How Inspiring! Gospel Singer Bahati Shares Throwback Photos Before The Money And Fame

Gospel singer Bahati, real name Kevin Kioko, is undoubtedly one of the most talented young musicians in the country. His touching and moving songs are sang by the young and the old.

He has some of the biggest hits in the country, including; Mama, Machozi, Wangu, Itakuwa Sawa, Story Yangu and Barua. The popular singer surprised many Kenyans a month ago, when he announced he was contemplating leaving the gospel industry.

Shortly after, Bahati went on a music hiatus for almost a month, after revelation that some of his fellow artists wanted to sabotage his career, leaving his fans a worried lot.

But he later made an unexpected and  massive comeback, releasing a new single, Itakuwa Sawa, after some of his haters allegedly tried to use his kids to get back at him.


Bahati is a humble young orphan who lost his parents when he was young, a heart-wrenching experience that forced him to drop out of school and seek shelter at a children’s home in Mathare.

Bahati hasn’t forgotten his past despite a successful music career. He has adopted three orphans and is deeply involved in charity work. He took time to share a few photos when he was younger, before the fame. Below is the caption accompanying his photo.

There Was Nothing that Hurt me Most than Dreaming big and Waking up to the same Bed at ABC Kenya Children’s Home… That’s why I work hard everyday to Inspire this Kids. Just to make Proud my brothers & Sisters Whom I left behind!!!


He wrote this on another photo;

The First Picture was taken During my Search for Educational Sponsorship at ABC Kenya Childrens Home… Today I have Nothing to be Proud or Bragg about… Only God Knows How I got Here::: may God always teach me how to Humble???