Listen Up Guys: Here Are 10 Things You can Do To Look More Attractive To A Woman

It is all about the ladies. It is totally understandable that from time to time if not all the time, dudes go out of their way to look attractive to girls. Just like women do, men should also put in a little more effort in how they look. The secret behind it all are the things women look at the first time they meet you. Appearance is everything. The more effort you put into your looks, the more attractive you will be. Factually speaking before everything else, your appearance will determine whether or not a girl will be willing to see you again.

Here are a few simple ways to improve your appearance, to make you look more attractive in a woman’s eyes.

  1. Go to the barber from time to time
    Your hairline is one of the things that outline the features of your face. Get a nice haircut, trim your side-bands and any other extra hair you have growing in your nose. Yes you might ignore it but when you have excess hair popping out of your nose it can be quite distracting. Rather than your other attractive features, a girl might be distracted by that extra hair in your nose, so take time and trim it before you go out to meet her. Guys who take care of their looks seem more attractive as it evident that they have some style which is an attractive feature in a man.haircut 2
  2. Wear shirts that actually fit
    Try getting shirts that actually fit you right. Rather than buying shirts that you will still fit into if you add about 10 kilos, go for the ones that flatters your body. Fitting shirts give you a neat but hot and sexy look. Do not let your suits wear you as they were made for you to wear them and not the other way round.fitting shirt
  3. Invest in cologne
    Yes, women love a man that smells good. Don’t over do it, there’s such a thing as “too much perfume” so keep it light. You certainly do not want to enter an elevator with people in it, only to have them choke on the amount of cologne you’ve sprayed. Wear cologne just enough to leave a hint of your scent in the air when you
  4. Your shoe game is important too
    There is just something about a guy with a dope shoe game. Shoes enhance your look. They say something about you. A man that cares about the kind of shoes he wears with a particular outfit has proven to be one of the most attractive features. You will find that guys who put effort to dress up will and have loads and loads of female followers on social media. This is because women are attracted to a man with a sense of style.shoegame
  5. Posture
    Posture says a lot about one’s confidence, so it is paramount that you avoid timid. Keep your head up and your chest upright. Walk with purpose and avoid moving around all over the place as though you lack a sense of direction. Women do not like a man that slouches around. You need to portray confidence and strength in the way you sit, stand and walk at all times.posture
  6. Confidence
    There is nothing more attractive than a confident man. Women go crazy over men that will sit down in a chair right in front of her and say “come over here.” I know it may sound silly but that confidence can be quite contagious to a point that the girl you are with will feel it too. Who knows, she might actually walk over to you just like you had requested.posture
  7. Give the ladies your undivided attention
    Avoid using your phone when you go out with her. In fact, you should switch off your phone. Giving a lady your undivided attention makes her feel like you really wanted to spend time with her. We all know ladies love to feel special, so give her the special treatment and she just might find you really attractive enough to date you.
  8. Avoid using the “B” word when talking to her
    It is totally understandable how you may have become accustomed to using the “B” word. However this word can be disrespectful and offensive so give it up and she just might give it up too.
    not listening
  9. Listen to her
    Women love a man that will listen and pay attention to them. Laugh at her jokes and engage yourself in the topic at hand. This will make her feel like you actually care about what she says. A woman will pick a man that may not be so attractive, but who listens to her over a handsome man who ignores her.
  10. Read a book
    There is something about a man who reads a book rather than reads the content online on a tablet or phone.. In the digital era that we are in, reading a book works like old-fashioned charm that is practically akin to wearing a three-piece suit. Reading a book suggests that you have interests and a long attention span which is a highly desirable character in reading

Swiss President Alain Berset tweeted in Swahili to announce his visit to Kenya

Swiss President Alain Berset excited Kenyans when he tweeted in perfect Swahili concerning his visit to Kenya ahead of his arrival.


And captioned;’Mimi rais wa Uswizi naja kutembea nchi ya Jamhuri ya #Kenya kuanzia siku ya jumapili hadi jumanne wiki ijayo Naja nikijua kuwa Kenya ina sifa ya kuwa nchi nzuri ilio na watu wakarimu sana. Natarajia kuwa na mazungumzo mazuri ninapowasili #Nairobi’.

