All about Range Rover Vogue, the high end car DJ Mo is planning to buy

Samuel Muraya alias DJ MO has expressed his desire to buy a Range Rover Vogue after completing the Mjengo project. The gospel DJ and his wife are currently building their maisonette.

DJ MO who currently owns a white Range Rover Sports says he wants to upgrade. In 2022, The Land Rover Range Rover Vogue 2020 prices range from $163,500 (Ksh 19,235,775.00) for the basic trim level SUV Range Rover Vogue SDV6 SWB (202KW).

While it cost around $250,250 (Ksh29441912) for the top-of-the-range SUV Range Rover Vogue SDV8 SE SWB (250KW) .

What is the difference between a Vogue and a sports Range rover?

Both seat five people in two rows, but the Range Rover Sport is considered a midsized SUV, while the Evoque is a subcompact crossover.

Looking at their exterior dimensions, this makes the Sport SUV about five inches taller than the Evoque, around 20 inches long, and it has a wheelbase approximately 10 inches wider.

The price range for the Range Rover Vogue varies based on the trim level you choose.

The Vogues has three models namely the 2019,2020 and 2021 models.

The Range Rover Vogue comes in different colors among them

  • Fuji White
  •  Narvik Black
  •  Santorini Black
  •  Yulong White
  •  Indus Silver
  •  Rossello Red
  •  Byron Blue
  •  Eiger Grey
  •  Portofino Blue
  •  Aruba
  •  Carpathian Grey
  •  Silicon Silver
  •  Borealis Black
  •  Bosphorus Grey
  •  British Racing Green
  •  Ligurian Black
  •  Desire
  •  Ethereal
  •  Flux
  •  Verbier Silver
  •  Windward Grey
  •  Mescalito Black
  •  Rio Gold
  •  Scafell Grey
  •  Madagascar Orange
  •  Balmoral Blue
  •  Velocity
  •  Meribel White
  •  Valloire White
  •  Spectral Blue
  •  Spectral British Racing Green
  •  Spectral Racing Red

The Land Rover Range Rover Vogue is available with five seats. The Vogue is available with Perforated Windsor leather seats.

The Vogue SE variant is available with Perforated Semi-Aniline leather seat upholstery.

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Attention Maina Kageni! Jose Chameleone has a new Range Rover please

From a Vitz to a Ranger Rover here are 6 cars owned by DJ MO and Size 8

Gospel DJ Samuel Muraya alias DJ Muraya has opened up on his love for cars saying he has so far owned 7 cars.

Speaking Celeb Ride segment with 2Mbili the father of two revealed he bought his current Range rover for 7.9 million.

“I bought it for 7.9 Million, I bought the car in the UK where it was customized.
I am planning on getting a Range Rover Vogue after we finish our building project.
I love cars.”


“I love the car because it is a 4*4 and it can go anywhere.
It’s a range rover sport I have hard it for 4 years. You have to service it often.
To maintain it is not so expensive but when you refuse to fund service it once it develops a problem you will cough up the cash.
If you do not have discipline with range rover itakumaliza.”

What he does not love about the car?
“It uses a lot of money because you cannot use counterfeit products on it.”

What other cars has he ever owned?

  1. Honda Airwave
  2. Van- system Unit
  3. Celica
  4. Jaguar
  5. Vitz
  6. Range Rover

Other celebrities who own Range Rovers include Sarah Kabu, Khaligraph Jones, Ringtone, Zari Hassan, KRG The Don and Eric Omondi.

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Tembea Kenya collaborates with influencers to promote Kenyan Tourism

Why Abel Mutua’s wife Judy bought Wakavinye her wedding gown

I cried for a whole day after finding out I was pregnant,’ Abel Mutua’s wife reminisces

‘I was jailed after being framed for rape’ – Stivo Simple Boy

Stivo Simple Boy has opened up about being framed for rape by a lady whose advances he had turned down. The incident saw him jailed for a week.

This he revealed during an interview with ‘Oga Obinna’ on the segment First Time. Stivo was living in Kibera back then.

“She told her mum that I tried to rape her and she became agitated and obviously wanted to know the truth.

