‘I have already packed, come get your children,’ Kate Actress tells husband

Celebrity couples Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja’s ‘swapped’ wives.
The drama started after Phil shared a photo posing with Judy Nyawira, Abel’s wife and said he was tired of his wife’s (Kate Actress) behaviour.

“Wadau hata Kama ni wewe unaweza kaa na mtu ana twerk akikunywa mizinga mbele ya Kenya yote . I Am officially #DISCONNECTED,” he wrote.

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Judy reposted the photo and captioned;
“I love you Phillip!” she wrote.

Kate commented on the photo saying she has packed and is ready to ‘leave’.

I have already packed 😩 come get your children 😭. Is it because my thighs clap when I walk 😭”


Abel also posted a pic posing with Kate Actress,
“Finally!!! I get to have MEAT! I’m definitely coming for that dinner love!!! @kate_actress.
The mother of two (Kate) posted a pic she took with Abel and captioned it,
“Happy 30mins Anniversary my love, where do I even start? Nway come home dinner is ready sweetheart.❤️❤️ @abelmutua. Yours truly Kate Mkurugenzi …

Well, we all know that they are joking and playing around with our minds;


‘Mkurugenzi! You have helped so many souls’ Kate Actress praises Abel Mutua in birthday message

Former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua has turned a year old today.

Abel is turning 34 years old.

To mark his day, his wife Judy share a photo of her with Abel and wrote;
“Happy birthday Mkurugenzi Mkuu! Love ya!”

Kate Actress shared a sweet message to Abel recounting how he has helped so many creatives in the industry.

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Abel Mutua posing
Abel Mutua posing

Abel was the one who brought Njugush in the comedy industry after he first hired him to act on the Hapa Kule News and later The real households of Kawangware.

Kate has also worked with Abel through her husband Phil.
“Happy freaking birthday to a Real One , the STAR to the Stars . you have opened doors for so many people , you are so selfless , always clueless 😂😂 and above all the sweetest soul ever . May God keep you around longer boo .Happy birthday mkurugenzi ❤️❤️❤️🙌”

‘Live within your means,’ Kate actress advises young people to know what to prioritize

Actress Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress has jotted down a letter to young talents aspiring to make a name for themselves and how to go about it.

The mother of two is advising young people to stop pleasing their friends or followers with their savings or profits and instead invest the hard-earned cash in something that can make a profit for them.

Taking it to Instagram, she wrote;

“Dear young talent, I know you are trying hard to create a brand but here are a few things I wish someone told me too.. 

1. STOP USING YOUR LITTLE Savings or profits TO PLEASE FRIENDS OR YOUR FOLLOWERS. You work so hard , grow your money, invest, save for a rainy day. When you run out of money to buy the champagnes and the mzingas they will Run too 😔” reads part of Catherine Kamau’s post.

‘Success does not happen overnight,’ Kate Actress’ message of encouragement

Kate Actress
Kate Actress

In her second pointer, the sassy actress pointed out that it’s always advisable for one to live within their means to avoid straining themselves.

“2. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS . I earn enough to live in the boojiest neighbourhoods but hey priorities 🤷🏽‍♀️, I even have comments thrown my way but I don’t listen I know what am working for, so I stay focused, please live comfortably, grow slowly sweetheart,” she wrote.

She went on to mention that the circle of your friends also affects you as an individual and therefore its good to choose your friends wisely.

“3. CHOOSE YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS WISELY: may God grant you wisdom here, this is a struggle if you are a genuine soul you think everybody is the same! Sweetheart people are cruel, pray, good friends give you peace, encourage you, cheer you, and protect your dignity. I wish you the best. You don’t have to make the same mistakes we did! We are here for you. We did better, you can too. With love … Aunty Kate,” she said.

