‘My Father-In-Law Wants To See My Yellow-Yellow Thighs’ – Woman Confesses To Maina Kageni (AUDIO)

Did you see the screen-shot being sent on whatsapp about a ruracio that was canceled after elders claimed the bride had tattoos on her thighs? Yes? Well the screen-shot of a family standing outside seemingly stranded, trended on social media for a while  sending tongues wagging, as everyone wondered how and where the elders saw her thighs.

Kenyan on social media even went further to speculate if she had slept with the elders, who saw it fit to cancel the ruracio. Here is the photo;

ruracio cancelled

Well today on Classic 105 morning conversation with Maina Kageni, a man called in saying how he found his father in bed with his wife. He disclosed that he was more upset at his wife than his father.

Maina sought to know ho he can put the blame squarely on his wife and not his father. He said that his wife tempts men.

This prompted a female caller to confess that he father-in-law constantly urges her to show him her thighs. Huh? Yup..She revealed that he harasses her just to ‘gusa’ (touch) them, and nothing more.

I can almost hear Wakanai Classic 105’s biggest fan saying kareekiiiiiii tondo nikiiiiiiii (his favorite phrase when reacting to a story on air).

Weuh! Listen to the audio below;


Kenyan Man Confesses How He Found Out That Two Of His Children ARE NOT HIS. The Way He Handled It Will SHOCK You (AUDIO)

This week, Maina Kageni ‘s breakfast show has featured some pretty heated conversations about women and how they change after marriage.

The discussion started when the top radio personality asked men why some of them stay with a woman for years, only to pack up and leave one day without marrying her.

This elicited sharp reactions from Kenyan men who defended themselves, revealing that they put up with alot from their wives but choose to keep quiet about it to avoid ridicule.

During a conversation about how some women become liars and ‘devils’ after getting married, a man revealed how he found out that his wife had HIV, which she contracted when he was working away from home.

This confession encouraged others to reveal many family secrets and some challenges they face with their wives.


A certain caller, who didn’t identify himself, called in to reveal how he discovered that out of his four children, two were not his. The two are twins.

The married man opened up to Maina Kageni, saying that he found out about three months ago after doing a DNA test, that he was not their biological father.

“I’m raising two that are not mine. I have done a DNA test Maina. I have four kids, two are twins are the other two are still twins,” the man started by explaining.

The surprising part is that he hasn’t told the wife or discussed this with her and has decided to pretend and stay in the marriage until the kids are all grown then he will walk away.

Listen to the startling confession below.



LOVE WINS! Here’s A List Of Famous Kenyan Couples With A Significant Age Gap

It seems France’s President-elect Emmanuel Macron, is an inspiration to many couples. The man, who was elected yesterday as the country’s new head of state, met and fell in love with his wife Brigitte when he was 15-years-old.

She was his drama teacher and is now First lady of France. She must have an influence on him as Emmanuel plans to defend equal pay for women and maternity leave. It doesn’t bother him that they have a 25 year age difference.

People should therefore stop criticizing women who marry men who are younger than them or perhaps thinking that all young girls who marry older men are gold diggers.

Here’s a list of Kenyans who’ve been back stabbed for marrying people who are older than them:

Peter Mbugua 28, marries Wambui Otieno 67

When Peter Mbugua, 28, got married to his 67-year-old bride Wambui Otieno, many Kenyans were shocked and disgusted. Some said that by Wambui marrying a “boy”, who was 39 years younger than her, she had disrespected the role and rights of women and procreation which was the driving purpose of marriage in the predominantly Christian country. It seems to most of these couples, love matters more than children.

Emily Koskei Madubuko 37 marries Nigerian pastor Anselm Madubuko 58

The age difference between the two which is 29 surely raised eyebrows, but that did not stop them from getting married. Emily said she had married him because he understood her music, respected the people’s love for her and he was always supportive.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua 46 and his wife Lilian Ng’ang’a 27

There have been questions raised about the county’s First Lady, but Governor Alfred Mutua supported his wife Lilian and regularly showed up in functions with her publicly expressing his love for her. He even posted on his social media most functions she attended referring to her as the First lady of the county where he is governor.

Lesson learned is people will always talk but as long as you two are focused and have a dream like the new France President-elect Emmanuel Macron, nothing should stop you. And as the saying goes , “Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women that have her back ” , and Behind every successful man is actively supported by a woman.