 So she got hold of me and took us to get tested to ascertain whether the allegations were true or false. The tests results proved that she was lying,” he narrated.

Stivo Simple Boy

The musician says despite it all the mom wasn’t satisfied and ensured he was jailed for an entire week.

His stay in prison was accompanied by beatings from his fellow inmates.

“I was jailed for a week. You get beaten inside there,” he said amid a burst of painful laughter.

That was not the only time he would get locked up.

While working as a security guard at a construction site Stivo was arrested after thieves made away with construction materials.

“My colleague had dozed off so I decided to do some rounds around the site. When I went to the washroom to relieve myself I came back and found some stuff (chuma) had been stolen.”


The following day I went home to rest only for us to be asked to appear in court the following day to answer to sort out the issue but I thank God He saved me from those shackles.”

Stivo says the tables turned on his colleague for dozing off at work and he ended up being jailed for two years.

Have you ever been arrested before?

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‘I keep making mistakes’ Betty Kyallo on her past relationships

Media personality and reality TV star, Betty Kyallo says she will never go public with the person she is dating saying it brings with it a lot of pressure.

The mother of one says her mum has been pushing her to take some time off and go for coffee dates.

“The previous relationship was too much drama I was like I’m done!”

Betty says she has in the past made mistakes, that is why Kenyans are keen on keeping up with her relationships.

Betty Kyallo: I keep making mistakes/Past relationship was dramatic

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho. Co.Ke 

“I think with everybody you are always kinda like look for somebody who fits you and sometimes you have to like go the long road to get to know who is good for Betty.”

How would she describe her personality?

Betty says she is crazy about being in love

“I am a lover. When I am in love with you I will love love love you but when I am done you will never see me again. But at the moment when I am in love with you, I will give it my all.”

Betty says she will keep her partners private in the future.

“I think I am just gonna date on the down-low try as much as I can and sometimes it is completely not possible.” She said. Adding, 

But I think that’s one of the lessons I’ve learned because with you dating someone on the down-low you get to understand somebody without the noise of the world. “

She adds that she is not about to waste her time if the relationship is not working. This, she says is to help her protect her own peace and energy and she won’t be there forcing issues.

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From Jacque Maribe to Betty Kyallo: The troubled love lives of Kenyan screen queens

I would sweat every time the baby cried-Selina actress says

Award-winning Selina actress Celestine Gachuhi, has opened up about the challenges she has been going through as a new mum.

Selina who is dating gospel artiste Phil Kimemia welcomed a baby girl, almost three weeks ago.

Through her YouTube channel, Selina says motherhood comes with no manual.

“I stayed in the hospital for a few days after the baby came. I didn’t know that a baby is supposed to be given jabs. I couldn’t understand why, I felt like my heart would pop out.”

Selina says when they were told to go home, she felt helpless given she and her baby daddy are first-time parents.

I was like what happens now that we are home? That night I couldn’t sleep properly. At the hospital, I wasn’t producing any milk, so I had to take supplements. When I got home my baby wasn’t breastfeeding. I used to sleep like an unsettled person. I would wake up very shocked once the baby cried or if she made some noise, nilikuwa naruka karibu nianguke.”


“I used to sleep with the lights on because I was so paranoid that something might happen. At the hospital, I woke up and there were no lights the baby was crying and I was so shocked. I would sweat every time the baby cried.”

Selina says she had trouble washing the baby as she felt she was too tiny.

“I decided to sponge the baby until the cord fell off. I was very excited when the baby’s umbilical cord fell.”

The new mum says she is happy with the progress the baby has made.

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The things I went through with my stepmom were hard – Selina actress Celestine Gachuhi

Explainer: What it means to lie-in-State

The body of former President Mwai Kibaki is lying in state at the Kenyan Parliament.

The activity that started on Monday, April 25 is set to take place up to Wednesday, April 27.

What does it mean to lie-in-state?

  1. The body of the dead official is placed in a State building.
  2. The body is put either outside or inside a coffin.
  3. Only Presidents or former Presidents can lie in State.
  4. A person designated by the President can lie in state.
  5. The body is guarded by soldiers and government officials.
  6. Mourners are allowed to view the body.
  7. The coffin is draped in the Kenyan flag.
  8. Coat of arms is affixed on the carriage.

