Kate Actress rejects attempts to cancel Mr Seed after serious allegations made against him

This story makes me feel bad for Katherine Kamau aka Kate Actress. The mother of two is in the middle of a storm not of her own making after she featured in Mr Seed’s new song as a video vixen.

So what’s the issue exactly? Kate who has been excitedly sharing details about the song which drops today, was accosted by some of her netizens emanating from accusations made against the married gospel musician.

The unsubstantiated rumour doing the rounds online is that the singer had allegedly impregnated and then abandoned a certain woman.

Many of her followers questioned the timing of the video. Some of those comments are below;

“Perfect timing.”
“Poor timing.”
“Take care of the baby.”
“The timing is something.”
“The timing for this is just bad.”

But Kate has had to enough of the comments and decided to issue a response to her fans, saying that she would never capitalise on another person’s misfortune.

Kate Actresses’ answer about husbands reaction to onscreen romance

She further added that she does not need clout to excel, explaining that she has been vocal on women’s matters, saying that she was unaware of the claims before posting the video and hoped the issue is resolved.

“I would never ride on anyone’s misery, and I honestly need no clout to excel in my work. I have always been extremely vocal on issues affecting women, amongst them ending teenage pregnancies, sexual gender-based violence issues and sexual reproductive health rights. I was offline in the morning, logged in a few hours ago and posted the video on the time agreed like the professional I am. I obviously was not aware of the issue at hand. I really hope the issue is resolved by both parties,” she wrote.

Such a mature response from Kate I must say. Mr Seed himself hasn’t commented on the matter but continued promoting the song on social media.

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Kate Actresses’ answer about husbands reaction to onscreen romance

There are some actors and actresses whose on screen chemistry is so good, one is left wondering, is there something more to it?It’s so unbelievably good that whenever both of them on screen you believe in their love.

From start to finish their connection is so genuine.

And this is one of the questions Kate Actress was asked by a fan in a Q&A recently. Someone wanted to know whether the live chemistry has ever been a problem in her relationship.

If you recall, the chemistry on the silver screen between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie resulted in a real marriage, and Brad divorcing Jenifer Aniston after accusations of cheating.

kate actor(1)

So this was probably this fan was wondering, and Kate did well to dissuade their fear.

She answered in the screenshot above.

Dear Classic 105 fam, which actors and actresses made you believe in their love because they carried their roles to perfection?

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I always felt that I was not good enough, I was intimidated – Betty Kyallo opens up

Betty Kyallo has had one of the most fascinating years of her life. After quitting her job at media company Mediamax, many didn’t expect her to come back to the limelight so quickly.

Not only did she re-launch her beauty parlor, “Flair By Betty” but she also went all out and bought a brand new Porsche, proving to the public that she was still thriving.

That indomitable spirit is one that she has honed over the years, one that she didn’t have when she was starting out in the media industry.

Why is Betty Kyallo posting more images revealing more skin this past year?

Betty recently revealed how hard it had been for her when she entered the media industry as an intern on KTN but it wasn’t as smooth as she would have wanted it to be, talking about the intimidation she felt;

Most times I always felt that I was not good enough especially the first years on TV. I was a colleague to people who were doing so great, Cynthia Nyamai, Beatrice Marshall and I always felt intimidated. Sometimes I would go on air and shrub, feel like I did not do my research enough. Many times I would go home and feel like I should have done better.


“It used to be really hard and many times I would question whether I should be in this career, but somehow it happened.”

Those experiences molded her into the person she became with bubbly personality admitting about her leaving K24;

“I feel like this break that I took after resigning was very important because it has really made me hustle hard! Most of us love employment, to get cushioned under a salary but when it is removed, then it becomes really really difficult to keep it going, to survive,” she admits.

She clarified that the TV screens are not her place for now, she needs change.

“We’re still thinking and weighing our options,” she left it that.

Have a listen;

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Jackie Matubia to Brenda Jons: Here are celebs looking energetic after the gym


These female celebrities have decided to end the year in style and are totally slaying after a work out.

After burning some heavy calories, we thought it fair to share their photos. Not only are their outfits super cute and matching but we have never seem them looking so good and excited after an intense gym session.

If you want to feel good about yourself and your workouts, having clothes that are comfortable and cute can make a worl d of difference.

Want proof of how the photos taken after their workouts are flattering? See below

  1. Comedian Brenda Jons who plays Mama Plezident Kingston has recently began this journey. she shares with her 178k fans how flattering her body now seems and the effort is worth it.

