5 unrealistic things guys expect from girls

Trying to make sense of what a man wants from you can be difficult.


But here is a rundown of some of the things that guys expect from girls, that tend to cause a strain in relationships.
1. He needs a friend with benefit, but will never marry a girl who has had many relationships

Expecting a girl to be your friend with benefit for life is unrealistic. Won’t she find someone to marry, and wait just one minute is that even possible to be a friend with benefit for life?

‘I’d burst out into tears Kameme presenter Keziah Kariuki on her divorce

I have heard it said from many men that there are two types of chicks – the one to have funwith and – the one to marry.


2. Girls are expected to be natural ( we love you natural girls) but at the same time she must be super stunning

Even the moon has dark spots.
Okay, a girl can look good while being natural. But how can she manage to look SUPER S3XY without makeup. Sure, girls have natural beauty, but it doesn’t mean that you can expect her to look like you wish. Shouldn’t guys expect that a girl be caring, honest and all those nice things?

3. Be committed but not wedding crazy

Every girl has planned her wedding by the time she is done with college, whether or not she has a man.

‘It will be a private affair’ Zari on her upcoming wedding to her new man

So expecting to date her without any mention of future plans is unrealistic.

The marriage topic WILL ALWAYS come up, and if she is committed to you, the subject will be there.


4. Being low maintenance while looking high maintenance

The expectation is that she should be both, but not trying too much.

If you want her to look like a “high maintenance” girl, you need to spend money on her for maintenance. The word itself says “high maintenance,” How can you expect her to look the same with almost no money?

‘No bras for me due to pain and scars in my right breast and lung’ Jahmby

5. Being distant while still showing interest

Now this is confusing to girls. She can’t be turned on and off like a switch.

Guys, either you are in or you are out.

Is this true and what have you done when faced with such a situation?

Beautiful pictures of Tanzanian singer Rosa Ree’s romantic engagement


Rosa Ree is off the market.

The beauty was proposed to by her long time boyfriend king_petrousse in a romantic dinner.

The two wore red for the intimate moment and posed for pictures after she said yes.

She complimented her outfit with stunning heels, as they shared a quick kiss to top the moment.

Rosa captioned the photo where she showed off the ring “Watu: “Amevishwa Pete sasa hivi ataacha kutoa ulimi nje”

Me: hahahaha… Aaarghh”



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Stingy man forces his wife to tell Maina Kageni their marriage is a scam


On the Friday August 6 morning conversation with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i, a man and his wife amused when they said their marriage is a scam, but they won’t leave each other.

The topic arose from a question posed to Maina by his friend that marriage and not love is a scam.

Kenyan women don’t love, they manipulate. How true is this Maina asks


Both sexes agreed that marriage is a scam and not love. They also inssited peopel should not have makasiriko about it because it’s just life.

A Classic 105 fan who calls himself Baba Zuri aka Stingy Men’s association chairman Kenya, told Maina in a hilarious conversation that his marriage is a scam. He even put his wife on the line to tell Maina the same.

“Let me tell you. This is baba Zuri South b chairman of stingy men association. In our last conference, we told men , love is a scam it is the biggest ever, hata mimi nilijaribu. Even in High school, I had many relationships, hii kitu usiwahi weka kwa roho, ni kama tuu school syllabus ikiisha unabadilisha. Maina my wife is here, let her tell you it is a scam”

His wife greets Maina and says “I think what baba zuri is saying is true tuko tuu on toes incase of anything I am ready to walk away from him coz this thing is just a scam, love is a scam yeah we are just here because of zuri, hatupendani sana”

The husband took back the phone telling Maina “nakuambia hii kitu usiweke roho, kama sisi tulisema hatutakufia mtu,  bado tutabaki marafiki, tukikosana”

An amused Maina laughed as he couldn’t believe such a phone call from a couple.

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Never ask your husband why he doesn’t come home – Nagging wives told

It’s okay if your husband stays out all night or doesn’t come home all weekend, according to a wife who advised that  it helps to avoid stress in marriage.

