Images of JCC congregation ‘worshiping’ Kathy Kiuna on her birthday

Kathy Kiuna celebrated her birthday yesterday. The Reverend at Jubilee Christian Church(JCC) and wife of Bishop Allan Kiuna was met with a glorious surprise on the steps of her church.

Her congregant’s men and women alike were holding placards celebrating the woman of God. Some of them had phrases like; ‘God found the strongest woman and gave her to us for a mum. Happy birthday’.

Kathy Kiuna birthday
Kiuna’s birthday

Another read;

‘In another life, we would still choose you as our mum’ with another reading, ‘Heaven sent us the best. Happy birthday, mom’.

Some of the images are below;

Kathy Kiuna birthday
Kiuna’s birthday
Kathy Kiuna birthday
Kiuna’s birthday

Kathy shared more videos of how her church’s daughter’s (as she affectionately calls them) celebrated her. Her Instagram caption read;

OMG. I am still in awe of today’s DOZ birthday surprise. My dotas made me cry all through. They blessed me beyond measure. I am grateful. Every DOZ May God who sees bless you yafu yafu. I appreciate y’all from the depth of my heart. Love you. And to imagine @bishopkiunawas behind it all

She added;

And the birthday song was sang in many languages. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻. I’m sleeping with a wide smile

Her followers were quick to wish her well and did so in the comment section. No one knows Kathy’s real age but some speculate that she might be in her late 40’s.

Marriage works!-Kathy Kiuna defiantly says in support of the institution

Kathy is happily married to Bishop Allan Kiuna and they have 3 children. Vanessa Kovac first born, Stephanie and their only son Jeremy. She and Allan have been married for 22 years since December 10, 1994.

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Marriage works!-Kathy Kiuna defiantly says in support of the institution

Kathy Kiuna is an inspiration to many women in this country.  The reasons are many; from her great ministry at Jubilee Christian Church(JCC) to her role as a mother figure for many ladies seeking mentors.

Kathy Kiuna
Kathy Kiuna

But the one that sticks out for most is her relationship with her husband and head pastor of JCC, Allan Kiuna. The two have been married for close to 25 years and have been blessed with a wonderful brood during that time.

Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna with their son
Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna with their son

The two have been very open about the struggles, trials and eventual triumphs in their marriage. In an age when many are attacking the institution of marriage, she decided to reaffirm her beliefs.

She did so on her Instagram page, writing;

Many marriages gone sour doesn’t change the fact that marriage works and that it wasn’t started by man so man cannot finish it. It’s God’s idea and plan and what He plans is intentional, meaningful and guaranteed to succeed. We are watchmen of the relationships we have. We are mandated to safeguard them and watch over them. Relationships don’t die of natural causes. They are murdered by selfishness, indiscretion, insecurity, immaturity and lack of wisdom.#marriageworks.

Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna embracing
Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna embracing

With the divorce rate in Kenya gradually going up as we ape western trends, many are worried that soon the nuclear family might become a thing of yore.

The benefits of marriage are plenty, both to the participants and to the children. Some of the health benefits of marriage to the participants according to are;

-They live longer

-They have fewer strokes and heart attacks

-They have a lower chance of becoming depressed

-They are less likely to have advanced cancer at the time of diagnosis and more likely to survive cancer for a longer period of time

-They can survive a major operation more often.

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6 of the best celebrity homes in Kenya

There are Kenyans who have been blessed with wonderful homes. Many of them are hidden behind gated communities and armed guards.

But there are those celebs who have opened up their lives and let us see a part of their inner sanctums. Some of those houses are below;


The singer and businesswoman has one of the most beautiful mansions in Kenya. She built the home from scratch in her home county of Rongo has a well-kempt compound and manicured lawns.
It also features a swimming pool and a play area for the kids which also acts as a relaxing spot for anybody in the vicinity who wishes to enjoy nature on the green grass.

Akothee home
Akothee’s mansion

The compound is well lit and features well-constructed pathways for a nerve-calming walk around the mansion

Akothee home
Akothee’s mansion

Mike Sonko

The Nairobi governor boasts two opulent and ostentatious mansions; one in Nairobi and another in Mua Hills in Machakos.

Sonko's house
Sonko’s house in Nairobi
Sonko's house
Sonko’s house in Nairobi
Sonko's mansion in Mua Hills
Sonko’s mansion in Mua Hills
Sonko's mansion in Mua Hills
Sonko’s mansion in Mua Hills

Ali Hassan Joho mansion

The Mombasa governor is a fashionable dresser, a style God and is known to have expensive tastes. One thing he rarely does is reveal his home. But early this year he showed a sliver of his huge abode and it was a sight to behold.