And yesterday he also posted a photo on his Instagram account that read;’#nairobi #kenya #justarrived#africanculture’.



KOt were so excited and responded to his Kiswahili tweet. Everyone is crediting Kanze Dena for introducing swahili captions on President Uhuru’s social media.

The Swiss leader is on a three-day state visit and will hold talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Alain Berset’s visit aims to broaden bilateral relations between Switzerland and Kenya.

Kenya is one of Switzerland’s five most biggest trading partners in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Idris Elba to play the villain in new ‘Fast and Furious’ spin-off

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Shocking: Teenage pregnancies in Kenya have increased by 18 percent in three years – NCPD


The National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) says teenage pregnancies in the country have increased by more than 18 percent in the last three years.

Moses Ouma from the council says most counties are affected by the increase and there was need for increased public awareness among youth and parents.

Ouma says last year the teenage pregnancies increased because of prolonged political activities and campaigns throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Mathioya MP Peter Kimari has hired a consultant to determine the causes of dismal academic performance of students in the constituency.

Kimari has said the constituency has singled out best performing constituencies in and out of Murang’a County which the consultant will be required to study and prepare a report.

The report, he said, will inform the constituency on the best teaching and learning practices employed in areas that excel in education.

The MP said this is in a bid to improve academic performance in the constituency that held the sixth position out of 7 constituencies in the county.

“This research will help us establish the best working education practices and help us to implement them in our constituency,” Kimari said.

Once the report is finalized, it will be discussed and adopted by education stakeholders including principals and head-teachers.

The constituency has 31 secondary schools and 67 primary schools.

Kimari who was speaking during Mathioya Education day at Kiria-ini girls high school noted that he has also established a robust mentorship programme in all schools.

The MP noted that he is planning a meeting with professionals from the area to discuss ways of uplifting education.

“More than 50 professionals have already volunteered for the programme that we started just before the elections,” Kimari noted.

Most of them, he said, are always willing to attend academic meetings and are keen to boost education standards.

They are also willing to work with Boards of Management in schools while some are already board members, he added.


-Mathews Ndanyi/ALICE WAITHERA

Top 5 Strangest Projects Launched By Kenyan politicians

Kenya easily passes as a hotbed of talent due to the wide range of gifts in sports discipline, but when it comes to most of our politicians then the country is easily identified as a hotbed of comedians. All thanks to their weirdest projects.
It’s only in Kenya where a majority of the politicians have attracted headlines for ironically inviting the media to let the whole world witness them launch the strangest of projects without realizing they are embarrassing themselves.
We take a look at a number of weirdest projects launched by some of these politicians.
Just the other day, Nandi Hills MP, Alfred Keter attracted online trolls after he was pictured launching water tanks worth Ksh. 35,000 after reportedly landing in a chopper in the area.
Former Bomet governor Isaac Ruto flew his helicopter to launch a cattle dip worth Sh5,000 back in 2016.
isaac ruto
Ex- Kirinyaga governor (note the trend) Joseph Ndathi was busy cutting ribbons as he infamously launched a foot bridge while everyone was focusing on Obama’s visit in 2015.
Another politician who possibly lost his seat thanks to his strange project is former Vihiga county governor, Moses Akaranga. Akaranga received a backlash from Kenyans after he was pictured commissioning a reconstructed mud house.

Gikuyu Men Who Are Able To Cater For More Than One Wife Should Do It! – Kikuyu Elders

Kikuyu elders under the Kiama Kia Maa council has now thrown its weight behind calls by Kiambu Women Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba for polygamous marriages.

They said for years men had neglected their children born out of wedlock noting that time was ripe for them to be taken care of as well.

This emerged when the group held its National Delegates Conference (NDC) at Heritage Resort in Naivasha where unity calls were made.

The elders vowed to unite after splinter groups emerged saying they will move as one unit and preach peace across the country.

While reading a joint communiqué Kiama Kia Ma National Chairman Kigochi Waimiri said time was ripe for the country to start taking parenting with the seriousness it deserves.