The late President Mwai Kibaki is set to be laid to rest at his home in Othaya, Nyeri County on Saturday, April 30. 

On Monday morning, the first state event was held where President Kibaki’s body was taken to Parliament Buildings. There, the deceased will lie in state and the public will be welcome to view and pay their last respects. 

A short requiem mass presided by the Catholic Church was then held to pray for the departed Head of State.  The clergy then blessed Kibaki’s body and anointed his forehead with oil. 

The retired President was dressed in a black suit with white stripes, black shoes, a white shirt, and a polka dot necktie.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was accompanied by his wife Margaret led the viewing of the body. He then took a photo with the family members beside President Kibaki’s body. 

High-ranking generals from the Army then viewed Kibaki’s body, followed by Deputy President William Ruto, Senate, and Parliament speakers, Chief Justice Martha Koome and her deputy Philomena Mwilu, Cabinet Secretaries, legislators, and members of the public.

Outside Parliament Buildings, many Kenyans were lined up, waiting keenly for an opportunity to view the body of the late president. 

On April 28, the body will lie at Lee Funeral Home before it is taken to State House on April 29th, and thereafter, a State funeral will be held at Nyayo National Stadium. 

‘He was ashamed’ -Akuku Danger on meeting doctor who said he will die

Churchill show comedian Akuku Danger has shared how heartbroken his dad was after the doctor said he wouldn’t make it.
This was after he got hospitalized early this year over lung failure.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Akuku said

I was born with Sickle Cell and my lungs had failed. They were 75% depleted, the doctor told my dad he was wasting his money.
Adding that putting me under machines was only going to prolong my life for some time but death was inevitable.”

Akuku says despite what the doctor said, his dad was adamant about seeing him get well.
“My dad started crying but he and my sister insisted that I be put on the machines whether I died or not.”

Comedian Akuku Danger . Photo/Courtesy

Asked how he felt, Akuku shared;

After those 4 days in ICU is when my dad told me the doctor had said I wouldn’t make it. The doctor was even pointed out to me, But I knew it is God who wrote my story.

It did not scare me. He was so ashamed when I left the hospital and went back to the clinic.
I wanted to show him to his face that I am alive and kicking.”

On whether his ailment scares him Akuku says;

“My ailment does not scare me because when you are born with something you have to accept it. In Primary school it used to bother me for being picked on by teachers, it doesn’t scare me.

This is not the first time I was being checked out (told I would die), it was the third time, In class 5 the doctor told my mum to go back with me and wait for me to die. I came back, The second time I was still in Primary but here I am.”

Akuku says he can sense when he is about to get sick, and it gives him time to get to the hospital.

The comedian says his father and siblings have been very supportive as he lost his mum while in campus.

Celebrities mourn the death of President Mwai Kibaki

Kenyan celebrities have mourned the death of former President Mwai Kibaki. Kibaki died on Friday aged 90 and his death was announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Uhuru eulogized Kibaki as a brilliant leader.

Late former president Mwai Kibaki

Check out what Kenyan celebs have written on their social media about the late president.

Maina Kageni: Thank you for everything, Mr. President. #RIP #RIPMwaiKibaki #Kenya

Churchill: RIP Mwai Kibaki the 3rd

Dr Ofweneke: There will be none like you TWO. Rest In Peace President Mwai Kibaki

Jalang’o:  Go well Mr. President! You served your Country well!

Kate Actress: My favorite president has rested 😔. Rest in peace sir

Sossun: R.I.P Mr President may God rest your soul in eternal Peace

Wahu: Rest well 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Karen Nyamu: A great role model has rested. You are the best we ever had. May Your Soul Rest In Peace

Nameless:  Rest in peace ! 🙏🏿🙏🏿

Alice Kamande:  The 3rd President of the republic of Kenya Hon. Mwai Kibaki will be highly missed for his dedication to serving Kenyans in his term .
His first term was the best, the economy of the country and GDP shot up and new infrastructure built all over the country boosted the economy further .Despite all the challenges He faced ,He forged with courage and resilience, His heart was fully in to developed This nation.
We shall remember the good you did to your nation .Rest well Sir. Much respect , you were a true Leader.