2. Yummy Mummy: I thnk she has the most stylish workout gear. The vlogger has invited fans to get snatched by Christmas in several motivational messages. Check out her page here. Joan has been very vocal about how much training she is doing and her body transformation.


Kate Actress also does it in style


4. Our fav girl Wahu is also hitting teh gym hard and let me tell you Maina, her body is banging


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A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

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Yes, Kate Actress, men who date single mothers are doing them a favour – Here’s why

Kate Actress was interviewed by Mc Jessy this past week. The popular actress spoke about many areas in her life. One of them was about the experiences she had had dating as a single mother.

She said that it was a tough time for her. She said that men acted like they were doing her a favour when they dated her. She said;

I was shown fire. I don’t know why some men feel like they are doing you a favour by dating you when you have a child. But what I learnt is how you put yourself out there is how they will treat you. Some were good but wengine walinionyesha moto.

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Mama K squared 😁…. See you in a few weeks 😂. ,💪 @stylebyneomi

A post shared by Catherine Kamau -Karanja (@kate_actress) on

Kate was lucky to get a man who loved her and her son. That man was Kenyan film heavyweight Phil Karanja who went on to marry her and get a son with her. Phil also treats her son as his own with Leon himself calling him father.

While she has had a fairy tale end, her experience is one that is rare and also a risk for any sane man to do-That of dating a single mother.

Kate’s experience is borne of solispism, focusing on her own experiences, wants and desires but what about the man dating this single mother? What about his needs, wants and desires? His dating a single mother is super risky.

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Hair by the legendary @corrinemuthoni Makeup by @glammedbyquin Body glow : Gold Drip by @shopnewlevel

A post shared by Catherine Kamau -Karanja (@kate_actress) on

Here’s why? Most women who were in Kate’s shoes (before her marriage) wanted a man who would not only become her husband but a “father” to a child he will never be biologically linked to.

Many honest (and still searching) single mothers will attest to the fact that while their kids were a personal blessing to them, they were a stumbling block for them in getting potential long-term relationships.

The reason

Most men of value who women like Kate would want to date/marry want to start a game at 0-0. These men want to enter any potential long-term relationship with a woman who has no kids.

Also, looking at it from the man’s point of view: What benefit does a man of value get from raising another man’s sperm (sorry for being so crude)? None if you look at the question logically.

He will never be related to the child, so why invest years in taking care of a child that will never be his. Also, would a woman like Kate (strong and independent) give up the reigns and allow the step-dad to discipline her child without her say-so? Most likely not.

Also, will the potential step-dad want to deal with drama from the baby daddy in the future? Most normal men would want to avoid that.

Also, all things being equal there are women in the market who would offer as much as Kate but without a child in tow. So why would a man of value come to an already started family (with it’s potential drawbacks) when he can start his own with an unencumbered woman?


The potential benefits of dating/marrying a single mother for a man of value are far outweighed by the mere fact that she has a child from a previous relationship. But what do I know…

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I felt afadhali Abel Mutua as he was not as uptight as Phil – Kate Actress discloses

Kate Actress was recently a guest on comedian Mc Jessy’s show and was not only compelling but really tickled the man whose job it is to make people laugh.

One thing that amazes me about her is that she isn’t afraid to speak about topics that some might one to keep under wraps-like how she got pregnant when she had just started college.

Kate went in-depth about her relationship with her husband Phil Karanja and her pregnancy experiences. Kate said that she had unknowingly suffered from depression after the birth of her son years ago.

‘I used to cry every day for one year, I thought my life was over. I did not know that I was suffering from postpartum depression. That is why nikiomoka I want to put up a place and create a safe haven for young girls going through what I did.’

She also explained that dating after she had gotten a child was tough as some men treated her poorly because she had a kid,

“I was shown fire. I don’t know why some men feel like they are doing you a favour by dating you when you have a child. but what I learnt is how you put yourself out there is how they will treat you. some were good but wengine walinionyesha moto.”

But thank God Phil came along for her but funny thing is that Kate wasn’t feeling him that way in the beginning because she thought that he was uptight.

At first, I never liked Phil I felt he was too uptight. He kept telling me that I needed to think about my life. Alikua ananibore. I felt afadhali Abel as he was not as uptight as Phil. When I rebranded myself I would go to him to ask for advise that is when we started becoming more than friends. But no one believed us when we started dating. When i introduced my son to Phil he was very anxious but he was determined. The relationship was very straining but that’s in the past. It’s when we were almost getting married is when he called Phil dad. he had earned it.

