TLC’s Left Eye burnt down this house 25 years ago


Growing up we all loved TLC, and a a girl group many of us wanted to be like them.

They set fashion trends and the messages to youth encouraged us.

One of the members Left Eye or Lisa Lopez as she was known on her Government document, caused a storm once.

25 years ago, it turns out that setting her boyfriend’s sneakers on fire in the bathtub may have been a bad judgement call that led to the incident going viral.

Huddah claims she is selling her 60 million home in Runda


Left Eye, left mouths wagging after an arson attack at her then boyfriend Andre Rison’s home during a domestic dispute.

It has been said at the time that the two lovers relationship was shaky, and this incident could have been set off by a lovers tiff.

Sadly, in April of 2002, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes died in a grisly car accident.

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left eye burns house 25 years ago

A theory of how and why she took such drastic action was mentioned in a film dubbed ‘ The Last Days of Left Eye, where she was saying she was “gonna barbecue me some tennis shoes,” and set fire to Rison’s sneakers in the bathtub.

But the fire spread quickly from the bathroom to burn down most of the house. See the picture above.

She said, “I didn’t realize what I was doing. I didn’t mean for the house to burn down.”

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‘Never lay a finger on a woman’ Maina Kageni reacts to Wajir Woman rep assault


A photo of Wajir woman rep Fatuma Gedi’s swollen face after being slapped by her MP counterpart in the precincts of Parliament has elicited mixed reaction.

Women are outraged, and men want to know what she dd to him to land a slap.

fatuma gedi crying

Maina Kageni on Classic 105 on Friday, asked listeners if Kenyan women are safe and why men always ask what a woman does to be hit by a man.


It’s amazing how men have rallied around this guy and they are asking this question: What did she do to deserve this? That is really pissing me off, said Maina.

To him that was not right at all to even lay a finger on a woman.

Serena Williams vocalizes domestic violence conversation should expand to men-particularly young boys

‘This women get beaten up by their husbands at home but you will never hear about it. Why is it that it becomes a problem when beaten in public? That should not be an issue at all to be discussed because she might have made the MP upset.’

This is what one of the male caller said. They felt that women at times took advantage of them especially if they knew your weaknesses. They were of the opinion that if at all the women rep was assaulted, then it was because of something she did to offend him.

Bobby Brown to open domestic violence shelter to honour late daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown

Maina wondered about all the comments that were coming from the men’s side. He wondered whether those were the kind of men and fathers in 2019 or 1890. One women callers asked,

What do these men gain after beating us, do they gain a kilo? As they ask what the women rep did to provoke the MP they should also ask what the MP did to her that made upset also. Women don’t rant without a reason’ there has to be something.’ 

Other comments were;

Sometimes one slaps keeps stupidity out of a woman.

Sometimes these women can really push you off to limits. They should mind how to control their mouths because we are tired of being shouted back at!!

These Kenyan are tough headed and they deserve to be beaten. Why is it only in our parliament and not in other countries? They should control their yapping to avoid such violence!!!

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How man plotted to kidnap, kill mistresses unborn baby after she became pregnant by another man 


A married Harvard-trained cardiologist has been accused of having his mistress’ baby killed after she became pregnant by another man.

Dr Vignendra Ariyarajah has been charged with criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter, and assault.

He allegedly hired two people, whose names have not been released, to trap his mistress Paul Marie Raymond, 30, in a Brooklyn home and torture her for days.

The co-conspirators, a man and a woman, allegedly starved Raymond and gave her water only through a syringe on Ariyarajah’s instructions.

Sources said they induced Raymond, who was seven-and-a-half months pregnant, with fentanyl and PCP in their efforts to kill the baby boy.

Meanwhile, Ariyarajah and his wife were on a ski vacation in Montana, according to the New York Post.

Raymond suffered through a prolonged labor for four days before the baby was born alive on December 24, 2016.

The boy died hours later of an infection and lack of medical intervention, according to the autopsy report.

The child tested positive for both fentanyl and PCP.

Authorities believe that Ariyarajah was in contact with his co-conspirators throughout the horrific ordeal and instructed them to administer the drugs.

He also allegedly told the pair not to give Raymond ‘any food and to only administer juice or water through a syringe’.

On the night before her child died, Raymond briefly managed to flee the apartment.