Waimiri said the move by Wamuchomba was a step in the right direction if the country was to get rid of street children in key streets in the nation.

He said the numerous street urchins especially in Nairobi had become a thorn in the flesh of many noting that they too had fathers who were supposed to take care of them.

“I now call upon men from the Gikuyu community and who are able to cater for the needs of more than one wife to marry and in this we shall also increase on our population,” he said.

At the same time Waimiri said Central Kenya region had seen an upsurge in illegal alcoholic drinks adding that they were committed to ensuring the levels are reduced completely.

He said the elders had resolved to work with the provincial administration and agencies involved in the fight against alcohol abuse in the region.

“This is a very serious issue and we need to work together as stakeholders to ensure that the menace that is threatening a generation is wiped out,” he said.

The group’s secretary general Colonel (Rtd) Joseph King’ori the group executive will take up its rightful position at the national council of Kenya elders and the Gikuyu Council of elders without delay.

“The Association will pursue different approaches to support and facilitate implementation of the four pillars of development christened the Big Four,” he said.

Others who attended the council meeting included President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cousin Ngengi Muigai who now assumes the role of the Kiama Kia Ma Patron.

-Anthony Gitonga

Former Vice President Moody Awori’s latest photos impress many

Former Vice-President Moody Awori, popularly known as Uncle Moody, is doing well despite the rumors that have been going around that he’s no more.

On International Women’s Day, 8th March, Moody Awori attended an event at a local city hotel which was graced by local media personalities among them Julie Gichuru, Jalang’o, Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris just to mention but a few.

The ninth Vice President of Kenya looked healthy and was as expected smartly dressed.

Here are the photos


Moody Awori
Moody Awori with human rights activist, Bella


Moody Awori
Moody Awori with human rights activist, Bella



PHOTO: Kenya’s Hottest Female Athlete Mercy Cherono Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Mercy Cherono has been branded the hottest female athlete in Kenya. She wed Edmond Ng’etich last year in January as a colourful traditional wedding held at Kipajit village, Bomet County.

A few months into her marriage, the bliss was gone and Mercy’s union was on the rocks.

To combat the devil rocking their marriage, the 5000m Commonwealth Champion was advised by her hubby to visit Nigeria to seek divine intervention from the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) founded by famous Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the TB Joshua Ministries.

Her aim was to seek deliverance from marital problems.

“My husband advised me to come here (SCOAN) for my career breakthrough because I was having problems with my career and marriage too. and the man of god prayed for me and delivered me from bondage,” Mercy told the congregation in Nigeria.

Cherono revealed to more than 10,000 congregants that she and her husband have been going through a lot and fights were the order of the day in their house. And it did not help that his baby mama made things worse.

“We were having a lot of quarrels and fights. we would create something big from nothing and we would go for days without talking. My husband had a child with another woman and it was very hard for me. The baby mama used to disturb us with many calls every time,” she said.

But now, it seem the love has grown and the couple’s relationship is on the mend.

She is expecting her first child. The photo of Mercy Flaunting her baby bump has gone viral.

Check the photo below.

Mercy Cherono baby bump

House help arrested for stealing ‘abandoned’ 8-month-old baby

By Ndichu Waniana

The 8-month-old baby who was on Friday found abandoned along the railway line at Kiyuu area, Ol Kalou was kidnapped at Embakasi by a house help.

Mary Wacuka alias Angela Wambui, who together with her boyfriend claimed they found the baby, was on Tuesday arrested in connection with the crime.

Police in Ol Kalou took her in after she went to the station seeking permission to take the baby from J.M Memorial hospital where the girl was admitted.

Mary Wacuka alias Angela Wambui at Ol kalou police station on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. /NDICHU WAINAINA
Mary Wacuka alias Angela Wambui at Ol kalou police station on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. /NDICHU WAINAINA
It has emerged that Wacuka, who hails from Githunguri village in Ol Kalou, took away the baby after the mother declined to pay her Sh3,000 in monthly salary.

Nyandarua Central OCPD Wilson Kosgei said the child’s parents positively identified the girl but were not allowed to take her from the hospital until the matter is sorted.