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Thank you for being my dad, you earned it – Kate Actress reveals what son told hubby

Catherine Kamau-Karanja or as Kenyans commonly know her as Kate Actress is one of the most popular actresses in Kenya.

This past week, the mother of two had a comprehensive interview with comedian Mc Jessy where she spoke about her life as a teenager, a young mom, her career and meeting the love of her life.

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Hair by the legendary @corrinemuthoni Makeup by @glammedbyquin Body glow : Gold Drip by @shopnewlevel

A post shared by Catherine Kamau -Karanja (@kate_actress) on

Kate revealed that she was once expelled from school, because of her character and love for drama, at the expense of her studies.

The actress went on to attend 2 high schools and 3 Universities, leaving each one for myriad reasons but thank God for a parent such as Kate’s mother.

Her mom was a rock for her daughter spending KSh400k to take her to an International University in Uganda, after studying at KCA proved difficult, only for her daughter to return home 3 months later, pregnant.

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Nawatakia usiku mwanana usiokuwa na bugdha😘 Mavazi @t.jcollection Viatu @glam_acces

A post shared by Catherine Kamau -Karanja (@kate_actress) on

She would later get into Multimedia University after giving birth and leaning in as a new mother but was very lucky to later land her role at Mother-in-law which was the big break that she needed.

But that wasn’t the end of her big blessings. She would later on meet her now-husband film industry heavyweight, Phil Karanja.

Funny thing is that Kate wasn’t a fan of Phil’s but slowly came to appreciate him as they worked more and more together.

But since she was a package deal coming along with her son, his opinions about her new man were extremely important. The boy at the time didn’t like Phil from the beginning, but after some time, the two became close friends.

Just like a Disney fairy tale, her son Leon Isaac would come to call Phil dad just before the couple had their wedding.

“On our wedding day, my son read a speech telling Phil thank you for stepping in. Thank you for being my dad, you earned it”.

The rest has been history. Have a listen;


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‘…The fear of failure,’ Kate Actress opens up on anxiety

Actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress has opened up about having some anxious moments about the future and what it holds. Kate who is one of the most successful stars in the country says the though of failure always catches up with her

Talking to social media, she wrote;

“I get abit Anxious about the future sometimes, my future to be precise , do you ? I mean you grind , you are doing what you can but somehow this fear of failure always finds its way into you , and sometimes does the most”

She went on to advise her followers that even with the unknown of what the future holds, everything will still turn out to be okay

“Someone very special to me told me this morning, God didn’t bring me this far to let life overwhelm me . I Just wanted to share this with you too 🙏 Goodday my watuz …”

Kate is a mother of two and wife to film director Phillip Karanja.

Babies are not accessories- Kate Actress says after 4k teen pregnancies in Machakos

I am literally living off gigs because you held my hand – Kate Actress tells Njugush

They say that no man is an island. This saying comes from a sermon by the seventeenth-century English author John Donne.

The meaning is that no one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others. This phrase comes to mind when one thinks of Blessed Njugush’s relationship with Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress.

The thespian penned down a message of appreciation to comedian Timothy Kimani aka Njugush for teaching her how to hustle on social media.

Kate used social media platform Twitter to thank Njugush for the impact he had had on her career, saying, “An appreciation tweet for @BlessedNjugush, I am literally living off social media gigs because you held my hand, you showed me the ropes .you are appreciated litu bro.”

The object of her praise was magnanimous and responded with the message, “Thanks so much wamapupuu…..but…can 2020 look at us the way you look at me…..”.

The two who are family friends who acted together on local TV drama Sue na Johnnie. And Kate Actress isn’t the only celeb who has credited Njugush with helping her career.

‘Mkurugenzi! You have helped so many souls’ Kate Actress praises Abel Mutua in birthday message

Last month, popular TV director Abel Mutua also credited Njugush with being a huge factor in his success in the last two years.

Abel said that the comedian had been “taking care” of his family for the last two years after the director helped guide his path in the film industry.

This is because Njugush allowed Abel’s wife Judy Nyawira to become his brand manager. And the earnings she has been getting has helped with the needs at their home.

Clearly, Njugush is one of those celebs with the rare combination of immense talent, perseverance, humility and above all a giving heart.

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Babies are not accessories- Kate Actress says after 4k teen pregnancies in Machakos

The recent announcement that Machakos County had a stunning 4000 teenage pregnancies during the Covid-19 lockdown has popular thespian Kate Actress in a huff.

