Kenyans blast Meru court over life sentence for couple selling bhang


A man and his wife in Meru have been sentenced to life imprisonment after they were found guilty of trafficking bhang worth Sh3 million.

Mr James Muthiora and his wife Fridah Karimi stood accused of jointly trafficking by storing, selling, and distribution of 103 kilograms of narcotic drugs namely cannabis with a street value of KSh 3.09M.

Meru Senior Principal Magistrate Thomas Muraguri also fined James Muthiora, alias, Karinta and his wife Fridah Karimi Sh4.5 million.

The magistrate said the prosecution had proved that the two were found in possession of 103 kilogrammes of bhang worth Sh3,090,000 at their Kooje estate home.

But the judgement was deemed too harsh by Kenyan who reacted swiftly bashing the court and the enitre judiciary system.

Shabbir Rashid
What about that senator who shot the DJ in the face????
What about that kid who got shot on his own balcony by police???
Useless government.

Tony 92
Hassan wario was released for stealing 200M by paying a fine of 3.6M…our judiciary is

Martin Karori
This is so dumb …. Can’t they sentence with same conviction with corrupt individuals

Alex Muya
Kenya Sheria ni tofauti kuna za kufunga maskini na za kulinda matajiri wazidi kuiba na kitajirika zaidi

Shabbir Rashid
ATI bangi. Smh your priorities aren’t in the right place Kenya. What a shame

Bravin Yuri
Marijuana should be legalized. Hii ni ushenzi tu

celine abande
While the political thieves stealing from public coffers are roaming free…… This is an encouragement to hit it big whenever someone chooses to be on the wrong side of the law!

Wtf !!
Who did they kill , who did they harm..?

Bonga Sasa
What and dude like Waluke of sirisia alituibia and straight back to bunge drawing salary kweli Kenyan justice is wicked

james kinuthia
That is crazy na vile wezi wa mali ya uma wana hurumiwa this corruption in the judiciary

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A list of cheeky names of places in Mombasa that has King’ang’i hollering


You will have a hard tiem keeping  astraight face when pronouncing these names.

If you are using public transport in Mombasa and have to ask the makanga to drop you off in these places, then you are likely to have a good laugh.

The names are sure to make you laugh out loud according to Classic 105 co host Mwalimu King’ang’i who said he has a hard time telling anyone about those places.

Mwalimu asked Maina if the person naming these stages just decided to have a little fun on the job?

“We need to change some of those names, they have built a very big highway but the name I’m struggling even to explain to wazungu, ati dongo kundu, the road is big but the name ati a small buttock, can we think about those names please?

“Can we think about these names please? ” Here is a list of some names he mentioned.

1. Dunge Unuse in Likoni –  Uhmm in Kiswahili this is nasty.

2. Mwembe Mavi

3. Kaza Ndani

4. Stage ya Paka

5. Stage ya mafisini

6. Dongo Kundu

Maina as well was tickled and also agreed that he has never thought much of it, but now that Mwalimu has spoken about it ‘I can’t unsee it’.
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Wambui Collymore praises Sammidoh after impressive Kenya ni Yetu Live concert

Kenya ni Yetu Live concert, the biggest live virtual concert took place this past weekend. The eagerly anticipated concert was streamed live on and aired on all terrestrial TV channels in Kenya.

Sir Elvis in concert
Sir Elvis in concert

Many Kenyans praised the Stanbic sponsored concert that saw an unprecedented 30 musicians perform live. Since the show aired, glowing comments have been streaming in with the general consensus being that the show had lived to the hype.

Particular praise went to Eric Wainaina, Sammidoh, Gramps Morgan, Sir Elvis and Suzzana Owiyo. Many Kenyans said that the experience had sparked a patriotic vein in them with Eric’s Daima rendition getting a lot of praise.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

Some of the comments are below:

HUSTLE GODDESS Samidoh killing itFireFireFireFire#KenyaNiYetuLive

Diana Wambui Eric wainaina….#DaimaMkenya he sounds soo good!! Wow!! #KenyaNiYetuLive

Carson Frenzy Gramps Morgan and sir Elvis FireFireFireFire

Ayabei Maureen #KenyaNiYetuLive I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Kamene Goro Such an emotional Musical experience…..#KenyaNiYetu

nivlek iz siwel Erick wainaina just proved why he is the legend he is #KenyaNiYetuLive

Auntie Africa We really need such more live concerts to remind us that we stand for peace, love and unity as a nation. This has really made a great weekend vibe!

