Man bites off wifes lip and ear over vegetables dispute

A 39-year old woman from Tanga Kona in Nambale, Busia county, is nursing injuries after her husband bit off a chunk of her lower lip and left ear.

Jackline Kerubo, a mother of six, said she wanted to give vegetables from their farm to a neighbour on Thursday last week but her husband forbade it.

Kerubo, who has been married for 21 years, says she now fears for her life and those of her children.

woman lip beitten
21-YEAR MARRIAGE: Jackline Keubo,39, whose lip and left ear were bitten off by her husband on Monnday. Image: JANE CHEROTICH


She said her neighbour intervened after her husband swore to teach her a lesson and beat her on Monday.

He has gone into hiding.

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Kerubo was treated at Nambale Subcounty Hospital.

Speaking to journalists at Nambale police station after reporting the assault, she said the suspect pounced on her while she was in the kitchen, hit her on the head, then bit off her lip and ear.

She said that her eight-year-old child hit the suspect.

Chief Maryline Oundo called upon couples to seek counselling.

She called upon community members to reporting cases that violate human rights to get assistance and punish perpetrators.

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The victim was taking refuge at Nambale police station as the officers immediately started searching for the suspect.

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Malawi man accused of raping goat (but insists he asked it permission first)


A man has been accused of raping a goat in a field – after asking it permission for the vile act.

The animal’s owner initially suspected Kennedy Kambani was trying to steal the goat.

But when he returned with neighbours to nab the 21-year-old they caught him having sex with the creature in Malawi, Africa, he told police.

Police Inspector Lubrino Kaitano said: ‘The owner Mr. Pemphero Mwakhulika thought Kambani was stealing it.

‘So he alerted the people.

‘When they arrived at the scene they were shocked to see him having sexual intercourse with the goat.’

Kambani was apprehended and taken to a police station and charged with bestiality.

He reportedly claimed he had asked the animal’s permission first to have sex with it.

The goat had been part of a grazing flock on the outskirts of Mchinji.

The gender of the goat has not been disclosed.

Last November, in neighbouring Zambia, sicko Reuben Mwaba, 22, was caged for 15 years hard labour after he was caught naked raping his pal’s pregnant goat in Kasama.

And earlier the same month twisted brickie Feselani Mcube, 33, was convicted of raping his neighbour’s pregnant goat in his bed in Winterveldt, South Africa.


22-year-old saved from mob justice after throwing newborn in a pit latrine

Residents of Karagita estate in Naivasha were left in shock after a 22-year-old girl dumped her two months old baby in a pit latrine.

Quick efforts by a group of youths saw the minor rescued before the woman said to be a flower farm worker was arrested.

At one time, irate women wanted to beat up the suspect over the incident before she was rescued and whisked to Karagita police post.

A woman seeking to relieve herself in the latrine was attracted by the baby’s cries and informed her neighbors who confirmed the presence of the minor.

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An elder Patrick Gichuru said that they had to bring down the latrine before one of the youths with the help of a rope descended and rescued the minor.

“Neighbors immediately identified the minor from the clothes she was dressed in and the suspect was arrested and confessed to dumping the minor due to poverty,” he said.

Newborn cute infant baby with umbilical cord

Source: Antony Gitonga

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Naivasha teen confronts parents with panga before setting himself ablaze in the house

A teenager has left tongues wagging in a village in Gilgil after he locked himself in his parents’ house before setting it ablaze.

The 19-year-old was burnt to death as members of the public and his kin watched in horror during the incident in Kikopey village off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Trouble started after the deceased who has been living with his parents confronted them with a machete and destroyed various household goods.

A neighbor Paul Matheri said the young man appeared to be under the influence of drugs adding that he used the weapon to chase his parents out of the house they were living in.

“When the parents questioned his motives the deceased threatened to kill all of them and so they stayed away as he locked himself in the house before setting it ablaze,” he said.

He said that by the time fire fighters arrived it was too late even as residents joined the rest of the family in trying to come to terms with the tragedy that left many in shock.