Kate weighed in on the shocking news yesterday after the news made national headlines with the mother of two expressing her displeasure at the high number, stating that young girls should wait for the right time before getting kids.

Kate Actress in black and white
Kate Actress in black and white

Kate who isn’t a stranger to having a kid at a relatively young age urged parents and guardians to have candid conversations with their kids and emphasize the importance of waiting to get babies at the right time.

“My heart is completely broken 💔 the teenage pregnancies statistics reported earlier this week (if factual ) are shocking , we need to speak louder IT IS NOT OKAY , BABIES ARE NOT ACCESSORIES, YOUNG QUEENS PLEASE WAIT . YOUR TIME WILL COME . However Some of them are victims of rape and fallen pregnant as a result , 🤦🏽‍♀️, where is the law ?? We need to have this conversation with our sons too, it takes 2 to tangle, we must raise a better generation. This is heavy 😔 N/B did this video last year, it’s on YouTube” reads Kate actress post.

Kate Actress with the baby stroller
Kate Actress pushing her baby in the baby stroller

Her post touched a nerve with many Kenyans echoing her concerns. Some of those responses are below:

captainotoyo “I love love looooooove You. AND I respect You. This is as raw as it should get. 👌🏼100%✔”

theemwalimurachel “💯💯💯💯 heko dadaaa! Watafute PESAAAAAA”

massawejapanni “Nice one Kate👏👏Motherhood should be enjoyed”

Kate’s post came after shocking data was released by the Machakos Children’s department which painted a grim picture of the threat to girls education and their futures.

Kate Actress looking great
Kate Actress looking great

In March, similar concerns were raised in the coastal region, where it was reported that minors had suffered from abuse amid the ongoing pandemic.

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So stunning! Fans tell Kate Actress about mother’s youthful looks

Catherine Kamau or Kate Actress as she is famously known has been blessed by God. Not only does the mother of two have a wonderful husband, but she also has a fulfilling career.

And that’s not all, Kate hit the genetic lottery! Why? There is the age-old saying that if one wants to know how a woman will age, they should look at her mother.

Kate Actress black and white photo
Kate Actress black and white photo

Well, Kate’s mother has aged so well she could pass off as her older sister. Yesterday, the thespian decided to celebrate her mother’s birthday and from the photo she posted, many of her fans and followers were not only shocked but also impressed.

I am not giving birth again, Kate Actress tells husband

Her caption read,

Happy birthday to my mummy dearest, I owe everything that I am today to you😩, Thank you for the lessons , the values and for the unconditional love ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏿

Kate Actress' mother in red
Kate Actress’ mother in red

The comment section was full of mesmerised Kenyans who were amazed at how good her mother looked. Some of those comments are below:

kambuamuziki Oh she’s so beautiful 💕

talliaoyando Mama where? ❤️ Happy Birthday to her

nickmutuma A mum to a Queen is a Goddess, more life, more blessings

willisraburu Awww happy birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎁 yol look alike

anitanderu Awwwwww happy birthday Mum❤️

phoinahaircollection Happy birthday mummy ❤️❤️❤️

ulizalinks Sending her all the Love ❤️❤️❤️

dr.joangathoni Happiest Birthday to Mama Kate. I have met your mum before like 6 years ago. Details sio za social media. Such a warm soul.

Kate and her mother have an interesting relationship that has evolved over the years. One of the most important traits that she got from her mother was the independent streak that she has, this according to past interviews with Kate.

Kate Actress looking great in dress
Kate Actress looking great in dress

But as we can see, she has even inherited the beautiful youthful genetics.

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Did she even give birth! Kate Actress shows off curves as she turns 33

Actress Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate Actress has been on a great run the past couple of months. The well-known and loved thespian was blessed with a baby girl in December 2019.

That’s not all, early this year the mother of two was gifted a BMW X1 by her husband Phil Karanja for giving birth!

Kate Actress with the baby stroller
Kate Actress with the baby stroller

Don’t be jealous ladies, sometimes life can be unfair. Pata wako! Ako wapi? Pray! But that’s not the reason I am writing this story today.

Child birth is a near death experience – Kate Actress

This article is about her recent photo-shoot that got tongues wagging at the class, verve, and panache that she displayed.

The photos are a breath of fresh air reminding us that a woman can still wow the public with images that aren’t thirst-traps but show the depth and spirit of a woman.

