Man in Nakuru escapes lynching after admitting to ‘sleeping’ with five cows

A man escaped lynching in Bahati, Nakuru on Wednesday after a mob accosted him for bestiality.

John Mwaura, 29, was reportedly caught pants down after he sneaked in the compound to engage in the unnatural act with a neighbour’s cow.

John Mwaura pleads with his neighbours after he was caught having an unnatural act with a cow, Wednesday July 18, 2018. /RITA DAMARY

John Mwaura pleads with his neighbours after he was caught having an unnatural act with a cow, Wednesday July 18, 2018. /RITA DAMARY 

On being pressed by the locals, Mwaura confessed to having committed the act saying this was the fifth cow he had accosted sexually.

The owner, who had gone to the farm to harvest her crops, came back and found the man zipping up his pair of trousers.

The woman descended on him with blows, stones, and sticks, leaving him with critical injuries.

“Don’t kill me…let me surrender my piece of land to pay for the cow,” Mwaura said.

“I always have sex with the cow whenever I feel like because I fear girls might infect me with HIV.”

The man further said he is not married adding that he was overwhelmed by the urge to have sex.

The angry villagers demanded that he compensates the woman with another cow saying it was a taboo for the defiled animal to remain in the compound.

Albina Grace, a neighbour, derided men who engage in such acts saying they should know that the Bible condemns bestiality.

Jeremiah Mbuthia, a pastor, said such behaviour is a medical condition. “A normal person would fight for his wife not for a cow as Mwaura did.”

Mwaura was whisked to Wanyororo police station where he is expected to be questioned before he is charged.

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Married couple carjack, strip naked commuters in Naivasha bound matatu in crime spree

Four gun-toting thugs including a woman carjacked a Naivasha bound Nissan matatu robbing the passengers off their cash and personal effects.

The shaken passengers who included two police officers were held hostage by the thugs inside the notorious Kinale forest along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway before they were released five hours later.

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The passengers who were headed to Naivasha from Nairobi were first stripped off regardless of their gender and ordered to lie naked in the cold forest as the thugs went through their clothes.

Trouble started after a smartly dressed couple boarded the Naivasha bound matatu at around 9pm on Monday evening and sat next to the driver.

A victim Adam Kamau said that on reaching Soko Mjinga area along the highway, the couple called on the driver to stop as they had reached their destination.

He added that as the driver opened the boot to allow the two to collect their cargo two men branding pistols emerged from the darkness and took control of the matatu.

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“The driver was pushed back to the matatu which was driven to the nearby Kinale forest where for over five hours we were beaten and robbed all our effects,” he said.

Kamau added that the thugs demanded their Mpesa pin where they went ahead to transfer all the cash they had and even borrow using the loan platform.

“There were minors and they were also subjected to the humiliating action by the woman who was the gang leader before they left us in the forest,” he said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident adding that the shaken passengers were rescued at around 4am and driven to Naivasha police station.

“The case has however been transferred to Lari police station as that is where the incident occurred and we are confident that we shall catch up with this thugs,” he said.

Meanwhile, there was drama in Karagita estate in Naivasha after police arrested four witch-doctors over an increasing in cases of fraud.

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The four were arrested after a man was conned Sh59,000 after he was promised that the cash would be doubled in a couple of days only to find pieces of papers.

“We have arrested the four suspects following complaints from area residents and we shall charge them with court with several accounts,” said area Chief Hassan Guyo.

6 missing Murang’a students found living with men

Six form four girls from New Nyaga secondary school in Gatanga who went missing last week have been found at Kiganjo estate in Thika town, Kiambu county.

The six girls who are just months away from sitting for their national examinations caused agony in Kiunyu village when they vanished from their homes without a trace last Tuesday.

33 Students, Two Teachers And a Driver Arrested For Drunkenness After a School Trip In Naivasha

The girls left their homes in school uniform which they shed soon after, running away in regular clothes which they had worn under the uniforms.

Parents reported their disappearance after they failed to return home in the evening from school and discovered that they had not attended school on that day.

Two of the students are said to have run off with school fees as bodaboda operators who ferried them reported that the girls had said they were done with education and wanted to seek employment.

Stephen Karanja, one of the parents who spoke to The Star said after the disappearance, one of his daughters posted photos of the six students on social media in frantic efforts to find them.

A pastor from Kiganjo area who saw the photo reported having seeing several young girls in her neighbourhood who were living in a house with two men.

The pastor, he said, contacted the local chief and police officers before giving the parents directions to the estate.

“When we got there three of the girls including my daughter had locked themselves inside the house and the police had to break the door down,” Karanja said.

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Karanja noted that three others had already found employment as house girls in the neighborhood but the police were able to trace them with the help of the others.

He added that the house in which their daughters were found belonged to a young man from their village who worked as a casual labourer and who was not at home at the time.

He said he was shocked when neighbours informed them that their daughters stayed holed inside the house by day but at night, they were taken away by men.