Gilgil OCPD Emmanuel Opuru confirmed the incident saying investigations into the incident had commenced adding that the charred remains had been taken to the local mortuary.

“Initial investigations indicate that the young man was under the influence of drugs before he committed the acts but our officers have opened an inquest file,” he said.

‘He likes to pluck my hair or burn my clothes’ Woman narrates after panga attack by husband

A 33-year-old mother of six is nursing serious injuries on her legs and right hand following an alleged brutal panga attack by her husband.

Sarah Wangari from Mung’etho village in Ndaragwa on Thursday said her husband, Josphat Kiongo, attacked her on October 4.

 She was at a home where she is employed to take care of livestock and two children aged four and 14.

Wangari said since she married Kiongo more 14 years ago, she has never known peace. Hardly a day passes without Kiongo battering her.

“Sometimes he plucks my hair or he burns all my clothes and threatens to kill me. When I flee with the children, he follows us and causes trouble wherever we go,” she said

Wangari accused her husband of infidelity. If she complains, she is beaten and thrown out in the cold. Wangari said she has never ended the marriage because of the children.

Sarah Wangari at her younger sister Rahab Wambui's house in Mairo Inya. /NDICHI WAINAINA

She said at one time he threw a panga at her and injured her left shoulder.

In the latest attack, Wangari said Kiongo rode his motorbike to her place of work and sent one of their children to call her. When she got outside the gate, she saw her husband with a panga.

“I turned back, but it was too late. He cut me on the leg, then pushed me to the ground. He aimed my neck, but I blocked the panga with my right hand,” she said

Residents came to Wangari’s rescue. They took her to Mairo Inya police station and called her younger sister, Rahab Wambui, who took her to Nyahururu Referral Hospital.

Kiongo followed them to the hospital, which is a few metres from Nyahururu police station. Police were notified and he was arrested.

Wambui said her sister recorded a statement at Mairo Inya police post. On Friday, they were told the suspect will be taken to court on Monday, but they later learnt he had been released under unclear circumstances.

Wambui is now hosting her sister and her six children in her single room in Mairo Inya town. She has one child of her own. Wangari is totally depended on her sister and well-wishers who are assisting them.

“My greatest fear is the suspect is still threatening us. If something is not done, he might come and kill us,” she said

She said the suspect burnt the children’s clothes. ”The children stay naked when I wash their clothes. They all crowd on the floor when it is time to sleep”, Wambui said

The county assembly women MCAs’ caucus chairperson, Milka Wanjiru, visited Wangari on Thursday.

She said it is unfortunate that Kiongo continues to do business at Mairo Inya market as if nothing has happened. She said it is even more troubling that he threatens his wife and the people assisting her.

“My prayer is that the relevant authorities take action before it is too late,” she said

Wanjiru said cases of domestic violence are on the rise in Nyandarua, but most victims keep silent.

Nyandarua North police boss Timon Odingo told the Star on the phone yesterday Kiongo in not off the hook.

Odingo said the suspect will be arrested and taken to court after a P3 Form is filled once Wangari is healed.

The police boss said Kiongo was released on cash bail as investigations continue.

“The problem with Kenyans is they want instant justice,” he said.

the star

‘I can only accept responsibility after DNA confirms the children are mine’, Nandi man flees after wife delivers triplets

Eunice Jeptoo, 37, stares at me as I enter the compound of a house she shares with 10 other tenants in Nandi county. Her gaze settles on the still camera dangling on my shoulders.

She is holding her malnourished triplets in her arms, hoping anyone arriving home could bring food or solutions to her 11-month tribulations.

In other families, the arrival of three children at a go could be marked with celebrations and gifts by friends and relatives. However, for Jeptoo, it marked the end of a relationship the couple had nurtured since 2006 ,which yielded two other children: Mercy, aged 11, and Emmanuel, eight.

Her story has dominated local social media networks, including WhatsApp groups, Facebook platforms and in regional vernacular FM radio stations.

