and Nameless have been together for the longest time and celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary in 2015, though they have dated for 16 years in total! Wow, so incredible!

The power couple are blessed with two very adorable daughters, the first born, 7 year-old Tumiso, who’s all-grown up now and their last born, Nyakio, who is now about 2 years, 7 months old.


Wahu Kagwi turns a year older today, March 22, and it’s incredible how she still looks 25 when she’s actually turning 36 years old and her husband, David Mathenge has taken to social media to send her a loving message.

He shared a beautiful photo of his wife, Wahu and showered her with this compliment;

Heyooooo Fam!! Help me wish this Hot mama a happy birthday… with every year you keep getting more and more beautiful and wonderful !!! I am blessed to have you in my life…HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!! #thisaremythings #finewine #theworldisyours #likeaboss #myAfricanQueen





Maina Kageni Responds To Claims That He Doesn’t Play Kenyan Music

Kenyan musicians were on Monday protesting in the CBD over local radio stations’ bias towards South and West African music. Speaking outside Nation Centre the Kenyan Musician Movement (KENAM) demanded that all platforms should play at least 70 per cent Kenyan Music.

The artists also accused Kenyan DJs of playing Nigerian music back to back in clubs and substituting it with Bongo and Ugandan music.

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has also come under fire with accusations that he doesn’t play local artists. Maina has responded to the claims with a list of artists on his Kenyan playlist and one message to the complaints, “I play some great Kenyan tracks, give me good music and I am gonna play it.”

Now you know what to do with the good Kenyan music. Listen to Maina’s full response below