Kate Actress portrait
Kate Actress portrait

This photo-shoot was taken to coincide with Kate celebrating her 33rd birthday and looking really good in the set. For someone who gave birth in December, one must admire the speed with which she has been able to get her body looking so good. so fast.

Ms Kamau took to Instagram to share her alluring photos as birthday messages continued to stream in on her page. “Not your ordinary 33 year old 😘” read one of her captions.

Kate Actress looking great in dress

Many of her 1.1 Million followers were impressed with the exquisite photo-shoot and also came out to wish her happy birthday messages as she turned a year older.

Check out some of the photos below;

Kate Actress looking great

Kate Actress looking great in dress
Kate Actress looking great in dress
Kate Actress looking great
Kate Actress looking great

Kate Actress looking great

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Child birth is a near death experience – Kate Actress

Former Mother In-law actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress has bloomed since her stint on the show. Her career has not only grown with her celebrity and personal life has also the stuff dreams are made of, with the bubbly personality being blessed with a baby girl late last year.

Kate Actress gifted Sh 2 million car by hubby Phil for giving birth!

Recently, Kate spoke about the experience she had had giving birth to her second-born and said that child-birth can be a near-death experience for women.

Kate Actress in black
Kate Actress in black

She went on to say that during birth, mothers have one foot in the grave, but she is grateful to God for blessing her with her second child. Kate stated that her story is beautiful when it is changing people’s lives.

“Childbirth is honestly a near-death experience… you honestly have one foot in the grave, am still so grateful to God for my little miracle. It’s a beautiful feeling when your story continues to inspire and empower others who because of many circumstances think so little of themselves! I keep saying God is not man. Ask him what his plan for you is, he will guide you!”

Kate Actress posing with shades
Kate Actress posing with shades

Kate had revealed previously that she wanted to get a kid even before she got married to Phil Karanja in 2017, but he delayed it because he is a planner.

“I remember I really wanted one even before our wedding, I was in a rush to get one but being the planner he is we delayed mpaka I was like me I’m good. Now the trying period is something else and I’m the most impatient person so I kept on wondering, so kukurukakara zikihappen ndiyo huyo mimi kesho nishapima. And kept on getting disappointed to a point I was feeling like, I don’t want to try any more. When you really want one that’s when it doesn’t happen and I went to the doctor, I didn’t have a problem it was just anxiety.”

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day

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Kate Actress gifted Sh 2 million car by hubby Phil for giving birth!

Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate Actress is having her time of reaping. The woman has been receiving blessing after blessing, with the biggest one being giving birth to a baby girl late last year.

And it seems that that blessing has bred another, she has been bequeathed a brand-new car by her husband Phil Karanja for giving birth!

The entertainer with Phil Karanja
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja in a file photo

According to her posts, the BMW X1 was a gift for making Phil a proud dad to a beautiful baby girl! The couple welcomed their first child a few weeks ago after 2 years of their happy marriage.

I cried every day for a whole year! Kate Actress discloses sad experience

Kate shared the photos on her Instagram page and reminded young ladies on the importance of hardwork and patience.

She wrote;

Young Queens out there, hardwork, patience and perseverance still pays. Hardworking girls are still cool. 

Mrs Karanja with her new ride

Although the couple continues to hide their daughter, we can tell that the bouncing little girl brought along blessings for her mum.

Kate Actress in black and white
Kate Actress in black and white

Mrs. Karanja is a proud mum of two, with her eldest son Leon, joining form one this year at the expensive new school Nova Pioneer. The total fee Kate and Phil will be paying for her son for the whole year is Ksh 494,000 which is just short of half a million.

Kate-actress-son going to school with the baby
Kate-actress-son going to school with the baby

The two are currently doing well with their production company which has not only been releasing top TV series in the country; but has created employment for many youths aiming to venture into the entertainment industry.

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Kate Actress unveils new born two weeks after birth

Kate Actress, real name Catherine Kamau has unveiled the first photo of her baby girl. The actress says her intention is to hide the world from the baby

“Throwback ! Baby K at 2 weeks … we are not hiding her from the world, just hiding the world from her. Such a cruel world especially here on social media. Thank you for all the congratulatory messages. You shall meet her when we are ready .. if ever” she wrote

Two weeks after giving birth, Kamau is back to work serving all kids of positive energy.

Celebrities have come out to celebrate her with congratulatory messages.