But one of the co-conspirators followed her and forced her to return.

The next day they called 911 after realizing her condition was rapidly deteriorating. Ariyarajah allegedly forced them to cancel it, but the paramedics still showed up.

By that point Raymond had already given birth and the newborn baby boy was lying on the bed. His umbilical cord was still attached.

Raymond had chemical burns to her face and torn-off fingernails. There were also marks to her arms and legs suggesting she had been bound by a kind of rope or cord.

Ariyarajah was charged last month after one of his co-conspirators began cooperating with authorities.

The cardiologist, who supported Raymond financially, was allegedly very controlling.

When she left and became pregnant by another man, Ariyarajah pressured her to leave him, a law enforcement source told the Post.


Standard seven girl gang raped and murdered in Eastleigh

Four women have been arrested after a Standard Seven girl was gang-raped, doused with acid and killed in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

Among those in police custody is the pupil’s 28-year-old aunt Nathifa Mohamed.

“The girl is suspected to have been gang-raped and murdered in the house where she lived with her aunt Nathifa Mohamed in Eastleigh,” human rights activist Florence Kanyua said on Wednesday.

Several men, women and children were in the house when the 14-year-old girl was killed, police said. The girl had been missing for four days before her body was found on Saturday.

“Children in the apartment noticed the smell and saw a decomposing body in the sitting room. They came and told us,” a neighbour said.

The aunt is alleged to have removed the body for secret burial. However, police intercepted the body at a South C mosque where it had been brought in an ambulance. The police said the body had been cleaned and ready for burial. “The body was in an ambulance that we are still holding,” a detective said.

Neighbours said the girl had been living with the aunt and three other women.

The suspects, according to the police, are of Somali origin. “The girl is a Kenyan but the others foreigners,” an officer told the Star.

The women allegedly told the police the girl had died of a heart attack. Neighbours said men frequented the house but the suspect never let them in.

“There were children and men in the house. We are tracking the men but the children are already in the safe houses to be witnesses,” a police officer said.

“The body was decomposing. Acid wounds are a testimony that the girl underwent trauma during the four days she was missing.”

Nathifa was arrested on Sunday and taken to court on Monday. Police sought to detain her at Pangani police station for 14 days as they conducted more investigations.

The other suspects are expected in court today. The girl was buried on Monday at the Lang’ata cemetery as per the Islamic tradition.

Imende Benjamin

 Kenyans plead for man accused of smuggling daughter out of KNH


The sad story of a 22-year-old manpleaded guilty of trying to smuggle his newborn daughter out of KNH using a carrier bag to avoid paying Sh56,000 hospital bill, has caught the attention of Kenyans.

The Milimani court is set to sentence him, and KOT are emotional about it.

Many are asking who wouldn’t do the same if they were in his position.

The man Boniface Murage Wangechi recounted why he his baby in a bag, while pleading for mercy.
Murage confessed he is jobless, and that the love for his daughter forced him to smuggle her.

Here are comments from Kenyans asking the court to spare this young man:
Eric Owino ..What do you expect of a government that taxes even the dead, and detains the dead for unsuccessful treatments and procedures in hospitals?

Gladyce Bosire.. Oooh no! Sasa hizi ndo zile zipendi kusoma


Celeah Tyra… So sad in deed😭😭😭😭a situation like this is just for forgiveness. Hangefikishwa hata kortini aqy mungu ingilia kati

Wangari Eunice …All I could see is fathery love

Kate Njeru.. How how I wish he was successful in his mission, God help him, health care in this country is expensive

Carolz Nganga ..I feel this man…. How i wish this world would be filled by such kind of men. …He’s one in a million and may our good Lord remember him.

Caroline Mburu …I respect him he did what a father can do for,the love of his daughter
Swahiba Mipasho …I respect him..May God see him through this

Nyakundi Ann… Mwingine angetoroka awache bibi huko ajisort na bill but for him ameonyesha fatherly love…he is a real man..may God be with him

Chinda Monalisa …He made me shed tears. He doesnt deserve any sentence

Peter Njoroge.. Now the country that has made him icur thus bills is gona make his daughter grow without a father or even add more bills on the existin ones….

Macie Gekz …Real father figure..woooie aachilie alee babby gal.

Wanjiru Maina …What any loving father would do to get his daughter back.

