RIP! ‘All She Needed Was You To Be By Her Side,’ Did TV Actress Predict Her Death! (Photos)

Tv actress was laid to rest on Saturday at her parents home in Kilifi.

Carolyne Rita Mutua, a filmmaker paid tribute to Maureen Wanza who died during childbirth. Pundits claim that the nurses strike contributed to her death.

“We have been soo accustomed to watching you on screen to make the program shine in every program you acted,” Carolyne wrote on Facebook, “You would bring the audience to the edge of their seat with your epic skills,and now unashamedly I state that you were a significant actress in this industry. I celebrate you Kelitu… We will miss you mostly by your son Prince and your fans, but we will hold on to the beautiful memories we created.”

 Maureen’s co-star, Ken Ambani added, “It’s that time we lay you to rest. I know you in a better place… I celebrate you and shall always cherish the times God granted us to share you. Fare thee well Maureen Wanza my friend.”

Maureen was loved by many. One of her last social media posts is very telling.

It is like she predicted her death.

here is what she wrote,


You made Love to your Wife one Night and left Her the next Morning without looking back. You Were in search for the Greener Pasture.
You left her all alone for 9 months. Your wife got Pregnant that night. And for the next 9 months she was all Alone In the Cold.
She first Noticed Her Body changing,
And then the Doctor said she is Pregnant.
The News gave Her Joy but Sadness filled her Heart as She was longing to sleep in your Arms. She wanted You to be there when your Baby starts Kicking inside Her Belly.
But all She got was Your Voice on the Phone.
So many times She cried.
She could not prepare her Meals.
Sometimes she will Sleep all Day with Body Pains as the Symptoms took hold of Her and sometimes She Will Vomit throughout the Night.
She will Wake up Weak and Exhausted.
She will force herself to Cook but after Cooking.
She won’t feel like eating anymore.
All she needed was You to be by Her side.
To Make Her Smile.
To Rub Her Belly and Listen to Her when she talks about how She is Feeling.
To take her out.
To to walk with her and keep her bed warm.
After going through the pains of Post-Mother hood, On that Fateful day, at the Hospital, in the Labour Room, All She could say was your Name due to the Pains, Sufferings and Sadness She Faced.
Suddenly something went wrong.
She died with the Baby.
You are to be Blamed !!
My Brothers Always Take Care of your Woman Especially when She is Pregnant.
Care and Protect our Pregnant Women for they are in Control of the Future.
To All The pregnant Women out there, you will not Die on the Day of Bountiful Joy.
You will live to Raise your Child in Happiness and good Health.
You and your Family Members will not Die Prematurely !!

May she rest with the angels.


Here are photos from the funeral in Kilifi.

9 Celebrity Wives Who Keep Away From The Limelight

We all know the showbiz business is all about the glitz and glam. Celebrities are all about showing off their pretty wives from visiting lavish places to showing up at red carpet events.

However as much as you envy their lives, some of the biggest celebrity wives have decided to keep it on the low and stay away from the public limelight.

Here are some of wives of celebrities who are not about the limelight:

1.Jua Kali

There is no doubt he is one of the finest rappers in the country but despite his success, he has chosen to keep his private life under wraps. He is married to the beautiful Lily Asego. Having a good woman on his side, has partly contributed to his success over the years.



Wyre can pride himself for being among the musical pioneers in Kenya’s current entertainment industry. He dated his wife for 8years before they got married. He rarely shows his other side, the family side. To date, people don’t even know how his son looks like.


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3. Eric Wainaina

Eric Wainaina married his fiancée Sheba in 2008 and together they have two daughters, Seben and Neo.


3.Ken Ambani

Ken Ambani is a screen legend since back in the day when there was only a few TV stations to choose from. Away from the screens and film making, Ken is a family man, a husband and a father to very beautiful kids. Ken is very private and he is rarely seen with his better half.


4.Mark Maasai

Mark Masai is a Kenyan media personality. He is a TV journalist and presenter at NTV who has been described by some of his fans as professional and good looking. He got married to Fiona Nduta back in 2015.



5.John Allan Namu

Apart from being a professional journalist, John Allan Namu is also a loving husband and father. He married his beautiful wife Sheena Makena in 2010 and seven years later they are still solid


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6.Hussein Mohamed

Hussein Mohamed is one of the top news anchors in Kenya and he hosts prime time news in a popular TV station. One thing about Hussein that we rarely see is his private life. He got married in 2014 to a lady by the name Malyun.


7. Ben Kitili

Ben Kitili is one of the senior anchors in a TV station. He is engaged to the beautiful Amina Mude.



Pitson is with no doubt one of the promising artistes in the gospel industry. Apart from his music, he is a family man and is married to Carol Mwai. He describes himself as a great husband.



Antony Mburu commonly known as Tony, formerly of the M.O.G tops the list of the most private when it comes to his personal life. He walked down the aisle in 2014 and married the love of his life, Marjorie.

tony mog