Bridgetshighadi: Congratulations hot mama 😍👏🏽

Lulu Hassan: Awwww congratulations mamii😍😍😍😍


Kambua: I hear you mama! Hugs to our baby
Pierra Makena: Congratulations hun!!!
Akothee: Mummy Congratulations my love

Congratulations! Kate Actress and hubby welcome baby girl

Kate is so lucky! Phil Karanja reveals trait that a married man must have (exclusive)

Phil Karanja shared some exciting news with his fans this week. The news that his famous wife Kate Actress is heavily pregnant.

The man gushed about it on his social media page. I called him up and asked him a few questions regarding the good news. He was a bit cagey with what he could tell me as the couple had agreed not to give interviews to media but yours truly was able to get a few questions answered by the film producer and director.

Kate Actress with her husband Phil
Kate Actress with her husband Phil

Phil told me the reason they had revealed the pregnancy so late in the game, was that the couple had made a choice to keep some things to themselves.

‘We looked for my daughter even in the mortuary’ – Kate Actress’s mum

He also told me that the couple didn’t already know the gender of the child as is the trend for some celebs like Diamond and Tanasha. He said he wanted to be surprised when the baby is born.

Kate Actress
Kate Actress

What was one of the most important qualities that he believed a man should have in a marriage? Phil believes that communication is key and said as much. ‘As a husband create an environment that your wife can come and speak to you freely. Make sure that after she has communicated her needs that you work on the issue.’ he said.

Phil Karanja with his wife in a restaurant
Phil Karanja with his wife in a restaurant

Abel Mutua recently enjoyed his close friend Phil about the time it took to get their first kid, even saying that he was ready to sub him if needed.

Phil Karanja posing with Abel Mutua
Phil Karanja posing with Abel Mutua

Was the long wait for a child a concern for the popular filmmaker? he said that he was chilled about the wait and was always confident that he would have a child soon.

Precious School Tragedy

Phil spoke about the Precious Talent School tragedy where 8 students died and many more were injured. He said that he was pissed about the incident,

‘It means that someone stole money (meant for quality construction of the school). It is sad that some people are willing to risk the lives of kids for their own personal gain. May those involved get dealt with.’

Red Cross rescue workers at Precious Talent school on Monday, September 23 2019.
Red Cross rescue workers at Precious Talent school on Monday, September 23 2019.


The man also revealed that the new show that he was working on would be called, ‘My Empress’ that would air on Maisha MagicHe explained that he was a dramedy series that follows a couple of women navigating work/life issues that face them.

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I cried every day for a whole year! Kate Actress discloses sad experience

Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress spoke to young girls at Kariokor Social Hall a few weeks ago about teenage pregnancies. She, of course, was speaking from personal experience. She told the audience,

‘It’s not okay to be a teen mum and bring a child into this world not knowing what you can offer them. Because you are a child. A boy that is in form two or one is wasting your time. Unlike us, your generation is different and things are moving so fast. You look at the likes of Kylie Jenner on social media and the way they slay with the kids and think these kids are dolls,’ she told the school-going girls.

Kate Actress posing
Kate Actress posing

She then encouraged the girls telling them,

‘At some point, I would encourage you that you’ll be okay. But I realized things turned out good for me cause both of my parents were working and supported my child. I came to realise all of us are not the same.’

Kate Actress
Kate Actress

Kate, who got pregnant at 19 also explained that she fell into a depression for a whole year,

‘I finished high school well then I went to Kampala to study. Two months later, I came back with a baby degree. My mum was disappointed because she had sacrificed everything. When I first told her, she was crushed. She didn’t understand. I dropped out of school and raised the baby and of course, the boyfriend ran away. So I was in depression. I cried every day for a whole year,’ she said as quoted by Word Is.

Kate actress
Kate actress

She finished off by telling the girls,

‘The reason why I don’t want you to get pregnant is that if you get the pregnancy, you become responsible for someone else. Then, you become a burden to your parents.’

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Congratulations! Kate Actress and hubby welcome baby girl

Actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress has confirmed that she has indeed given birth. She shared a sneak peak of her delivery video on social media.

View this post on Instagram

?? ….. 14.12.2019 7pm !

A post shared by Catherine Kamau -Karanja (@kate_actress) on

The actress is married to film producer and director Phillip Karanja. This child is Catherine’s second-born as she had a son before she met Philip.

She recently revealed that she had gotten a baby girl in a pink-themed baby shower that was attended by her close friends like Neomi Ng’ang’a, Mine Kay, Kambua and many others.

From us is congratulations to the couple!

On 2nd anniversary, Kate Actress shares rarely seen wedding photos