Mpeketoni residents up in arms after KDF soldiers force them to swim in muddy waters

Mpeketoni residents are up in arms after KDF soldiers forced them to roll and swim in a muddy sewage after they were found walking at night.

They said ruthless soldiers conducting the Linda Boni operation are harassing them.

The latest incident happened on Monday when those walking home from their places of work were forced to roll in muddy sewage.

Kathleen Wanjiru said she met the soldiers on her way home after closing her pub in Mpeketoni at about 11pm.

Attempts to explain to the soldiers where she was coming from fell on deaf ears. She said the officers asked for her ID card which she showed them. They then insisted that she swims in the sewage.

“They said they would teach me a lesson so I won’t walk at night again. It was the most humiliating experience of my life,” Wanjiru said.

Wanjiru said she was in skirt suit. The soldiers ordered her lie in the ditch and roll without removing any cloth.

The soldiers stood on the ditch laughing as their captives rolled in the mud, Wanjiru said.

“I was not alone. I saw an elderly man who is respected in Mpeketoni also undergoing the same. It was very embarrassing,” Wanjiru said.

Boda boda rider Kimani Hassan said they were ordered to keep motorcycles out of the road by 6pm.

Those found on the road beyond the time are subjected to dehumanizing punishments, he said.

“Sometimes you are forced to carry the motorbike on your head. It doesn’t matter if the motorcycle is loaded or not. You have to lift it and jump with it like a frog,” Hassan said.

He said a soldier would be counting until one has jumped 10 times before one is released or ordered to undertake another punishment or repeat the process.

“It’s painful. I almost broke my back because I wasn’t able to lift the bike, so they kicked me all over,” Hassan said.

Other residents said they were forced to frog-jump countless times until the soldiers felt it was enough.

Wainaina Kimaru who operates a matatu business between Lamu and Mpeketoni said he was forced to do 100 frog jumps.

He said he suffers from high blood pressure and the punishment almost killed him.

“By the time they were telling me to go, I could barely stand. I collapsed in front of them but they just laughed and left me there,” Kimaru said.

He said his conductor drove the vehicle to Mpeketoni hospital where doctors said he suffered heart attack due to the strenuous jump.

“The soldiers are merciless,” Kimaru said.

Operation Linda Boni was launched in 2015 with main objective of flushing out Al shabaab militants from inside the Boni forest.

The operation was initially meant for Basuba, Milimani, Mararani, Mangai, Kiangwe, Bodhei, Sangailu, Masalani, Galmaghala and all other areas around the Boni forest.

However the operation was eventually extended to include Mpeketoni, Ijara, Witu, Pandanguo, Poromoko and parts of Kilifi county.

However the recent mistreatment of innocent unarmed civilians who were heading home after a day’s work by making them roll in mud has sparked outrage from locals and human rights groups in the region who want the matter probed and action taken against the concerned officers.

Haki Africa representative in Lamu Yunus Issakia urged Interior CS Fred Matiang’i to intervene.

Issakia said residents were being harassed yet there was no curfew in the region.

“If the curfew is back, let the government inform residents instead of the harassment in the hands of KDF,” Issakia said.

Unfair and unacceptable.We want the CS to do something about this.These are people who are being treated like animals,yet they didn’t commit any crime,”said Issakia.

A senior KDF official said they were investigating the matter.

“If any of our officers will be found culpable, then be sure the right measures will be instituted against them.The soldiers have no right to harass people. It’s not part of their mandate,” the officer said.

Efforts to reach Lind Boni Operation director Joseph Kanyiri were futile as his phone was switched off.


Kidathi Kinene Fiu! KDF is trending and NO it’s not the army

Dear Cool Kids! The KDF is not the army but mandazi according to masufferers, who are deeply offended you don’t know much about the hustle.

So the interwebs is awash with the initials KDF, and while some know about it, others are completely clueless.

KTN tv presenter Betty Kyallo is being trolled for asking about it, and so here are KOT’ answers to the KDF question and why it’s important.

Vigil For Fallen KDF Soldiers To Be Held At Uhuru Park

A vigil for KDF soldiers killed in an attack by Al Shabab in Eladde, Somalia will be held at 5pm today at Uhuru Park’s Freedom corner

The event will be hosted by members of  the civil society, who have suggested that the government should build a monument in honor of fallen soldiers.

They further urged those who wish to attend the vigil to carry a candle or flowers, to be laid down and lit at the site.

The government is yet to give the official number of the fatalities and those still missing following the attack.

KDF jets bombs two al Shabaab bases in Somalia after Garissa attack

The Kenyan air force bombed two al Shabaab camps in Somalia on Sunday, in the first major military response to last week’s attack by the militant group on a Kenyan university.

Kenya Defence Forces spokesman David Obonyo confirmed the attacks but did not give more details.

A military source told Reuters that jets pounded the camps in Gondodowe and Ismail, both in the Gedo region bordering Kenya.

Cloud cover made it difficult to establish how much damage the bombings caused or estimate the death toll.

“We targeted the two areas because according to information we have, those (al Shabaab) fellows are coming from there to attack Kenya,” he said, in reference to Thursday’s massacre at Garissa University College, some 200km (120 miles) from the Somali border.

KDF plane crashes in Kismayu

A Kenya Defence Forces aircraft crashed after it developed technical problems while returning from a combat mission in Kismayu Thursday afternoon.

The fighter jet was coming from Dhasheegga near Farwamo, which is an area under the control of foreign Al Shabaab fighters and Baar Sanguni area when it crashed within the general Kismayu area.

KDF said that the aircraft was returning from a combat mission when it developed technical problems and crashed at around 3:15pm. The fate of the pilots and other crew on board is still unknown.

“Today, 04th December 2014, at around 1515hrs (3.15pm) a KDF aircraft while returning from a combat mission in Jamaame, (Southern Somalia), developed technical problems and crashed in the general area of Kismayu,” a statement from KDF spokesman Colonel David Obonyo said.

A military camp and ammunition store were destroyed and a number of attackers killed during the airstrikes according to residents and members of the Guddud administration.

KDF has increased air strikes in Somalia after Al Shabaab attacks in Kenya in which over seventy six people have been brutally massacred in Mandera, Wajir and Garissa.

-The Star


KDF says 49 more al Shabaab militia killed in Somalia

The Kenya Defence Forces on Wednesday evening said it has killed 49 al Shabaab fighters.

In a statement, the KDF said, its troops under AMISOM carried out an air strike on al shabaab camps at Hargeisayere and Minyonta in Jilib at 12.15pm on Tuesday.

Among those killed were five senior commanders, while 27 others were injured. KDF said two technical vehicles were also destroyed during the air strike.

“The two camps are important Al Shabaab logistics and operational bases which have been key transit points for militia movement to other areas.” KDF said in the statement.

This comes after the KDF on Monday released photos on an alleged rain on the militias in which it said more than 100 militiants in Somalia were killed following a bus attack in Mandera that claimed 28 lives.