A list of prominent Kenyans who DON’T drink alcohol (Photos)

People tend to have fun in many ways and I bet the way you enjoy your free time is not same as I do.

Some tend to visit parks, go hiking, attend church seminars while others choose to enjoy the bottle.

From spending times in clubs and indulging in binge drinking during weekends and holidays, their love for the brown bottle is outta this world.

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But did you know there are prominent people who don’t drink alcohol despite being rich? 

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Well, from Deputy president William Ruto to businessman Jimmy Wanjigi, meet the prominent Kenyans who don’t drink alcohol. 

1. William  Ruto

William RutoT
The deputy president is not a 
tippler. He’s a reserved man and has never tasted alcohol. 

2. Jimmy Wanjigi 

Jimi Wanjigi and his wife Irene Nzisa
Despite the fame and money, he doesn’t drink. According to sources, he only takes tea even when in social gatherings. Dear young men and women, take notes if you want to be successful.

3. Charles Njonjo
The 98-year-old veteran politician and tycoon doesn’t drink alcohol nor eat red meat.  Hello millennials, that’s the only secret to long life.

4. Daniel arap Moi

He’s no exception. The former president survives on traditional foods cooked using traditional methods 

5. Victor Wanyama

The Kenyan international footballer doesn’t drink alcohol, unlike many sportsmen who swim in alcohol, thanks to their fat cheques.

6. DJ Joe Mfalme

Kenya’s finest DJ is not a fan of the brown bottle nor the hard drinks. DJ Joe Mfalme survives on water and Redbull during night events.

Other world leaders and celebrities who don’t drink alcohol include: Kim Kardashian, 50 Cent, 
Shania Twain, Eminem, Chris Martin, Jennifer Lopez,  Bruce Willis, Tyra Banks just to mention but a few.

A Thankful Heart: Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s message to KOT

BBC TV personality Larry Madowo paid a visit to ailing Kibra Mp Ken Okoth, as he continues with medical treatment in Paris.

The MP who has won the hearts of Kenyans, disclosed recently that he was diagnosed with Cancer.

Madowo’s message read

Great catching up with my friend Ken Okoth.

He’s in good spirits and thanks everyone for the support

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Reasons why Monday’s should be your most productive days of the week

Ken Okoth is a man who has a story that has inspired many and still continues to inspire a lot of people.

The MP has been battling cancer but still continues to put on a brave and optimistic face amidst treatment.

Other Kenyas who have visited the MP include Speaker of the Senate ken Lusaka and Esther Passaris.

KOT whispered words of comfort to him under the comments section

mamah_nate: This too shall pass for Ken. He shall come out a Victor… Praying for him.

estheratsango: May God heal him. I shed tears for him almost daily. May our good Lord answer my prayers for Ken. I love him so much Such a great Leader.

judyjmutheu: Lord Jesus I thank you for the gift of great health and for those who don’t have this gift Lord I ask that you heal them. Amen

maureenakenga: May God grant you full recovery. Your best days are ahead of you. Hold on help is on the way.

samconny1: We’re praying for him…🙏🙏🙏🙏 God’s mercy upon him

saenyi_simon: Great to see you Ken…you shall get over this…. We are praying for you

stacyhope09: Keep well boss, may your healing come from the above

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Celebrities who have been hitting the gym hard in 2017

In these days of nyama choma and a dabo dabo, one is likely to pile on the pounds and not notice it.

But seriously guys it is hard to always be in shape, and the thought of hitting the gym in this cold is more than I can stand.

And some times, a loved one may hint to us that we perhaps need to shed some kilo’s, for the sake of a healthy heart.

This Is The SEXY Gym Instructor Enjoying Vera Sidika’s Juicy Thighs (PHOTOS)

These Kenyan male celebrities are staying off their comfort zone and working hard to stay in shape.

Here are celebrities who are sharing their inspiring gym stories plus selfies after a workout.