The woman told this in a discussion about marriage expectations about spouses returning home on time.

The female caller impressed Mwalimu King’ang’i when she said she gives her husband free reign to come back home whenever he pleases.

Mwalimu blasted women saying “kuna mahali inafika unawacha maisha iteremke otherwise utaisha.  You can’t tell a man to be home by 6pm. How do you tell an old man with 32 teeth to be home by five pm how? Kwani ni clinic?”Happy-Couple-The-Trent1-e1411679930875

And the woman agreed giving her example

“I think it’s not good to tell a man what time he should be coming home. Let him be free. You know as a wife if you are takign that time, you are a drama fgestival, instead whne he comes back home, even if it is after several days I don’t care, I don’t ask where he has been. I welcome him with a nioce greeting, it’s obvious you are sharing. Hii ni kanairo. So if you pay attention you will die of a heart attack, jut set your man free don’t look what he is doing”

Dear ladies of Classic 105, is this advise you would take for the sake of peace?

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“Maina ako na sura personal” Woman explains cheating with Jimmy mcute


An ardent Classic 105 fan suggested that the reason wives have mpano wa kando’s is because their husbands may have ‘sura personal’.

Sura personal refers to a joke that a man is not good looking and so she needs to go out and find a cute Jimmy to console her and warm her bed where her husband has failed.

The comment sparked laughter from Maina who had sparked a heated debate that Kenyans are in open relations but are in denial about it.

Maina commented that “Why cant we be honest, we are living this this kind of a lifestyle” and  female caller agreed with him, but said she will never publicly admit to it.black man cheating 4

Maina provoked comments when asked if open marriages can work in Kenya “I know its already happening in some circumstances and I’m not agitating for it before you say I’m rooting for it. There is a couple I met in Kirinyaga who are in an open marriage. Can open marriage work in Kenya? Are you in one I would love to hear from you”

Mwalimu his co host was offended and said “No. in Kenya we have what is a fixed marriage, like a fixed deposit account, you cannot open. Nijipate, ile wivu tunakuwanga nayo hapa ni abnormal, yako ni yako, uwiii realistically kuna vitu ni ki Africa especially when it comes to Kenyan men, there are things you can’t condone, you can’t fathom”

The woman called in with her excuse for being in an open marriage.

“Let me tell you Maina, sometimes open marriages work, and the current life we are living in mipango ya kando zimekuwa mingi, as much as, nowadays we get married and I know that if I date Maina he will provide for me, but there are some things Maina can’t do for me like bedroom things, Maina akona sura personal, so I will have Maina as my husband but for outside I have a cute jimmy, so these two can provide two different things”

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‘I cut him in his veins’ abused Kenyan woman confesses dirty deed


The story of how John Mutinda plunged his car into the Indian Ocean, killing himself has touched many.

His mother revealed the man had suffered in the cruel hands of his wife, who beat him often.

In an interview in a local daily, John Mutinda’s mother revealed that

my son died from depression and despair from marital anguish he endured at home, his mother said

john mutinda plunges car in likoni

The car that plunged into the ocean being towed. Photo/ John Chesoli 
Image: John Chesoli

Classic 105’s Maina asked listeners what they are going through in their marriages, to which a woman narrated being physically abused by her spouse.

I met him when I was 19, got pregnant when I was 20. I’m 29 now with two sons, recently  I decided to pack and leave. This man is a jerk, he as called me a whore in the ten years together, and I sat in that marriage until I could not take it anymore.

I feel the bitterness and I am angry, because I don’t know why I let myself go through so much hell to keep the marriage, and so when I decided to pack I packed wholehearteldy, I didn’t care what his mother would say.

Was he psychically abusive?

Yes, when my eldest son was two years he was abusive, he beat me up, he kicked me out. There was this time we were travelling he threw me on the road. He beat me up another day and I lost wages for a week. Everytime I have a good job, he tells me I use my womanhood to scale the height of the corporate ladder.