Just like many other relationships in the society, Jeptoo entered into a sort of courtship and eventually “come we stay” relationship with a man she thought could protect and take care of her. She already had two other children from a past relationship, and unknown to her, the man she was living with was slowly getting fed up with her.

Eunice Jeptoo with her triplets in Nandi-Hills town. PHOTO BY BARRY SALIL Eunice Jeptoo with her triplets in Nandi-Hills town. PHOTO BY BARRY SALIL

Jeptoo’s problems started mid-last year, when she informed her husband, Isaac Tanui, that she was pregnant and expecting twins. Little did she know she would get triplets instead.

A routine medical check-up informed her of “unexpected and abnormal” conditions and the need to prepare psychologically for safe delivery.


Jeptoo saw the coming children as a blessing in disguise, since it could be an avenue for the couple to solemnise their relationship.

Tanui’s family is a family of means, with a few acres of tea that could enable the children she expected to receive better care. Tanui is a supervisor of green leaf weighing at the Eastern Produce Kenya Ltd-Kapsumbeywo Tea Estates.

But the man saw the news as more of a curse than a blessing. He thought twins would mark an additional family responsibility he was not prepared for. He argued that his family had never had a history of genes of twins.

The news that there was two foetuses in Jeptoo’s womb was nothing short of a “bombshell” in his life.

“Hell broke loose one early morning when he woke up and threw out all my belongings, asking me to leave his house,” Jeptoo says.

The house is in Kapsoo village, Aldai subcounty. The village is famous as a tea-growing zone. It is covered by an endless green blanket of tea bushes, a lucrative cash crop. But after being kicked out, Jeptoo bade farewell to all that.

She gave birth on October 11 last year, after undergoing caesarean section at the Nandi Hills Subcounty Hospital. As informed by nurses during several medical check-ups, Jeptoo was prepared for twins and not triplets.

“I woke up at the theatre to be shown three children and not two as expected. I was dumbfounded. I had nothing to celebrate because their father had taken off,” she recalls tearfully.

Even after being discharged from the hospital, she refused to leave the maternity wing for two weeks.

“They discharged me but I had nowhere to go with the triplets, since I had been hauled out of my matrimonial home by their father,” Jeptoo says.

A nurse at the Nandi Hills hospital was forced to rent a single room (bed-seater) for her not far from the hospital. That’s when she agreed to leave.



Jeptoo cites the Biblical teaching where three men, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, defied King Nebuchadnezzar and refused to worship Baal, the gods, instead of God.

“I remember they were thrown into the fire but it did not burn them. And I thought, why can’t I give the names to my triplets so that they survive by divine means?” Jeptoo said.

And so she named them: Shadrack Kipruto, Meshack Kipchumba and Abednego Kiprotich. Due to inadequate food, Jeptoo has been unable to have enough milk to suckle the triplets.

Though the kids are malnourished and underweight, Jeptoo is hopeful that one day they will walk and be like other children. She boils maize for her supper and holds her two babies as the other one cries.

“You see, they need milk, but my breasts are empty because I didn’t eat anything for lunch, save for this free maize brought to me by a Good Samaritan,” Jeptoo says.

“The children you are seeing have survived to where they are by the grace of God. I don’t know how I will bring them up, maybe through miracles.”

Jeptoo looks frail. Bones protrude in her chest and neck, depicting the hardship she has undergone, thanks to the “curse” of the triplets.

“At first, I had thought of sneaking out of the hospital incognito, but my situation at the time could not allow, as the wound had not healed,” she says.

“I was troubled and even thought of taking my life, but somehow I managed to overcome.”

Her main problem was where to take the three identical triplets. She expected no one to welcome her after handing over the four other children to relatives.

She regrets that her relationship with Tanui, which had blossomed, was brought to an abrupt end after she conceived the triplets.

Jeptoo is an orphan, having lost both her parents at their home in Chuiyat, Uasin Gishu county. Her four children were taken by relatives, and she’s not sure whether they are in school or not.


Her efforts to have her husband face the law have all come to naught. Tanui has been summoned five times by the children’s office, but he only attended once, where he disowned the triplets and insisted on a DNA analysis if he was to rescind his stance.