Kabi Wa Jesus:  REST IN POWER
You’ve left a legacy and you’ll be remembered in generations to come and the impact you’ve made in Kenya
We pray for strength,peace and comfort for your family🙏🙏🙏

May be rest in peace.

10 Kenyan celebrities who have given their children unique names

They are not all about the fame and being in the spotlight. Kenyan celebrities also have a life outside fame.

Most of them are married to their life partners and even have families of their own.

Most of us always congratulate and support their success but have never really taken the time to look at how interesting their children’s names are.

Kenyan celebrities are always known to be extra and it is evident they are extra in everything including naming their children.

Here is a list of Kenyan celebrities who have given their children beautiful unique names.

  1. Gospel artist Bahati Kenya named his baby girl Heaven Bahati


2. Gospel artists Size 8 and DJ Mo named their baby girl Ladasha Belle


3. Media personality Janet Mbugua named her son Ethan Huru


4. Kenyan musicians Nameless and Wahu named their first born daughter Tumiso


5. DJ Creme de la Creme named his handsome first born son Jamari

creme de

6. Rapper Octopizzo named his beautiful daughter Zara


7. TV presenter Jacque Maribe named her lovely daughter Zahari


8. News anchor Betty Kyalo’s named her beautiful daughter Ivanna


9. Rapper King Kaka named his beautiful daughters Gweth and Ayanna Ombima


10. Kenyan comedian Obinna named his son handsome Luironne and his daughter Laleiti

obinna 1

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God Is Watching! Singer Akothee ‘Killed’, Vera Sidika Leaves Kenyans Heartbroken After Doing This

Yesterday was Fools day and many especially celebrities pulled stunts that have left them to become the talk of the town. Former TV presenter Kamene Goro and socialite Vera Sidika seem to be queens of publicity stunts and the two celebrities would scoop the best liars of the season in case there were awards given for the best prank on Fools day.


Vera Sidika left men heartbroken and sweating profusely after she revealed on Instagram that she was pregnant. Although many are speculating that this is a prank, Sidika says she’s indeed paged.

“Yesterday, I got a call from a media house informing me that they received an anonymous tip, that I was pregnant and asking me to confirm or deny. I refused to comment and they told me that they’ll publish the story in the coming week. I knew they would publish the rumours with or without my confirmation and realized that I can’t hide for too long. I honestly thought I possibly could but it’s hell. Your movements are limited and very difficult especially being a public figure. My doctor makes house calls cause walking into a hospital without being recognized would have been impossible keeping😩 up with social media has become a myth because my growing tummy will be a topic so😩 I had to stay off Snapchat, post old photos on IG, To avoid suspicions. I always wanted to have a baby before I hit 30. I’m turning 29 this September and this was the perfect timing. I’m very grateful and the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. But kept it lowkey cause I wanted a stress free journey. Away from paparazzi and nosey people. But we can’t control the media. Somehow they always get to find out and beat us on our own game. So just before you read it from the blogs, this is me confirming, I am pregnant and just can’t wait to have my bundle of joy. I feel so blessed 🙏🤰 Cant wait for my gender reveal/announcement party 🎉😁
P.S; I’ll share videos of my journey so far. This coming week,” wrote Sidika accompanied by the image below.

Vera Sidika

Kamene Goro also pulled the same stunt and Akothee was ‘killed’ online.

Akothee’s daughter, came out to respond to rumours which had spread like fire that the singer was no more and she wrote:

“That blog that is busy saying my mom is dead
News flash 😂😂😂😂
My mom is alive and kicking
You are wicked and may you all be punished
Mrs Oyoyo get up so that they can see you 😌”

Who do you think deserves the award for the most creative lie on Fools day?


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‘I Know You Are Still With Us… True Soldiers Never Die,’ Read DJ Shiti’s Moving Tribute To Ayeiya

Real House Helps of Kwangware actor DJ Shiti has penned an emotional tribute to late comedian Ayeiya, born Emmanuel Makori.