Lord remember him

Anger as autopsy results of Dandora activist Caroline Mwatha delayed





Mwatha’s body was found at City Mortuary in Nairobi on Tuesday evening after she went missing on Wednesday last week.

protest over Caroline Mwahtha autopsy results delay

The founding member of the Dandora Community Social Justice Centre had been documenting cases of forced disappearances and police extrajudicial killings.


A postmortem exercise on Caroline Mwatha’s body has been pushed to Monday.

The procedure had been scheduled for Thursday at the City Mortuary.

Family members and human rights activists said they gathered at morgue early on Wednesday only to be told the autopsy will not take place as earlier planned.

“We are disappointed by the news coming in from the DCI that the government is not ready to proceed with the autopsy today until Monday,” Haki Africa executive director Hussein Khalid said.

A protest along Ngong road was held. See what the explanation was below;

Earlier today, HAKI Africa officials joined other human rights defenders in a street protest to demand for the autopsy of the late Caroline Mwatha who was found at the Nairobi city mortuary following her disappearance 7 days ago

human rights defenders block ngong road

Malawi man accused of raping goat (but insists he asked it permission first)


A man has been accused of raping a goat in a field – after asking it permission for the vile act.

The animal’s owner initially suspected Kennedy Kambani was trying to steal the goat.

But when he returned with neighbours to nab the 21-year-old they caught him having sex with the creature in Malawi, Africa, he told police.

Police Inspector Lubrino Kaitano said: ‘The owner Mr. Pemphero Mwakhulika thought Kambani was stealing it.

‘So he alerted the people.

‘When they arrived at the scene they were shocked to see him having sexual intercourse with the goat.’

Kambani was apprehended and taken to a police station and charged with bestiality.

He reportedly claimed he had asked the animal’s permission first to have sex with it.

The goat had been part of a grazing flock on the outskirts of Mchinji.

The gender of the goat has not been disclosed.

Last November, in neighbouring Zambia, sicko Reuben Mwaba, 22, was caged for 15 years hard labour after he was caught naked raping his pal’s pregnant goat in Kasama.

And earlier the same month twisted brickie Feselani Mcube, 33, was convicted of raping his neighbour’s pregnant goat in his bed in Winterveldt, South Africa.


22-year-old saved from mob justice after throwing newborn in a pit latrine

Residents of Karagita estate in Naivasha were left in shock after a 22-year-old girl dumped her two months old baby in a pit latrine.

Quick efforts by a group of youths saw the minor rescued before the woman said to be a flower farm worker was arrested.

At one time, irate women wanted to beat up the suspect over the incident before she was rescued and whisked to Karagita police post.

A woman seeking to relieve herself in the latrine was attracted by the baby’s cries and informed her neighbors who confirmed the presence of the minor.

‘My friends wife cheated and the baby came looking exactly like the neighbor’ ( Audio)


‘I am happy that I know you’ Jalang’o pens down an emotional letter to Amina Abdi

An elder Patrick Gichuru said that they had to bring down the latrine before one of the youths with the help of a rope descended and rescued the minor.

“Neighbors immediately identified the minor from the clothes she was dressed in and the suspect was arrested and confessed to dumping the minor due to poverty,” he said.

Newborn cute infant baby with umbilical cord

Source: Antony Gitonga

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Police hunting cannibal gang that raped, killed girl and ate body parts

A Kiserian family is mourning their six-year-old daughter who was kidnapped, raped, murdered and cannibalised.

Police investigations revealed that she was gang-raped before her throat was slit and her blood drunk.

One suspect was seized, beaten by  the public and handed to Kiserian police. He was taken to Ngong Subcounty Hospital where he received several stitches to his head.

A police source privy to the investigations yesterday said the suspect disclosed that 15 boys raped the girl. They were partying in Githima village when they spotted her passing by.

They lured her and she easily joined them because she knew some of them, the source said. They gang members then forced themselves on her one by one, before slitting her throat and drinking her blood, he said. They also ate some body parts.

Residents were dumbstruck as the news emerged. Some said it sounded like a cult. Subjecting an innocent soul to such ordeal was unheard of — not even seen in movies, they said.

The girl’s mother said they are traumatised. She said they cannot sleep because the gang is still roaming free.

