‘I am cancer free,’ Bishop Kiuna narrates how tough it was fighting for his life

Bishop Allan Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) says he is 100 per cent cancer-free.
Speaking to Weekend with Betty Kiuna says it was difficult, but his wife stood by him.

“When I was diagnosed with Myeloma Cancer. The cancer forms in a type of white blood cell called a plasma cell, it was hard and I even felt like losing hope but, I remained prayerful and my wife was so strong for me,” he said.
He adds that life is about challenges and being able to face them and conquer them.

“I have been able to face them by understanding that its never over until God says so. I had to accept that it was something I had to face and also overcome.”

After the diagnosis, Kiuna says he now appreciates life than he ever did before.
“My wife and even my family and my ministry but I had to endure it. Go through it prayerfully and as you do that He will come through it and you will overcome,” he said.

Why is God not healing you?! Atheist Harrison Mumia asks Allan Kiuna


As a result of chemotherapy treatment, the preacher says he lost his hair and his skin turned darker but he is now healed and able to even run.

He wrote on Facebook,

“When my hair fell off, my skin became dark and my body started giving in, I kept decreeing the promises of God. Today by God’s grace I ran 10kms near the Aegean sea in Istanbul in 1 and half hours 💪🏼💪🏼and next year same time I will run 10kms in 59.40,” he wrote.

He continued:

“I can testify that I am totally healed, totally whole, totally restored, I have seen the healing power of God.”

Bishop Kiuna first disclosed his battle with cancer in August this year while condoling with the families of Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso and Kibra MP Ken Okoth.

The two leaders succumbed to cancer in July.
“I am so grateful to God for having seen me through a difficult battle with cancer last year. My heart goes out to the families of all who have lost their loved ones to the scourge,” he wrote on Facebook.

Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna embracing
Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna embracing


I love you more than you know! Kathy Kiuna celebrate her daughter’s birthday

Kathy Kiuna’s first daughter Vanessa Kovac added a new year yesterday.

To celebrate her birthday, Rev Kathy Kiuna described her daughter as a generous person.

“My little angel is no longer so little. She turns 30 today. What a beautiful, hardworking, selfless, loving young lady she is. I remember she would give all her clothes and our fight would be me reminding her who bought them. Such a beautiful wife, mother, friend and so much more. Happy birthday sweetheart. May you have many blissful years ahead. I love you more than you know,” she wrote.


Vanessa is married to a South African man Robert Kovac and together they welcomed their first child in September 2016 after walking down the aisle in a beautiful and colorful wedding ceremony back in December 2015.

What Kathy Kiuna told her daughter after a sponsor pursued her

Robert birthday came four days before Vanessa’s.

My son in law/love turned 30 4 days ago. We celebrate both of them at this time and wish them the best life ahead. Happy birthday Robert and Vanessa,” Kiuna added.

Check out messages;

prophetesmonicah Happy birthday to him

jaynekirubi: Great son in law..awesome daughter. What a blessing 🙏🏽 we celebrate you

njoroge5568:Beautiful people happiest birthday

tracy6ie3:Happy birthday to Robert and Venessa😍😍😍may you guys live to see many more.

‘Stop settling for just any man’ Kathy Kiuna advises single women

Kathy Kiuna and her husband are envied by many as a role model not only because of their lifestyle but also because of their marriage.

The couple have been married for more than two decades and going by their constant photos it is obvious that they are in love.

Kathy took the chance to advise women on why it is important to love yourself and know your worth.

Singles, you’re going to keep crying and adjusting your crown over and over until you realize your worth and own it.

Stop settling for just any man for the sake of having one in your life.

Most times the problem is you keep listening to the society, your friends and family who keep pressing you to have a man.

Perfectly Imperfect: Check out Kiuna’s daughters and their kids (photos)

Kathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna
Kathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna

This is your life, not trial and error. You will keep going round in cycles until you decide to stop settling for just anyone.

Heal, find peace within yourself and learn to love yourself. Find God and live life abundantly, your spouse will find you. The glow on your crown will be so bright, he won’t miss it.

You would rather marry late than marry wrong!


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Bedsitters for who? Check out Kathy Kiuna’s posh Runda mansion

Kathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna are known for their posh life style but this is one of the many blessings that come with being a pastor.