Ayeiya Kenya

Ayeiya passed away on 14, April last year in a grisly road accident. The witty comedian was eulogized by many as a great and talented artiste and his legacy still lives on.

MUST READ! The Message Ayeiya Shared With Kenyans Before His Painful Death

“It’s almost one year since you went to dine with the angels… you set the pace for us in the Comedy Industry…. Most of us started our career replicating your reputation…. from comparison jokes to story jokes… as well as real-life situation jokes…. I know you are still with us… True soldiers Never Die… Ayeiyaaaaa….poapoa…,” read DJ Shiti’s message.

Ayeiya left behind a widow and a daughter.

Also, read:

PHOTO: Meet The Late Comedian Ayeiya’s Cute Daughter

Keep resting with the angels comrade!

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#Wakanda: Kenyan female celebrities who look great in African print

I love how Kenyan celebrities are big fans of African print and I believe it’s because they give a modern twist to a vintage classy look.

African print can be styled in a plethora of ways and can be worn for any occasion.

The African prints are just amazing because they never disappoint with the uniqueness of their designs.

It can be very addictive because it makes one look sexy, confident, original, outstanding and the best part is that they can be worn with flats or stilettos.

Even rich kids have dope punchlines, read Mark Murungaru’s wedding vows

Believe me or not but they always make one the center of attention.

Here are some Kenyan female celebrities that have rocked African prints and look glam in them.


TV personality Sarah Hassan


Kenyan model Bridget highadi


Actress Krysteensavan


Radio presenter Anita Nderu

anita 2

TV presenter Amina Abdi


amina 1

Stylist Neomi Nganga



Gospel Artist Kambua

kambua 1



Singer Wahu Photos



We can conclude that they look breathtaking and how they complement the styles is perfect.

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Celebrities whose parents we learned are preachers in 2017

We love our Kenyan celebrities and are always eager to learn more about thwm. Well, in 2017 we learned that some of them are children of preachers.

‘What Those Three Men Did Was Very Traumatising,’ Cries Out a Kenyan Man In Support Of Death Sentence For Githurai Strippers

Check out those whose parents are pastors and leave your comments below;

1. Nyashinski

Whats!! I can almost see the shock on your face. Yes, this is confirmed.


2. Chess Nthusi

This female singer, songwriter and performer has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. She is alleged to be performing rather raunchy shows after allegedly falling on hard times.

At one point she was the hottest upcoming artist signed to King Kaka’s Kaka Empire before she got a gig on Ebru TV and slipped into obscurity.

chess nthusi

3. Vicky Kitonga

Song writer and motivational speaker Vicky Kitonga is very open about her life on social media. The ‘Amenikumbuka’ singer is a daughter to Bishop Arthur Kitonga. The Evangelist is the man behind the redeemed Gospel churches.


4. Holy Dave

Perhaps this would be a give. The Kenyan gospel singer and his TV presenter sister Joey Muthengi are siblings. The two are loved in equal measure by their fans, and one thing we learned is that their folks are preachers.




A list of luxurious homes that stunned Kenyans in 2017

2017 saw many Kenyan celebrities embark on building their homes. Here are some of the homes of your favorite celebrity from musicians to politicians and even preachers.

Kenya’s richest female singer Akothee shocked many of us when photos of her luxurious home was spalshed online. I kid you not. The mega mansion is one to see. Check out photos below;

akothee home

Second on the list is Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s Machakos home. It even has a helipad. He showed it off by sharing a video of his helicopter landing, and the mansion is a sight to behold.


Pastor Kathy and Allan Kiuna. The popular couple have shared photos of their home and just have a look.

the kiuna's home

Deputy President William Ruto’s Sugoi home is out of this world. The sh2billion home

dp william rutos sh2billion home
Dp William Ruto’s Sh2Billion home

The Rich And Famous! Top 10 Kenyan Celebrities And Public Figures With The Most Flamboyant Houses

Let’s not forget out socialite Vera Sidika. Check out her stunning digs

vera sidika home
Socialite Vera Sidika’s house


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Here Are Your Favorite Kenyan Celebrities Who Attended National Schools

Kenya’s 8-4-4 education system is rated amongst the best schools system in the world. Most Kenyans and other people from the neighboring countries come to study in Kenya just to have a feel of that competitive education system.