Recently I got an expensive phone and he crushed it against the wall.  I cut him up like a dog and I told him to go to wherever he wants.  I cut him so that his people can talk, coz there is a time I told his mother, I forwarded the message to her, then she had the nerve to ask me what I did to deserve a beating, I got so mad I abused her also,

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Kingangi astonished at man who paid the price of a probox for ‘twa twa’


A househelp has been jailed for three years after he employer alleged she had stolen Sh1.3 million from him.

The housemaid stunned the courtroom when she insisted the man had paid her for some good ‘twa twa’.

Ruth Khaecha testified in January that she did not steal Sh1,350,000 from employer Paul Mwang at Balozi Estate in Muthaiga. She said she earned the money, Sh800,000 as a reward for providing “good twa twa”.

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Nyashinski shares powerful words about cheating after wedding

Nyashinski crashed the dreams of many lasses this weekend after news of his traditional wedding became public.

Over the weekend, the couple held a secret and intimate ceremony to celebrate their union. Only close friends and family were in attendance.

Immediately after the wedding, he took to social media and flaunted his new love. Further to that, he has already become a  relationship expert after dropping quotes. He took to twitter and said,

The responses to this tweet are just too hilarious. Most of them making fun of him for being an expert after a day of marriage. Here are a few hilarious comments:

Nyashinski replied to one guy telling him that he may be two days in the game, however he knows how it is played.

Mzae, mi niko fiti. Niko kwa fertile land.

Other comments were from followers who were concerned he is planning to cheat.

Kibet: Budda umeanza quotes mapema. Was it a wrong decision???

Dan: Bro are you thinking about doing it?? …coz you are saying its too long should we expect it sooner???

Saal: Kwani ushaanza kucheat?

Poggie: He admits it not a mistake, its a designed move

Nyashinksi must be having a good laugh in what tweeps are calling honeymoon time. Though I doubt people go on a honeymoon after a traditional wedding. He still has a white wedding to do.

His followers are already doubting the couple will last long. Especially the men on his timeline telling him it is too early to speak. Now he is high on love and that is why he thinks he will not cheat.

Those giving Nyashinski the benefit of doubt have told him they want to see results of their love in nine months.


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I’m 35 and tired of my husband, he can get a second wife – city mum shouts

The discussion this week on Classic 105 has been about accepting the reality that is second wives.

Most contributors confessed that they are either second wives, or are thinking about it seriously.

Take this unnamed woman who was unable to convince Maina that second wives bring stability in marriages. Her story is made for movies.

‘I met our husband when he was 33 years and was already married, he didn’t have anything (broke), me coming to the picture we have opened a business together. I have made his life better, this wife she was just sitting pretty I have made sure she is part of the company. Am I really bad, ameleta ID hata hajui she is a director of this company. It’s a  high time people knew second wives are not that bad.


This prompted another woman to narrate how she is tired of her husband and is ready to welcome a second wife.

 I think sometimes sharing is caring. I have personally asked him to get another wife. It’s important msaidiane (help each other), sometimes it’s the man who you feel you don’t understand, so saa zingine maybe he needs to get another wife, a sample so we see whether he is the problem or it’s me, to see if he will improve or appreciate the first wife better.

Can you possibly wrap your head around this fact? She adds

I’ve been married for about ten years and we have children hatusumbuani, we are each looking for money, and the small quarrels, so I want him to relieve me of stress and take it elsewhere.


Relationships are overwhelming, and he should kindly inform me if they also have kids, respect me, all I need is respect if we have to share akiskia aende naye kabisa ( if they want they can go and stay together I don’t care), me I don’t care, you can’t force emotions of someone, so if he feels he wants someone else let him go, for me I don’t think it’s worth fighting for a man,

I’m only 35, I don’t mind him getting another one, and I am okay with this all I need is him to be open and tell me

Crazy right? Like I can’t even begin to fathom this entire story.

Dear Classic 105 fam, have you ever heard such madness? Drop us your comments about your experience, serve some tea people!