STARLET Wah Gramps Morgan #KenyaNiYetu #KenyaNiYetuLive Crying faceCrying face song inagusaa to the core

Lyn #KenyaNiYetu was such an awesome concert started being proud of my country then news headlines brought me back to reality that the country is for the rich.

Ajowi David Awesome FireFireFireFire

Even Wambui Collymore, the widow of Bob Collymore joined in celebrating the wonderful performances praising Samiddoh and Suzzana Owiyo’s in particular.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

For Sammidoh she wrote, “There’s something beautiful about a musician who plays live regularly. A guitar and drums and it sounds like 5 people.”

“Then I am just loving @SuzannaOwiyo,” she wrote.

Kenya Yetu Concert
Kenya Yetu Concert

How enjoyable was your Kenya ni Yetu Live experience?

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6 Kenyan male celebrities you didn’t know could definitely cook like this

Their Instagram will inspire you to cook more.

I heard it said on these streets that a man who can cook and cook for a chick can be assured she will give it to him good..if you know what I mean. Is it true girls?

Don’t believe there are Kenyan men who can throw it down? I proof they can cook, check out the results of their effort in the kitchen.

  1. Tedd Josiah


Music producer Ted Josiah  and his daughter Jay are an absolute delight to watch on social media. their bond is something alot of men don’t have with their children. Besides this he is a cook.From his photos he makes a mean breakfast, and enjoys it to the fullest.

2. Collins Injera

Kenya 7s Collins Injera

He is a foodie who has even trained his cute daughter to cook. He refers to her as his little iron chef. His  Teriyaki meatballs and rice recently caught my attention. sounds yummy right? His fans can’t get enough of the photos he posts of the end product.

3. KFC chair Chris Foot

chris foot kenya film commission
Kenya Film Commsision Chairman Chris Foot

Kenya Film Commission Chairman Chris Foot has impressed many girls in my office with his cookery skills.

He is passionate about things such as his work and social life and if you love watching tv you must have sen him on the TV cookshow Off the Menu.

4. Larry Madowo

larry madowo suit 2
Larry Madowo moves to BBC

He is every girls favorite MCM, and his cooking skills will leave you mind blown. He often shares insta stories cooking up something delicious. He also eats at the finest restaurants.


5 Nimrod Taabu

nimrod taabu twitter pic
NTV news presenter Nimrod Taabu/Pic courtesy Twitter

The swahili news anchor comes from a family of chefs, and perhaps he was able to pick up a few skills. girls, wouldn’t you go gaga for a man that can cook swahili food? Yum.

6. Dennis Ombachi

Kenya 7s Dennis Ombachi

The top rugby player is a food blogger who blesses us with his kitchen skills. His habanero sweet chili sauce is a must try, together with the chicken. Girls, get you a man who can cook. Check out his blog.

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Nostalgia!!! Photos that show amazing Kenya through the years

Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa with wonderful people, climate (let’s ignore the devastating droughts we have been having the last couple of years) and great food (huh?).

The country has gone through evolution from independence and the evidence is seen clearly in picture format, from old soda bottles to the old currency notes to Catherine Kasavuli the veteran newscaster who thrilled many Kenyans in her heyday in the 90’s.

Some enterprising Kenyan(s) who I don’t know and can only thank took the time to compile a list of photos showing the Kenya of old, that show a simpler time.

Check out the images below and feel the nostalgia for a Kenya you might have not seen or even had the pleasure to witness;

Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old
Old school Kenya
The pictures of old

What do you think?

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‘My dress is from Kenya’ Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy shows off custom made outfit


Beyonce has shared with fans worldwide her inspiration behind a Kenyan custom made yellow dress and neck piece that her daughter Blue Ivy wore earlier this year.

Blue Ivy in the video can be heard saying

‘And this piece is from Kenya. Ok I will tell you one thing so this is a circle and this Africa is the circle of life.’ 

Beyonce adds that

‘so many talented people worked on on this project. I was very honored to have the women of Northern Kenya work on a very special costume for Blue’

This dress and headpiece was hand beaded with love by beadingArtist from Kenya.

She wore this headpiece and dress to the Waco’s 2019 Gala (annual wearable art gala) at the WACO Theater in Los Angeles for a night full of art, music, and charitable donations.

The glamorous gala was organized by Bey’s mom, Tina Knowles, and her husband, Richard Lawson, to benefit their nonprofit gallery and performance venue.

