Murkomen was the first person to call after I lost my job – Ken Mijungu reveals (exclusive)

Ken Mijungu has had a mixed 2020. The former NTV anchor lost his job at NTV a few months ago but looks like he has rebounded back in a big way.

How was that possible? I spoke to the charismatic father of one who said that he was o.k mentally because he had been planning for any eventuality long before.

Ken Mijungu in the office

On whether he was OK with the way NTV undertook the retrenchment process, Ken said that he had no issues. “If I hadn’t gone, someone else would have gone. I look at it like everyone is the same.”

He added, “If I didn’t leave someone else would have left.”

Ken Mijungu in the office

Mijungu revealed that the reason he was able to bounce back from the retrenchment so quickly was that he had always been doing side-hustles since he started employment.

Kenyans support Ken Mijungu following his shocking sacking from NTV

One of his side-hustles is as a lawyer where he does consultancy for his clients while another was that he hires out premium cars to executive clients.

Ken Mijungu's new firm
Ken Mijungu’s firm

Ken attributed his success in media and in his side hustles to his professional work ethic and exceptional job performance.

And had Mr. Mijungu lost any friends during this trying time? “Not even one person has kept away” he enthused! “Not even one. Even the politicians have stuck with me. The first person to call me after I confirmed that I had lost my job was Kipchumba Murkomen.”

Kipchumba Murkomen
Kipchumba Murkomen

He added, “The second person Belgut MP, Nelson Koech. I have even received messages from Francis Atwoli and Raila Odinga. If I wanted to get work elsewhere I wouldn’t tarmac because I am a professional and do my job well.”

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I don’t mind, 7 daughters, 6 daughters – Ken Mijungu says about children (exclusive)

Ken Mijungu was one of the premier television hosts when he worked on NTV for more than a dozen years before his retrenchment a few months ago.

He has already landed back on his feet and is doing many of his side-hustles. More of that story below:

Murkomen was the first person to call after I lost my job – Ken Mijungu reveals (exclusive)

One area of his life that many tend to ignore is his personal life. Ken who got married in 2017, has been blessed with a baby girl and keeps his family hidden from the public spotlight.

Ken Mijungu wedding
Ken Mijungu wedding

His reason is that showing of his family isn’t necessary especially for a married man.

“At a point, you realise it is necessary to keep it private. It is not necessary to keep your relationship out there. There is no need because you are a married man, why should you broadcast it all over?”

He added, “You know when at first you get married there is that excitement but when you settle down you want to relax. There is no point in revealing your private life. You want to lead your life and this person(his wife) leads their life.”

On whether Ken would want more kids, the lawyer and journalist espoused that he wanted more kids, regardless of gender. “I am planning for more God-willing. I don’t mind, 7 daughters, 6 daughters, 5, 4, 3, 2…I don’t mind.”

Ken Mijungu with his wife
Ken Mijungu with his wife

Ken also spoke about the reason many celebrity relationships are failing saying,

“People get into marriages for different reasons, then when you have been together for some time you realise it isn’t working. If you are a married man you realise that there are several things that happen…if someone tells you they want to leave let them leave.”

Ken Mijungu
Ken Mijungu

He finished off by saying that people should move on when they see that their relationship isn’t working. “If it’s not working it’s not working. Don’t kill yourself, don’t kill someone’s child.”

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Allan Makaka died two days after I met him-Ken Mijungu narrates (exclusive)

I recently spoke to Ken Mijungu and the former NTV presenter revealed some interesting facts about his life.

One of the most fascinating stories was his close friendship with the late Kenya rugby player Allan Makaka.

Allan Makaka
Allan Makaka

Ken was speaking about the biggest lesson that he had learnt this year saying that life is precious, explaining that the last time you speak to someone could be the last time you see them.

“Allan Makaka died two days after I had met him and we had spoken. We were very cool friends. I met when  I gave him business and he also gave me business later on. That’s how our friendship transpired,” Mijungu said.

Ken Mijungu in the office

The former Kenya Sevens Rugby player died after his car rammed into a trailer along Mombasa road on Friday night.

Born on 28 June 1982, Allan was a former Kenya Sevens international and was part of the squad that played at the 2005 Rugby World Cup Sevens in Hong Kong and the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia.

He made a total of 57 appearances on the Sevens World Series,managing 28 tries and is ranked 21st overall amongst Kenya’s all time try scorers on the World Series.

