Ballers Already? Check out some of the rich kids of East African celebrities

Call them Boss babies or whatever you like, but these kids are living the high-life.

They are the fortunate kids of some of East Africa’s celebrities who have the privilege of having rich and famous parents.

They will eventually gain and rip the benefits of their position as their kids.

Here is just some of the rich kids of East African celebrities:

1. Wahu and Nameless’ kids

The two popular and successful Kenyan artistes have two beautiful daughters Tumiso and Nyakio.

Furthermore, Nameless and Wahu have been in the music industry for more than 10 years each.

So you can imagine the wealth they have amassed over that time.

Nameless, Wahu and daughters

2. Tiffah Dangote

She’s the 1st born of superstar Diamond Platnumz and 4th born to socialite and businesswoman, Zari Hassan.

She also has a younger brother, Prince Nillan Dangote, Diamond and Zari’s 2nd born.

Let’s just say these two bambinos are sorted.

Diamond Platnumz,Zari and kids

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3. Akothee’s kids

Akothee has 5 kids -3 beautiful daughters and 2 adorable sons – who she works hard for.

Similarly she is not only a successful and very famous musician – she’s also a businesswoman.

Also, with her flamboyant lifestyle, you can bet her kids are getting a taste of it too.


4. Keep It Real & Am Blessed Dydda

The two are the sons of gospel artiste Eko Dydda.

In addition, they two have already started to make their mark in the gospel music industry.

They are already making hits and that of course is bringing in money for them, even at their young age.

keep it real and am blessed

rich kids2

5. Pierra Makena’s daughter

DJ Pierra Makena’s daughter is one to watch out for with her mum being one of the most recognized DJs in the country.

pierra makena and daughter

6. Ladasha Belle

Ladasha Belle is the daughter of DJ Mo and gospel songstress Size 8.

Also, she is a brand ambassador of Softcare diapers.

The little girl has over 200,000 followers on her Instagram account and counting.

I mean, she’s already making money and she’s not even hit 10 years of age.

rich kids5

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ADORABLE! This Is The AMAZING Thing Eko Dydda’s Sons Did On National TV (VIDEO)

We know him for his hit songs, Me and My House, Niko na Reason and now the master of stammering lyrics is back. And yes, he has a heavy comeback. That’s not my point though!

His comeback has revealed new talent.

Well, Eko Dydda’s two sons are the most amazing kids who have ventured into rapping at a tender age.

In an interview with a local TV show, his sons unveiled their new rap gospel song dubbed Sunday Nipate kwa Church.

eko dydda sons 1

So, now that he has two rappers in the house what is their name? Thanks for asking.

Surprisingly, Eko Dydda’s sons are called Keep It Real and Am Blessed….And I mean their real birth names, thus they are not pseudo names.

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eko dydda sons

Eko Dydda, who has been off the gospel music industry for sometime has also made a major comeback with his new track Vidole which has already started ruling the airwaves.

His sons however proof to have the new taste for the next generation.

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keep it real1

Check out their performance;