The theme of the evening was “A Journey to the Pride Lands,” inspired by the then anticipated live-action remake of The Lion King in which Beyoncé voiced Nala.

While Bey modeled a glimmering golden jumpsuit with a cape and voluminous lion motif, JAY-Z sported a dark suit.

Blue Ivy even got in on the Pride Rock fun, rocking a billowing bright yellow dress and a spiked crown á la Bey’s onstage ensemble at the 2017 Grammys.


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Remembering the 1980 Norfolk Hotel bombing – 20 killed and 80 injured

31st December 1980, will always be a dark day in Kenya’s history.

On this day in 1980, 20 people of different nationalities were killed and 87 were wounded when a bomb exploded in the then Jewish-owned Norfolk hotel.

The terrorists destroyed much of the west wing of the hotel of the historic monument to Kenya’s colonial history.

Norfolk Nairobi in the past
Norfolk Nairobi in 1928

This bombing would herald the continuation of the cloud of terrorism that has hounded Kenya ever since, with the last attack coming early this year at Dusit Hotel located on Riverside.

The bomb exploded shortly before midnight when diners had assembled for a New Year’s Eve dinner. It was later found out by international security agencies in conjunction with the Kenya Police that the bomber was 34-year-old Qaddura Mohammed Abdel al-Hamid of Morocco.

He was travelling on a Maltese passport. The investigations also revealed that Qaddura had checked into the hotel in the last week of 1980. He had then paid for his room until New Year’s Day but slipped away on the afternoon of 31 December.

He was already on his way to Saudi Arabia by the time the sophisticated time bomb exploded. The initial reports blamed the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) but it denied responsibility with suspicion then shifting to its rival, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The reason the competing groups might have had a bone to pick with Kenya was its role in the successful Entebbe raid of 1976.  The raid could not proceed without assistance from at least one East African government. The Israeli government secured permission from Kenya for the IDF task force to cross Kenyan airspace and refuel at JKIA.

The result was a successful counter-terrorism hostage-rescue mission carried out by Israel Defense Forces commandos on 4 July of that year.

Although the PFLP had carried out the hijacking, the PLO and other organisations were opposed to any country seen as cosying up to the Jewish state.


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New details emerge on Lawyer Nyakundi who shot his son in Muthaiga


Lawyer Nyakundi who shot his son in unexplained circumstances is still sick and incoherent at the Nairobi Hospital, according to his lawyer.

Nyeri Magistrate arrested in connection with her husbands murder

Nyakundi fell sick days after shooting his son on March 17th. He was admitted in hsopital where he is now said to be unable to record a statement.

The lawyer shot his son as they got home from church “while holstering his gun”.

A postmortem report indicated that the shooting happened outside the car .

The suspect’s lawyer, Sam Nyaberi, told the court his client is still receiving treatment but is in a fair condition.

Murder most foul: Campus students killed mysteriously – List

“My client is getting better and might be discharged when he gets well,” Nyaberi said.

Makadara senior principal magistrate Angelo Kithinji directed the matter to be mentioned on April 24 to establish whether Nyakundi can appear in court.

The investigating officer had on April 4 told the court that he had been unable to record a statement from the “incoherent” lawyer.

He said that when he visited Nyakundi in hospital, the lawyer could not speak well.

“I visited the suspect and I can confirm that he is still sick and will need more time to see if I can record his statement,” the investigating officer had said.

‘I was shocked to hear of the murder’ Mother of man who killed Wangechi

Nyaberi said, “My client is unwell as his condition keeps on fluctuating. His blood pressure is high and he needs to be in the hospital but I am willing to go with the investigating officer to the hospital to get Nyakundi’s statement.”

The city lawyer is suspected to have killed his son, Joseph Nyakundi on March 17.  He was admitted to The Nairobi Hospital under guard after the shooting.

The son was buried on April 2 at Lang’ata Cemetery.

Maina Kageni mourns dead friend in ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines plane crash

Tony Ngare (pictured above), as he was fondly referred to as, has been eulogized in a moving speech made by Maina Kageni.

Ngare was a workmate of many at the Standard Group, where he served as the sub editor for the Pulse magazine.

Ngare was among the 32 Kenyans who died when the ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines ET 302, crashed moments after take off on Sunday.

All passengers aboard the plane were confirmed dead.

Maina recalled his days with Ngare saying

It’s so harrowing, I can just imagine being in the plane.

I know Tony Ngare. I used to write the sports column on the Standard paper and when I ended my gig, he took over.