“My daughter underwent a lot of pain before she was killed. She had woken up to a bright day and was more playful on that Friday morning before she was kidnapped,” she said.

The source said the 17-year-old suspect named all the accomplices and their parents. The police are searching for them.

Initially, the police had linked the murder to members of the outlawed Mungiki sect. The latest revelations have baffled them, however. Residents are also scared that some of the other 14 suspects are on the loose. Yesterday, they turned to social media to warn parents against letting their children walk alone.

They also posted photos of the arrested suspect. Doctors at Ngong Subcounty Hospital took samples from the suspect for examination. He is still at the facility.

Ngong police boss Joseph Mwika on Saturday urged members of the public to be vigilant

“Help us establish what’s happening with the youth in that area. They could be using drugs. Who is supplying them?” he asked, warning residents to be wary of the gang.

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30-year-old man kills child whose mother rejected him

Irate residents of Karagita estate in Naivasha have lynched a 30-year-old man who brutally murdered a six year old boy after the mother rejected him.

In a love gone sour incident, the man who was recently released from prison turned his anger to the minor slashing his neck leading to his death.

The minor who was asleep when the attack occurred died while been rushed to Naivasha sub-county hospital before the residents caught up with the suspect who left jail two months ago.

Emotions ran high in the homestead after the weekend incident as relatives and neighbors tried to come to terms with the attack that left many in shock.

According to Monicah Mumbi who is the aunt to the minor, the suspect had on several occasions threatened the family.

She said that in one of the incident, her sister who had a relationship with the suspect reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest.

“He left jail a couple of months back but he kept threatening that he would kill my sister and later turn the knife unto himself,” she said.

Tears flowing down her cheeks, Mumbi narrated how the suspect tried to attack her sister whom managed to escape leaving the minor alone in the house.

“He stabbed the minor all over the body before members of the public moved in and rushed him to hospital but he died along the way,” she said.

A community leader Moses Wanyeki narrated how the managed to grab the bleeding minor from the suspect and rushed him to hospital.

Wanyeki termed the suspect as a known criminal who in the past had been arrested on several occasions for a series of criminal activities.

“We were woken by screams and rushing to the home we found the man holding the minor and we rescued him but sadly he died while on the way to hospital,” he said.

A neighbor John Mwangi said that the couple had in the past quarreled after the woman decided to leave the man over his continuous threats.

“This incident has left as in shock after the man decided to kill the innocent boy who had nothing to do with the couples differences,” he said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident adding that an inquest file had been opened and the two bodies taken to Naivasha mortuary.

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“He said he would beat us if we told any person about it,” Sisters reveal repeated defilement by uncle

Two young sisters from Mariakani, Kilifi, have allegedly been repeatedly defiled by a man they have always known as their uncle.

Their mother yesterday dismissed claims she was about to accept a bribe to kill the case. She said she is keen on seeking justice for her daughters.

She said the first defilement occurred in November last year, but the girls only disclosed their ordeal on September 19.

She said the suspect is not her relative, though she had informed the daughters that he was their uncle. He committed the crime at her house whenever she was away, the mother said.

The man is in his late 20s. He worked at a garage near the family’s house. Police are investigating and searching for the man.

The eldest girl, 12,told the Star the suspect forced himself upon her once. “He said he would beat us if we told any person about it,” she said.

“That day he forced himself on me and covered my mouth so I could not scream.” Her sister is aged nine.

The mother said it was not the first incident according to information she received from neighbours.

The firstborn child said she was given Sh50 on September 18 when she was defiled.

The mother told Muslims for Human Rights rapid response officer Francis Auma and assistant field officer Sabina Kaugi that the suspect tried to bribe her not to pursue the case, but she refused.

“I was so pained and couldn’t even open my eyes to see how much it was. I chased him out of my house. I did not accept the money,” she said. The man attacked her, she said.

Mariakani police station where the defilement case was reported, October 20, 2018./ ERNEST CORNEL.Mariakani police station where the defilement case was reported, October 20, 2018./ ERNEST CORNEL.

The mother accused police of cover-up. Contacted for comment, Mariakani police station boss Irungu Mwangi said he could only speak to the mother.

But Mariakani police division chief Kennedy Onsando said the mother was ready to accept the cash.

