SO SO SAD! Here Is The Photo Of The 10-Year-Old Girl Who Was Gunned Down By Police In Mathare

A 10-year-old girl, Moraa Nyarangi, was shot dead by police firing “sporadic shots” at protesters in Mathare Area 2 on Saturday morning.

The class four pupil of Mathare Primary School was killed while playing at the balcony of her parents’ home.

NASA has rejected Tuesdays vote results terming it a ‘charade’.

Kenyan police killed at least 11 people in a crackdown on protests as anger at the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta erupted in Kisumu and other areas surrounding the capital, officials and witnesses said on Saturday.

The bodies of nine young men shot dead overnight in Nairobi’s Mathare slum were brought to the city morgue, a security official told Reuters, adding that the men had been killed during a police anti-looting operation.

Here is the photo of Moraa Nyarangi

Moraa Nyarangi
Moraa Nyarangi, a standard 4 pupil at Mathare Primary School.


Credits: Star

IEBC Declares Uhuru Kenyatta The Winner Of The 2017 General Election

The IEBC has declared Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta the winner of the 2017 presidential general election.

The announcement by IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati was made at the Bomas of Kenya, the official tallying centre shortly after 10PM.

Uhuru Kenyatta on a Jubilee party ticket garnered 8,203,290Million votes against his closest challenger Raila Odinga of NASA who managed to get 6,762,224Million of the total votes cast.


Chiloba Is Bae: Kenyan Girls Thirst Over IEBC Boss And Here Is Proof

Kenyans are patiently waiting for the official 2017 presidential general election  results with baited breath.

During the whole process of tallying the votes, Kenyan women have been following  keenly, but what many might not know is that it’s not even the process that is keeping them glued to the screen. They are actually drooling over one Mr. Ezra Chiloba.

Who is Ezra? Well, Chiloba is the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Kenya. He was elected following the suspension of James Oswago in August last year.

He has been addressing the nation on the developments of the tallying process ahead of the official announcement.

His good looks have driven girls to take to the internet to search for more information about him, much to the amusement of social media users. Chiloba is trending onlne and here is proof of what Kenyan women are searching about the dashing CEO:

Some of the searches recovered so far are,

1. Is Ezra Chiloba married?

2. What is Chiloba’s age?

3. Some are asking for Chiloba’s Curriculum Vitae

4. Who is Chiloba’s Wife?

5. Ezra Chiloba’s salary

6. Where does Ezra Chiloba stay?  Among others.

Ezra has definitely become a favourite to many ladies based on his body and masculine body.

Julie Gichuru has even noticed the thirst and has asked ladies to let the man do his job.

In case you’ve been leaving in a cave or another planet, here are some photos of the hottie:







Maina Kageni is searching for the githeriman. Have you seen him?

The githeriman is trending online, thanks to the creativity of Kenyans online.

On Tuesday as we lined up to vote, one man caught our attention. Why? He was holding a paperbag of githeri, looking very humble I must add.

Well KOT have made him a meme and it is hilarious. Check out these images.

githeriman 3 githeriman 4

Classic 105 morning presenter Maina Kageni has also posted some memes on his social media, and has sworn something big about the githeriman.

He announced that he is willing to part with some serious mulla, for anyone that brings the #Githeriman, to the Classic 105 studios.

Listen to the audio as he cracks up about the trending hashtag. He also discloses how much he will pay anyone who finds the githeriman.

Happy searching guys!


KENYA DECIDES: Kibandabae is trending and the confessions will leave your ribs cracking

From Githeriman to Kibandabae the internet is alive with all manner of memes and confessions.

I guess everyone is exhausted from all the election drama, and anything to get the stress out is welcome.

Well #Kibandabae is trending and everyone wants to know why. It turns out that a Kenyan lass tweeted a picture chilling in the office, captioning it that she is in the kibanda. Well KOT was watching and they went in on her.

It also turns out that there is a big story behind her. Now every team mafisi seems to have some ‘experience’ with her and the confessions are out of this world. The boy child, wooi!!!

Black Shuga 🍑🍯‏ @JoySolita ….If you’re a male Kenyan tweep that’s unduped/unconned by #Kibandabae inua mkono ukiimba kidole, ni kidole. Kwani kila ndume ni victim ala

Gvlden‏ @NikkiNairobianLol….My bf told me the same thing way back,they dated for 1 mnth.Him they ended up in Ruaka police station..I thought he was the only one.