The bible says that

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.’James 1:17

Kiuna lives in the posh estates of Runda and going by this photos if is obvious that they are indeed blessed.

From buying their wives Lamborghini’s on anniversaries to flying private jets, here are the flashiest pastors in town


Apparently some faithfuls from the Jubilee Christian Church (Allan and Kathy Kiuna’s church), were some time back taken on a tour of the massive private property to see what ‘God can do’.

Some managed to sneak out with photos.

Though we cannot confirm their authenticity, here is the alleged Kiuna’s residence and it is posh.While some of us are busy struggling in our bedsitters here is what the Kiuna’s own.

‘My pastor husband forced me to abort, beat me and raped me’ Cries Terry








Lupita once said that every dream is valid and personally I hope I will one day own such a house nimechoka kuziona kwa movies.

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Adorable photos of Kathy Kiuna’s grand kids that will make you go Aawww

Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her popular husband Bishop Allan Kiuna are proud grandparents and they are never shy to flaunt their grand kids.

The kiuna’s have two daughters Stephanie and Vanessa Kiuna.

Their first daughter Vanessa Kovac welcomed her first child  in September 2016.

Vanessa and her South African lover, Robert Kovac walked down the aisle in a beautiful and colorful wedding ceremony back in December 2015.

‘My husband ignored me for 8 months’ Evelyn Wanjiru painfully recalls

kathy kiuna

Yeeeeeeey. what a mighty god we serve, angels bow before him, heaven and earth adore him. He has done it again. blessed us with a second grandchild baby Amanda.

David was so blessed until he asked God “is this your usual way of dealing with man.” I can understand him now coz god has blessed us yafu yafu,” Kathy wrote in instagram

Check out kids of your favorite Kenyan celebrities -Photos

In 2017 Kiuna’s daughter Stephanie also welcomed her first baby, Nia Gizelle Kiuna.

Below are photos of Kiuna’s adorable grand kids Nia and Mandy


Kiuna’s daughter and grand daughter.
Baby Nia (In yellow) and baby Mandy

A woman who cannot cook is a scam – Shouts Kenyan men

Kathy KIuna’s son with his niece Nia


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Perfectly Imperfect: Check out Kiuna’s daughters and their kids (photos)

Kathy Kiuna is among Kenyans who have recently earned the name ‘grandma and grandpa’ after their daughters gifted them adorable grand kids.

The classy pastor, who is married to pastor Allan Kiuna, cannot get enough of the fact that not only did they get grand kids but also extra sons as well.

In one of her previous posts, Kathy pens of her excitement of the double blessings

” Just came across this photo and thought😳WHO KNEW?? Surely what God does no man can do. That Jeremy @dj.jayq now has some white brothers who are absolutely amazing. I no longer have one son but three. This God is too good ooooo. The only issue is that for the last two years I’ve been dating a grandfather 👴 😂😂. When we have our endless stories in the middle of the night we always laugh and ask each other “guks and shosh you mean you still have energy”.

Lanes! Vera Sidika reveals she is a landlady in Nyali (Evidence)

Alan Kiuna

That’s become our joy, The grandkids are a whole other story. I’m glad though that he’s a grandpa with swag. These sons thou, do very daring things like kite surfing 🏄‍♀️ in the daring deep seas and I’m praying that grandpa’s swag doesn’t take him that direction😳.

I need his bones intact. These kids are in their 20s they can’t break nothing 😂😂. I will soon tell you how grandpa plays with his grandkids .

What😳😳when I call them Nia’s first question before saying hi is “WHERE’S GUKA” You will know why . Have a great weekend full of laughter.”

In another post, Pastor Allan shared a photo of him and his girls with the following caption.

“Guks with Daughters and grand daughters. Too beautiful to behold. The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow with it . Guks preached a storm today. We simply had church.”

Allan Kuna with his daughters and grand daughters

Well here are photos of the Kiuna’s beautifully family





image-2019-01-22(7)(1) image-2019-01-22(5)(1)



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From buying their wives Lamborghini’s on anniversaries to flying private jets, here are the flashiest pastors in town

Ever heard the phrase ‘All animals are equal but some are more equal than others?’ well that’s from the book Shamba la Wanyama.