Joho chilling on the lawn of his mansion
Joho chilling on the lawn of his mansion
Joho chilling on the lawn of his mansion
Joho chilling on the lawn of his mansion

Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna

The couple who founded the popular Jubilee Christian Church have been blessed and have a pristine home located in the upmarket locale of Runda.

Kiuna mansion
Kiuna mansion
Kiuna mansion
Kiuna mansion
Kiuna mansion
Kiuna mansion

Anne Waiguru

The Governor of Kirinyaga owns a home in Kitisuru that is estimated to cost between 100 and 150 million Kenya shillings.

Anne Waiguru mansion
Anne Waiguru mansion
Anne Waiguru mansion
Anne Waiguru mansion
Anne Waiguru mansion
Anne Waiguru mansion

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Kathy Kiuna’s son graduates and gets standing ovation

Kathy and her husband Bishop Allan Kiuna have a lot to be proud of.  Their son, Jeremy just graduated from New Manchester United High.

Jeremy Kiuna with his proud father during the graduation
Jeremy with his proud father, Allan

The founders of the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) could not contain their excitement as they shared the good news with their followers on social media.

Kathy wrote on her Instagram page;

My boy y’all @_d.j_116 . The graduation was too awesome. To see them give him a standing ovation brought all sorts of feelings. For a boy who was born at 6 months and could fit on the palm of my hand, to come this far by God’s grace?? How can I have enough words to express my gratitude. Only God. Only God. Only God could do this. Gloooooory

Jeremy has lived a life that most would not even be able to comprehend. The 18-year-old was born prematurely at 6 months and only 1.1kg his mother previously revealed. She added that her son was also anemic and had to undergo a blood transfusion.

Jeremy Kiuna using crutches
Jeremy Kiuna using crutches

His mother, Kathy said in a previous post that wrote;

He was covered in pipes from his head all the way down and we couldn’t see his face. Looking at his little body there seemed to be no hope. He was born a fighter and no matter what was thrown at him he always fought back and surprised all of us including the doctors.

Kathy also wrote about him when he turned 18 last year saying that he loved deeply and had a big heart that could fit the entire universe.

Jeremy Kiuna with his proud mother during the graduation
Jeremy with his proud mother, Kathy

She also added that her boy was a straight-A student who was extremely smart and who was conversant on many issues.

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Marriage Flourishes When The Couple Work Together As A Team! Kathy Kiuna Advices Married People

Marriage is a union between two people who are in love. It entails tolerance, patience, understanding, perseverance and most of all love because it forms the basis of marriage.

Kathy Kiuna

Marriage is an institution that was ordained by God and that is why a woman was created out of the mans rib to be a companion and a helper to him. Through marriage, people multiply and fill the earth and the children always look up to their parents with how they relate and how they make their marriage work out.

Kathy Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kiuna is a personality to look up to because she inspires many who are in the marriage institution and even as a family person. Her family is so adorable and many would say she and her pastor husband are a power couple.

Kathy Kiuna

On her instagram page, she wrote to advise married couples on how to make their relationship work out. Here is what she said captioning a picture together with her husband:

Kathy Kiuna

“Marriage flourishes when the couple work together as a team; when both husband and wife decide that winning together is more important than keeping score. Good marriages don’t just happen. They are a product of hard work. Your children are watching you and forming lasting opinions on love, commitment, and marriage based on what they see in you. Give them hope. Make them look forward to marriage. Their is no perfect man/woman anywhere, team work of couple make them perfect match. The Lord will give us the spirit to tolerate ourselves in Jesus name!”

Here are reactions to her post:


djmokenya: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I have to steal this one – thank you Dad and Mum

pst.mercy: That’s a seminar right there, my Mum you could charge us for that great wisdom. Thank you Mum and Dad you have modeled it to us.

nimo: love you mum n dad… u hv changed me to who I am… God bless

johnstone: Thus correct and in order, May GOD bless you as you Love each other

wambuisila: Thank you my mentors…Hello to Papa Kyuna we love you to the moon n back

minebenet:Amazing msgs and am definitely banking this asap


Its Never Too Late To Start! Reverend Kathy Kiuna Advice To People

Reverend Kathy Kiuna is one beautiful soul that always takes her time to bond with people. Being a family person, she always has her way of balancing her family life and serving the church.


Kathy is always an inspiration to many with the words of wisdom she keeps sharing on her social media pages teaching people the way to follow in life and things not to do.