Well, high school is the most loved institution of learning in Kenya as this is where teenagers from primary school discover themselves and set their goals before they enroll at the university level. There are those who pass their KCPE with flying colours and are admitted to national schools while there are those who don’t get lucky and end up at a district or county school but all in all, that doesn’t matter. What’s important is what you do in that particular institution at the end of four years.

We have so many bright Kenyan celebrities who scored A’s and made it to national schools and we are proud of them. From DJs, to musicians to footballers, these lot of men and women studied in top end schools where education was the number one priority. they did not study through the windows as many say, they went to the best schools.

From number 1 decks master DJ Creme Dela Creme to singer Nyashinski, here is the list of  those who attended national schools that you should check out.

  1. Masanduku Junior (JB) -Starehe Boy’s Centre

2. Edith Kimani State House Girls (before getting a scholarship to Hillcrest)

3. DJ Creme Dela Creme – Alliance High School



4.  Kleptomaniacs(Nyashinski, Collo and Roba) – Nairobi School

5. Size 8 – State House Girls (before getting a scholarship to Hillcrest)

6. Fred Indimuli – Nakuru High

Fred Indimuli

7. Peniel Weru –  Starehe Boys’Centre

8. Joseph Hellon – Starehe Boys’Centre

9. Jacque Maribe – State House Girls


10. Wahu Kagwe – Precious Blood Riruta

11. DJ Juan – Alliance High School

12. Bernard Kioko –  Starehe Boys’Centre

13.Dj Stylez-Mang’u High School.

14. ken Akoth (Kibra MP) – Starehe Boys Centre

15. Paul ‘Modo’ Kiongera – Friends School Kamusinga

16. Jackson Saleh – St. Josephs Boys Kitale

17. Maureen Kunga (of Elani)  Kianda School

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‘I Need a BOY In That House,’ Nameless Finally Talks About His Desire To Have a Son (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

Veteran Kenyan artiste David Mathenge, popularly known by his stage name as Nameless, is one of the most celebrated musicians in the local music scene.

Nameless has been around for more than a decade and is still going strong, but away from the music and fame, the Megarider hitmaker is a man dedicated to his family.

The talented singer is husband to fellow singer Wahu Kagwi, the mother of their two adorable daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge.


The celebrity couple has been able to keep their marriage going despite being in the limelight, and on 10th September 2017, they will be celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary.

Nameless and Wahu are proud parents to their lovely daughters. Tumiso will be turning 11 years in August and in the same month, the little one in the family, Nyakio will be turning 4 years.

TOO SWEET! Have You Seen How Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is All Grown Up? (PHOTOS)

In a recent interview that we conducted with the singer, he revealed that one of the things that he hates about his wife is how she takes longer to prepare and leave the house when they are going out, saying that he has to lie about the event time so that they don’t get late.


When asked if he wants to add another kid to the family, he said that it’s the topic of discussion between them, revealing that he really needs a son and would really love to have one.

“I love my girls, lakini, I need a boy in that house. I want another one as long as kuna guarantee,” said an excited Nameless.

They Are Inseparable: Nameless And Stunning Wife Wahu Celebrate Their 11th Wedding Anniversary

On how he has managed to keep his private life off the public radar, Nameless said that he had tried to balance the positive and the negative sides of being a public figure, adding that when there’s an issue out there, they deal with it by talking about it.


Nameless also talked about the secret to his long-lasting message with Wahu, confession that it’s not been easy, but the fact that they met when they were still young in the music industry and have grown up together has helped them respect each other.

Listen to the audio below to get all the juicy interview as Nameless opens up about his life, family, publicity, and his yearning for a son in his life.


Happy Fathers Day! Cute Messages From Kenyan Celebrities To Their Dads

It’s Fathers Day and we would like to wish all the Kenyan dads a blessed day. We have compiled a list of local celebrities who have posted the sweetest messages o their dads, while some are also famous dads who are wishing themselves a happy fathers day.