We take a look at some pastors whose flashy lifestyle fully describes the above statement for the mere reason that they make us ‘poor’ people question our existence.

From driving flashy cars, to owning mansions here are some of the flashiest pastors we know

1. Kathy Kiuna

Apparently some faithfuls from the Jubilee Christian Church (Allan and Kathy Kiuna’s church), were some time back taken on a tour of the massive private property to see what ‘God can do’. Some managed to sneak out with photos.

Though we cannot confirm their authenticity, here is the alleged Kiuna’s residence and it is posh.While some of us are busy struggling in our bedsitters here is what the Kiuna’s own.

‘He prayed so passionately and even blessed the dead’ Jamal Gaddafi’s friend reveals his last actions before his gruesome death


Prophet Owuor’s Runda Mansion worth Ksh 340 Million (Photos)

2. Rev Lucy Natasha

She is considered the flashiest pastor in Kenya.

Apart from owning a fleet of cars, she also walks around with ‘disciples’ who frankly speaking look like bodyguards.

The cars retail at a base price of at least 6 million shillings each. And she has many of them. Many! That is what pastors do with the hard-earned tithes that their congregants give them. *cough! cough!*



‘She’s only 15 but tempts me so much by sending me her nudes, I am tempted to give in and smash her’ Cries city man

3. Johnson Suleman

In Nigeria, Apostle Johnson Suleiman also travels in convoy with a huge contigent of security guards.

However it not rare as the country has a high rate of kidnappings especially among the high and mighty such as Pastor Johnson Suleman.


4. Pastor John Gray

Megachurch Pastor John Gray was in the news for encouraging veterans, single parents and widows in his church to take money out of his collection baskets.

Two weeks later he was in the news for buying his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini for an anniversary present.

But his wife is not complaining, pointing out much of his income comes from outside the church – from producing movies and writing songs.

Defending the gift from her husband, Aventer Gray posted to her own Instagram account:

“My hubby is a hard worker, he worked his whole life and he saved to bless his wife.”

Pastor John Gray

My 7-hour ordeal in the Westgate terror attack – DPP Noordin Haji

According to New York Daily News his wife defended him pointed to his income outside of the megachurch, including producing movies and writing songs.

Her husband, she writes, “Gives away cars, full houses of furniture, coats off his back.”

5. Prophet Owuor

A close source has hinted that Priophet Owuor, famously of Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, is building a Ksh 340 million mansion at Runda.

The house has an underground bunker with state of art security features.

Below is the before and after photo of how it’s supposed to look like after completion

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-19 at 7.32.52 PM

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-19 at 7.32.51 PM

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Twinning Manenos: Celebrities who look almost identical to their parents

Celebrities have a tendency of keeping their families away from the limelight but for some the opposite is true, they love to show off.

Some have posted photos of their parents at one point or the other while for others their parents are online hence they post it themselves.

Below is a list of celebs who look like their parents.

1. Diamond Platnumz

Known as ‘Simba’ by his fans, Diamond resembles his mum Mama Dangote who loves publicity just like the son does.

Unlike many mums nowadays, Mama Dangote is an ardent social media user, who has 117,000 followers.

Commander-in-love: Photos that prove President Uhuru Kenyatta is a natural romantic


2. Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa picked all the good genes from her mum. The two would easily pass for sisters but don’t let that confuse you.

The curvaceous damsel is a mother of two and going by the photos of her son and daughter, beauty runs in the family.


3. Janet Mbugua

Janet is a look alike to her dad, who is 70, but looks younger.

Janet Mbugua and her father
Janet Mbugua and her father

‘My ex of 6 years calls me daily yet he is married, It’s a nightmare’ (Audio)

4. Kambua

Gospel artiste Kambua is a photo copy of her mother Lois Manunda.

Kambua is not only an artiste but also a TV host. Her mother on the other hand is a business woman and an author.

She recently launched her book ‘The Healing Power of Forgiveness.’


5. Sheila Mwanyigha

The TV Host is a true definition of beauty with brains. Love or hate her, Sheila knows that a confident woman is hard to resist.