Marvin Chege‏ @marvin_chege11 ….This is what happens when Uhuru has 8 million votes nationwide, strong  #KibandaBae

Vela Kuti‏ @Neshavelli …Lakini madem huishi hapo nyuma ya TRM huwa wameambukizwa ukora na hao Nigerians..#KibandaBae ni kionjo

Hakosuka‏ @Likeswhisky ….#Kibandabae is a gangsta chick like Nancy Botwin.

Shosho Light‏ @carolinespencer… #KibandaBae ameenda kutafuta next victim

Ma’Kunta‏ @julleberry… Pls ambia #kibandabae that my equity account has been idle. Siogopi kulala jela. Handling fee is a mere 5%

EM.‏ @Erick_Mocha..That kibanda selfie chic issa fraud..story for another day

Chris Leo Ngaruthi‏ @Ngaruthi …But isn’t … poor people, where is that ridiculous dude for Maendeleo ya wanaumme? Dude be laundering seventeen thousand for #KibandaBae

Lewízzy‏ @Lewi_smallz…Nikupigie kura alafu nikupigie watu???? Noo ata wewe jaribu ujipigie kitu. Ni kujipanga my friend #Githeriman #KenyaDecides #kibandabae

Muthoni Maingi‏ @NonieMG… Are all the victims awake? If you know one please wake them up and issue them their confession queue number #KibandaBae

KENYA DECIDES: The Story Of This Jobless 24-year-old’s Journey To Be The Igembe South MP Elect Will Inspire You

A 24-year-old independent candidate, John Paul Mwirigi, has all the bragging rights to stand on top of the world and testify what God has done for him. He will be the youngest ever Member of Parliament should he be declared the winner of the Igembe South Parliamentary seat in the just concluded general election.

Coming from a humble background, John an orphan, decided to try his luck in politics and little did he know that he would emerge the winner. The soft spoken lad was competing against five candidates among them Jubilee’s Joseph Mwereria and Meru Deputy Governor, Raphael Muriungi.

John Paul Mwirigi

Unlike many who used choppers and expensive vehicles to traverse the expansive region wooing voters, John Paul engaged in a door-to-door vote campaign exercise and never printed a single poster nor billboard because he had no money. He is a hustler and relies on menial jobs.

“I am currently jobless. I rely on vibarua to make ends meet. Nonetheless, I thank God that I am headed for the August House. I won’t let down my constituents, who believe in me,” he said.

John Paul is just among the many new faces who were voted into various positions in the August 8 General Election thanks to their humility.

“I am always with my people and they know the struggle (I have gone through) for the prosperity of our society and that’s why they chose me. My opponents spent a lot of money in their campaigns. Some even tried to bribe voters but the people of Igembe were wise to choose someone who has their interests at heart and that is me.”

The young University student is thankful to his voters for believing in him and he says he is ready to bring change to his constituency.

Mwirigi had 19,366, followed by Mwereria who garnered 15,977 votes.

“I want to thank the people of Igembe South for electing me into Parliament. I will serve you to the best of my ability. I will work closely with my competitors. I want to represent the common mwananchi, whose needs are often overlooked by Parliamentarians once they get into office.”

Boniface Kinoti Gatobu was the Kenya’s youngest MP who was elected as Buuri Member of Parliament in the 2013  general election. He was 26 at that time.

Kenyans are mesmerized by Igembe South constituents and here is what some of them had to say about John Paul Mwirigi’s victory

Rosa: Igembe south my constituency….. Hatutambui pesa na rusungu.Humility does wonders.

Victor: Na Mimi hapa nko 25 na sijui nataka nini. I think I should re-order my life

Maggy: Congratulations Mwirigi! You have convinced the World that for sure God is always Faithful.

Stephy: When God chooses you, no one can change that. Congratulations to you and kudos to those people who voted for you without favour of what political party you are affiliated with

Beryl: I know he’s single, I have proposals as to how he can retain the seat if am at his side

Faith: Parliament ni ya vijana ,I love that it’s no longer Jubilee or NASA, we are all Kenyans. Peace should unite us …

Mwende: If you humble yourself and you are down to earth, put God before everything he will surely up lift you and you will be a testimony to many, congrats young boy.

KENYA DECIDES: Mafisilets Drool Over The Langata MP Elect Nixon Korir. See Photos Of The Hunk

Results from various polling stations indicating who has won are streaming in. What has caught the attention of many voters is that the newly elected leaders are young, there are more women elected and it is so amazing.