Makaka, scored most tries for Kenya in the 2004-2005 World Rugby Sevens Series while having the most points at 86 the same year.

Allan Onyango and Allan Makaka in their heyday on the national Rugby Sevens team.
Allan Onyango and Allan Makaka in their heyday on the national Rugby Sevens team.

Until his demise, Makaka worked for Royal Media Services as the Business Manager in charge of Hot96.

The late player is survived by his widow, Lilian Muthama, and two children Liam Lijoodi Shisiali and Lyona Ndunge Shisiali.

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Ken Mijungu discloses new path after losing his job at NTV

The media industry has been in a precarious position over the past few years. Redundancies upon redundancies have been the order of the day for the struggling 5th estate.

The industry has seen high-profile and nigh-untouchable journalists jobless. People like Betty Kyallo, Jalang’o and Ken Mijungu have seen the door at their respective stations despite them being high draws to the public.

Betty Kyallo in green dress
Betty Kyallo in green dress

Betty and Jalang’o have swiftly moved on to other things with Miss Kyallo re-launching her salon, Flair by Betty while Jalang’o will be joining Kiss FM.

What about Ken Mijungu? The man is not moping about his lost job. The man has revealed that he has started a legal consultancy under his firm called “Ken Mijungu Legal consultancy”.

Ken Mijungu's new firm
Ken Mijungu’s new firm

The photo on his social media page explained that Ken Mijungu Consultancy firm would be offering legal services in the following fields; Legal, Immigration, Finance, Property, imports and Exports.

‘No negative energy’ Betty Kyallo shades haters after Dennis Okari, Ken Mijungu drama

He captioned the post; “Believers will always be believers Mathew 6: 26-34”. For those of you who aren’t aware, Mijungu is a Lawyer by profession,

The news was met with joy from his fans and followers who were inspired by his quick turn-around from losing his job to starting his own business.

Ken Mijungu in the office

The man had worked at NTV for seven years until July 3rd, 2020 when he was fired among other top talents, before that his journey in the media industry began on February 28, 2008 at Regional Reach, which later changed its name to Mediamax.

“I was there for 4 years before I went to CCTV Africa for about 15 months, then in February 2013, I came to NMG. Actually, this is the longest I have been at a place” said Mijungu in a past interview.

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Kenyans support Ken Mijungu following his shocking sacking from NTV

This past week is already one big surprise -Corazon Kwamboka was pregnant. But it seems that the month of July is bursting at the seams to keep on shocking us.

Yesterday, news dropped that Ken Miujngu had been sacked by NTV. The bombshell was unexpected as the news anchor has been a mainstay at the channel for many a year.

Ken Mijungu in the office

But it seems that that wasn’t enough as he was made redundant by the Aga Khan-owned station.

The 34-year-old broke the news via his social media accounts that he was among the many casualties of the latest media ax.

“The ax fell at NTV newsroom and I was on its way. Seven years in those corridors summed up in a two page letter of termination. We live to fight another day. Thanks to God, he remains the greatest, thank you NTV Kenya for the opportunity and thank you for always staying tuned,” he confirmed.

The news came as surprise especially considering that the man’s caliber as a winner of the prestigious CNN African Journalist Awards Special Commendation.

Ken Mijungu in the office

The redundancy also saw several senior editors and managers began on June 2, as part of cost-cutting as the Aga Khan-owned media house shifted gear to digital transformation.

“Further, this new reality (COVID-19) necessitates the reengineering of Nation Media Group to accelerate its digital transformation. This will include focusing on resourcing people in new areas critical for the Group. Regrettably, this will result in a reduction of our workforce,”,” the company’s CEO said.

‘No negative energy’ Betty Kyallo shades haters after Dennis Okari, Ken Mijungu drama

While the media industry has suffered serious job losses the past year, many so more into Ken’s termination than just simple math. Some of those comments are below:

matie_mumo Umefukuzwa kazi ama ni siasa tu naskia

_wasonga_ The future is bright bro🙌

linah_wanjiru All the best to the next one

agnesmwitib Another way will open for you relax

madowo_paul You did well

anjeremercy I wish you well in your next step @kenmijungu you did well 👏

wangechi.muriuki On to the next, keep winning!

mukaminkonge Better opportunity underway Ken…. It is well, may God be with you on your next move

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‘No negative energy’ Betty Kyallo shades haters after Dennis Okari, Ken Mijungu drama

Betty Kyallo seems to have taken shots at social media users after she and her baby daddy Dennis Okari trended on twitter after they invited people inside their personal lives.