Her real age remains unknown but we all know that she is in her late 30’s or early 40’s but looking at her one would think she is in her late 20’s.

Below is a photo of her mum

6. Kathy Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kiuna heads Jubilee Christian Church together with her husband, Allan Kiuna.

They are one of the most influential and popular church leaders in the gospel fraternity in Kenya. Below is a photo of her and her mum, si wanafanana?

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‘I had no idea he knew my name’See what attracted Rev Kathy Kiuna to her hubby pastor Allan Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her husband Allan Kiuna are role model to many ,but not many know of their love story.

Its said that a woman cannot forget how she met the love of her life and that is the case for Rev Kathy.

In a candid Instagram post she wrote

“I see you, see me, see you. First time I met him he was by a phone booth or what we called a call box those days. He stepped out and said , hey Kathy, can you please give me a minute I talk to you? You could have knocked me off with a feather when he called my name coz I had no idea he knew my name. He hang up the phone immediately and explained he was talking to his mum. He went on to ask me out on a lunch date and I said NO. Deep in my heart it was a yes but I was so in love with God as I still am and I served in church every lunch hour so lunch was a no no for me no matter who.”

She continues to narrate her love story adding that despite playing hard to get she knew he was the one.

“Of course I told God to let him come back again and he did the next day this time with a coffee date. A wise woman doesn’t say no twice and the moment we sat at Utalii hotel for coffee it’s like we were best friends who just never met before. We became inseparable. I need to say I paid for the coffee too 😂😂😂😂. I saw a great man with a great vision in-spite of the pocket situation. Don’t disregard a young man based on where he is now. See with the spiritual eye where God is taking him.”

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Mavazi Yangu Yakupendeze! Kathy Kiuna wows us with her fashion sense

Reverend Kathy Kiuna is not only talented on the pulpit but she is beautiful and fashionable to top it all looking at her old photos she is unrecognisable.

Kila mtu hutoka mbali and Kathy Kiuna is no different as she has had her journey as well, aftershe shared a throw back of herself back in the day and we are amazed .

Sharing the photo she wrote

“Looks like yesterday. I remember exactly where what how and all. God has been good and I am grateful. Sleep well and see you in Zion”

International celebrities whose careers almost crumbled after being tainted with accusations of rape and abuse

From the above photo it is evident that Kathy Kiuna’s fashion sense has greatly transformed and today we go through her evolving looks to help you see how you can borrow a leaf from her:






Kenyan celebrities dads bringing up children single handedly after losing their spouses

Here is what her followers thought of the photo of the woman who is now considered a trend setter in the gospel fraternity.

_kyalonduti_So cuuuuuuuute!
lyndermalisiWowwww this is really beautiful
sherylboss😮 this is soooo beautiful 😍
vaniahking___Mom😂😂 Wow beautiful ❤️
[email protected] Wawooo this is the most beautiful picture of you I have ever seen 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
sarahndanuYou were beautiful
pastorwapichaHio afro ilikua inaweza Sana @revkathykiuna
cessmainansSooo beautiful our mama
abigaelizYou have been charming all through
ngugimarylynnYour were still beautiful though
[email protected] Mum,Thank you for accepting God’s call.I Love you❤ and Honour you ❤
[email protected] I love you @revkathykiuna looking great and inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves
adhiambodorothyThought this was @gathoni_mutugi . stunning!!!!!!!!

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Kenyan celebrities who are parents to teenagers: Photos

Celebrities live their life in the limelight but most of them keep their children away just to protect them from constant public scrutiny which may harm them at times.


1. Wahu

Gospel artist Wahu who is married to Nameless is a proud mother to a teenage daughter Tumiso who recently turned 12. The couple also have another daughter Nyakio, 3.


2. Kanze Dena

Kanze Dena is among celebrities who’s kids are in their teens and pre-teens and she cannot hide her excitement as she watches her son grow into a fine young man.