He said the case will require further probe by Embakasi DCIO since it was from the said jurisdiction that the crime originated.

“The baby’s parents, who are said to be from Meru, employed Wacuka without taking her identification details or getting information on her background,” he said.

“She was not asked anything to do with ID. A stranger was just employed and given custody of the child. This should serve as a lesson to other parents.”

The woman reportedly travelled with the baby and left her at the railway line before calling her boyfriend Danson Machira of St Thomas village in Ol Kalou for a walk.

The man said he had just arrived from a farmer’s field day at Ol Kalou dairies when Wacuka called requesting that they meet at Kwa Iria stage.

“She requested that we walk to town through the railway line instead of the tarmac. Just as we passed the baby, she cried and we turned to pick her.”

“Little did I know that Angela had stolen the child in Nairobi. I am so confused,” Machira told the Star at the police station before he was released.

He earned his freedom after narrating how he and Wacuka found the baby and reported the matter to the police before taking the girl to the hospital.

Wacuka told the police that she deceived them about the incident since she wanted the child to be in a safe place as she pondered what to do with her.

After The Star ran the story, Nyandarua Central DCIO Stansellous Mwangi called this reporter with information that a baby has been reported missing in Nairobi.

Mwangi camped the hospital where he arrested Machira when he went to check on the baby.

They called Wacuka who lied she was at Nyahururu yet her phone signal indicated she was at Dundori in Nakuru county.

The culprit will be handed to Embakasi DCIO on Wednesday for further probe and prosecution.

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Sodomised Murang’a girl, 14, needs help to repair rectum

A family in Muranga is seeking help from well-wishers to pay for surgery for their 14-year-old mentally challenged daughter who was sodomised three years ago.

The child suffered rectal prolapse, a condition in which where the rectum slips from its usual position.

Every time she goes for a long call, she comes out of the toilet bloodied because she is handicapped and is unable to handle her situation,” her mother said.

She said her daughter was sodomised by a man well known to her. He lives in the same estate as the family.

The suspect was arrested and prosecuted at the Muranga law courts, but the case was dismissed without explanation, she said.

The family is too poor to pay for corrective surgery. The mother works as a casual labourer to support her five children.

sodomized muranga girl

The girl attends a special care class at Ikundu Primary School, where she is ostracised by other pupils because of her condition.

Her mother buys her soap to wash her hands after visiting the toilet but she is still stigmatised.

Her classmates do not even want to touch her seat or pen and she is forced to stay alone, the tearful mother said.

The 35-year-old single mother said she cannot even raise the money required to take the girl for checkups at Muranga General Hospital as recommended by doctors.

She said the medicine prescribed by the doctors on the rare occasion they visit the hospital is ineffective.

But the condition can be corrected through surgery.

Ikundu Primary head teacher Eliud Mbugua said the girl is suffering psychologically as she does not have any friends.

Any help accorded to this family would be high appreciated and would help the girl and the family to finally put that incident behind them,” he said.

Courtesy Alice Waithera Wangechi

HOTTEST RIDES IN TOWN! Check Out Nairobi’s Trendiest Matatus

The Matatu culture has now become a ‘tourist attraction.’

I mean most foreigners when asked what they love about Nairobi, respond that the beasts they see on the busy Nairobi roads; our beautiful matatus are it.

It is evident that most businessmen have invested in matatus, and the Rongai route has led when it comes to producing fancy, beautiful, expensive and quality matatus: they have the trendiest rides in Kenya.

The music, the comfortable seats and the graffiti designs are what makes Kenyan matatus all the rage.

To add to all this, some matatus have gone ahead to create V.I.P spaces where those passengers who feel like they are ‘Waheshimiwa’ can sit and pay more.

Well, here are some of the best and latest Rongai matatus and their names:








 Milk Shake









Prison Break


Wawekeni Kwa Maombi! Meet The Young Family IEBC ICT Manager Musando Has Left Behind (PHOTOS)

Losing a loved one is very painful. They always leave a gap no one else can fill. You can imagine what the late IEBC ICT manager Chris Musando’s family is going through.