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‘I swept my wife off her feet with 50 bob’ Man proclaims

Back in 2018, a young woman on Twitter caused a storm after writing down the requirements a man must have to marry her.
She described how her future partner must live in the surbarb, own an apartment and a personal business, drive a fancy car and must be between the 21 to 29 age group.

People were angry and slammed her for being too ambitious.



One man revealed to Classic 105’s Mike Mondo, saying he would chase away the slay queen.

He noted how he was able to woo his wife with very little money.

wakati wetu the 80’s sh100 would do a whole date with the ladies. sasa technology na na hii miaka ndio imeleta ati lazima uwe na pesa mingi 

He continued narrating his dating experience:

soda ilikuwa kama shillingi tano hivi at national theatre na kenya cinema na dame ukimpatia ata fifty shillings anauliza when is the next offer either umencourage your wife. 

sas a hii mambo as the years went on mpaka unajua kama huna gari nzuri shauri yako 

I’m happy a whole chicken ilikuwa kama 45 chips ilikuwa twelve shillings an fifty cents 1980. and thats what i did to woo mine na tuko na yeye mpaka wa leo na tuko na three children. and we have not parted since then 

slay queen meme

So if he is not earning a six figure salary, what will he do for the slay queen?

sasa hii mambo hii ya ati lazima uwe na gari mzuri sijui ma V8, I tell them get lost get away from me!!

Is he being too harsh? And more importantly what has been your experience dating?

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UN employee who killed Kenyan wife asked for room with bathtub

The murder case against a senior officer with the United Nations (UN) accused of killing his wife in a hotel bath-tub two years ago has kicked off at the High Court in Naivasha.

During the hearing of the case, it emerged that the accused Nicholas Cheruiyot Koskei had specifically sought a room with a bath tub before making his booking.

In the case, Koskei has been accused of murdering his wife Rhoda Mumbi Mutua on the 8th of July 2017 in Jacaranda Lake Elementaita hotel in Gilgil.

Family cries for justice over UN employee who murdered their daughter

While testifying before Judge Richard Mwongo, a receptionist in the hotel Joseph Kadonyo told the court that the accused insisted that he wanted a room with the bath tub.

He said that according to Koskei, his wife loved bathing in tubs and hence the demand hours before her lifeless body was found.

“I was left in shock when around 10pm we were called that the body of the wife to the accused had been found in the tub,” he said.

A waiter Ambrose Mapesa told the court how he met the accused near his room sweating and breathing hard minutes before the body was recovered.

He said that Koskei who was in jeans and sweating heavily told him that he had been jogging and could not get the wife to open the door for him.

In his testimony, he said that the room where the couple had been booked appeared disturbed when police and security officers managed to gain entrance.

“The two had been drinking at the hotels balcony for some time before they retreated to their room where the body of the woman was found hours later,” he said.

The court is set to visit the hotel where the body of the mother of two was found.

“He is more emotional than I am” – whispers Millie wa Jesus

The Wa Jesus family have been trending on our social timelines for all the good reasons, including the recent announcement that they are expectant.

Two other couples are expecting anew bundle of joy: namely Kambua and the Bahati’s.

However what the fans do not know is that not only is Milly wa Jesus emotional, she was quick to add that the husband was more emotional than her.

She disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Classic 105  saying,

He is basically emotional.

He is more emotional than I am.

Milly wa Jesus has a message for slay queens (Exclusive)


‘If it wasn’t for my wife, things wouldn’t be like this right now’ – Jimmy Gathu reveals

Well Kabi had something to add on to that saying that his perspective about marriage was different and that having married the love of his life was the best thing that could have happened to him.

He added that when getting into a relationship with someone should be so important that that person knows your past well enough to help you make a better future and that is what Milly did for him.

In his words he said;

Growing up in Kayole I never thought I would get married in a church.

I knew I would get married but my perspective was getting married but if it would fail one could always opt out but she changed that narrative.

Even during the proposal I was very emotional but I thought I had to be strong because it was live on television.