View this post on Instagram

Dear young talent , I know you are trying hard to create a brand but here are a few things I wish someone told me too.. 1. STOP USING YOUR LITTLE Savings or profits TO PLEASE FRIENDS OR YOUR FOLLOWERS .You work so hard , grow your money , invest,save for a rainy day . When you run out of money to buy the champagnes and the mzingas they will Run too 😔 2. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS . I earn enough to live in the the boojiest neighbourhoods but hey priorities 🤷🏽‍♀️, I even have comments thrown my way but I don’t listen I know what am working for , so I stay focused, please live comfortably, grow slowly sweetheart. 3. CHOOSE YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS WISELY: may God grant you wisdom here , this is a struggle , if you are a genuine soul you think everybody is the same ! Sweetheart people are cruel , pray , good friends give you peace , encourage you , cheer you , and protect your dignity. I really wish you the best . You don’t have to make the same mistakes we did ! We are here for you . We did better , you can too . With love … Aunty Kate 💞💞

A post shared by Catherine Kamau -Karanja (@kate_actress) on

‘Success does not happen overnight,’ Kate Actress’ message of encouragement

Kate Actress is one of the stars Kenya has. From appearing on our screens to billboards, I mean she is doing so well in the industry.

But she did not achieve all this in one night. She has worked for it. She advised young stars to be patient as success does not come overnight.

Kate who shot to the limelight during her appearance on a local show ‘Mother-in-Law’ is now a household name.

But behind the success lies many nights of hard work. She wrote on her Instagram;


Kate Actress looking great
She added;



Her sentiments were echoed by many among them was madam Boss Akothee who wrote;

“I wish people understand this ,very true.”

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‘Stop hurting your eyes, I promise, I will reveal her name…” Cate Actress tells fans

Kate Actress has promised to reveal baby K (her daughter’s) name next week.

This is after fans kept on guessing the name after she shared photos of them in baby K’s bedroom.

From the photos, the name was written at the background but one could not read.

She wrote;

“Stop hurting your eyes trying to zoom her name. I promise I will reveal her names next week,” she said after fans kept on insisting to know.

Sharing the photos on her social media, Kate captioned,

“Playing Dress up with my mini me ❣️❣️❣️”

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Cate Actress with baby K

She has also not revealed her daughter’s face to the public because she said she feared what trolls would say about her baby.

“Our social media is something else. We trash even innocent kids. Wacha ikae, let me enjoy her cuteness alone,” she said.

The former Mother-in-law actress took to Instagram to share the photos of her baby saying that she and her husband Phil were not hiding her from the world but hiding the world from her.

This is because it is cruel especially on social media.


“Throwback! Baby K at 2 weeks 🤗… we are not hiding her from the world, just hiding the world from her. Such a cruel world 😩 especially here on social media. Thank you for all the congratulatory messages. You shall meet her when we are ready 🙏🏿❤️ .. if ever 😩” read her caption.

The actress and her husband announced the pregnancy in September last year after keeping it private.

The couple then went on a baby moon in the Maldives.

In December, Cate hosted a lavish baby shower to celebrate her second pregnancy.

The baby shower also doubled up as the gender reveal for the couple.



‘I do not know which baby daddy to post,’ Akothee cries on father’s day

As the world celebrates Father’s Day Kenyan artiste Akothee is confused about which of her baby daddies will she celebrate on this big day.

Akothee who is a mother of five feels it is not possible to post one baby daddy without rubbing the others the wrong way.

Unlike Akothee, some celebs were sure of how to celebrate their men and here is what gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru penned to her hubby.

A father is that rare identity that a man shares with his Creator. To be called one is to be invited into God’s apprenticeship. @agundabweni Happy father’s day love … you are an amazing #daddy #happayfathersday

Kate actress also took the chance to celebrate her husband Phil for the good job he is doing raising their son.

She wrote,

A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child ! Happy Fathers day to the most amazing dad , Leon is one of the luckiest child to have you in his life, thank you for showing him what it means to be a real man, you are loved ,adored ,and appreciated, HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU LOVE @phil_director

Akothee was however confused in which baby daddy to celebrate going by her message below.