It’s just the saddest thing knowing there is nothing one can do.

It’s one of those things that haunts you coz you never know what to expect when boarding an aircraft.

Rest in peace Anthony Ngare.

To the families and friends, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

How Classic 105’s Mwalimu Kingangi identifies his neighbors

Terrorists who killed people in the Dusit attack lived a normal life in Ruaka.

No one knew he was on a deadly suicide mission.

News that one of the killers of the Riverside suspected terror attack lived in Ruaka, has shocked many.

Neighbors say he was even in the whatsapp group, and did not talk much. The only person he spoke to was the watchman.

For the longest time the government has spoken about nyumba kumi.

Maina Kageni in  the morning conversation challenged listeners to name five of their neighbors and their careers. Not many could do this.

Mwalimu Kingangi knows one of his neighbors as ‘that guy aliyeniibia vest’. He says we know our neighbors by the things they do eg, the guy with the noisy subaru, or the one with many children etc.

kuna moja wacha nikuambie. aliniibia vest, na nitakuja kumwabia ebu toa shirti nione vest. 

How does he know the neighbor stole?

‘unaona vile zinamfinya. vest anakuachia zile zimetoboka, 


Do you know you could be living next to the biggest killer in Africa, Maina posed this question.

Do you know your neighbors full names? You cannot know someone by the name Baba sweetie. Do you realise the importance of knowing your neighbor?

One female caller echoed Kingangi’s thoughts saying

Actually I only know my neighbors by their children’s names. I know mama Kate, but I don’t know her full name. I know my landlords name because we pay through the bank account.

Another said

Ata mimi najua Wambua anaitwa Wmbua baba ngonyo jina lingine sijui, na yeye hufanya hii petrol station. Najua mwingine anaitwa Kariuki, lakini si jina kamili.

Maina is challenging Kenyans to do the know your neighbor challenge, and report back.

EXPLOSION, gunshots reported around 14 Riverside Drive in Westlands

An explosion and gunshots rent the air in Westlands at 14 Riverside Drive, sending Kenyans into panic.

Some took to social media to give accounts of the attack.

Please stay safe as authoroties try to unravel details of the incident.

From sugar with mercury to Obado’s arrest, here are the biggest controversies in 2018

As 2018 almost comes to an end, we take a look at some of the biggest controversies that have made headlines this year leaving us glued to our screens.

The least is huge but here are just but a few

1. Mercury in sugar

In June 2018, CS Fred Matiangi told local media that harmful levels of mercury and copper had been found in samples tested from sugar seized in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area.

The authorities had seized more than 1,000 bags of illegally imported sugar from warehouses in the capital Nairobi and other parts of the country.

But his claim was shut down by Trade Minister Adan Mohamed, who denied that the impounded sugar sacks contained mercury.

The final conclusions are yet to be tabled after Members of Parliament rejected the findings by a joint committee on the sugar saga, terming its report as “shallow and inconclusive”.

‘I accidentally killed 7 people,’ haunted city man confesses about his guilt


2. Kobi Kihara

She was put to task by #KOT after they noticed that most of the photos she posts on social media are borrowed.

Kenyans started a #KobiKiharaChallenge, and trolled for faking a rich lifestyle.

She had put up a brave face after the incident said that she could take the criticism, but one can only handle negativity for a while and so she left the two platforms.

“I had decided I was going to run and hide but I decided not to. I was wrong. I’ve apologized. The pictures were not mine. I’ve said it soo many that the pics are borrowed. Guys are still coming at me, I can take it though,”

She wrote earlier explaining her reason to stay on the two platforms despite all the negativity that comes her way.

Her accounts are back but it is obvious that she has learnt her lesson.

Boss Moves: Vera Sidika joins daytime TV talk show

Kobi Kihara
Kobi Kihara

3. Monicah Kimani murder

This was and still is one of the biggest controversies in 2018 given that it involved a media personality.

The 29-year-old woman, was found dead at her house in Luciane apartments on Kitale Lane, off Dennis Pritt road on 20th September.

Is this Hessy Wa Kayole, the dreaded cop who sends chills amongst gangsters? Video

 Her  body was discovered by her brother George, on Thursday afternoon, who found her body dumped in a bathtub inside her apartment.

“….tulivunja mlango tukaingia, nilipata amekatwa shingo na ako dipped in a bathtub with her hands tied and the water was running,” he told Citizen Digital.