1. David The Student

He wrote Blessed #fathersday #giftfromGod #bestfriend ❤️❤️


2. Nameless


  • Happy Father’s day to my fellow fathers… May God Bless us with the wisdom and grace to being great dads to our kids. Blessup my brothers!
  • nthenyanziokaBeatiful gals… and they gave really grown…always be a good dad to them


3. Anita Nderu

My dad is not on Instagram but I called him to remind him that he is my superhero and I love him way too much and also tried to convince him that I am his favourite kid but he insists he loves us all the same😛. Also every time I tell him I love him (which is literally what I call to tell him almost every day) he says thank you😂 Today he said I love you too Gacheri !yaaay! 😅! Mr. Papeas Lewis Nderu is my entire world and then some. My Mummy made a great husband decision❤ I hope I end up with an equally fabulous man! He is not just a father he is a Dad! A fabulous Dad! My Dad❤ My favourite human❤ I’ll even like my own post today😂 I’ll also tag my siblings that are on Instagram and in the running of favorite kids 😏 so they see how EXTRA I am being about this day


4. DJ Moz

I couldn’t ask for more. Happy Fathers Day to all the great Dads who have been their for the kids or as Father figures in the lives to another mans kids. We stand on your shoulders.


5. Kobi kihara

My Favorite Guy ❤️ #DaughterOfAKing #CoolDad #PapiDay #ForTheGram #KobiWithAnEye


6. Willis Raburu

My father has taught me so much in this life, about God, work ethic, money all with a base of love. Happy Father’s Day Jakochieng.




“Worst Pain I’ve Ever Felt” Teen Republik TV Presenter Martin Kimathi MOURNS Death Of His Beloved Mother

There’s no greater sadness than losing a parent, more so a mother, and the pain never goes away, even after healing.

Sadly, media personality Martin Kimathi lost his mother on June 7, 2017, who was undergoing two surgeries at the Aga Khan hospital, from an undisclosed ailment.

The celebrated TV presenter shared the sad news with his fans and friends, admitting that it was the most painful thing he has ever gone through in his entire life.


Martin Kimathi is popularly known for being the hunk on NTV’s Saturday show, Teen Republik, a show on all things entertainment, with fellow co-host Sharon Tracy Wanjiru.

“They Said I Looked Like a Frog” Stunning TV Presenter Reveals How She Was Bullied For Speaking ‘Sheng’ In High School

The two have a very good working relationship and team up very well when they are interviewing other celebrities and talking about issues that affect young people.

Other than just TV hosting, Martin Kimathi is also an actor, an Emcee and a model.


His family and friends will be meeting at Garden Square Hotel in town opposite Holy family basilica adjacent to KICC as they prepare for the burial.

Martin shared the devastating news of his mother’s death to his fans, with this emotional post;

Hi guys. On Wednesday 9:30am my mom succumbed to death after undergoing two surgeries at Aga Khan hospital. This is the worst pain I’ve felt my whole entire life! To everyone who has sent their condolences or shown support directly or indirectly THANK YOU. Stay blessed

We send our condolences to Martin Kimathi and his family during this tough time. Check out some of the condolence messages he received below.

tacywanjiru So sorry for your loss…may she rest in eternall peace❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

amaraiffy My condolences to you and your family..take heart

niri_gwott May her soul rest in peace with the Lord. Be comforted.

eroshakur My condolences to your and your family bruh, may God grant y’all strength through this


clint_githinji Condolences 🙏 may God see you through

marymasambo My sincere condolences for your loss. May she RIP

anna_wanja Rip….. So sorry Martin.. My condolences.. May the almighty give you strength during this difficult moment
mish_natalieAll will be well

ekarugah May she rest in peace, am sorry my dear. Hope all is

connie_kithinji Pole sana Martin.. may God give you strength

wanjiku__gitau We are praying for you. After you mourn, Smile, she is at peace, feeling no pain. My condolences

__kolbe So sorry bro..Dedicate it all to Him who gives and takes..My condolences.. And RIP to mom😖😖😥