“It was my informer who reported the case to the police station, not the mother. That’s when I instructed my officers to act and the plan was aborted,” he said.

Onsando said a medical report from Mariakani District Hospital showed the older girl had been raped but did not say how many times.

The mother dismissed claims she wanted to accept the bribe. She gave the OB number, OB41/20/9/2018, as a proof she reported to police.

One person aware of the case said the suspect was ready to part with Sh50,000.

Auma and Kaugi want police to arrest the suspect.

“He has been roaming free for the last three weeks. If police wanted him arrested, they would have done that a long time ago,” Auma said.

He said the act could not have been consensual because the victims are children. “The law protects such children from this cruel act. It will only be just if the offender is punished,” Auma said.

The mother said two Somali elders approached her to end the case “without police interference”, but she refused. She said the suspect worked for the two men.

Efforts by the Star to get comment from the garage owners were unsuccessful.

Police division chief Onsando said they are hunting for the suspect.

“He won’t escape justice. The Sexual Offences Act says where there is an allegation of defilement, the perpetrators must be arrested,” he said.



Naivasha teen confronts parents with panga before setting himself ablaze in the house

A teenager has left tongues wagging in a village in Gilgil after he locked himself in his parents’ house before setting it ablaze.

The 19-year-old was burnt to death as members of the public and his kin watched in horror during the incident in Kikopey village off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Trouble started after the deceased who has been living with his parents confronted them with a machete and destroyed various household goods.

A neighbor Paul Matheri said the young man appeared to be under the influence of drugs adding that he used the weapon to chase his parents out of the house they were living in.

“When the parents questioned his motives the deceased threatened to kill all of them and so they stayed away as he locked himself in the house before setting it ablaze,” he said.

He said that by the time fire fighters arrived it was too late even as residents joined the rest of the family in trying to come to terms with the tragedy that left many in shock.

Gilgil OCPD Emmanuel Opuru confirmed the incident saying investigations into the incident had commenced adding that the charred remains had been taken to the local mortuary.

“Initial investigations indicate that the young man was under the influence of drugs before he committed the acts but our officers have opened an inquest file,” he said.

‘He likes to pluck my hair or burn my clothes’ Woman narrates after panga attack by husband

A 33-year-old mother of six is nursing serious injuries on her legs and right hand following an alleged brutal panga attack by her husband.

Sarah Wangari from Mung’etho village in Ndaragwa on Thursday said her husband, Josphat Kiongo, attacked her on October 4.

 She was at a home where she is employed to take care of livestock and two children aged four and 14.

Wangari said since she married Kiongo more 14 years ago, she has never known peace. Hardly a day passes without Kiongo battering her.

“Sometimes he plucks my hair or he burns all my clothes and threatens to kill me. When I flee with the children, he follows us and causes trouble wherever we go,” she said

Wangari accused her husband of infidelity. If she complains, she is beaten and thrown out in the cold. Wangari said she has never ended the marriage because of the children.

Sarah Wangari at her younger sister Rahab Wambui's house in Mairo Inya. /NDICHI WAINAINA

She said at one time he threw a panga at her and injured her left shoulder.

In the latest attack, Wangari said Kiongo rode his motorbike to her place of work and sent one of their children to call her. When she got outside the gate, she saw her husband with a panga.

“I turned back, but it was too late. He cut me on the leg, then pushed me to the ground. He aimed my neck, but I blocked the panga with my right hand,” she said

Residents came to Wangari’s rescue. They took her to Mairo Inya police station and called her younger sister, Rahab Wambui, who took her to Nyahururu Referral Hospital.

Kiongo followed them to the hospital, which is a few metres from Nyahururu police station. Police were notified and he was arrested.

Wambui said her sister recorded a statement at Mairo Inya police post. On Friday, they were told the suspect will be taken to court on Monday, but they later learnt he had been released under unclear circumstances.

Wambui is now hosting her sister and her six children in her single room in Mairo Inya town. She has one child of her own. Wangari is totally depended on her sister and well-wishers who are assisting them.

“My greatest fear is the suspect is still threatening us. If something is not done, he might come and kill us,” she said

She said the suspect burnt the children’s clothes. ”The children stay naked when I wash their clothes. They all crowd on the floor when it is time to sleep”, Wambui said

The county assembly women MCAs’ caucus chairperson, Milka Wanjiru, visited Wangari on Thursday.