He recently turned 12 and among the things he wants his mum to take note of is

1. No hugging hugging all the time.
2. Don’t call me baba/baby etc call me by name
3. I would like to have Control of my wardrobe… 4. Please allow me to have opinions and make decisions…. Am your son …but not a baby…


‘I was supposed to meet Fidel Odinga on the day he died’ Confesses Kirigo Ngarua as she opens up on losing her job at Citizen

3. Lady Bee

Gospel artiste Lady Bee is among celebrities with kids is past their teens. Bee’s daughter has already graduated from University and looking at the two of them you would be forgiven for thinking the two are actually sisters.


4. Kathy Kiuna

Rev Kathy Kiuna is a mother of three with the last born son having turned 18.


5. Frasha

Frasha is a former member of P-unit, who is also a physiotherapist who has worked in hospitals such as Aga Khan Hospital. Frash and daughter

‘I look forward to marriage’confesses Pastor RobCelebrities live their life in the limelight but most of them keep their children away just to protect them from constant public scrutiny and negativity.ert Burale as he reminisces on his broken marriage 6 years ago

6. Robert Burale

Burale, who is a pastor-cum- MC and fashion consultant is not only a father to a teen but also a single father doing his best to bring her in the best way possible.

Robert Burale

7. Celina /Catherine Kamau

Celina is a proud mother of one. Her son turned 12 early this year.

Celina with her husband Philip and son


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Bishop Allan Kiuna celebrates wife with this beautiful message on her birthday

Bishop Allan Kiuna is a happy man as the love of his life Kathy turns a year older, weeks after their son turned 18 years to the excitement of the family.

Its said that even in the toughest of times, the sun will rise again. This seems true for Allan given the fact that he recently laid his mother to rest but he now has a reason to smile.

‘Mum is cheating with our driver yet he has also slept with me’ cries city girl

He celebrated his wife with this beautiful message;

“Am truly blessed to call this amazing girl mine! My best friend, lover, confidant, wife, mother of our incredible children and such a dynamic and anointed woman of GOD! Am going to spoil you for a lifetime!


Help me wish my amazing wife a happy birthday as she turns 25.”

‘Alikiba dumped Jokate, people laughed now she is winning’ Says Huddah

Here are more birthday wishes from their fans and church followers

Esther Waswa Happy birthday mum Rev Kathy… U guys were meant for each other. Love love..forever u are God’s chosen servants …great couple..
Caroline Maina Happy birthday mum may the almighty God continue to bless you abundantly together with your family.
Naomi Wambua Happy Birthday Pastor Kathy . You are a blessing to the nations . You are loved .
Tabby N Ndirangu Happy birthday Rev.Kathy you’re great and you deserve the best.
Irene Wachira Happy birthday mum we love and cherish you so much and may you live to celebrate many more beautiful years ahead

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Rev Kathy Kiuna: One of the best dressed female pastors in Kenya (Photos)

Reverend Kathy Kiuna, apart from being a tremendous singer, worship leader and an associate pastor at JCC Parklands, is a fashionista.

I mean her fashion and style just speaks for itself.

She is one of the best dressed  female pastors in the country.

She has brought great turnarounds in lives of many women’s lives, through Daughters of Zion meetings that attract thousands of ladies every month.

And her compassion for women in need and who’ve suffered abuse and hardship, she’s been a great blessing to them.

Here is 10 looks to show why she is one of the best dressed;






Check out Kalekye Mumo’s fashion and style on and off screen (Photos)






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So touching! Kathy Kiuna opens up about her son who was born pre-mature

Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her husband Bishop Allan Kiuna are no doubt one of the most celebrated church leaders in Kenya, leading a huge flock at their Parklands based mega church, JCC.

The couple is blessed with three children, two beautiful daughters, and their last born son, Jeremy Kiuna.

Well, their son who was born prematurely at 6 months and only weighed 1.1kg by the time, is turning 18 years over the weekend.

Jeremy has never let anything get in the way of his happiness or life and despite the hardships that came with it, he has still managed to live a normal life and is the happiest kid in the family. He will be joining university next year and the family is so proud of him.


