This is why Comedian Owago Onyiro needs your prayers

Popular comedian Owago Onyiro is in dire need of your prayers. Owago’s mother is sick and has been admitted at
Victoria Hospital Annexe in Kisumu where she’s currently receiving treatment.

Owago took to social media to urge his followers to spare a minute and pray for his mother.

“Guys help me wish my mother a quick recovery. Mum don’t worry coz everything will be ok in Jesus name,” read the comedian cum emcee’s message.

Here is the photo of Owago’s mother on a hospital bed.

Owago Onyiro's mother
Owago Onyiro’s mother in hospital

We wish her quick recovery as well.


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Kenyans savagely attack Eric Omondi after his nude video went viral as he apologizes

Popular comedian Eric Omondi has come under fire after posting a video playing with boys from Tukana in their birthdaysuit.

Eric Omondi, who is known for his creative funny jokes and skits, this time went a notch higher to show off what he hides beneath clothes barely a month after exposing his family jewels. But this one has backfired on him spectacularly.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi in Turjkana

The celebrated comedian has become the subject of discussion on social media and even some of his tribesmen have disowned him for embarrassing them, but others are supporting him.

Check out the mixed reactions

Betty Opondo: Thank God Eric omondi is not my boyfriend/ lover eeeish!!!!! I can’t stand that crap!!!!!! ………Well it’s his business

Duke of Nyanzshire: On behalf of Luo community we hereby DISOWN Eric Omondi. We can’t hold our goods with one hand and it perfectly hides. Huyu mamake alimtoa central or wherever. Return back to sender

Kenya West: The only thing wrong with that Eric Omondi’s video is that it ended up online. Otherwise, for those from those sides nothing shocking, that’s how we bath, the childhood bath sessions in lake/rivers were epic. Even now I still do that when home. It’s normal thing there.

Dikembe: People totally ignorant of #LuoAnthropology castigating Eric Omondi. I’m here to defend a brother and a culture we long lost. The Luo is a naked person. We are nudists and it is sad we lost this to so-called ‘modernization’.

Nkaate: I don’t see anything wrong with Eric Omondi’s video. Such episodes happen in upcountry daily. Those complaining must’ve been born in Nairobi and found Nairobi River stinky as raw sewer. Tembea Kenya!


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi

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Begging for who? Eric Omondi addresses critics (Video)


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi

COFEK and Ezekiel Mutua the CEO of Kenya Classification Film Board (KCFB) also weighed in on the Eric Omondi nudity video.

COFEK: THE VIDEO in which comedian Eric Omondi is totally nude and playing with naked children in water is a tragedy. He has crossed the red line of indecent exposure and must be arrested, and put under medical test to ascertain whether it’s deliberate or if he is unwell #RipoffKenya

“The video by Eric Omondi nude and with naked kids should be condemned in the strongest terms possible. It’s an illegal, bizarre and obscene comedy that violates the rights of children. It’s an offense to film children this way for money. This is obvious exploitation of children for money. There can be no justifiable context to warrant this indecent exposure and abuse of children’s rights. This video is not only in violation of the KFCB classification guidelines and the spirit of Cap 222, it’s also in breach of the Children’s Act. The parents of these minors should sue Eric Omondi for the gross abuse and indecent exposure of their kids. We will pursue all legal means to stop this sort of moral bankruptcy and gross violation of the rights of children. This video is the evidence that some of our so called celebrities are vain and are obsessed with sexualisation of content at the expense of decency. Using children this way in the name of comedy is wrong. How sad that anyone looks up to this clown for a role model,” read Mutua’s post.

Eric was forced to swallow the humble pie and apologize to Kenyans. Below is what he wrote on social media.

“I have been a comedian all my life… Many are the times that I have errored… Today was one of those days. I have offended so many. I did not in any way intend to offend anyone…I AM DEEPLY SORRY FOR THAT… 🙇‍♂️”

We hope Kenyans will accept his apology.

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Haha! This Is How Bad Njaanuary Was For Comedian Owago

Owago’s January has been pretty interesting. The comedian has, just like most Kenyans, embraced the difficult times that come with the post Christmas period.

The comedian has an interesting fan base that easily relates to his antics. In a previous interview with The Star, Owago confessed to “having more fans from other tribes than from the Luo; even on my Facebook page. I was once in Thika and the response was good.”