Emmanuel Kios, the children’s officer for Nandi-East/Aldai sub-counties, said they had been unable to have Tanui “arrested” or respond to their summons.

“We summoned him through the existing administration channels of his Chepkunyuk location chief, but we are not sure if he received the summons,” Kios says.

Children rights lobbyist Sarah Kosgei said the department was lenient on Tanui. Kosgei chairs the Nandi County Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organisation.

“If they had both been living since 2006 as husband and wife, how comes when she conceived and came to know there was more than one child, he threw her out and took off?” she asked.

“The public must be told the truth and the father of the triplets should take responsibility.”

When contacted by the Star, Tanui, 40, confirmed knowing Jeptoo but claimed the triplets were not his. He said since he has walked out on Jeptoo. He has moved on and is in another relationship with another woman and does not want to be bothered.

“I can only accept responsibility after a DNA confirms the children are actually mine. I’m ready to hand over my blood samples if a court of law orders for them. Our relationship was not meant for marriage,” he said.


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AP shots wife, kills self after demanding to know why she was brewing changaa

Police are investigating an incident where Administration Police (AP) officer shot his wife before killing himself in Marigat, Baringo South Sub-county on Sunday.

Reportedly the 40-year old officer Robert Ewoi was drunk when he shot on the thigh injuring his wife Purity Elim, 20, at Kampi ya Samaki in Baringo North Sub-county.

“He arrived home on a boda boda around 11pm and asked his wife if she is brewing illicit brew locally known as changaa and without letting her to explain he shot her once on the right thigh before turning to kill himself” source said.

He died on the spot while his wife was rushed to Baringo Referral Hospital where she is currently undergoing treatment. Doctors say her condition is stable.

The body of the deceased was kept in the hospital mortuary awaiting burial.

Sources say the AP officer packed his gun and sneaked out from Marigat administrative offices where he was guarding that night with his colleague.

The officer was spotted that evening in a pub buying bottled alcohol that he went to drink with his fellow male colleague at the workplace.

“The workmate must have been so drunk that he could not notice him packing the broken parts of his G3 gun in a bag and left” he said.

Reports further allege that the officer used to have endless family quarrels with his wife before the fatal incident.

However Baringo County Police Commander Smallets Munyanzi confirmed the incident saying the matter is still under investigation.

“What we know as at no is that the incident involved an AP officer and we will be able to communicate more information in connection to the same later” he said.

This happens barely seven months after another AP officer from the same station shot himself death a day after returning from one month leave on March.

The deceased 50-year old Daniel Chemjor from Kapsoo in Baringo central Sub-county was on a night duty when he sneaked into a nearby bush and took away his life using his G3 gun, according to his workmate.

“He just resumed duty of Friday after a one month leave, he was not complaining about his job assignment so it may be something to do with family stress” County AP Commander Robinson Ndiwa said.

He has also been complaining of his family and job besides looking stressed since he took his new station.

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This is the last man who spoke to the late Sharon Otieno before her death

Sharon Otieno’s death has made headlines with Kenyans seeking answers to her mysterious death. Mr Michael Oyamo who is the PA of Migori Governor Okoth Obado is the only suspect arrested and was the last to see the late Sharon Otieno alive.

According to Daily Nation, the suspect was arrested just before he went to Rwanda for a conference.

It is believed that he has information about the gang that killed the Rongo University student a Nation Media Group Journalist Barrack Oduor.


However, the governor’s PA has shared details confirming they had been in touch with Sharon before she died.

Daily Nation says Mr Oyamo delivered cash to Ms Otieno for her upkeep and even promised to bring more.

The Nation reporter Mr Oduor told the paper that they had planned a meeting at Graca Hotel, later got into a car after being told they were going to see the governor as they faced their kidnappers.

Oyamo studied at St Patricks’ Rapogi High School. He later Joined Migori County government after working in the military as a navy man.