I had to keep my composure but I was so happy I couldn’t even keep calm.



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Tips: 10 ways for ladies to get over a breakup

It is normal to fall in love and be in a relationship. The problem comes when you break up and you find it difficult to get over it. Here are some of the ways to get over a breakup easily;

Tokeo la picha la breakup


Rebound. After the breakup, look for a strange person if you are comfortable with it. The guy should be an upgrade from your ex and don’t be in a rush with it. Spend time with him and talk about social matters, be good friends. This will probably help you forget about the past experience that you had.

Relationship guru Lisa Gaitho has a different opinion on relationships now

Create an ex-free environment. When in a relationship, we tend to create good memories which includes taking photos and buying each other gifts. This is important as it helps you remember about your ex. When you have broken up with your ex, it necessary to avoid or do away with anything that makes you remember what you had. Avoid visiting the places that you used to visit together during your happy moments, cooking their best meals, watching their favorites movies and also do away with all the gifts and anything that relates to them.

Avoid giving your relationship details to social media. This includes updating all your relationship statuses to your facebook walls. Once you breakup with the same person it will be hard to accept the fact that all those memories were all in vain as it is done. Once you delete the photos and all that you will make people curious into investigating your personal life.

Polygamous relationships of Kenyan celebs that ended unceremoniously

Avoid his friends and family. Meeting his friends and family will not only brig memories back but also make high chances of you two meeting. If invited to parties with his friends avoid going because you are likely to meet him there. It will be more hurting especially if he moved on already and you still have feelings.

Don’t blame yourself. Once you break up have it in mind that the mistake did not involve you alone, both of you. It may be that you messed up but it again involves two parties. When you start blaming yourself, you will  probably never get over it. Stay as positive as you can, and that everything happens for a reason.

Cry. This is one way of letting your feelings out. You may be so hurt that you just want to scream your lungs out. If that makes you feel better then it’s allowed for you to do so. You will notice that after crying you will be somehow relieved.

Tokeo la picha la crying

Don’t be friends with him. At times you may feel that you cannot be without him hence you opt for friendship. This will never help as you may find one party wants to be more than friends yet the other is not interested at all because they found a new bae. You need to forget your past and carry on with life.

Cut your conversation with your ex. This involves contact, and not following them on all social media platforms. This will prevent you from stalking them online.

‘Relationships ni kuvumiliana,’ Brenda Wairimu opens up on rumours of breakup with Juliani

Do not talk bad about them. This should be avoided especially when you are sharing your experience with your friends. Sometimes they can have pity on you making you to feel even more hurt that you never deserved the heartbreak.

Do not talk about your ex to your current. At times you may argue with your boyfriend and be like,’ my ex used to do this, my ex used to tell me that’, This shows that you have not yet given up on your past. This can also put your current relationship at risk because no one likes to be compared with exes.

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The touching message from the wife of the late former 400M champion Nicholas Bett’s wife

It’s barely three months since former 400m hurdles champion Nicholas Bett went to be with the Lord.


The sprinter was involved in a grisly road accident early August while driving to upcountry, where he had an appointment with his doctor. He perished barely 24 hours after representing the country at a competition in Asaba, Nigeria

Bett had two wives though the second wife was not welcomed to his funeral by his family. The champion and his first wife Gladys were blessed with three kids while he had one daughter named Kylie with his second wife Brenda.

Nicholas Bett

The champion was later laid to rest and his second wife, who he lived with in Nairobi’s Lang’ata estate was barred from stepping anywhere near his family’s home.

The mother of one is yet to come to terms with the death of her lover and she shared a tearjerking message which read;



Brenda went ahead to share another post, reminiscing the good times they spent together.


Nicholas Bett
Late Nicholas Bett with his daughter

On October 10, Mashujaa day, The young widow celebrated her husband in a sweet message that read:


Nicholas Bett

In another message, she wrote:



Brenda is slowly getting back on her feet and her latest post, she wrote;


Nicholas Bett's second wife
Bett’s second wife