Former Nairobi women rep aspirant Karen Nyamu slays in baby bump

Karen Nyamu, former Nairobi women rep aspirant is pregnant. She has been sharing photos of her baby bump and over the weekend, after she was thrown a surprise baby shower party by her close friends.

“Surprise baby shower. I have the best friends everrrr! Thank you so much for making me feel so special. To baba SM jr kwa kuniset up na ma meetings haziko, ishio nitukwaria😂😂”

“May someone make you feel just like you made me feel today”

In another post, she shared how she was tricked into the idea of going to Nakuru for business.

“Ladies! If mans tells you to go negotiate a deal on his behalf because hes out of town, its a trap!!!!😂

Nyinyi mlinipata kweli kweli😅 i had so much fun. You deserve EVERYTHING♥️”

The child she is expecting is rumoured to be fathered of singer Sammidoh, who has since denied being in a romantic relationship with the politician as he is already married.
Check out her baby bump photos;

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The views! Taking some time to relax

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