She said it is unfortunate that Kiongo continues to do business at Mairo Inya market as if nothing has happened. She said it is even more troubling that he threatens his wife and the people assisting her.

“My prayer is that the relevant authorities take action before it is too late,” she said

Wanjiru said cases of domestic violence are on the rise in Nyandarua, but most victims keep silent.

Nyandarua North police boss Timon Odingo told the Star on the phone yesterday Kiongo in not off the hook.

Odingo said the suspect will be arrested and taken to court after a P3 Form is filled once Wangari is healed.

The police boss said Kiongo was released on cash bail as investigations continue.

“The problem with Kenyans is they want instant justice,” he said.

the star

Exposed! Here are the people who were to be killed alongside slain campus girl Sharon Otieno

Sharon Otieno, may her soul rest in peace died a cruel death and it has now emerged she was not meant to die alone but alongside other unidentified victims.

Her body was found dumped in Kodera forest with 8 stab wounds after being abducted alongside Nation journalist Barrack Oduor.

She was in a relationship with Migori Governor Okoth Obado who has confirmed he was the father of her unborn baby.

In what seems to be a new twist, the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti says plotters of Sharon’s murder had planned to kill some of those involved in the murder to cover up the crime.

Kinoti told The Nairobian that,

“Between three to five people who knew about Sharon’s murder were to be killed. Luckily, we uncovered the conspiracy.”

Governor Obado is one of the suspects who has been arraigned in court over the murder.

At least six people have been linked to the gruesome murder of the former Rongo University student, who was seven months pregnant with Obado’s baby at the time of her murder.

Besides  Obado,  his aides at the county, Michael Oyamo and Caspal Obiero; bodyguard Elvis Omondi; taxi driver Jack Gombe and former Kanyadoto MCA Lawrence Mula, have also been charged with the murder. Three other suspects are still at large.

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This is the man slain Kilimani woman Monica Kimani was planning to get married to

Monica Kimani was killed in a grisly fashion last week. While the whole country has been engulfed in the ensuing mess that has transpired, one man has been in more pain than some.

Monica Kimani's parents
Monica’s funeral

And that man is most likely Yasir Mohammed the man who planned to marry Monica Kimani according to the Nairobian. The man was a regular visitor to Kenya and his last visit came 3 months ago.

Friends For Life: Dennis itumbi shows major support for Jacque Maribe

Monica Kimani
The late Monica

Yasir is said to travel a lot around East Africa as it is believed that he is in a senior position in the company he works for in South Sudan.

According to the Nairobian, George Kimani the brother to the deceased described Yasir as:


Monica’s dad Pastor Ngarama, however, did not know Yasir so well. He explained to the Nairobian:


Monica Kimani's parents
The parents at the funeral

The deceased father said that his wife Millicent was the one who was well versed in the personal details of their late daughter.

Monica will surely be missed by her boyfriend as she was said to be a woman who loved life and enjoyed travelling to exotic locations around the world.

The late Monica enjoying her life

Friends For Life: Dennis itumbi shows major support for Jacque Maribe

Dennis Itumbi is out here supporting his best friend Jacque Maribe.

The TV anchor was yesterday questioned at by the police Kilimani station over the murder of 28-year-old woman Monica Nyawira Kimani.

Maribe’s fiance, Jowie – real name Joeseph Irungu – is the prime suspect.

In a lengthy post, Itumbi revealed that Maribe and Jowie’s relationship has been a journey and it’s genuine love not based on materialistic things as many claim.

‘Let me comment on the issues facing my good friend Jacque Maribe






“We all fall in love with strangers and as we grow in the connection we learn each other.

We learn each other strengths and weaknesses, we draw our boundaries, we try to strengthen each other.

If she does not keep time, you teach her with consensual reward and punishment. If he prefers to throw his socks everywhere you develop a way to end the bachelor thrill with a similar scheme, sometimes it works, sometimes it fails…but love remains and grows from challenge to the next.

We know the drill. Love connects a heart to another, it sets on fire a soul to another human flame.

There is nothing wrong about falling in love and expecting excellence to ooze from the star that twinkles for us even when the night is long gone.”

He went ahead to add that;




Having spoken to her, I am convinced she will tell her story of love to the police in detail. For like you and me we all have our stories, some more intense than even hers.