‘I Needed Surgery To Be Able To Walk,’ Kathy Kiuna’s Son Speaks Out On Operation

Ahead of his birthday, his mother has shared a heartwarming message for him;

A real tbt. When you see me dance and rejoice in God ‘s presence it’s because I know how awesome He’s been in my life. My son was born prematurely at 6 months at only 1.1kg. He was anaemic and went through a blood transfusion in his tiny frame. He was covered in pipes from his head all the way down and we couldn’t see his face. Looking at his little body there seemed to be no hope. He was born a fighter thou and no matter what was thrown at him he always fought back and surprised all of us including the doctors. Jeremy’s story cannot fit in one book. He rose against all odds and today he’s such a joy to our lives. He has a heart that can fit the entire universe.

kathy kiuna son


He loves deeply and is extremely sharp. So informed that you can engage him in any conversation and he’ll take you on. Straight A student that graduates and goes to university next year. He turns 18 this weekend and for me to say happy birthday without giving you a little background of why you should celebrate with us would be unfair. So I don’t just wish you a happy birthday as a cliche my son. It is from the fiber of my being. I know God has amazing plans for you and that your life will impact the world in a great way. Keep fighting because indeed you are a winner by nature. May the joy of the Lord always be your strength. I love you more than words can say. You mean a whole lot to us as your family. May you live a long satisfied life changing life.

Read some comments from her post;

annymallkitonga Happy birthday to him…he is a blessed n favoured young man 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

lydiathebeautician Hallelujah 🙌 God is great and faithful in all seasons and there is no place for argument. Happy birthday to the Champion, Man of God.

vickykitonga This is the most inspiring story I have heard this Year 2018. I think I should start Men without Limits then host him . May the Good Lord Preserve him . May the Lord use him mightily .

nyathamawanguiI love this young man to bit. For sure he is a true testament of faith, hope and joy. Happy happy birthday Jeremy. You are amazing, exceptional and outstanding!

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Kathy Kiuna reveals the 5 secrets to a happy marriage

Marriage is a beautiful institution except for a few cases where emotional, physical and sexual abuse is reported, thus painting marriage in bad light.

Unlike back in the days the rate of divorce is on the increase over what might be termed as being selfish given that most people do not want to compromise.

‘You are doing an amazing job,’ Kathy Kiuna praises single mums

Reverend Kathy Kiuna fondly known as “Mum” by her followers has taken it upon herself to advice people on what keeps a healthy and happy marriage going.


This advice comes in handy given the fact that marriage is more of a business nowadays as compared to back then when it was meant for companionship.

Gospel artiste Cecilia Wairimu aka Amani releases her first gospel song

She wrote:

“I say it over and over again. Marriage doesn’t come easy. Even for the happiest of couples, it is a constant, everyday effort to make your relationship fulfilling and full of love.

For the most part, you have the power to make your relationship thrive or flounder. Making intentional choices to better your marriage is essential for keeping your friendship alive and the passion burning.”

kathy kiuna

‘My wife thinks I’m a business man’ Confesses man living a double life

For those who might be doubtful about where she is coming from with her message she adds

“Sometimes you might have to give up some of your wants and needs for the sake of your spouse, even though you don’t want to. Do it anyway.

Your turn will come eventually, but for today, make it about your significant other and not about yourself. Cultivate your daily, sweet rituals.”

With more and more couples complaining of behavioral change in their spouses for the worst. Here is what she advises to keep the fire blazing.

“Don’t forget the small things. Say I love you, make your partner a cup of coffee in the morning, send a sweet text, bring home flowers or post a sappy sticky note to their lunch bag.


The little things are often forgotten but have so much value. It sometimes takes hard work, dedication and commitment to intentionally love your spouse.

Make it a priority and see your relationship bloom with passion and love.”

So in-case you were having a hard time in your marriage, take up this advice and apply it. It might be helpful.

If people were more willing to compromise most couples would still be together.

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‘You are doing an amazing job,’ Kathy Kiuna praises single mums

Reverend Kathy Kiuna knows too well the struggles of single mothers especially when everyone is trying to paint a perfect picture of their lives.

With the great access to internet more and more people are photoshopping photos and using filters to piant a beautiful and picture perfect photo of their life.

Fashion tips CURVY women can copy from the talented Catherine Kamau

Kathy took to her Instagram to encourage single mother with this touching post:

“Are you facing life as a single mother? Being a single mom is a momentous challenge, very rewarding but can get tough. Trust me, I know, so incase someone hasn’t told you this of late: you are doing an amazing job raising your baby/babies. It’s all too easy to compare yourself to other single moms, but that way lies trouble.