At the height of his career three years ago, Owago went to the USA for a tour. He took so long that he was rumored to be neglecting his then girlfriend.

Photo: Check Out King Kaka’s Lavish Holiday In Kisumu

When interviewed by SDE, Sheila said that “the tour was extended. He was working under Breakpoint Entertainment and they could be the right people to answer your questions. Probably you should ask him why he has not returned. I cannot answer for him as he is the one in the limelight.”

For this January, the comedian showed his fans his other side. He posted a series of videos showing how to light a jiko.

The hilarious videos shows him seated on a doorstep doing his thing. Seems there was no money to pay for electricity or to dine at a 5 star hotel, LOL.

Finally i made the Jiko ready for cooking #TheProdigalSon

A post shared by Owago Onyiro (Official) (@owago) on

Leo sitaki wageni kwangu tafadhali. NIMEHAMA #TheProdugalSon

A post shared by Owago Onyiro (Official) (@owago) on

Vile January inanipeleka Part 2 #TheProdigalSon

A post shared by Owago Onyiro (Official) (@owago) on

Vile January inanipeleka part 1 #TheProdigalSon

A post shared by Owago Onyiro (Official) (@owago) on

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She is stylish! Comedian Jemutai proves that she has curves (Photos)

Jemutai is one of the most recognized female comediennes in town. She rose to fame after fans fell in love with her trademark jokes centering around Kibet and Korir.

Since then, Jemutai has been known as the most funniest female characters in town.


In recent photos, Jemutai – real name Stella Bunei Koitie – has ditched the long baggy, oversized skirts – look and seems to have embraced more form fitting designs.

Check out her latest trends:


jemutai 4





‘Mum Wants Me To Be A Preacher,’ Churchill Confesses

Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’ is the most popular Kenyan comedian known for host his own comedy show.

Churchill Live is a household name, the show brings together comedians from various areas in the country and converges them at a platform for entertaining people.

During an exclusive interview with The Star’s Word Is, Churchill explained what his idea of comedy is, how comedy in Kenya is growing and her mom’s perception of him in comedy.


Comedy is not like science, you cannot talk about things you can’t see or experience. Like when I was coming here, I saw a church that is called ‘Prepare Thy Lord For Thy Lord Doesn’t Take Coins,’ you know things we seeLike  nowadays, I see Maasai cows knocking your car mirror and there like ‘Hamna ndizi humu ndani.’ Comedy is about normal things you connect with, comedy is what you see on your day today life.

Churchill believes that the crop of Kenyan talent and skill will go international. It is a matter of time.

With time we will get to where Trevor Noah and Steve Harvey are –  entertainment-wise. Ubaya ya Kenyans ni ujuaji mingi you want us to get there immediately. 

He also revealed how his mom doesn’t want him to continue pursuing a profession in the entertainment arena.

The only problem I have is with my mum, she thinks I don’t need to be doing this. To her she thinks I need to get a serious job and that is not entertaining people. Because when other people are talking about how there children are doctors, others  accountants and lawyers she finds it hard to explain that her son is a comedian especially in mother-tongue. She wants me to be a preacher – a compromise – especially since my calling is talking.

Kuteseka Ni Kwa Muda! Who Knew Comedian Jemutai Would Look This Sexy!

No situation is permanent! goes the Kenyan adage.

We have seen many local celebrities rise from nothing to something and comedian Jemutai born Stella Bunei Koitie is a great example. The Kalenjin born comedian, who shot to fame when she appeared on the popular TV program Churchill show, has won the hearts of many.

Jemutai always leaves us in stitches whenever she graces the screen. Her jokes are full of humour. Did you know that she was the late Nicholas Biwott’s favourite comedienne?

The witty comedienne is known for her long skirt, checked oversized blazer, rubber shoes and a head scarf (basically, representing a typical Kalenjin woman) signature dress code.

Jemutai comedian

Well, did you know that whenever she is not on the screen, Jemutai is a fashionista? She never disappoints when she steps out.

Jemutai, who believes in hard work recently advised her followers to never give up in life and keep on pressing hard.

“Wait and see what happens if you don’t give up.”

Below are her latest photos that prove that money is good.


Jemutai comedian


Jemutai comedian


Jemutai comedian







Jemutai comedian



Jemutai’s photos have left many mesmerized and here are the reactions


Samuel: Is this photo a Photoshop ama is exactly you the madam energizer we know kwan uliamua?

