Willy Paul Attacked By Fans For This Picture, Accused Of Being a Copy Cat

Gospel singer Willy Paul aka Willy Pozze is known for a lot of controversies in the past, but of late, he seems to have taken a chill pill.

However, despite all the scandals, the Fanya hit-maker is still a favorite to many and one of the top artistes in Kenya.

Willy Paul is currently riding high with his collaboration with Jamaican songstress Alaine, after pulling a publicity stand that they had gotten married to market the song.

The gospel act has however has been linked to a lot of women and at some point he revealed that he was walking down the aisle, but that never materialized either.

willy paul new catch

If you keep up with showbiz, you know that Willy Paul and his frenemy, Bahati have been at logger heads since they both came into the industry, though they actually started out as friends.

However, the two seem to have patched things up in the last couple of months and they haven’t had beef with each other for a while now.

But fans seem to think that the two still compete in one way or the other through their stunts and behaviors. Willy Paul recently shared a picture while holding an adorable baby girl, with a caption that read; “Any questions?”


Fans did not take this gesture lightly, with some saying that he’s just copying Bahati, while others paused the question of when he will get his own kids, as others simply criticised his songs.

His die hard fans supported him on the other hand, taking shots at those who were posting negative comments. Check out some of the posts below.

Nash Janson: But najua unafanya hivi kucopy bahati juu ulimwona amepost na mtoi….aki ww utawai taka kushindwa and you will never be the king…baha aliweka na prayer partner wake ikaweka zako na dem fulani mzungu before alaine akuje so baha akisema ameoa pia ww utaoa mtoshane

Iraitoh Joesse: My question is this,, utazaa wako wen???? kuna vitu tatu tu zilikushinda kucopy kwa DIAMOND (your god),,
(1) kusettle na bibi
(2) Tule tunywele twake katikati ya kichwa.
(3) Swag/mavazi yake,, but hua unatry though unatokea tu vitu zingine

Simon Okech: Thank you Willy Paul, I owe you my life. Yesterday I was in a comma, then the nurse played one of your songs, so I woke up and turned off the radio.

Jemere Dante: Mi sinanga wivu na wewe shida yako ni kucopy indirectly uliona Diamond amepost hii pic akisema haezi ishi bila hiyo spray ya mtoi wake na wewe na kiherehere unatafuta katoi kisha unajinunuisha spray. Ka nimedanganya usininunulie mutura

Check Some of These Gospel Songs That Sound Secular Rather Than Gospel

So we all have heard songs that are supposed to be gospel but end up sounding secular to a point they leave us wondering if they are really gospel songs.

The need to get more people listening to gospel music is constantly rising as the world is being swept away by all kinds of modern ideas and opinions. These modern ideas and opinions have been inculcated into our cultures that we feel anything out of that is uncool or old fashioned.



Sadly religion is victim to this modern change as most people barely listen to gospel music. This has in turn left gospel artists with the task of getting more creative to get more people to listen to their music.

Gospel artists have made their songs more relatable to the current generation that is getting swayed by pop culture. They are producing songs that people can actually dance to just like they dance to secular music.

Hit Or Miss? Controversial Gospel Artist, Willy Paul, Drops a New Dancehall Music Video

With the rate at which pop culture is digging its way into African traditional culture, Kenyan gospel artists such as Willy Paul, SBJ, Bahati among others are producing gospel music that is turnt up so as to increase their audiences.


You could actually mistake it to be a secular song rather than a gospel song if you are not paying too much attention to the song. Some of the gospel songs have lyrics that make the song sound like a secular song.

Here are 5 gospel songs that popular gospel artists in Kenya have released that don’t sound gospel when you listen to them the first time.

1. Nyonyo by SBJ

2. I Do by Willy Paul & Alaine

3. Nikumbushe by Bahati ft Rayvanny

4. Tiga Wana by Willy Paul featuring Size 8

5. Thitima Anthem by Kymo and Stigah

Sizzling Romance! This Is How Bahati And His Beautiful Girlfriend Diana Marua Met

Every love story has a beginning.

So does Bahati’s fairy tale story with video vixen and model, Diana Marua.

Bahati was on Kiss FM’s breakfast show with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru. He was put on the hot seat and asked about his new boo, Diana Marua.

He was asked how he met Diana. The two played the role of groom and bride in his music video Mapenzi.

Gospel Singer Is Bahati Back With a Bang, Drops New Song With Jemmimah Thiong’o (Video)

Bahati said, “Hizi streets tuu,” adding, “I don’t normally respond to these questions.” After being pushed, the Kumbe Kumbe hitmaker narrated;

“We met before we did the video together. It was a month before then. I was online at midnight and I saw someone had liked my photos, ka sita. Ni usiku, there is nothing to do. Interactions sio mob hiyo time. I was like, who is this? I checked her profile and liked her photos.”


Mr Seed interjected, “Are you saved,” he said laughing.

“I asked, ‘Do you like to pray?’ Bahati added, “I was kidding. I don’t slide into DMs,” answering Adelle’s query if he hit Diana up on her Instagram direct messages.

Shaffie asked Bahati what a prayer partner is, Bahati finally defined it for all his fans.

“Huyo ni mtu mnaweza pray na yeye and share a lot,” he said. Adding, “I was wondering what the big deal is with a prayer partner? Si you need to date?”