As friends, we can only pray for her.

May God, Love and Truth be her guide.”

He concludes by condoling with the family of the late Monica Kimani by saying;




Many seconded Itumbi and below are just some of their comments;

Ustadh Okello Kimathi Yaani Itumbi today is that one day; I have agreed with your thoughts for the first time in a very long time.

Brabetts Bayern Munich Nice words Literally!! We all fall in love and fall right into shit.

Brian Sang Rutto I read from this post a lot of pain hidden in poetry and submission to fate by you Itumbi. If Jacque escapes a jail term, propose to her…its never too late😂.

Joys Kimani My heart also goes out to Monica’s father, who lost a daughter. From the Facebook posts they also loved each other! It’s heart wrenching seeing a father mourn his daughter in such a distraught manner. I pray he finds peace, I pray he finds justice…

Abducted Mombasa woman rescued in Nairobi’s Majengo slum

A family in Mombasa is rejoicing after their 20-year-old pregnant daughter was found alive after going missing since Thursday last week, causing anxiety within the family.

Saida Abdulrahman, who went missing in Mombasa on Thursday, has been found alive in Nairobi she was rescued in Majengo slums on Sunday.

She was supposed to board a matatu from Mombasa to Malindi where she was to take a flight to Lamu on Thursday evening.

Does Manchester United want to sign Maina Kageni? Check out his cheeky response

According to family doctor Suleiman Hussein, Saida was admitted to Radiant hospital in Pangani for examination. He said at the point she was rescued, though she could not speak, she was walking but bleeding.

“Doctors have confirmed she is stable and out of danger but she has to undergo a scan to ascertain the cause of the bleeding,”

The abductors reportedly sent text messages to Saida’s husband Mohamed Abdulrahman using their hostage’s phone saying she had bled to death. The phone signal was last traced to Gulshan area, less than three kilometres from Saida’s home in Mvita.

Saida Abdulrahman who went missing on Friday, September 21, 2018. /BRIAN OTIENO

Akirima says

“They even took photos of her lying on the floor in a wrapper but we believe that she was still alive by the time they took that photo.

The police, however, told us the call was made from Sawe in Mtito Andei. They then later told us the phone had been traced to Nairobi.”

He said Saida had received a call from their mother, who is in Lamu, at around 11am asking her to hurry up so she could receive her at the Manda Airstrip.

‘My criminal life was as a result of poor upbringing’, Matheri’s (Rasta’s) wife narrates her story

Akirima adds

“Our sister then boarded a Tuk tuk to Buxton where she was to take a matatu to Malindi. At around 1.30pm, my mum called her again but her phone was off.”

Earlier on Saida’s mother Khadija Bwanaomar had pleaded with the police to secure the lass’ release from the hands of kidnappers.

She said her health has deteriorated since Saida Abdulrahman, 20, went missing on Thursday.

“I have not eaten or slept since then. Please, have mercy on me. I am diabetic and this situation is killing me,” Khadija pleaded.

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Baringo: 21-year old woman arrested after throwing 3-week-old baby in pit latrine 


21-year old woman was today arraigned before Kabarnet law court in Baringo County for allegedly throwing her three weeks old baby into a pit latrine.


Elizabeth Lemojong appeared before Resident Magistrate Nerolin Idagwa who ordered her to undergo a mental assessment before taking plea.

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“She should first be taken through mental examination maybe the accused could be suffering from post natal depression” Idagwa said.


She is reported to have done the heinous act at Logumgum village in Marigat, Baringo South Sub-county on September around 9pm.


“Neighbours heard the voice of a baby crying then they rushed to rescue and rushed him to Marigat Sub county hospital, where he survived” Marigat Chief Zephaniah Lekachuma said.


Lekachuma said he reported the matter to the police and county children officers who acted faster to arrest the suspect.


He further alludes that the lady confidently borrowed the keys to the toilet from the land lord then she deliberately did the criminal act to her second born baby.


However, Idagwa preferred the accused be referred to psychiatrist at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH)-Eldoret pending mention of of her case on September 26.


If found quilt the accused shall face charges contrary to section 127(1) of the children act number 3 of 2001.


The child is currently hosted in a children’s home within Kabarnet town while the mother is held in police custody pending court decision of her case.