Musando, who disappeared last Friday, was found dead after his body was discovered dumped on Saturday morning in a thicket in Kikuyu area, alongside another body of a 21-year-old woman Caroline Ngumbu who was believed to be his longtime friend.

The families of the two and the entire nation are still mourning their death and the mother to the young lady broke her silence, following her daughter’s death.


The sad story has gone viral and many are sympathizing with Musando’s family more so his wife Eva Buyu and his three children; two sons and a daughter.

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinag was also shocked by the death of Musando and here is what he had to say;

This is a day of shame and sorrow. An assassin is only a coward, not a hero. That is what I will call those who took Chris Musando’s life – they are despicable, inhuman and cowardly beings. Chris is a son, a husband, and, a father. He is the son of a community. Chris is a patriot who sought to use his celebrated ICT genius and skills to enable Kenyans choose their government in a free and fair manner. Someone or some people have seen it fit to take away this dedicated public servant’s life. But my mind is as clear as daylight. There will never be a day when an assassin will ever stop a cause and a dream that is just. My family, and the entire NASA family mourns with his wife and children and his family.What has happened to Chris Musando, is a stain on our conscience as Kenyans. To IEBC Staff with whom Chris worked, I ask you to soldier on and deliver your promise to Kenyans – a free and fair election. Never has the fate of so many, relied on the actions of a few. But as my Pentagon colleagues made clear: We are too many to be intimidated. Rest in peace Chris. Your life will not be in vain. Justice will be done.”
Well, below are photos of the young family Musando has left behind;
Chris Musando
Chris Musando’s wife Eva Buyu
Chris Musando
Chris Musando’s wife and children
Chris Musando
Chris Musando’s wife
Chris Musando
Chris Musando’s wife Eva Buyu at cty mortuary viewing his body

7 Interesting Ways To Tell A Girl Is Not From The City

Walking in the streets of Nairobi, one can’t help but analyze and eventually judge city dwellers. This is more so because of those behaviours that Kenyans are known to have.

We all know that not everyone was born in the city, and you can easily tell who was born in the village with these small but annoying characteristics that can be a complete turn off.

So how do you tell she is a ‘mshamba’?

1. Not knowing how to use a glass.

No offense but this type of girls never use a glass especially in restaurants, they prefer drinking from the bottle or straws. The question is what they’ll do if it is wine being serve,d will they still drink from the bottle?

2. Using a folk or spoon is a challenge

These type of girls never know how to use a fork or spoon, so they resort to using the easiest option; the fingers. This can be a turn off. Picture this; your out in a restaurant especially when the type of food is rice and stew, how do you even start.

3. Flashing the loo

Shagz modoz will shock you after using a modern toilet. I don’t know what they are told but a flashing toilet is not an enemy,we get that they are a little different from what they are used to, but the fear is real, they are afraid leave alone using but also making it dirty.

4. Knowing one place in town

Arranging dates or meeting them is a hustle because they only know one place in town, that’s Afya Centre or as they call it that ‘tall green house’. Ask them to meet you in a different place and they’ll get lost.

5. Picnics and outings are done at Uhuru Park

Out of the beautiful outdoor places Uhuru Park works for them anytime.

6. Staring

Your busy walking in the busy streets and without warning they stop, causing everyone to bump into each other. Why did they stop? Because they are amazed at whatever is in town.

7. Dating watchmen and caretakers

Watchmen and gardeners are their first choice when it comes to dating. They find them easy to fall in love with perhaps because they are more friendly and can get treats from the house whenever an opportunity comes especially when the owners are away.



HOTBED OF TALENT: Meet The Kenyan Girl Shining On The Way To stardom On A British Singing Talent Show

Over the weekend 15-year-old Sarah Ikumu wowed Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent.

She stole the show with her knock-out voice on Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Now it has emerged Sarah Ikumu, from Milton Keynes, has had a remarkable rise to stardom from her humble beginnings of singing in church as a child from the age of five.

kenyan girl on bts

The teen star has been encouraged every step of the way by her father Alex Gatoto, a pastor, and her mother who is a carer.

The 15-year-old, whose parents are Kenyan immigrants, wowed the BGT judges with a masterful performance of the Dreamgirls hit And I Am Telling You – and Simon even hit the golden buzzer.

