A Love So Sweet: Newly-weds win hearts after riding a bike to the ceremony

They are setting the bar to wedding rituals. If you are looking for a way to cut down spending on weddings, this is it.

On average hiring wedding vehicles costs about Sh30,000, a cost that not many can afford to spend. It’s even worse trying to get friends and family to offer their fancy cars.

A cute couple have impressed many after photos of them riding a bike caught the attention of social media.

Girls, would you put aside your pride and hop onto a bicycle on your big day?

Check out the pics which have gone viral

wedding couple in bike 2


Photos of the lavish and exclusive wedding of politician Chris Murungaru’s son

Politician and Dr Christopher Ndarathi “Chris” Murungaru has been MIA from the limelight for a pretty long time.

The politician’s son, Mark Murungaru wed the love of his life, Gladwell, a while back is a very lavish and exclusive ceremony that was attended by close friends and a few politicians.

Mark exchanged vows with Gladwell at an exclusive venue that had about 300 guests maximum. But one thing is for sure, that wedding was very expensive.

Here are some photos from the ceremony.

  1. The rings

2. The gowns and the accessories

3. The venue and the reception decor

4. Activities before the ceremony

5. The convoy complete with a police escort

6. The wedding ceremony

7. Guests

8. And finally, C.A.K.E.

Mark Murungaru weds Gladwell - Venue
Mark Murungaru weds Gladwell – Cake