Sharon Otieno
Sharon Otieno

Oh No: Kenyan man, wife and son die in horror Kinungi accident soon after burying daughter

A family in Ruiru is mourning the passing on of their three family members.

Peter Kimani, his wife Zipporah Muthoni and son David Gikonyo perished in a road accident after a Subaru swept them off the road.

The three were involved in an accident at Kinungi as they were heading to Nakuru. On July 10 this year, their daughter passed away after a short illness, soon after graduating.

Family that passed away in tragic accident
L-R: David Gikonyo, his father Peter Kiman, mother Zipporah Muthoni and their daughter Grace


The story has left many in shock calling upon the transport ministry to be vigilant along the major highways to avoid more deaths.

The three will be buried on 11th September at their farm in Ruiru.

Grace Kiman
Grace died on 10th July soon after graduating

Check out reactions from Kenyans

Irene Wagaki Murage Gosh! This is so so sad. 😭😭😭

Grace Njuguna Sad Indeed. May their soul rest in PEACE

Mash Kingston So sad, devil at work, shidwe Pepo mbaya

Antoninah Mutinda An entire family gone

Family dies in tragic accident
Family dies in tragic accident

Melissa Mwangi Joseph SO sad Ngai I can’t imagine who painful it is to the family..

Carol Micheni Its quite sad imagine the daughter passed on two months ago now the whole fam.

Anastasia Ndirangu Kamau What?? 2 months ago?? Oh no, that’s soo sad.

Liz Wairimu Sooooo sad , whole family? May their souls rest in peace

Kate Jones No words can describe the pain

Job Makumi May their souls rest in eternal peace

Julie Wa Antonio Sad sad May their souls rip😢


Kihanya Sancho Very sad moment….May God grant the entire family and friends comfort during this tragic moment….May they rest in eternal peace….Amen

Anna Mbula Noooo😢😢😭 this is unbearable

Yadah Charles God knows why…may their soul rest in peace


3 Kisumu students arrested over death of teacher during a fight

Three students were arrested in Nyakach, Kisumu county following the murder of a teacher an incident that has left many in shock.

The three, two of whom are in secondary school and another in university, reportedly attacked Manasseh Ong’ole on Wednesday night.

Two other people, who were with the teacher at the time of the attack, are fighting for their lives in hospital.

Manasseh was hacked to death after a heated exchange with the students in a bar in Nyakach’s Nyamaroka trading centre.

One of the victims of the attack died at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Referral Hospital where he had been admitted with critical injuries.

Johnson Alai, who was with the two, is admitted to Nyabondo Mission hospital.

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Kisumu County Police Commander Job Boronjo said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have commenced investigations into the incident.

He added that the team is on the ground collecting information regarding the incident.

Kuppet officials led by the Kisumu branch executive secretary Zablon Awange demanded speedy arraignment of the suspects.

He called for thorough investigations to ensure justice is served not only to the principal’s family but also to the school.He said

“Let no stone remain heavy or unturned in bringing the culprits to book.”

Awange said security should be improved in Nyakach region to protect innocent teachers and residents.

According to The Star ,Koguta assistant chief Walter Oguche said the suspects had an argument with the teacher before he met his death.

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He said the suspects attacked the teacher after he declined to offer the learners a drink as they demanded.

Oguche said the boys followed the teacher later when he was going back to school and reportedly killed him.

They are being detained at Pap Onditi police station and will be taken to court once the investigation is complete.

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Wife handed 8 year jail sentence for skinning husband’s private in domestic quarrel

A woman in Kisumu has been sentenced to eight years in jail for causing grievous harm on her husband’s private parts.

Erica Iminza Shihenda, 23, skinned John Kisuvana Tsumala’s private part using a sharp knife while he was asleep at their home in Huruma estate in Eldoret town on the night of May 22.

Eldoret Chief Magistrate Charles Obulutsa said he was satisfied with the evidence presented by the prosecution.

The court heard that the complainant was awakened at 2 am by excruciating pain from his private part which was partially skinned by the sharp knife.

