Celebrities who slid into DMs and fell in love

Most ladies tend to ignore their direct messages known as DMs to anyone who tries to hit them up due to the fact that the DMs are normally used for hitting up shawties just for a one night stand. Nevertheless, there have been some Kenyan celebrities who chose not to ignore and move with the flow.

Most of them have married each other and are living happily together while others, it didn’t quite make it through to even a second year of being together.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Bahati narrated: “We met before we did the video together. It was a month before then. I was online at midnight and i saw someone had liked my photos, ka sita. Ni usiku, there is nothing to do. Interactions sio mob hiyo time. I was like, who is this? I checked her profile and liked her photos.”

“I asked, ‘Do you like to pray?’ Bahati added.

The dual got married in secrecy in 2017 in a traditional wedding where only friends and close friends were invited.

The two have two biological children and one adopted son. The couple seem to be very happily married.

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Risper Faith and Brian Muriuri

Risper Faith revealed this through her Instagram stories where she told her fans not to ignore their Direct messages since that is where she met her husband.

The socialite married her hunk in a very lavish wedding in the year 2018.

They have been married for almost a year now and both of them welcomed their newborn baby boy this year.

The two are happily married as they have made us believe through their social media posts.

A sign that DMs can really blossom into marriage.

Willy Paul and Susan Mwaniki


The union between Willy Paul and Susan turned out to be a love and hate relationship.

After Susan sent her number to the musician what seemed to be a sincere form of asking for a job turned out into something else she elaborated.

They dated for one year and broke up after allegations that the Gospel musician used to beat her.

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Check out a list of gospel artistes and their life partners (photos)

The gospel music industry remains the most popular genre of music in Kenya.

Most gospel artist are ranked the most paid, famous and richest in the country which tells a lot about how Kenyans value gospel music.

Something else Kenyans keep an eye on is the relationships of gospel artist and perhaps because they look up to them as role models since most of them are either married or engaged.

It has always been most people childhood dream to want to get married and have a family. We actually thought it was a day to day job seeing our parents with us daily.

Marriage is beautiful, you can tell by just seeing the glow that most couples get after walking down the aisle.

It is good to have role models who aren’t your parents that prove that marriages can last with the right partner.

Check out these gospel artists and their life partners.


1. Gospel singer Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo

kambua-husband2. Songbird Kambua and her husband Jackson Mathu

Kathy Kiuna

3. Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her hubby Bishop Allan Kiuna


4. Gospel singer Mercy Masika and her husband David Mugora


5. Singer Joyce Omondi and her husband Waihiga Mwaura


6. Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui


7. Emmy Kosgei and her hubby Apostle Anselm Madubuko



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‘I’m not an angel but i’m far from the devil,’ Juliani promises Brenda Wairimu his love

Couple goals!

Rapper Juliani has come out to express his love for girlfriend and baby mama Brenda Wairimu.

The two were in the past rumoured to have split but the Utawala hitmaker rubbished the claims  after rekindling their love.

Juliani born Julius Owino is a father of one and took to social media to pen a love ballad for Brenda, the love of his life and their little daughter.

brenda and juliani

‘I Slid In Juliani’s DM’ – Brenda Wairimu Confesses To Making The First Move

The rapper described her as ‘Mami Wa Power’ and told her to not only take his ribs, but everything else he has.


“Ka outfit za hart the band, ina colors.
bad days.
Unafaa kua miss india, venye we ni bomb bae!
Hutaki kuniona ndeee ka wall safi siku za campaign.

Si promise life ya champagne
Sauti yako inani weza nikikusikia from the other end ya kabambe.

Netflix and chill
Una prefer candle lit, kupunguza bill that’s why nakuita mami wa power.
Selfie wakiwa dubai, kwa raha zao, mi najua tu one middle east
Hii ni spiritual nani, si tu release ya G, kuteremsha zip.

Solar system inapata rhythm
break barrier za isms.
Bora tufike, kwa rim ama kwa limb

Walisema ulichukua rib, chukua ile, chukua hii, chukua all, chukua finger chukua ring, chukua jina, chukua one knee.
Anakaa wewe ama anakaa mimi?
Mtoto ni Perfection ya mapenzi
Mara nyingi Nimesikia jina yangu wakitaja “and the winner is”
Lakini haikaribii yeye kuniita daddy
Na Smile ya milk teeth.
Sisemi mi ni Angel lakini niko far from the devil, hatakaa nilimea pembe.
Hata jogoo hawezi wika kwa mkono ya jamaa wa mlembe.
Tunasahau the past but uchungu inarudi nikigwaruza same place uli hurt.
Kadhaa nimefanya mistakes, pia wewe one way, the same.
Hope love ni strong enough sio weakness ya barafu kwa naked flame.
Boys wana fall for dimples
Real men wana look forward to wrinkles.

Nipe forever, pia ni love leo ni kama ni siku ya mwisho ya forever.
Hizo ni stripes za womanhood, usitumie filter kuficha cellulite, na respect their hustle, tho The only thing wanaeza offer ni IG likes.
Dance ya mwiko ni furaha ya tumbo.
Lets take it further umenifanya a father

Kenye me i got, ina mean a lot, ulikwama kama gari engine inaknock, days zikiwa dark kama skin ya Nanok.
Heart ya D na taste ya kempinski
Naamka morning ka Lewinsky, na bill
Si mind ku-spend
Hutaki nikupe one knee kama boss ya pence, kama hakuna mate ya wazazi, ku-bless.
Yellow sun, tukihold hands tukidissapear kwa horizon, nime come all way, from nikiwa base tuki idle, na boys tuko like “ona hizo” urembo tuki measure na Chakupendeza macho.
bad manners za kabich karat, kabich karat.
Mbele nyuma nina 2 Bob; ule ambassador na ule wa mpesa Kwa line,
una heart of gold, that’s why nakuita mine.”