 Tv personality Willis Raburu recently tied the knot, and after returning from his honeymoon, the bubbly media personality has been hitting the gym hard.

His is a story that should inspire many of us, keeping in mind his health challenges a while back.

He has shared selfies after his workout with the most hilarious hashtag.

Post work out 🏋 feeling much better it’s almost like the day has just started 💪🏾💪🏾 #MafutaNiYaGari


Musician Colonel Mustafa. Besides his music career, the legendary singer has joined the cast of Nairobi Diaries and watching him interacting with the shenanigans of the female cast on screen is quite something.

The Dodoma Singida singer has been hitting the gym hard, flexing his muscles and showing us how he stays in shape.


Actor Jeff Okello..Whats his fitness mantra? Train hard or go home

The Mother-In-Law actor has been enjoying spending time with his newborn daughter Ella, and perhaps this has pushed him to hit the gym hard.


Sudi boy..He is a father to a new born baby boy, Liam Sudi.

He also just turned a year older, and celebrated his born day with fellow celebrity pals.

The Coast-based singer loves to hit the gym, and share selfies while at it.


 Betty Kyallo

This hot TV anchor never misses an opportunity to show us her style.  She recently posted a photo rocking gym gear, sending her fans into a frenzy, with many commenting how amazing she looks.


Vera Sidika

She is the envy of many Kenyan girls who want to emulate her style. As the brand ambassador for a detox product, she makes it to our list of sexy female celebrities who look amazing in workout gear.


 Wahu Kagwi

Singer Wahu turned a year older last week, and to mark her born-day, the mother of two shared some inspiring words with her famous huby Nameless. She has come out to explain why she is on a fitness journey, inspiring many of her fans to celebrate motherhood and the challenges that come with it.


 Talia Oyando

The former ‘night nurse’ will make you hit the gym for your next workout. She has previously been feaured onn the cover of a local magazine, where she opened up about her weight gain after giving birth to her cute son. This radio personality’s social media is awash with videos of her workouts, and I must say she has an enviable body that she flaunts in her equally stylish clothes.


Janet Mbugua

The sexy TV siren does not make it a secret that she has experienced physical and emotional changes when she became her mother. This celebrity mom does not need filters to look good in workout gear, looking cool and comfy.


Anerlisa Muigai

The daughter to Keroche Breweries CEO, Anerlisa surely knows how to work up a sweat. Have you seen her massive weight loss pictures? Don’t believe me, have a look below.

anerlisa muigai gym


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Most talked about baby showers of 2017

This truly was the year that our favorite female celebrities revealed they were pregnant. From fashionista Sharon Mundia, to Actress Jacky Vike, and media personalities Zubeida Kananu and Terry aAnne Chebet, the list of the amazing Kenyan ladies who held gorgeous baby showers is endless.

Check them out below, and als click the blue links to read the story.

  1. Sharon Mundia’s baby shower was held secretly after her friends arranged a who’s who get together as the blogger mum-to.be awaited her bundle of joy. The shower was held inAapril this year
sharon mundia baby shower
Blogger Sharon Mundia cradling her baby bump at her surprise shower

2. Former Citizen Tv news anchor Terry Anne Chebet surprised many of us when it was revealed she was heavily pregnant when her celebrity pals threw her a baby shower. Photos of the moment went viral as she had done a good job hiding her pregnancy



terry anne baby shower
Celebrity pals Janet Mbugua, Shix Kapienga and Lilian Muli were at the shower

3. Fashionista Annabel Onyango, who is married to Sauti Sol’s manager, gave birth back in September. The stylist shared photos of her glamourous baby shower and it was the envy of many.

anabel onyango baby shower
Fashionista Annabel Onyango glowing

4. Saumu Mbuvi. The Nairobi Governors daughter delivered her bundle of joy in March and her family shared no expense to give her a celebrity style baby shower

saumu sonko baby shower
Saumu’s mum, sisters and friends pose at the table