Erica Iminza in court when the verdict against her was delivered on August 20th
CREDIT	Mathews NdanyiErica Iminza in court when the verdict against her was delivered on August 20th CREDIT Mathews Ndanyi

He was saved by doctors who carried out an operation to restore the private parts at the Moi Referral Hospital.

Kisuvana said the incident happened as he slept after a domestic quarrel and he had tried to sort out the matter out of court in vain. He welcomed the verdict. Iminza has 14 days to appeal.

“It was difficult to sort the matter out of court and the law has taken its course. I’m happy for the court decision it will become a lesson to other women in our country who subject men to torture in their homes,” he said.

Obulutsa said the prosecution had proved its case and that evidence indicated that the mother of two committed the offence against her husband.


Courtesy Mathews Ndanyi

Man Killed and his wife raped after a gang raid their home in Chokaa Area along Kangundo Road

A man was killed and his wife raped by a gang after they raided their home in Chokaa area, which is an upcoming estate along Kangundo road.
The horrifying dawn incident occurred while the couple was in their house when the gang armed with crude weapons pounced on them.

According to The Standard, Police and neighbours say the gang hit the man on the head before they turned on the wife and raped her.

Man found dead and body dumped behind a bar under unclear circumstances in Nyahururu


The police added that the gang did not steal anything from the victim hence their motive for the attack is not known.
 A hunt for the gang is ongoing. Nairobi deputy police boss Richard Kerich said a team of detectives had been sent to the area to pursue the attackers.
He said

“We don’t know the motive of the incident because it seems the gang escaped soon after they had committed the crime,”

The man died in hospital where he had been rushed to, the search to trace the gang is ongoing.

Run with the angel! Popular athlete Nicholas Bett laid to rest at burial attended by Deputy President Williams Ruto

The biggest challenge that upcoming estates have to deal with is insecurity. Cases of knife welding robbers attacking people in residential estates is a challenge police are dealing with.


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Man who viciously beat up his pregnant wife in Eldoret to be arraigned in court

Police in Eldoret have arrested a slaughterhouse worker who battered his pregnant wife for three hours and tried to cut off her ear for allegedly misusing Sh500.

Nairobi restaurant manager forced to carry baby after kicking out woman for breastfeeding


It was the second time in 10 days that a viral video prompted public fury, compelling police to act on escalating domestic violence. Valerie Masibo told the Star in an exclusive interview on Sunday.


He works at the slaughter house and since we met he has been so brutal. This time, I thought he would slaughter me.

She suffered serious facial injuries; one of her nearly severed ears was reattached at Moi Referral Hospital.

The victim had been rescued by police from a house at Kipkaren Estate where she had been locked up by the suspect, identified at Nafatali Lusuli.

Nafatali Lusuli
Nafatali Lusuli, the wife batterer

A picture of her disfigured face had gone viral on social media and neighbours informed the police of the violence, leading officers to storm the house on Friday night.

Valerie Masibo
Pregnant Valerie Masibo, who was beaten by her husband

On August 1, a Winifred Mwende was severely beaten by her husband Daudi Nzomo as she lay on a dirt path in Makueni. The viral went video, including pleas from onlookers to stop. The DPP stepped in. The man was arrested.

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In the latest of many similar cases, Valerie Masibo was battered. She is four months’ pregnant; she has not lost the baby. Valerie was discharged and is recovering at her aunt’s house in Eldoret. She will remain under medical care.

The suspect was arrested in the house and is being held at the Yamumbi police station. He is expected to be charged today. Eldoret South OCPD Wilson Abduba said.

We have the suspect in custody and he will be taken to court to face charges in relation to the crime.

Valerie and Lusuli have been married for five months. Valerie said

This is about the fifth time the man has attacked me viciously but this time it was so serious I could not even see after the beating. I felt like I was dying, but I thank God I am alive and free from his brutality.

She said the man, whom she started dating in March, arrived home last Friday at 6 pm and was very drunk. He accused Valerie of misusing the Sh500 he had given her for rent. Valerie said

I still had the money and as I tried to show it to him he pushed me to the ground and started using his shoe and a cooking stick to beat me.