Jepaya: Beautiful…I like the way you are so proud of your body..natural beauty!

Joyce: Very beautiful

Sigei: Go go girl… Remember you those times in mgt… You were so funny..look at you now ma😊 Jemutai

Hillary: Kumbe you are black beauty na vile Unakuanga mama mzee

Charity: You are such a beauty to behold, those comedy clothes make you look old

HEAVY HEARTBREAK! After Her Nasty Breakup With Comedian Dr Ofweneke, Gospel Artiste Nicah Seems Distressed (PHOTOS)

One of Kenya’s top comedian and MC Dr Ofweneke was enjoying he limelight for all the good reasons, until recently when his wife ex-girlfriend Nicah revealed that he was physically assaulting her.

Dr Ofweneke, real name, Sande Bush had been dating the singer for years and in June 2016, he went down on one knee to propose and in fact, fans and friends were waiting for wedding bells this year, sadly, this will never pass.

The couple had been rumored to have marital issues even at the end of last year, allegations Ofweneke vehemently denied but when love is dead, you can’t hide it for long.


This year, the rumors of their breakup were still going round and the two fuelled them by deleting photos of each other on social media, with Ofweneke even sharing cryptic messages that suggested there must have been some cheating in the relationship.

MARRIAGE IS TOUGH! Here Are 3 Things We’ve Learned From Dr Ofweneke’s Break Up With His Baby Mama Nicah

When Dr Ofweneke was asked about his real situation with his fiancée, he finally revealed they had separated and when sheheard about the comments he had made, she decided to come out clean.

Nicah real name Victoria Wanja would go on to reveal that they had actually separated with Dr Ofweneke back in September 2016 and the main reason she called it off was because he was beating her, and she even shared a photo of her bruised face. nicah-beatingAfter coming out clean about their broken relationship, Dr Ofweneke and Nicah have not seen eye to eye and recently, the comedian was captured on video by Mpasho getting excessively drunk. Stress maybe.

On the other hand, Nicah has been off the limelight after revealing that it’s going to be tough being a single mother of two, with one child from Ofweneke and the other from a previous relationship.

LOVE GONE SOUR! Top Comedian Dr Ofweneke Officially Confirms That He’s Separated From Singer Wife

 It looks like Nicah could still be in distress after the separation and though she’s trying to stay strong, there are moments she breaks down, but that’s what makes a girl strong at the end of it all.

Check out the screenshots below as Nicah shared a few sad yet encouraging words on her social media.




HOT MOMMY! Teacher Wanjiku Looks Years Younger And Sexier After Losing a Whooping 15 Kgs (PHOTOS)

Veteran female comedian Teacher Wanjiku was one of the biggest and most popular acts in Kenya a few years back.

The comedienne thrived well in the male-dominated industry, making her name on Churchill’s live comedy show but sadly, a year later, she revealed that she had quit to focus on her solo career.

Teacher Wanjiku, real name Caroline Wanjiku, is known for her humor and creative, rib-cracking jokes about life in school and it’s amazing how she’s able to turn a simple fact into a funny gag that gets everyone laughing out loud.

The outspoken celebrity would, later on, start a TV show but sadly, the ratings were not very good, leading to its cancellation.


When Wanjiku took a hiatus from comedy and the entertainment scene, she later on revealed that she was walking down the aisle with the love of her life, Victor Ber.

The lovely couple exchanged wedding vows back in 2014 at a colorful ceremony that saw her fellow entertainers, friends, and family gather to congratulate them.

Teacher Wanjiku’s wedding (photos)

Soon after she revealed she was expecting their first child, and in October 2015, she welcomed into the world an adorable baby girl, Zuri Ber.


As we all know, giving birth comes with its challenges such as weight gain, and that’s the case with Wanjiku, who added a couple of kilograms, but at some point last year, decided it was time to get her sexy back.

Teacher Wanjiku has been hitting the gym hard and now the results are showing, after shedding a whopping 15 Kgs. She’s looking very youthful and more stunning, with a slim figure.

The female comedian looks breath-taking, and to prove she’s not done she still intends to cut down 5 more kgs.

You can do it too 15kgs down 5kgs to go !!!!! #Goalweighttings!

Don’t believe me? Check out the photos below as Teacher Wanjiku flaunts her slender frame as she works out in the gym.