Well one MP elect is trending all for his good looks. The Langata MP elect is Nixon Korir who won on a Jubilee ticket. But that’s besides the point. What is interesting is that girls are really losing it over his good looks.

Nixon Korir refers to himself as Generali, and it will be interesting to see how he works for the people of his constituency.

Anyway here are photos of the sexy MP, poleni mafisilets he is married. Dear twitter hunnies check out the hunk and oh you’re welcome.

nixon korir langata mp elect

nixon korir

nixon korir with his wife campagning

nixon korir ontop of a car campaigning

nixon korir campaigning

nixon korir wife

nixon koriri voting



Kenyans Go Ham On Diamond Platnumz’ Ex Wema Sepetu After She Praises President Uhuru

Celebrities have often chosen to keep off political matters, but this time round, many are taking a stand and publicly declaring who they are supporting. Are they or aren’t they supposed to? That has so far been the debate online. We have seen the likes of Grace Msalame, Comedian Oga Obinna publicly declare who their candidate of choice is. The two are Uhuru Kenyatta’s supporters and they have been campaigning for him on social media.

Well, Tanzanian actress-cum-model Wema Sepetu, Diamond Platnumz’ ex-girlfriend has been heavily criticised on social media after she congratulated Uhuru Kenyatta for ‘retaining his seat even before the official IEBC results are out.

Tallying is still ongoing and the results are yet to be announced.

“Nilisema sipost kitu mpaka Siku ya Premier Ya Heaven Sent yangu…. But This News Got me Screaming….. Viva Uhuru…. Viva…..!!! Happy for My Beloved Kenyans…. Mnajua venye nawapendaga….!!!! 💋💋💋 Congrats Mr. Prezident..!!!” read Wema’s post.

Her followers came out guns blazing and some even advised her to stick to Tanzanian politics and mind her own business.

Check out the reactions

Jim: I have never seen such a useless careless post from you. Feeling pissed

Melisa: She should learn that with politics you never take sides kwanza kwa vita ya wakenya.

Vivi: You need to stay away from this…. I understand your interest in politics but common…this is KENYA 🇰🇪….. we deal with our own sh*t…. then don’t involve politics with this is where you cross the line. Because kenyans will troll you like sht


Rashid: wacha kiherehere! Alokwambia Uhuru is the new sworn in Kenyan president ni nani? Kemu tulia ha uto to cheap hail

Bena: Ya Tanzania yamekushinda utayaweza ya Kenya. Kuwa busy na Ben ten waache wakenya

Liz: point of correction, your president not our. Speak for yourself please.

Mwendwa: You add no value to the struggle. .Stay away from Kenyan politics and focus on Tz. You’re so irrelevant in Kenya hatuna muda wako

Mwas: That’s why i moved to team Hamissa coz she’s more matured though she’s still young MAGUFULI should arrest you

Rhoda: Get something to do

Mike: Haha Issaaaaa troll !!! Kenyans have no chills for this woman

Other Tanzanian socialites IRENE Uwoya and Junaithar also congratulated Mr Kenyatta.

But what will they do should/if the results turn out to be different?


Electoral preparedness: A statement by the National Police Service

During this electioneering period, the National Police Service assures Kenyans of their commitment to provide a safe, secure and peaceful environment for the 2017 General Elections.

To this effect, the National Police Service has put in place adequate security measures and deployed security teams to secure every part of the country to the best of its ability as it fulfills the mandate of protecting the lives and property of every citizen.

The National Police Service remains impartial and will discharge its duties without fear or favor and with strict adherence to the law. The measures include constant monitoring of the security situation in the country and swift responses aimed at preventing and addressing any emerging security issues.

“We urge members of the public, all candidates together with their supporters, the media and all the other stakeholders, to be vigilant and utilize the engagement and dialogue channels we have put in place to communicate with us”, said Joseph Boinnet, the Inspector General of the National Police Service.

“We equally call upon members of the public, as they have always done, to report any out of ordinary situation or suspicious character to the nearest Police Station or security agent for urgent action to be taken to secure our country now, during and after the general elections”, he added.

“Please call us using our Toll free numbers 999 and 112 whenever you need our assistance from whichever part of the country. We are a listening and responsive Service 24 hours a day”, he further said.


This message is brought to you by the Inspector General, National Police Service.