Monicah Kimani who was murdered in Kilimani
Monicah Kimani who was murdered in Kilimani

Jacque Maribe and her fiancé Jowie were arrested in connection to the murder. Maribe is out on bail but her fiancé is still in remand at the Kamiti Maximum Prison.

4. Sharon Otieno and Okoth Obado

Details of events leading to her murder caught national attention.

She was found dead with her unborn baby, after being kidnapped alongside Nation journalist Barack Oduor.

Her lifeless body was later found in Kodera forest.

Okoth Obado admits Sharon Otieno’s pregnancy was his. ‘It is normal to have a moment of weakness’ he says

sharon 2

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Morning Conversation: What’s your take on VAT on fuel products asks Maina Kageni

We need to have this conversation because this is the daylife will change forever starting today.

MP’s are expected to vote on President Uhuru’s recommendation slashing the 16 per cent by half.

There is no one who hasn’t been touched by the cost of living. Maina Kageni in his morning conversation asked listeners to talk to their MP about this emotive issue.

Mwalimu Kingangi dug in saying,

‘Ata nywelel za india zimepanda na hii kitu ikianza kesho, wacha kulia hakuna pesa, if you earn more money, the lesser you have.’

I want to know whats going through your mind, coz you’ve got to understand one thing, life will change starting today.

Do you understand the magnitude of this issue? Listen to the discussion on the audio below:


City Pastor Prays For Uhuru Kenyatta As He Reveals How Black Magic Is Used To Finish Him

City pastor Godfrey Migwi seems to be very keen with politics and all that has been happening in the country  judging from his recent posts on Facebook.

A few hours ago he shared a post that has left Kenyans on his Facebook talking as he claims that president Uhuru is apparently being brought down using black magic.

This is however not the first time he has shown his concern towards President Uhuru Kenyatta. Before the general elections he predicted that Uhuru would win with 55% of the votes, something that came to pass.

In his post he prayers against the witchcraft targeting the president and asks Kenyans to join him in prayers since that is the only thing that can save the president and his ministers.

But for now he seems convinced that Kenya needs prayers as a Nation hoping that the powers of black magic will not harm the sitting president.

Here is what he posted on his Facebook page:

“Good evening prayer worriors


This evening when I was praying 9pm PrayersDaily, instantly in my spirit I knew there was something Our Father wanted to reveal to His minor prophet like Hagai or Zephania the duo and others like Jonah were most likely unknown prophets even they were/are called minor but God still used them, there those who Were/are called major prophet’s like Isaiah or Ezekiel in the bible, ok my point After a lot of prayer and intercession, this was the REVELATION

My children have done well praying for the Nation of Kenya. I have put an impenetrable shield of my anointing over Kenya and those who serve the witchcraft have realized this. Nothing they are doing is penetrating. They have therefore shifted their focus from arising against Kenya to arising against the President. The President is exposed and they are sending fiery missiles against him. The Lord took me to the President in the spirit and I was able to see a devastated man. A man who felt God is not with him. A man who is very angry with prophesy and the Church because his heart is broken by the Supreme Court ruling. He has no strength to campaign or do good any more and feels everything he has done is not appreciated. I asked God but where are the men and women of God who normally go with him and the Lord showed me the Presidents phone ringing. He showed me names of priests in the Nation trying to call him. But he didn’t answer the calls.

Then God gave me this word 1 Samuel 30:6, king David experienced the same situation one day, let us read together
“David was greatly distressed because the men were talking of stoning him; each one was bitter in spirit because of his sons and daughters. But David found strength in the LORD his God.” Israel had turned against the king in accusations and blame and he felt alone. But he encouraged himself in the Lord.

The Lord instructed me to tell all His children PRAY FOR THE PRESIDENT. All the witchcraft that had been targetted at the Nation has been turned to him. To destroy and even to finish him. Which makes the enemy’s agenda simpler to achieve than trying to come up against a fortified Nation under God. Cover him with intercession, cover his heart, cover his mind, cover his wife and children. Ask God to minister to him in this “cave” the enemy has tried to drive him into. God’s decision and his hand on him remains. Anointing attracts battles …short prayer Ooh God cover the the president with your blood, order his steps and give him pure word’s to speak to the Kenyan’s as their President still his party supporters Jublee who feels robbed and accusing him for being silent and polite made all this but again they need him most at this critical TIME, give strength to our humble President Jehovah we pray
Blessed month Mr president and encourage yourself in the Lord , tag or share to the prayer worriors, shalom.”