‘We looked for my daughter even in the mortuary’ – Kate Actress’s mum

With mothers day around the corner Kate Actress’s mum has shared how her daughter once disappeared after coming out of school throwing the family in panic.

She says

One day Kate told everyone that she had a birthday party .She invited so many kids yet I did not have a clue despite the fact that I was the one supposed to cater for it.

We shifted to Mombasa at some point so one day after school Kate went away with her friends on a Friday and did not inform anyone.

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Cate Actress and her mum
Cate Actress and her mum

We panicked given that on Saturday she had not showed up. We started looking for her, we even created photos which we showed everyone around.

We went to Coast General Hospital and Coast mortuary but did not find her there.

Kate’s mum adds

On Sunday I decided to visit a church in Kongowea to talk to God.I found her leading a choir.

At some point she disappeared away from home only for me to see her on the screens.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done while growing up? How did your mother react to it?

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Couple goals: Lovely photos of Former Mother In Law actress Kate and hubby Phil

Diamonds are nothing when am rocking with you
Diamonds are nothing when am shining with you

This is a quote Phil used to describe former mother in law actress Kate when sharing a cute photo of them.

He has also said this about her:

She illuminates the greatness in me and everyday, am the luckiest man alive coz I wake up next to her @kate_actress#WCW

Kate and Phil have a love we all long for and we feature them today as our cutest celebrity couple of the day.

Check out their loved up pics:


kate and phil 17
Kate and Phil
All loved up Kate and Phil
Rocking Kitenge: Kate and Phil
Glowing: Kate and Phil
Dinner: Kate and Phil
A man treating his Queen
All white : Kate and Phil
Cuteness overload: Kate and Phil



‘I will never restrict my son from meeting his biological dad’ Admits Celina

Being a teenage mother is not easy but Catherine Kamau alias Kate actress or Celina took the role with grace, having been chased away from home.

In a past interview, she opened up on how she got pregnant much to the disappointment of her parents, who threw her out before taking her back and helping care for her son.

‘My parents threw me out after finding out I was pregnant’ Celina recalls

Celina with her husband Philip and son

Kate, who is married to Phil Karanja, has been a single mother for a while before she finally wedded the love of her life in 2018.

Speaking on whether her son’s biological dad has reached out to him, she says

“He has not, when I went to Makerere University we were getting to know each other when the boy came. He tried to be in his life but he was not being consistent.

It reached a point where I decided to cut him out because he was not helping much, he became a dead beat father.”

I feel so bad when people write ugly things about my hubby and I -Celina

Catherine Kamau

Asked on whether her son inquires about his dad’s whereabouts, Kate says

“Yes he does but I tried to explain to him why we got into this situation: In as much as the father is not around he was born out of love.

The bond between him and my husband Phil did not come easy we took time to make sure that we would all fit and my husband has been amazing.


They have earned each others trust on my wedding day my son made Phil cry by telling him that ‘He had earned the tile dad’.

 Since then he has been calling my husband Phil dad. He is very lucky to get a second chance of fatherly love like he has.

If he wants to met his dad it would be his choice not mine because I don’t have such restrictions.”


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Yummy and curvy! Plus size celebs who are fashionable

We are made to believe that slimmer girls are s3xier while curvy girls are not. Well, these girls have proved us wrong because of their sense of style and how they embrace their bodies.

Most young girls who are big were made uncomfortable by society as they were growing up. This has made a lot of plus size girls have self esteem issues and not be comfortable in their own skin.

1. Grace Msalame

curvy msalame

How comfortable and beautiful does she look in her own skin. Grace is a Kenyan TV siren who is currently hosting a show called ‘unscripted with Grace’. This curvy girl above is a Vivo wear brand ambassador, a cloth line for plus size girls. She is also a mom to two very adorable girls.

