Daddy Owen Reveals That SIDESHOWS Is The Real Reason Some Young Gospel Artistes Are Not Making It Big (AUDIO)

Owen Mwatia, popularly known as Daddy Owen is one of the gospel artistes in the country who has been in the industry for more than a decade and his music no doubt speaks for him.

The veteran singer’s successful musical career is attributed to his hard work, his amazing talent, his down to earth and lovable personality and resilience to make it to the top of the game over the years.

The Mbona hitmaker is revered for his impact on the local entertainment scene, not forgetting his immense awards. He recently received a Groove Awards nomination for the Best Male Artiste 2017 category.


In regards to this, he recently opened up about what he thought of Bahati and Willy Paul being snubbed for the second time by not receiving any nominations, saying that; “maybe this was their plan all along, not to be caught in Groove awards or they are changing what they are doing, or that they are right and other people are wrong.”

But what is it that he’s doing differently that has helped propel him to stardom, with such a huge fan base over the years and still making it big time?

Daddy Owen Gives His Candid Opinion On Why Willy Paul And Bahati MISSED OUT On Nominations For Groove 2017 Awards (AUDIO)

In a recent interview, I spoke to Daddy Owen to get his opinion on how the musical industry is fairing now compared to a few years back and what he thinks new artistes should do to have a successful career and still remain respected and popular for years to come.


According to him; “Gospel is more about people appreciating what you do as a musician” but you have to be a genuine gospel artiste.

Still on that, Daddy Owen revealed that some new artistes should stop sideshows just to please their fans because you can never depend on sideshows for a successful music career since it’s expensive and people get tired of them with time.






Kanyari’s Estranged Wife Betty Bayo Looking Better Than Before, Check Out Her Latest Photos

It’s 2017, many are yet to accept 2016 is gone and are still minding last year’s business. Shinda hapo!

Some people have already moved and it seems the light of the Lord has shone on them.

Gospel singer Betty Bayo is among the lucky ones. While many are still struggling to catch up with life, the 11th-hour hitmaker is blessed. She is indeed doing well.

Life on her side has been great ever since she parted ways with estranged husband self-proclaimed prophet Victor Kanyari.

Bayo’s story is one of rising from grass to grace. She is living a stress-free life and this can be evident from her latest photos. She is indeed enjoying life. The mother of two has been busy of late spreading the gospel and promoting her music.

Kanayari on the other end still operates his church, Salvation Healing Ministry even after being exposed on an investigative series on TV.

The pastor recently purchased a truck for his road shows worth KSh 10m and also built a palatial home in the city’s Eastlands’ area.

But despite that, Kanyari seems to be missing someone special

Pastor Kanyari

He posted this image on his social media accounts. Who could this person be? Is it Betty Bayo?

Only Kanyari himself has the answer to that.

Check out latest photos of Betty Bayo

Betty Bayo


Betty Bayo


Betty Bayo


Betty Bayo


A real man! DJ Mo comes out to defend wife Size 8 after she was viciously attacked over her new song ‘Tiga Wana’

Tiga Wana, the latest gospel song featuring sensational singer Size 8 and Willy Paul is currently the talk of the town. It has received varied reactions from acceptance to outright criticism. Kenyans have taken to social media to criticize Size 8 and Willy Paul claiming the song is not gospel.

But, Size 8’s husband, who promised to be with her for better or worse while exchanging marriage vows 2 years ago, has come out to defend his wife and here is his long 2 parts message he posted on Instagram.

“Watu wangu vipi – I mean this from my heart.

We are living in a day and age when throwing mud at others makes our hands feel cleaner. A generation of Christians with PHD pull him or her down syndrome…. The enemy of the church is the church and the enemy has succeeded to make believers turn against each other and to do whatever it takes to make sure neither of them rises.

I have been on the forefront in advocating for content in music and that will not change anytime but am also of the school of thought music is an art it’s about expressing the same idea in a creative yet entertaining way to capture the intended audience.

The children of Israel in the wilderness complained to God when he fed them with manna everyday they asked for meat and another day bread Numbers 11:4 they were tired of one meal….the generation out there won’t feed on worship songs alone and I’m a greater lover of worship and praise songs… they want the word packaged in different ways….Paul said when he went to Rome he did as the Romans to win a few. There’s no way we will win the world unless we package the gospel in a more appealing way to their hearts….we continue to fight creativity in advancing the gospel the world is getting even more creative to push the agenda of the enemy. Continue reading “A real man! DJ Mo comes out to defend wife Size 8 after she was viciously attacked over her new song ‘Tiga Wana’”

May He Rest In Peace! Sad News For Gloria Muliro As Her Dad Passes Away

One of Kenya’s top female gospel singers, Gloria Muliro woke up to the sad news that her beloved father, David Muliro is no more.

Gloria informed her fans of the heartbreaking news on her social media. Losing a loved one, especially a parent, is something no one would want to go through.

With a heavy heart, the 36 year old gospel artist and songwriter shared photos with her late dad, and a caption that read:

#‎GoodMorning‬ ‪#‎TeamGloriaMuliro‬ : It is with Great sorrow that I inform you of promotion to Glory of My Dad David Muliro!! We will always miss you. May your soul rest in Peace Dad

This leaves Gloria Muliro an orphan after death robbed her of her mother, on the early morning of 3rd Nov 1989, and sadly, now her father.

Despite growing up in poverty, and facing a lot of challenges the ‘Sitolia’ hit-maker has made it big in the music industry and now her 4 albums to her name, and is one of the most sought after female gospel singer in East Africa.

Condolences to Gloria Muliro for her painful loss. Here is Muliro’s late dad, David Muliro. May he rest in peace.


How Sweet! The Late Peter Kaberere’s Daughter Is All Grown Up (Photo)

The entire Kenyan music industry and more so the gospel scene was shocked and taken aback by the sudden death of popular and super talented singer Peter Kaberere, back in April 6, 2014.

Kaberere was sadly electrocuted at his own car wash located near Lower Kabete, while cleaning the car washing equipment.

This was one of the saddest days for those in the Kenyan gospel industry, as Kaberere was known to be a humble and God fearing celebrity singer, who was also charitable and very talented musically.

Kaberere and his wife, Njeri

Kaberere left behind his son and beautiful wife, Njeri Kahura Kaberere, better known as Njesh Wa Qabbz, who was pregnant at that time. She gave birth  to a cute baby girl, named Njeri, hours after his burial.

Two years down the line, Kaberere’s daughter is all grown up and his wife has embraced motherhood despite missing her husband, who was her pillar and joy, as she celebrated their daughters birthday.

She send this loving, heart-warming message to her late husband, with a picture of their daughter, who is now all grown up;

Baby Njoki Kaberere


Baby Njoki Kaberere2