Willy Paul slammed by fans for new song ‘Tempted’

Controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul has been making it big in the music industry for the last couple of years, and this young man is not slowing down anytime soon.Yesterday, Willy Pozzee dropped his new jam called ‘Tempted’  in which he suggests he is repeatedly tempted by girls, even mentioning Vera Sidika and Huddah.

‘Napenda raha but huyo ni balaa, Willy Paul ni kijana machachari. From what I know ata Huddah ama Vera hawaniwezi, nilikuwa tempted tempted na wasichana’, he sings in the new song.

Well, his fans have once again rubbished it saying it would have fit well in the secular music.

Fans have urged the artiste to declare if he is officially doing secular music because all the jams he has released don’t have a gospel sound.

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Check out comments from fans;

Raila Baba Tibim… This is the worst song you’ve ever done willy kwanza iyo part ya sijui uyo dem anakushoot nlidhani woofer yangu inaungua…… Heri ata jigijigi juu umeimba kelele tupu

Bree Williams… So, is this still a Gospel??😈😈
Cheza na mungu kabisa. The earthquake that will swallow you is still dancing Azonto in hell

Margaret Masela.. Willy am always your die hard fun but personally Mimi tempted I feel its too low for you,,,just stick with bongo that’s my opinion though

Diana Moraa.. My dear brother willy paul msafi please please please,if its gospel make it gospel,acha kujaribu kutupeleke pabaya,nkt,izo tepmtation na nakuonanga club 254 that’s your real lif how you live, make it gospel ama uende bongo

Nixon Wambugha ..Vera na Huddah ndani ya Gospel

Is Super Hot Sheila Mwanyigha aka Nikki Getting Back To The MUSIC Scene? Find Out Here

Celebrated media personality Sheila Mwanyigha is not just a beauty to behold but also a multi-talented woman, who’s used her intelligence and go-getter spirit to make it in the local showbiz and entertainment scene.

The former NTV radio presenter and TV Queen was known for her soothing and loving R&B songs back in the day, going by her stage name as Nikki, and to date, she still has her stunning and elegant looks.


Sheila Mwanyigha quit her job at NTV about a year ago and decided to embark on her own projects, which includes her popular monthly magazine, Rembesha Kenya – Kenya’s first digital & print magazine, which displays the best of products and services in the local hair and beauty industry.

Other than that, the former Tusker Project Fame host also started a YouTube channel, Sheila Lives Out Loud, a new chat show where Kenyans share their motivating and inspiring life stories, achievements, and testimonies.

Out But Not Down! After Being Fired From NTV, Sheila Mwanyigha Moves On By Doing This (Video)

If you remember well, Sheila’s love songs were the biggest in the local music scene, like; Mapenzi Tele, Niwe Wako Milele, and it looks like she wants to get back in the spotlight, musically that is.

Niwe Wako Milele was one of the biggest songs back in 2008, which captured the hearts of many fans and now, Sheila Mwanyigha has revealed that she got inspiration to write another song, the same way she jotted Niwe Wako.

I wrote a huge chunk of Niwe Wako Milele by the ocean, and I think I just wrote something special again

If Nikki is about to make a music comeback after a very long hiatus, I can bet that she will give us the best song ever, but for now, we will just have to wait and see.


Check out some of the comments she got after revealing that she might release a new song soon.

cctnewske Looking forward. We trust you!
dahirmngr3 I want to be in the video pliiiiz .u rock Sheila
shikumwaniki Still one of my favorite songs
martomwangi Another one!! *insert DJ Khaleed’s voice”
luize_nawal Niwe wako milele is my all time fav throw back tune
kaberia_john Tupe mazuri tena,it’s been sooo long sheila.
irene_w_n I still have the video on my phone. Thee song is still freshly a gem in a soul. Sigh! Don’t you let your mellow voice fade off the airwaves it gives me much life and energy. SHEILA live out Loud!!!!!!!

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