The men then used a sharp object to cut off part of her ear, causing her to bleed profusely.

She screamed for help but the man locked the door from inside. The neighbours alerted police who arrived at the house but the man had escaped. He was arrested in the same estate.

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Valerie said they had known each other for a short while but they decided to stay together when she learned she was pregnant.

She was taken to the police station to identify her attacker. “When he saw me, he could not believe that he was one who inflicted such injuries. He pleaded with me to forgive him but with the suffering I have gone through, I want the law to take its course”, she said.

She said she would never return to her batterer and said she hoped that other women going through the same suffering receive help.

Here are more photos of Valeri’s disfigured face

Valerie Masibo

Valerie Masibo

Naivasha man flees after repeatedly stabbing wife to death in horrifying night attack

Fear anger and shock gripped residents of Kikopey village in Gilgil Sub County after a middle aged man stabbed and killed his wife following a domestic quarrel.

The two who have been married for five years with two kids are said to have disagreed over money when the jittered husband descended and stabbed her three times before fleeing.

Emotions run high in the sleepy village as police arrived and took away the body to Gilgil sub county hospital mortuary.

According to a witness Peter Wafula, the two have been living together and even operated a bar along the Gilgil-Nakuru highway.

Wafula said the two have been disagreeing on several marital issues adding that they had sought guidance from local elders but did not work.

“The sister to the deceased who has been living with the children raised an alarm after she found the lifeless body of the woman lying in a pool of blood,” hesaid.

Wafula said on checking the body it had deep cuts in the chest, neck and head an indication she could have bled to death.

Gilgil OCPD Emmanuel Opuru confirmed the incident saying the suspect fled from the scene immediately after killing his wife.

Opuru said they had launched a manhunt for him so as to face charges of murder adding that the body was lying at the local mortuary awaiting postmortem.

Meanwhile police in Naivasha are looking for five thugs who gang raped a 21 year old woman leaving her for the dead.

The victim is said to have been accosted by the thugs on her way home near Kabati estate and abused her sexually before fleeing in the cover of darkness.

According to a gender based violence activist Sekina Mohammed, the young girl had left her job as is normal before the thugs waylaid her.

“She was later found lying helpless by passersby and was taken to Naivasha sub-county hospital where she is responding well to treatment though she is traumatized,” she said.

A senior police officer who declined to be named confirmed the incident saying a manhunt is on for the suspects.

“We have recorded a statement from the victim and she says she recognized one of the thugs and we are following crucial leads that will lead to their arrest,” said the officer.

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6 missing Murang’a students found living with men

Six form four girls from New Nyaga secondary school in Gatanga who went missing last week have been found at Kiganjo estate in Thika town, Kiambu county.

The six girls who are just months away from sitting for their national examinations caused agony in Kiunyu village when they vanished from their homes without a trace last Tuesday.

33 Students, Two Teachers And a Driver Arrested For Drunkenness After a School Trip In Naivasha

The girls left their homes in school uniform which they shed soon after, running away in regular clothes which they had worn under the uniforms.

Parents reported their disappearance after they failed to return home in the evening from school and discovered that they had not attended school on that day.

Two of the students are said to have run off with school fees as bodaboda operators who ferried them reported that the girls had said they were done with education and wanted to seek employment.

Stephen Karanja, one of the parents who spoke to The Star said after the disappearance, one of his daughters posted photos of the six students on social media in frantic efforts to find them.

A pastor from Kiganjo area who saw the photo reported having seeing several young girls in her neighbourhood who were living in a house with two men.

The pastor, he said, contacted the local chief and police officers before giving the parents directions to the estate.

“When we got there three of the girls including my daughter had locked themselves inside the house and the police had to break the door down,” Karanja said.

Journalist Tony Timase reacts after students accuses him of date rape

Karanja noted that three others had already found employment as house girls in the neighborhood but the police were able to trace them with the help of the others.

He added that the house in which their daughters were found belonged to a young man from their village who worked as a casual labourer and who was not at home at the time.