She shared a video of DJ Khaled on social media and wrote “Mumesikia? 🔊 Msiniletee negative energy hapa na ma-expert opinion 😂😂😂. Use it yourself 😂😂 I do what I want.”

It started when Betty took to social media to thank all who were there for her when her baby Ivanna was admitted to ICU for 4 months.

Betty thanked the doctors, friends and family but it didn’t go well with Okari’s best friend Ken Mijungu who shared screenshots of a conversation between him and Betty.

“I was crushed!” Betty Kyallo opens up about daughter’s illness

“Okari only came to work when he could and our boss understood for all those months. To deliberately paint him as irresponsible is immoral my friend. You don’t have to correct the impression you have created because the Somali guy is by your side but at-least be honest. We were friends before and one day we shall be friends again. Even though the relationship did not work Ivanna remains part of us and we thank God she is ok. As a friend, I followed up the progress of Ivanna occasionally texting Betty and sneaking in at the ward to see her. Anyone who has been to the ICU knows it’s a huge glass cubicle. You don’t need to thank Okari and Ivanna’s grandparents who visited and prayed with her but at least be honest about it. Ivanna opened her eyes on the 9th of April and we thank God for the miracle.”

Mijungu’s revelation also didn’t go well with Mercy Kyallo, Betty’s sister who responded with a long message;

“This is disappointing, I would urge for all intended purposes everyone attacking, bullying and with no substance coming at my sister Betty to first read and digest what it is that she has posted on her platform. The message that has been lost. That as we wrap up last year & reflect upon it, she chose to give thanks to God and appreciated her tests & accomplishments. 
Ken, you cannot force a thank you, Maybe that is why the old Swahili Saying “ Tenda Wema nenda Zako” You wrote her a disrespectful message asking her why she hasn’t thanked Dennis & you in her post, really? Looks like you are still seriously “keeping up” 
Dennis, I could see your handwriting everywhere, Last time we met, you took over my night shift & offered to sleep over with the baby. We thought to ourselves as a family that – you are a stranger – you & Naomi were both strangers to us but it was your right as a father, a kind gesture & we respected that. But after that you left, not a phone call or a message, yes you gave your contribution to our 9m+ ( yes correction 9m+) bill but never turned back to know if & how we left hospital. We were in hospital for 4months, you came around for 4 weeks then disappeared. 
Ken, It is distasteful that you would take the responsibility to lay public our hospital bill & allude that you (& team) contributed the heavier chunk, which nothing is further from the truth. Do you even know about after-care that is still ongoing?,
we had a home nurse & had a physiotherapist vist everyday (ksh 3000) per day. 
You found us at the ICU having gone through the toughest
– Dennis you had not seen your daughter’s face in years. You left us at the ward, before she could even regain her cognitive abilities never to be seen & heard from again. If you would like to talk about it do it on your platform. Respectfully. 
How dare you CALL THE POLICE , Saying Betty has threatened you TWO MEN. 
after you wrote her such a disrespectful message. Wow. “

R.I.P: NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu is grieving

Nation media group news anchor, Ken Mijingu is grieving the passing on of a close relative, believed to be his granny.

Posting on his Instagram page, Mijingu celebrated her life after she passed on aged 85 years.

He posted, 85 years of life fully led! The Matriarch rested!

8 Photos That Prove Ken Mijungu And His Wife Are Couple Goals

ken mijungu

NTV Reporter Ken Mijungu Threatens To Resign If This Is Not Done

Below are some of the messages of condolences he received from his friends and colleagues as they celebrated a life well lived.

trevor_ombija: Stay strong my brother, she raised you all very well..shine on the mantle!

joydoreenbiira : Condolences Ken

senmediaandeventsltd: My condolences bro,find peace at such time as this RABORA.

ragotraphael: My sincere condolences my brother @kenmijungu … She rests with the angels..

jamalkimz: My condolences to you Ken.May God give you strength

Mijungu also shared a photo of his adorable mother surrounded by her offspring who won many people’s hearts due to their striking resemblance, with Mijungu captioned the photo ‘Top security for Mrs. Mijungu’

See the photo below.

ken mijungu