2. Yummy Mummy (Joan)

curvy mummy

Joan is a Kenyan you tuber who is all bout lifestyle, family and motherhood. She is a mom of two, one boy and a cute baby girl. This beauty is all about fashion and confidence. She has always been body positive and has modeled for cloth lines including lingerie. She makes plus size girls look so sexy.

3. Kate Actress

curvy kate

This film girl is all about positive vibes and she is definitely body goals. Also a mom to one boy and a wife and most importantly a hardworking hustler. Kate is also about body positivity and wears her skin with so much confidence.

4. Neomi Ng’ang’a

curvy nganga

Neomi Ng’ang’a is a fashion designer and an advocate for plus size girls. She launched a program for plus size girls called Miss plus world Kenya. She is pashionate about inspiring young plus size women to love their bodies.

5. Kalekye Mumo

curcy kalekye

Kalekye Mumo is a whole mood. The ever bubbly TV girl is also very passionate about plus size girls. She has struggled with her weight loss journey in the past but she has been very confident and positive after working on her body.

6. Kamene Goro

curvy kamene

How fabulous and curvy is Kamene. Kamene has been controversial severally but she doesn’t quit loving her body even after being body shamed a few times. She is passionate about fighting for the girl child and has a phobia of not looking fashionable. One thing is for sure, she always expresses what she feels whenever she feels like which shows that her confidence is on point and we love her for that.


Kate The Actress shows us why we should ditch jeans for these red carpet gowns (Photos)


Catherine Kamau-Karanja well known as Kate The Actress stunned in a floor-length white gown at the Swahili Fashion Week at the InterContinental last weekend.

She won the stylish female personality award at the 2018 Swahili Fashion Week awards.

Below she posed alongside Neomi Ng’ang’a, who also happens to be the influence behind her style. Neomi is a fashion designer and gives us so much life looking at what she wears.


On and off the red carpet Kate leaves many of us in awe, and inspires us to dress better. Looking through her social media, she convinces us to step up our fashion game.

If you have the sudden urge to shop, have a look at her Instagram.


The cute thing Phil Karanja did for Kate the Actress five years ago

Kate was joined by her husband actor, Philip Karanja.



Swahili Fashion Week is THE biggest and largest annual fashion event in the whole of East and Central Africa.

It provides a platform for fashion and accessory designers from Swahili speaking countries and beyond to showcase their talent, market their creativity and network with clientele and the international fashion industry.

This year’s was at the InterContinental Hotel.


Chero’s body goals will blow your mind (Photos)

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Philip Karanja Reveals He Was Warned About Kate That He’s Taking A Big Risk

They tied the knot last year in a colourful wedding ceremony, but Kate and Phil didn’t want it to look like a celebrity wedding, hence inviting only close friends and family.

The public didn’t even know they had tied the knot, only to see photos of the wedding going viral on social media.

But before they finally became husband and wife, Phil had to first approach this beautiful lady, hoping she’d be interested in him.

Phil and Kate actually met while working together but “I did not really notice her in the way that I do now, even though we spent a lot of time together on set,” he told True Love magazine.

It was in 2012 that Phil started noticing Kate and by 2013, he was sure that he wanted to be with her.

It was actually on the same day that Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for his first term as president, then I approached her. I told her that I was making it official, I wanted to take a risk with her,” he told the magazine.

Catherine Kamau/ Instagram

Kate went ahead to reveal that Phil had once told him that “many people were warning him about me but that he was still going ahead and taking a very big risk with me.”

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Love Is In The Air: Read This Former Tahidi High Actors Special Message To His Wife To Be

Love is such a beautiful thing especially when you find a person who is ready to treat you the right way.

Former Tahidi high actor, Phil Karanja must be feeling the love that he is unable to hide after falling hard for Catherine Kamau whom he is set to marry soon.

The two love birds have been dating for a few years now. Recently Phil Karanja proposed to his bae. From what he says, he is feeling blessed to have found a woman like her and for this reason he is now ready to make her his wife.