He said he was shocked when neighbours informed them that their daughters stayed holed inside the house by day but at night, they were taken away by men.

The parent now wants the police to arrest boda boda operators who ferried them away from the village, expressing fears that the girls could run away again if the friendship between them exists.

“My girl is normally very quiet and sharp. She does not leave home and is always studying. I am afraid if the bodaboda operators are not arrested, they will continue to be a negative influence on her and the others,” he said.

Gatanga Deputy County Commissioner David Rotich confirmed that the girls were found on Saturday evening and are being held at Makongeni police station for interrogations.

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The dramatic moment brazen 47-year-old pick pocket was caught stealing a woman’s purse in hospital

A 47-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday evening for pick pocketing a patient at Murang’a general hospital.

The suspect stole the purse from Hannah Wambui Mwangi who had taken her one-month-old granddaughter for post natal clinic.

Wambui was referred to the laboratory where the suspect took her purse from her bag and fled.

He was however spotted by another patient who alerted her after which she started screaming, attracting the attention of hospital staff and other patients who went after him.

The suspect however discarded the purse that had Sh. 3,000 in a flower bed after he was finally cornered but confessed to the theft before he was taken to Murang’a police station.

The suspect said he had visited the hospital for optical treatment and that it was his first attempt to steal.

“I don’t know what came over me and caused me to steal the purse,”

the suspect who hails from Kambirwa village said.

This happened after numerous patients complained of pickpockets in waiting bays in the county referral hospital.

While confirming the incident, Chief Officer of health James Gitau said the case was the first one to reach to the hospital’s management as no patient has previously reported cases of theft in the facility.

Gitau however noted that cases of staff members stealing from hospitals have been reported in the county citing the example of a driver and a casual laborer who stole drugs wort Sh. 50,000 in Kigumo sub district hospital.

It is reported that recently, a physically disabled man currently lost Sh. 10,000 to thieves in a private hospital in Murang’a town.

Sources inside Murang’a police station have also reported a case where a man was conned Sh. 10,000 by a conman who pretended to be a police officer.

The sources said the conman lied to the victim that he would assist him with a case in which his relatives had been arrested, pretending to be friends with the OCS.

“The man was conned outside the report office and the conman even went to the OCS’s office to greet him in a bid to convince his victim that they were friends,”

the sources said.

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Here are the photos of the plane that went missing over the Aberdares (Details)

Yesterday the JKIA control tower reported that it lost contact with a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan plane.

The plane

What we know so far:

The plane which was operated by East African Safari Air Express was reported missing at 5:20 P.M.

The plane was travelling from Kitale to Nairobi with a crew of 2 and 8 passengers.

Flight Path


Its departure from Kitale was at 4:05 P.M.

The aircraft was last seen on radar at 5:02 P.M before it the signal was lost at 11,000 feet.

Flight Path



The signal of the missing plane located in Aberdares Forest, around Kinangop.

Flight Path


They are still missing. Search and rescue resumed early this morning.

The story will be updated.


Sunkuli’s son was hit by blunt object at the back of his head – Autopsy

Former Internal Security Julius Sunkuli’s son was hit by a blunt object before he was run over by a car, a postmortem to ascertain the cause of his death revealed.

Augustine Salaton’s autopsy was conducted at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital on Thursday.

It was spearheaded by a government pathologist, family doctor, and DCI detectives from Nairobi.

Andrew Sunkuli, the family’s spokesperson, said the exercise was successful.

“We can confirm as a family that the autopsy was successful. A preliminary report indicates that he was hit by a blunt object at the back of his head.”

The spokesman said that samples taken from the body will be taken to various laboratories before an official report is made public.

sunkuli and brother

Salaton died under unclear circumstances and the family found his body at KTRH on May 19, after going missing for two weeks.

His father told the Star on the phone that the family wants to know what exactly happened leading to his 29-year-old son’s death.

The man was found dead on May 8 with a “flattened head” at a lorry parking lot in Kilgoris by passers-by who reported to police.