Love Knows No Boundaries! Gospel Singer Willy Paul Cuddles Up To His New Jamaican ‘Wife’ Alaine (PHOTOS)

Gospel singer Willy Paul is one of the most talented but at the same time most controversial gospel singers in Kenya.

The celebrated singer is also one of the youngest celebrities in Kenya and over the years, he has garnered a lot of fans for his catchy and unique style of music.

Willy Paul, real name, Wilson Abubakar Radido has however also been in the limelight for the wrong reasons after a few scandals over the last 3 years or so, like; being accused of impregnating a girl then instructing her to abort, drinking alcohol and also sabotaging Bahati’s music career.


But away from all that, Willy Paul is a very talented young man, who has worked hard to come out of his poverty-stricken background and challenges and honestly, you have to give it to him when it comes to being a go-getter.

Hit Or Miss? Controversial Gospel Artist, Willy Paul, Drops a New Dancehall Music Video

The Fanya hitmaker currently shocked his fans after he shared photos exchanging vows with Jamaican superstar Alaine, known for her secular songs like; No Ordinary Love, Wafula, You Are Me, Spin Mi and Nakupenda Pia featuring Kenyan rapper Wyre.

Many fans were left confused and even after Willy Paul was interviewed about it, he insisted that this were not photos from a music video shoot and that he indeed made Alaine his wife in the colorful wedding event.


The two singers have been hanging out together and Willy Paul has even been sharing photos and videos of them cuddling and enjoying each others company, seemingly fascinated.

Willy Paul May Be Young, But His Suit Game Is So On Point. Check Him Out (Photos)

But word on the street is that the two are working on a new project and though Willy Paul does not want to admit it, he will have to reveal the wedding song or rather project they are working on.

Check out some of the photos of Alaine and Willy Paul as they get cozy with each other below.

With my Alaine worshiping at home @alainesinga

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Drama Free! Top 10 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who Have Managed To Keep Scandals Away

The Kenyan gospel industry has in the last couple of years risen up to greater heights, becoming more popular after receiving positive feedback and response from the fans.

Of course, the style of music had to change especially for the young gospel artistes who started their own sound but at the same time, trying to keep it all the way gospel.

But for some, not all of them have managed to keep it all genuine when it comes to Christian songs that are supposed to inspire fans, and for some, they just let the fame and money get into their heads.

Top 5 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who’ve Been Accused Of Not Paying Back Loans

The gospel scene has had some of the biggest scandals and controversies in the last 2 to 3 years, with most of the artistes involved being the young singers or newcomers in the gospel music.

There are several names in the gospel industry that are known very well for their huge scandals, after a few years in the limelight, and for some reason, most of them are mostly young guys.

Willy Paul and Bahati

Some of the controversial gospel artistes in Kenya include; Willy Paul, Ringtone Apoko, L Jay Maasai, Bahati, who started out as one of the youngest and most humble singers in Kenya, former gospel group MOG, Jimmy Gait and others.

But this doesn’t mean that all the artistes in the Kenyan gospel industry have been stained with scandals, and it’s time we separated the wheat from the chaff. Here are 10 Kenyan gospel artistes who have maintained a good public image by staying away from controversies.

1. Kelele Takatifu

They are the biggest gospel group in Kenya, known for using humour in their songs to pass Christian messages across better, especially for the young peeps. Didi and Moji have kept low profiles off the camera and keep their private lives off the public radar, and of course staying away from trouble.

2. Benachi

The Mwanake hitmaker is one of the most humble gospel artistes and coming from a poverty stricken background, Benachi has never let fame get into his head. Just once when people speculated he had a love affair with Akothee, allegations he vehemently refuted, saying he had a longtime girlfriend, now wife.


3. Rufftone

He is one of the most celebrated veteran Kenyan singers, and also the CEO of Lampstand Media, and also Daddy Owen’s brother. Over the years, he has never been involved in any scandals but instead, he’s achieved a lot of success, and now has a beautiful family.

4. Mercy Masika

She made the biggest comeback in 2016 with her hit song Mwema and Nikupendeze after a 5 year music hiatus. Mercy Masika is not only super talented and pretty, she’s also very down to earth despite her celebrity status. Ther’s no negative news about her for the time she’s been in the music industry.

5. Kambua

One of the most stunning and lovable female singers in Kenya, with a beautiful soul and personality. Kambua Manundu has remained humble through the fame and you will never hear any kind of scandals.


6. Joyce Omondi

Not only is she gorgeous but also very witty and religious. The mellow voiced singer has driven men crazy with her beauty but never will you hear any scandals about her. Joyce got married to Citizen TV’s sports reporter Waihiga Mwaura back in December 2015.

8. Emmy Kosgei

The Kalenjin singer and songwriter rose to popularity for singing in her native language, and coming from a Christian family where the father is a pastor. Through the fame and money, she has managed to stay away from scandals, though some people criticised her when she got married to an older Nigerian man.


9. Gloria Muliro

She is one of the most loved gospel artistes in Kenya, and over the years, Gloria Muliro has proved to be one of the best in the music scene, with some of the best gospel songs ever. Muliro has managed to keep away controversies from her life, which was one of the reasons she came out to reveal her separation from ex-hubby to clear the air on her relationship to avoid rumours.

9. Alice Kamande

The gospel singer oozes elegance from head to toe, with a soft, mellow voice, not forgetting her dancing skills. But through the years, Alice Kamande has maintained a low profile when it comes to her personal life and always avoids drama and scandals.