He has shared a picture of their engagement day and he wrote;

”  Diamonds are nothing when am rocking with you. Diamonds are nothing when am shining with you. ~saying ya wahenga~


People responded to his beautiful post with love.
kimaninatasha…Phil wishing you all the best my power couple you guyz rock may God bless your union

nduku_lynn..Congrats to you both @phil_director

rutto.mercy..Am happy for you guyz

muteih…Yaani mnafanya mapenzi yakae matamuuuuu.i love it!. Now waiting for sue and johnie s2.😁😁😁

tina_tasha_beiby…awesome is an understatement… you guys are just every adorable word that can be used to describe a powerful loving couple… #Phil.. u Mr lucky honestly



Sister Love: Former Mother-In-Law Actress Reveals The Love And Respect She Has For Singer Akothee

Celebrated actress Catherine Kamau aka Celina has been in the entertainment and film industry for a while now, and over the years, she has become better, bolder and more beautiful.

Celina from the popular Citizen TV show, Mother-In-Law, is one of the most popular actresses in Kenya.

She used to host a cooking show on Ebru TV titled Sugar And Spice, with her killer curves that keep men glued to the screens every weekend, and is also a brand ambassador for toilet bowl cleaner.


The gorgeous media personality is a mother of one and is happily dating former Tahidi High actor, turned producer Phillip Karanja. Cate has with no doubt made it in the Kenyan film industry and is still climbing her way up the media ladder.

Crazy In Love: Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina CUDDLES Up With Her Producer Boyfriend In a Steamy PHOTO

Well, what many don’t know about the actress is that she had to work hard to make it, and even hosted Karaoke in night clubs at some point in her life.

But now, she has worked hard to fend for her son and is in a committed relationship with the Phil It founder, who has also taken her son as his own, despite the fact that she got him from another relationship.


Now, Celina has come out to reveal her respect to singer Akothee. The artiste is a wealthy single mother of five children, two sons, and three daughters, and is known for being vocal about women’s rights.

Proud Mommy! Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina Can’t Get Over How Fast Her Son Is Growing (PHOTO)

Akothee recently shared a beautiful photo with her boys, with a caption that read; “Only mothers can think of the future – because they give birth to it in their children. Goodmorning” and Celina couldn’t help but leave this comment, praising the singer;

My Wonder Woman , super woman , goals af always Akothee Kenya



Proud Mommy! Former Mother-In-Law Actress Celina Can’t Get Over How Fast Her Son Is Growing (PHOTO)

Catherine Kamau aka Celina, is one of the most celebrated and talented actresses in the Kenyan showbiz industry.

Other than that, she is also a renowned TV host, an ambassador for a top toilet cleaning detergent, and also a TV show creator, but in all those things, nothing beats her role of being a mother.

Celina is a mother to a cute son by the name Leon Kamau, who is now 11 years old. The actress gave birth at a tender age, but has no regrets about her decision, and is now one of the sexiest mums in Kenya.


The curvy lass is currently dating former Tahidi High actor and producer Philip Karanja. The two have invested in TV production company, Phillit Production, which has come up with some of the top TV shows and series.

The Sue and Johnie main cast is a proud mother and has done a good job with her dear son. Her boyfriend has also been a great support despite dating Celina as a single mum, and has been an amazing father to Leon.

During Leon’s birthday, Phill had these sweet words for him; “Its the Kings birthday. Happy birthday Leon…Daddy loves you to the moon and [email protected]_actress kazi fiti raising this one.”


Well, Catherine Kamau can’t get over how fast her baby boy is growing, as she recently revealed how he’s so big now that he doesn’t like being kissed or hugged in public and how he just wants to pick his own clothes;

So he is at that ka age where he wants no hugs and kisses in public, wants to dress himself, all over sudden am not that cool , how now 😳??? I want my little baby back ! He must need me! MUST

If you are a mother with a kid at that age, you know what she’s talking about.