Kathy Kiuna

She posted a picture with her husband captioning,

Kathy Kiuna

You can have the best academic credentials and never rise beyond clerical work. You can be the best preacher and never pastor a church. You can be the most outstanding beauty and never win a beauty contest. You can be a wonderful writer and never write a book. You can even be a great singer and never sell an album. You can be a marriage counselor and ruin your own. Reason for most of this is lack of personal leadership. Leading your gift and taking charge of your life. Commanding your life and not allowing free fall. Taming cravings and releasing potential. Unfortunately many tame potential and let their cravings run amok. If you don’t fight for your potential you will live a life of regret. Feeling bad about those who chose to unleash their potential because they remind you of what you could have been. Here’s my take, ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO START. Stop playing games and take life with the seriousness it deserves. You will thank me later it’s ok😜”

Here are reactions from her followers:

Jayne: This one should be on a billboard! Profound-am delivered rait here.

Pascal: Points taken. Thanks mum

Bengutu: Power packed message. 👍👍

Christabel: well said you can saay it again and again,,Lord help me.

Bella: Hapo kwa taming pleasures umenipata… Important words!

Joan: I love this. Great admonishing

Foscakomuhangi: Thanks lovee…more blessings


‘There Is Nothing Posh About Not Cooking Because You Have Nails!’ – Kathy Kiuna Advices Women

Kathy Kiuna her husband Allan Kiuna have a beautiful family. She is one person you would love to look up to from her words of encouragement and to being a role model to those who have families.


Her youtube channel, Women Without Limits, is  based on educating women and interacting with them to let them know that they have a special place in this world and they play a major role on matters concerning marriage.

Kathy Kiuna

She has a way of teaching women about God and encouraging them to be strong. Despite being a pastor, she always spends time with her family and one of her skills that you don’t know is that she is the best cook in her family and one of her daughters attested to that while they were making some dishes together in the kitchen.


Here is what she said:

” I always put garlic and ginger in my food because garlic is an anti biotic. It has healing components and very healthy. Ginger is good for every cold so I put ginger and garlic in all my foods because it makes food tastes good and its healthy for you. I don’t know why women hate cooking yet its the best thing that ever happened. Cooking is fun and lady like. There is nothing posh about not cooking because you have nails. We have some nails but we cook. Cooking makes you a woman and anybody can learn cooking. Its never too late. If you want to enjoy your food, let the onion cook well. Don’t be in a rush.”

Check out the yummy recipe:

Here are the reactions:

Is This The Lucky Man Set To Marry Kathy Kiuna’s Daughter Stephanie? (PHOTO)

Recently, celebrated pastors Allan and Kathy Kiuna were in the US to spread the gospel and came back a few days ago. But it seems their visit was not only about church assignment but also matters pertaining family.

Well, Dad, as he is commonly referred to by his over zealous followers, posted a photo of Mum; his wife Kathy, his second daughter Stephanie and an unidentified white man and captioned it;


Bishop Allan accompanied the above post with the pic below that has left Kenyans with many questions than answers.


‘Madam Kiuna ..could that guy be your son in law to be? You all look dope,’ one of his followers posed a question.

Could he be the man who is set to marry Stephanie Kiuna?


Too Much Love! Everyday Is Mother’s Day To Kathy Kiuna, See What She Said About Her Youthful-Looking Mother

Reverend Kathy Kiuna is not your ordinary kind of woman; she’s beautiful, a mother of three, a woman of God, a very kind hearted woman, and loving wife to Bishop Allan Kiuna.

The power couple has been together for over 20 years and is still going strong and looks blissful every time. They are blessed with three beautiful children; two daughters, and their last born, a boy by the name Jeremy.

SO HEART-WARMING: What Kathy Kiuna’s Son Said About His Father Will Make You Cry

Kathy Kiuna is also a singer and a mentor who inspires and reaches out to women with her gospel convention, dubbed Daughters Of Zion (DOZ), which is also attended by celebrities in the gospel industry.


The Kiunas are said to be one of the richest and most influential church leaders in Kenya, living a lavish life and multi-million dollar house in Runda and driving very expensive machines, but at the end of it all, they stay humble.

Kathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna recently became grandparents after their first born daughter Vanessa Kovac and her South African boyfriend, Robert Kovac welcomed an adorable baby girl, who is already 8 months old.

They have since been proudly posting photos of the cuddly and cute baby girl and there’s no doubt that they love her more and more each day, which makes Kathy Kiuna appreciate her mother now more than ever.


“She just makes my day. What a beautiful girl she is. Becoming prettier by the day. God is too powerful,” Kathy said about her grandchild.

Recently, she shared a photo of their youthful looking mother, appreciating and celebrating her for the love she has shown and wavering support, not forgetting the things that Kathy Kiuna has learned from her to this point of her life.

I celebrate my mother. She’s been such an amazing mother to me. Taught me so many things I know today. Live long mummy. Love you big

Here is the warm photo of Kathy Kiuna’s mother looking very young.






UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Top 8 Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Make Marriage Seem Blissful And Merry (PHOTOS)

We are witnessing what could be the largest number of celebrity breakups affecting our favorites couples in the entertainement industry, however we must point out that there are those marriages that have stood the test of time.

The most recent celebrity breakup  is between comedian Dr Ofweneke and his fiancee, Nicah real name, Victoria Wanja after he confessed that they had broken up and were no longer together.

The female gospel singer then came out to reveal that they actually separated back in September 2016 when he walked out of the matrimonial home after beating her mercilessly, leaving her behind with two children, one from a previous relationship.


But that’s just one of the sad stories of relationships that don’t las. But that does not necessarily rule out the fact there are Kenyan celebrities who are managing just fine in their marriages and living the almost happily ever after life.

MARRIAGE IS TOUGH! Here Are 3 Things We’ve Learned From Dr Ofweneke’s Break Up With His Baby Mama Nicah

Here are some Kenyan celebrity couples that make marriage look so blissful and dazzling.

1. Wahu And Nameless
They have made it to the top of my list and I’m sure you all love them too. Wahu Kagwi and Nameless real name David Mathenge have been together for 11 years, and yes, they’re still going strong. They have been blessed with two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge and recently, Nameless revealed that he now wants a son.


2. Size 8 And DJ Mo
Gospel bigwigs Linet Munyali and her husband Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo are one of the most loved couples in the Kenyan music industry and we all know why. They are both down to earth and seem to be genuinely in love. They are blessed with a cute daughter Ladasha Belle who turned a year old in Nov.


3. Julie Gichuru and Anthony Gichuru
The popular media personality and her wealthy husband have been married for 16 years now and have 4 children together- 3 boys and one girl. Julie Gichuru always celebrates her marriage, showing off her man on social media despite several rumors that she was not happy in the marriage.


4. Reverend Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna
They are the most popular and celebrated church leaders in Kenya and when it comes to having a stable marriage, they indeed have an admirable one. The wealthy couple has three children, two girls, and one boy. Their first born daughter Vanessa Kovac walked down the aisle in 2015 and was later blessed with a cuddly daughter, making them first-time grandparents.


5. Bob Collymore and Wambui Kamiru
This couple is one of the most lovable in Kenya, not just because of their simple yet classy wedding but for their genuine love and affection for each other. The Safaricom CEO and the awesome artist met in the line of work and were both married before, with children from their previous partners.


6. Ababu Namwamba and Priscilla
This politician has been flaunted his wife on social media for the longest time, making those who are single turn green with envy, taking her on lavish trips and holidays. They are always proclaiming love for each other on the internet.


7. Chris Kirwa and Christine
This lovely couple is always celebrated for their unending love and support for each other, Chirs Kirwa and his wife Christine are inseparable despite being married for years. They are mentors for many celebrity couples and most of them look up to them for marriage advice and guidance.


8. Emmy Kosgei and Apostle Madubuko
Emmy Kosgei and her Nigerian husband have stood the taste of time despite being a couple of years apart. The two held a lavish white wedding and a traditional one in Kenya and another one in Nigeria. Though many thought that Emmy was after Madubuko’s money, she’s proved that love works.



TOO SWEET! Kathy Kiuna’s Grand-daughter Is Growing Up Too Fast, Check Out Her Latest Adorable Pics

Reverand Kathy Kiuna and her popular husband Bishop Allan Kiuna are very proud grandparents after their first daughter Vanessa Kovac welcomed the cutest baby girl back in September 2016.

Vanessa and her South African lover, Robert Kovac walked down the aisle in a beautiful and colorful wedding ceremony back in December 2015 which was an invite only garden wedding ceremony, shortly after she graduated with a degree in Law.

Kathy Kiuna’s daughter gave birth exactly 9 months after walking down the aisle, which means she could have been preggers during the wedding, but that’s in the past now.


Vanessa’s cuddly daughter Nia Kovac is growing fast and recently, she turned 6 months and looks more adorable as the days go by. She has the cutest and sweet eyes, having taken after her father in terms of complexion.

How Sweet! Check Out Kathy Kiuna’s Grand-daughter Playing Around With Her Dad (Video)

The flamboyant power couple are proud to be called grandparents and the joy and happiness that comes with having such an adorable granddaughter is just immense and overwhelming.


Kathy Kiuna and her husband Bishop Allan Kiuna are one of the most celebrated Kenyan preachers, who run their parklands-based mega church, Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC) and are still going strong in their marriage.

OUR LOVE IS STILL STRONG! Bishop Allan Kiuna And Reverend Kathy Take Intimate Selfie To Show They Are Still In Love

Now that the little one is growing up very fast, how about we share a couple of her recent photos. This charming and sweet baby girl is the cutest thing you will see all day.

Check out the heart-warming pics below.