This Is What President Uhuru And His Wife Margaret Kenyatta Do When They’re On Vacation (Photos)

Do you sometimes wonder how our politicians relax when away from their busy schedules? Not many of them share details or pictures of their get-aways.

But just to mention a few who let us into their lives, we have Ababu Namwba who regularly posts photos of his ‘baecation’ with his beautiful wife. Their chilled out moments together give us relationships goals.

Well it seems President Uhuru could somewhat be following in his footsteps. The President is away on a vacation, and shared pictures hanging out with Maggie, watching wildlife. who knew he was into nature that much? The cute photos have gone viral on social media.

uhuru kenyatta

He captioned the photos with these words: ‘Sharing some moments with our magnificent national heritage as we await the conclusion of the judicial process. Keep the peace.’

Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta


The two are dressed so appropriately for their get-away.

STYLE UP!!! Annoying Habits Kenyans Should Stop In Matatus

Kenyans are lovely people, that we can all agree, but on the other hand we do have those peculiar habits especially when in public spaces.

At times just the though of using matatu’s for your daily commute  is a nightmare to many. Everyone at some point has prayed to own a car so as to escape the matatu madness. Below we  check out some of the annoying habits Kenyans should ditch in 2017.

1. Playing And Listening To Loud Music  On Your Phone

We all know that you have a nice phone, maybe even the latest model in the market, but that does not justify you playing loud music on your phone. After all the matatu already has music and in case you don’t like it, just wait until you get home and play whatever interests you.


2.  Removing Shoes

There is nothing more annoying that being cramped in a space, and having to put up with another passengers smelly feet in a matatu after a long day at work. It throws away all the good work that the trees around us are doing to give fresh air,  so dude incase you want to remove your shoes, forget it.


3. Shouting Over The Phone

What happened to keeping secrets? Kenyans are so bad when it comes to having decent conversation over the phone. Many times you will hear a woman or man discuss such personal matters that leaves you cringing. What’s worse is when you can literally hear the caller because of those cheap phones that make someone seem to be on the speaker phone.



4. Starting Unnecessary Conversations

After a long tiring day all one wants is a quiet ride home, but most Kenyans have a tendency of forcing conversation even if you don’t respond.They will even go to an extent of asking all the wrong questions from whether you are married, do you have kids or even where you live. The next time you notice the person next to you does not want to talk, just let them be.

5. Eating

Kenyans have a bad habit of turning our matatus into dining rooms. From groundnuts to samosas, fries and you find all sorts of food being eaten in a matatu. The worst thing is that with all this crazy smells around some passengers insist on keeping the windows shut.


6. Indecent Contact

some perverts will find ways to have body contact. some male passengers will try to touch you at any given chance. Some go to an extent of rubbing their legs on you, intentionally rubbing your boobs or even rubbing their erection on you in case you are standing. Eeeew! Ladies the next time someone does that to you just smack their face.


7. Farting

We have all been victims of a farting incidence in a matatu. Some people seem to let off gas and then pretend they didn’t do it. It is so toxic that it could give one a stomach upset. After all what do you expect from all this combinations of food eaten throughout the day.The next time you are in a matatu please open your window otherwise we might find you dead and gone


8. Reading Peoples Texts

Kenyans work better than the FBI, CIS and NIS combined,They are so nosy and want to see anything and everything. It is not uncommon to see a passenger craning their neck so that they can see what the other person is writing.To make matters worse, some of them do it while breathing so hard around your neck you would even be forgiven for thinking they are about to have a heart attack.







Sad! Female Official Of a Bus SACCO Kidnapped By Unknown People In Eldoret

A female official of a Bus company SACCO in Eldoret has gone missing after she was abducted by unknown people one day ago.

Police in the area has launched Judy Nyambura who was treasurer of the 20 Mini Bus SACCO operating at Langas in Eldoret town.

Her family says she was called by unknown people from her house yesterday (Tuesday) and she has since not been traced despite a frantic search.

“We are told by police that her mobile phone signal was last traced in Kitale but it has since gone off,” said her family member Margaret Mumbi.

She said the abductors had sent a text message to the family saying they had abducted Nyambura and that she would not be seen again.

“We do not know of any differences she had with anyone and we are pleading with the police to do everything possible to trace her”, said Mumbi.

The bus firm is the largest in Eldoret and Nyambura who is middle aged has worked with the firm for more than 2 years.

The incident was reported at Langas Police Station where police have opened investigations.



-Mathews Ndanyi