Now MailOnline can reveal how her family have helped drive her to achieve her success and masterminded her social media presence.

kenyan girl on BTS

The starlet is in Year 11 and studying for her GCSEs but with the help of her parents she has taken part in a string of singing competitions.

There are also glossy and professional-looking music videos of her online performing Aretha Franklin’s Think and Adele’s When We Were Young.

With help of her parents she has previously taken part in Milton Keynes Young Musician of the Year and an under-18s ‘Youngstars’ showcase.

Read more: dailymail.

SCREENSHOTS! Leaked Conversation Of Vera Sidika And Her Mother

We know her as a curvaceous lass and one of the sexist socialites in town. But then, Vera, who gives fellow socialites a run for their money hardly talks about her family.

Vera was once rumoured to have abandoned her family who raised and educated her to an extent of getting the brains to skin lighten.
Vera, started speaking about her family recently when she lost her grandma (May She Rest In Peace) which shut down claims that she was in bad blood with the rest of her family.

Well, the You Guy video vixen has come out to reveal how much she loves her mother and two brothers further showering fans with screen shots of a conversation she had with her mother.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-12 at 11.45.45(1)

Vera further added the importance to loving one’s family. Let’s just say such a message coming from a socialite should be taken seriously. I mean, y’all team mafisi salivating for Queen Vee should love your families. Otherwise you wont get any chance.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-12 at 11.45.42(1)

Mpasho got hold of the screenshots between Vera Sidika and her mother:

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-12 at 11.45.40(1)




MP claims Asian massage can cure HIV, brain cancer


Magarini MP Harrison Kombe has claimed he has a cure for HIV-Aids, brain cancer and infertility.

He said a patient diagnosed with HIV-Aids at an early stage can be cured using reflexology therapy that does not require medicine.

Medical experts warn that while reflexology, an alternative Asian treatment, may be beneficial in some conditions, they do not include HIV-Aids, brain cancer and many grave ailments.

Desperate patients are urged to see licensed physicians. Reflexology may be of auxiliary use.

Acupressure on acupuncture points and reflexology have been used to help some people stop smoking.

Kombe on Tuesday in Chamari said he is training people free of charge to create jobs. He said reflexology not only helps cure HIV-Aids, but also “reactivates” male sexual organs.

Early this year, he said reflexology helped a woman, 60, to give birth in Nairobi. Kombe said reflexology heals those suffering from stroke, high blood pressure, stress, kidney failure and other conditons. Reflexology is an alternative, noninvasive treatment favoured in Asian traditional medicine. It involves application of pressure and massage — manual or electric — to specific points and areas on the feet, hands and ears.

These points are said to correspond to different parts of the body and organs. He said in the rural areas a 15-minute session can cost Sh200- Sh500. In Malindi, town experts can charge up to Sh2,500.

The MP said he learnt the skills from a scholar who went to Japan to study organic farming and alternative technology, but received extra training on therapy in 2012. He said he graduated last year after three months training at Malindi Baptist Church. Kombe started to train people, not only in Magarini, but the entire Kilifi county.

He said most people are not aware of the therapy and suffer silently, relying only on the medication prescribed by doctors and forget they can get healed through massage. Expert Comulus Baya Katana, who brought the knowledge from Japan, said, “Reflexology helps reduce toxins. Many people, including the elderly, are suffering and spend a lot of money on medication, but are not aware of the therapy.”

Last year, Kombe introduced reflexology as a subject in his school – Holly Ways High School – and plans to push for amendment of the Health law to introduce the subject in the curriculum.

There is no cure for HIV-Aids. Several trials have been conducted but no vaccine has been announced. “We have no cure for HIV as it stands. Several scientists are still trying to find a cure,” Vernon Mochache head of research at the National Aids and Control Council said on Wednesday. HIV infects a kind of white blood cell called a CD4 lymphocyte, a key player in the immune response.

Man kicked out of his 25 acres by kids, wife’s lover seeks help

A man who says he was kicked out of his father’s land by his cheating wife and seven children is seeking state protection.