Remember, when it comes to the schoolyard or what you see on Facebook, everyone likes to put their best foot forward. Everybody emphasizes the good parts and does their best to look like they’re coping. Remember everyone has good & bad days just like you. Build up a repertoire of coping skills that work for you and make it easier to navigate single mother-hood. Congratulate yourself for every achievement, no matter how small.”

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‘He raised me from scratch’ reveals Kathy Kiuna about her husband

Many look up to Pastor Kathy Kiuna as a woman who knows how to balance her family, business and Christian life proving just committed and determined she is.

Every woman wants a husband that includes them in envisioning the future, encourages them to grow as an individual and provides time for his wife to pursue her own personal interests.

Well it seems Kathy Kiuna found the perfect husband as she went on social media to share a beautiful message about the husband.


“God has been so gracious and kind to us. He brought us together then caused my husband to see a calling in me that I had no idea was there. He raised me from scratch and I thank God for him. So patient, so loving, so kind, so gentle, so considerate and I just want to say thank you my love. You are simply amazing. Love you to the moon and back. It’s awesome doing life with you.”

Her love life is something else as she and her husband work together and still find time to appreciate each other whether on social media or when she’s preaching in front of her congregation.

A while back she was teaching about love and she took to social media to send her husband Allan Kiuna a beautiful message.

“Romans 13:8. Love is a law. Love is not a feeling . When you come to a red light on the road the law says you wait for the green light in order to drive. The feeling may be different coz your in a hurry, but you can’t drive by feelings, you have to follow the law. Feelings keep changing so if you bank on them for the success of your marriage your looking for trouble. The reason why relationships are failing is coz people have misconceptions of love. When you love you fulfill the law. Laws are not driven by feelings otherwise every country would collapse. People are leaving each other based on “IM NOT FEELING YOU” Love is a choice. When you make a choice to love someone, you love them with their imperfections coz guess what, your not perfect either. When out of billions of people you chose that one without a gun being held at you, you must love the choice you made. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Love is a commitment. When you commit, you don’t back out. You allow God to take center stage and help you navigate through every challenge. Every challenge makes you grow. Don’t run from commitment coz of challenge. So three important lessons. Law, choice, commitment. These are some things that have kept us strong and helped us get closer as years go by. Your welcome 😜”


They are just goals and we wish them all the happiness.

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Pastor Kathy Kiuna trolled by unhappy fans

Decorated city pastors Allan and Kathy Kiuna are trending on social media after a photo of them goofing around went viral.

Allan and Kathy Kiuna

Commonly referred to as ‘Dad’ and ‘Mum’ by their followers, the power couple is never afraid of teaching us the key to successful relationships and from exchanging saliva in public to penning sweet romantic messages to each other, they always leave many dying of jealousy.

The city pastors, who recently revealed that they are looking forward to opening more branches both home and abroad, are among the most talked about servants of God in Kenya.

“I need a private jet because they are speaking and declaring what I am believing God for and I am confident it shall come to pass. When God is ready to do something in your life, even your enemies announce it in advance,” said Allan Kiuna.

Well, Kathy Kiuna shared a photo goofing around with her bishop husband and critics came out guns blazing.

Kathy and Allan Kiuna

She captioned:

“May your week be filled with laughter. God is able to do what He says. Relax, take a deep breath and keep on ticking. You will make it.”

Here are some of the savage reactions:

Barazadan: Is this how pastors behave after taking peoples offerings? oh GOD HELP US

Mali.alianda: Why are you making such faces? You think its funny? No! Just nourish us with word and leave gestures to the youths.

Miss_koech_feiy: You guys are too old for that,…pick a struggle

Judy.apondy: Well from a Pastor No! No !No!

K.e.v.i.n.c.a.r.s.o.n: Making faces after receiving our tithes

Kim.lynette: Too old for this..the photo speaks volume

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Jullianamari: Ameen.Hehe😂😂aki you guys u de kill me one day oooh.This hilarious.Love u both

The Bible says touch, not the anointed ones, but Kenyans still go ahead and judge men of God!

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