Well, lets hope the wedding bells will start ringing soon!

Despite Claiming That Times Are Tough After Being Dumped, Dr Ofweneke’s Ex Splashes MONEY For a Vacation (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

She goes by the name Veronica Wanja but is popularly known by her stage name Nicah The Queen, a gospel singer who was previously engaged to comedian and TV host, Dr Ofweneke.

The two had been dating for two years before Ofweneke called it quits back in September 2016.

Nicah blames Dr Ofweneke for ending the relationship after packing his belongings, leaving her to fend for their two kids.

After Being Dumped With Two Kids Dr Ofweneke’s Ex Fiancée Nicah Is Back To Make Money (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

The former love birds have two children, but only the second born daughter is his biological child. Nicah gave birth to her first born daughter when she was 16-years-old, way before she started dating the MC.


After confirming the nasty break up with Ofweneke, Nicah also went on to confess that the popular celebrity used to beat her up.

The mother of two revealed that life was difficult after the separation, because she did not have a job seeming to suggest Ofweneke wasn’t financially supporting her.

HEAVY HEARTBREAK! After Her Nasty Breakup With Comedian Dr Ofweneke, Gospel Artiste Nicah Seems Distressed (PHOTOS)

But now, Nicah seems to have picked up the pieces and money might not be a problem anymore. Recently, she shared posts revealing that she was traveling for a business meeting in Kisumu, and she didn’t go by bus, no, she took a plane.

This time round, she went to Naivasha on vacation to one of the high end hotels which are quite pricey.


I checked their rates and per night you pay Ksh 29,000, which should be considered a lot of money for someone who is raising two kids with no stable income, to spend on a holiday. But hey, that’s her life.

In one of the photos, Nicah shares a photo on her bed, with a caption that read; “I DIDN’T TOUCH THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED”….. Looks like she’s justifying herself so that it doesn’t look like she went there with someone. Check out the photos below and be the judge.

I treached out to Nicah, who revealed that she has no financial problems and her businesses have thrived again thus she can now comfortably afford a holiday; “I don’t do music to earn, I do it as a way of thaking God. I’m doing my business now and it’s picking up, it’s picking up well and I thank God.”

Check out the photos below and be the judge.






After Being Dumped With Two Kids Dr Ofweneke’s Ex Fiancée Nicah Is Back To Make Money (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Dr Ofweneke’s ex-fiancée, Victoria Wanja, popularly known by her stage name Nicah The Queen revealed the details of their breakup back in March 2017 after the top comedian confessed that they had officially called it quits.

This came after alot of speculation following rumors that their relationship was rocky some time back in 2016, allegations that they both denied, but when Ofweneke was contacted by one of our writers, he revealed that he was no longer with Nicah.

This prompted Nicah, who is a gospel artiste, to finally share the truth about their break up and what really caused it.


In an emotional post, the beauty queen went on to reveal shocking details about the comedian. Apparently, Ofweneke used to physically assault her, sharing a picture of her swollen face to prove he had beaten her.

Is Dr Ofweneke’s Estranged Baby Mama Nicah Talking About His VIOLENT Lifestyle In This Cryptic Post? (PHOTO)

Nicah The Queen also revealed that Ofweneke was the one who walked away from the relationship, leaving her to take care of their two daughters.

The gospel singer revealed that being a single mother of two, she was having a hard time providing for her children since she didn’t have a stable job .She confessed that her singing career wasn’t a well paying job as she’s not an A-list gospel artiste in Kenya.

nicah-beatingBut it looks like Nicah has decided to pick up the pieces and move on, despite the whole drama and people accusing her of having cheated on her ex. The beautiful lady seems to be doing just fine and is back on the grind.

From the look of things, she’s been hustling doing business meetings with the hopes of landing gigs. Recently, she flew to Kisumu for an important deal, but she didn’t reveal what it’s all about. Seems she’s getting back on her feet.

Check out these photos that I got from her social media as she flaunted a flight ticket and business meetings.


ONCE UPON A TIME! Remember When Lilian Muli Said “I Do” To Estranged Ex Hubby Moses Kanene? (Video)

Lilian Muli has proved to be on top of her game in the media industry for the last couple of years and she seems to get better by the day, not just in her career but also physically.

The Citizen TV news anchor is aging gracefully and glowing by the day and even after giving birth to her son, Joshua, she still looks absolutely stunning and astonishing, with amazing curves that drive men crazy.

The celebrated media queen has been keeping a low profile when it comes to her private and love life in the past new months after she revealed that she had divorced her then husband Moses Njuguna Kanene citing irreconcilable differences.


Lilian alleged Kanene was physically abusive, adding that he deserted her and was also unfaithful even after the birth of their son, which were some of the reasons she decided to end her 7 year marriage.

Muli has since moved on focusing on motherhood and her career.

Lilian Muli Reveals That She Only Started Wearing Dresses When She Got a Job at KTN. Find Out Why

The elegant TV siren has however been linked to several men after separating from her hot-tempered hubby, with one of them being Shabana FC chairman, Jared Nevaton, though none of them has confirmed this speculation.


But away from all this, Lilian Muli was once happy with Kanene, who proposed back in November 2008 at her then workplace, KTN, after four years of dating and a year after that, they exchanged vows.

Lilian Muli and Moses Kanene got married in a pink and white themed wedding affair at the Windsor Golf Club in September 2009, in the presence of their family and friends, one of the most high profile ceremonies back then.

How about we go back to that time when Lilian Muli and Moses Kanene were madly in love with each other before all the drama. Check out a slender Lilian Muli in a dazzling white gown.