Speaking in Kiambu on Monday, Michael Ndinguri, 64, from Kanjai, Githunguri constituency, said his life has been a living hell since 2009.

“Trouble started when my mother [Edith Wanja] died in 2010. My wife [Lucy Wanjiku] had already gotten a lover and was carrying on the affair openly,” he said.

“They forged a will that shows my mother left them the land, with witnesses being my daughter Rose Wangari and my wife’s lover Clement Kago.

“They appended their signatures on September 17, 2008, when my mother was admitted in the Kenyatta National Hospital.”

Ndinguri said his immediate family ganged up with authorities and neighbours to force him out of the 25 acres he inherited from his parents.

He said the land is still in his late father’s name, Chrispus Mwaniki.

Ndinguri said one day as he was leaving his house to run errands, he was confronted by his son and some neighbours, who started beating him.

“My wife then emerged armed with a metallic jar, and landed it on my head leaving me unconscious. The next thing I knew I was tied up with a rope and abandoned in a room,” he said.

Ndinguri freed himself and ran to his neighbours for help, but was turned away.

He walked to Githunguri police station three kilometres away, and reported the assault. Although he was given a P3 form, no action was taken against his attackers.

Ndinguri said his wife rented out most of the land to raise school fees, but he has not received a single penny of the money.

Wanjiku did not pick calls from the Star for comment.

Kenyans Are The 13th Happiest People In Africa

With all the scandals going on, I’m surprised Kenyans can still afford to smile. In the latest UN World Happiness Report released Monday, we have been ranked as the 13th happiest people in Africa.

Surprisingly Somalia is the fifth happiest African Country, despite the  Alshabaab threat among other concerns, followed by our oga brothers the Nigerians and South Africa.

Globally, Norway moved into the top spot as the happiest country in the world, followed by Denmark and Iceland.

We were ranked position 122 globally in the 2016 report but now we have now moved 10 places up and are currently position 112 below Namibia.

According to the report the things making Africans unhappy include lack of jobs, minimal access to health care, high levels of corruption among other things.

“The most important problem facing Africans are unemployment, inadequate access to health facilities, poverty levels, food shortage/famine, crime and corruption”, the report highlights.

Another surprising fact is that our Tanzanian brothers and sisters known for their politeness and chill attitude are among the most unhappy Africans in the bottom ten.  Burundi, also feature down there and the worst of them all is the Central African Republic.

The report however also shows Africa’s Youth are very optimistic of a bright future. The continent’s rich mineral wealth which has not been exhausted and vast agricultural land to be exploited also provide unlimited opportunities.

The report uses data from the Gallup World Poll.

Boy dies after mum locks him, infant, herself in burning house

A two-year-old boy died after his mother locked herself and her two children in her one-roomed rental house and set it on fire in Kihunguro village, Thogoto, Kikuyu constituency.

Peter Chege died on arrival at Kenyatta National Hospital, but mom Doris Amanya and two-month Elizabeth Wanjiku survived.

Neighbours said they heard the children crying and the smell of burning clothes on Wednesday afternoon, and went to investigate.

“We were washing clothes outside, when heard the children crying. We realised the crying [had gone on for a while so we] decided to come and check what was happening,” neighbour Nancy Wanjiru said.

“We heard their mother scolding them [and urging them] to keep quiet. One of us broke the window and we saw a lot of smoke and fire.”

The women started screaming for help for fear the fire would spread to their houses.

When she heard the fire brigade from Kikuyu had been called, Amanya finally opened the door.

The neighbours called a taxi and rushed the three to PCEA Kikuyu Hospital where they were given first aid and transferred to KNH.

Amanya’s husband James Njoroge said his family was happy when he left for work in the morning.

“I don’t know what happened because she never told me anything. We had breakfast together and I left them in a happy mood.” he said.

Kiambu woman representative aspirant Gathoni Muchomba yesterday said the woman should be tested for depression.

She said many depressed people suffer in silence for fear of being misunderstood until they are pushed to the limit and resort to drastic measures.

AP boss Robert Mulwa said they are investigating and Amanya will be charged with causing her son’s death and injuring her daughter and arson once she is discharged from hospital.

Courtesy George Mugo for the star