The parent now wants the police to arrest boda boda operators who ferried them away from the village, expressing fears that the girls could run away again if the friendship between them exists.

“My girl is normally very quiet and sharp. She does not leave home and is always studying. I am afraid if the bodaboda operators are not arrested, they will continue to be a negative influence on her and the others,” he said.

Gatanga Deputy County Commissioner David Rotich confirmed that the girls were found on Saturday evening and are being held at Makongeni police station for interrogations.

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‘I still recall your last hug…’ mourns ex boyfriend of Ruth Wangui shot by jealous cop (Photos)

On Monday night, a 30-year-old M-Pesa attendant was shot dead by an AP officer in Ruai after she turned him down.

Ruth Wangui was shot three times with an AK-47 on the fateful night.

According to the police investigations, Ruth Wangui was shot after Geoffrey Muthee asked why she chose another man over him.

Later after his henious act, Muthee is said to have attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself.

He survived and is admitted at a Nairobi hospital with a bullet wound in the mouth.

Ruth Wangui was killed using this AK 47

Ruth Wangui was killed using this AK 47

Nairobi DCI chief Ireri Kamwende said Wangui was hit by the bullets in the chest and stomach.

Officers from the Ruai DCI released a preliminary investigations report indicating Muthee and Wangui had known each other for barely a month.

Muthee is said to have left college last year and was recently transferred to Ruai AP camp.

According to the report, Muthee was a frequent visitor to Wangui’s M-Pesa shop and was therefore known to other business operators in the area.

Wangui is said to have turned down Muthee’s overtures, but the two were in talking terms.

The report said Muthee was heading to the AP camp at 8pm on Monday when he met Wangui.

They spoke briefly and Wangui walked back to her shop. It is then that the officer followed her and shot her before turning the gun on himself.


An ex boyfriend of Ruth has taken to his social meida to mourn her and pay tribute to her.

Willy Maina who was Ruth’s high school sweetheart in Muranga put up an angry post castigating her untimely death.

It read:

“The AP officer Geoffrey Muthee who did this hell act, tried to commit suicide but he is at hospital receiving treatment. I wish he dies, a coward man. Does he think was the 1st man to meet Ruth? He will suffer imprisonment life 4eva..Sh*t!!!!!”

Willy Maina

Willy Maina who is Ruth’s ex

In a more loving tone, he wrote a tribute message to the dead ex.


Read some more tributes from her high school pals:

Nicholas Waititu: I was really saddened to hear about my great friends for years Ruth Wangui’s passing.

I hope that our love will comfort and strengthen her family and friends in the days ahead. Through this text, I send my condolences to all of us and her family. I hope the family gets all the support from us during this trying times and the strength to get on with life.

For you my who knew her i offer all my condolence wishes for the untimely loss of closest friend and darling to all of us. I pray to the Lord to bless us with the strength to cope up with the loss. Let be there for the family during this dark time, just the way Ruth was for all of us.

Willy Maina who is Ruth’s ex


Jane Macharia: Waaat? Karuth is no more, haki way happened.

Essyessi Maina: Tulikuwa tunachop na yy sec mananga kwao ni njanjara karibu na njanjara factory. May her soul rest in peace tho very hard tu blive it.

Gladiez Lawrence: Shine on your way classmate.

Here are some of her photos

Ruth Wangui

Ruth Wangui
Ruth Wangui

Ruth Wangui
Ruth Wangui

Ruth Wangui

Miss Langata Prison confesses to stabbing her boyfriend 22 times

Ruth Kamande who won Miss Langata Prison 2016 confessed to killing her boyfriend using a kitchen knife during her trial yesterday.

She said she had an argument with her boyfriend after seeing a HIV card which was under his name and was hidden under his Mattress. Mohammed who had been hiding his situation confronted her about it and threatened to kill her if she told his family about his status.

“Farid told me that he would rather kill me and himself than have his status exposed. l stabbed him severally using a kitchen knife, which fell on my chest from his hands after I overpowered him after putting my two thumbs in his eyes to save my life,” Kamande said.

She told Justice Jessie Lessit that what she did was under self defense and that the boyfriend attacked her first when she was packing her clothes.

Kamande also claimed they had an argument the day before the murder over love letters she found hidden under his bedside locker and that he took and tour to show that they didn’t mean anything to him.

ruth kamande stabbed boyfriend

She said that during the struggle with her boyfriend, he inflicted several injuries on her before overpowering and stabbing him several times. She denied that she had stabbed her self to cover up the situation and that she did it since she was in a state of fear, panic and shock to save her life.

“Your honour, it pained me to know that the person who l loved and trusted so much was to ruin my life by infecting me with HIV and Aids,” Kamande said.

The neighbours intervened after hearing the young man crying for help and when they got to the house they found it locked and saw through the window Mohammed bleeding out and the girl holding the kitchen knife standing next to the deceased.

Among the exhibits retrieved at the murder scene were love letters sent to the deceased from one of his girlfriends in the US, a damaged mobile phone handset and the murder weapon.

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