Samidoh tells Karen Nyamu why he apologized after calling him a ‘softie’


Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh says he felt the need to apologize after having a relationship with politician Karen Nyamu.

He has been in a ten year marriage with his wife Edith and have sired two kids. He and Nyamu are also blessed with a son, Sam Junior.

The Mugithi singer told Churchill that he had informed his wife before the public knew that he had a child while still married to Edith

Before the story came out, it was already known in our family. It is something that had disturbed me and for a certain reason, those things were posted.


I knew my wife when I was in high school. We started our friendship from there. I went for training and she went to Nakuru, after my graduation, we started a family.

He went on to narrate why he apologized;

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I gave my statement and decided not to dwell on it. There were people who were against my statement saying I was wrong to have apologized. But to me, sins do not stop becoming sins when you do them.

Makosa itaishi kua makosa hata nani akiifanya. I have to own up my mistakes.

Samidoh says his wife has been an important pillar in his life especially in prayer.

Fans knew that the singer was Karen Nyamu’s baby daddy after she posted a video of him holding their son. Nyamu explained that she wanted the singer to acknowledge their son as his.

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Samidoh asks for chance to move on in first interview after drama


Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki has denied claims that his new song ‘Ihinda Ringi’ (Another Chance) was as a result of his drama with politician Karen Nyamu.

He had an affair with the former Nairobi Women Rep aspirant who gave birth to their son. The singer took to social media to apologize to his wife, family and fans.

In the song, Muchoki pleads with God to protect him from all his enemies and to never allow him to be a slave of his mistakes.

Speaking on The Journey Series with Churchilll, the singer said he was asking God for another chance to redo what he did wrong

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I was telling God that there are things that I might have done, wrong decisions that I might have done in my life. It could be love, work, investment. I was asking for another chance

He said he had written the song way before he hit the headlines for cheating on his wife with Ms Nyamu, adding that it was not a dedication to anyone.

The song was there before all these things…I couldn’t let the song go because it is me conversing with my God asking for another chance.

Samidoh has two kids with his wife Edith and a son with Karen Nyamu.

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The reason cheating husband Samidoh isn’t getting as much hate as Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu has been the punching bag this past week ever since she leaked her controversial video cheating with singer Samidoh.

The clip got Kenyans (who already have enough frustrations with Uhuru’s government) talking and they were big mad! What was odd about the backlash was that Samidoh seemed to get none of the heat from Kenyans.

And I wondered? Doesn’t it take two to tango? Didn’t Samidoh leave his marital bed, cheat on his wife and get a child with his mistress?

So why were Kenyans so harsh on Karen, while her partner in crime looked to be having a hall pass for his bad behaviour?

I think I might have the answer and there are a few possibilities.

One, While Kenyans were willing Karen and Samidoh might have apologized for their initial indiscretion, many are not willing to tolerate the continued rubbing of their faces with the fact.

We blame Karen Nyamu more! Kenyans say in vote over video scandal with Samidoh

Don’t you know that Kenyans are hypocrites? We love cheating but hate when our stars cheat. So Karen keeping the topic of her sleeping with a married man in our collective psyches is something that most Kenyans aren’t willing to accept.

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Two, that Nyamu’s behaviour is one where she is trying to cause more shame for Samidoh’s wife and their two kids. Most people will not take kindly to a woman who wants to break up a family, even if that family has a philandering man as the head.

In her trying to get Samidoh to recognize her and make her his second wife, she has alienated herself and made herself look like a villain.

And there is nothing as disgusting as a desperate woman who will not only destroy her own reputation but also go down with her baby daddy and his family in tow.

But what do I know…

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‘A diamond with a flaw’ Karen Nyamu narrates after recent controversial statements

Karen Nyamu, Samidoh’s baby mama has taken to her social media to describe herself as a diamond days after embarrassing her man in public.

Through social medi,a Karen had called out her baby daddy saying he has no balls to stand out for her and their relationship.

In a new social media post Karen shared a photo of herself captioned;

“A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections.”

This week a fan had called out Karen calling her a husband snatcher for having an affair with a married man.

Instead of keeping quiet she retorted back telling off the fan and blaming her baby daddy instead.

We blame Karen Nyamu more! Kenyans say in vote over video scandal with Samidoh

According to the mother of two, Samidoh is a ‘softie’.

“We must learn to share. the only problem is when the shared man hana mak*nd* za kusimama na ukweli,” she retorted.

Samidoh will be sharing his life story on the Churchill Show this Sunday.

In a snippet clip from the show, Samidoh is seen singing one of Kamaru’s song ‘Muhiki Wa Mikosi’.

The song speaks about a man who met a beautiful woman in a club and the woman showed interest in him that he forgot he was supposed to work.

‘I had gone to that club to wait for my car to be repaired so I decided to take a bottle before I go and pick my boss from work. we had a conversation and when I requested to leave, she stood, hugged me, and told me that I had to know where she lives,’ the lyrics to the song narrated.

The song also talks about the woman being sent by the devil to destroy his life.

‘How can one identify such a woman when they are in public so we can avoid them.’

Karen recently shared a video of her and Samidoh playfully flirting while spending time together.

She later deleted the video and in a different post, she advised married couples on the importance of good communication in a relationship and treating each other with kindness.

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We blame Karen Nyamu more! Kenyans say in vote over video scandal with Samidoh

Karen Nyamu has managed to make herself and Samidoh the centre of attention this week. And this soon after the revelation that the musician had cheated on his wife and had had a baby with her.

The two soon apologized to Kenyans. But there is a fire still burning in Karen’s yard and it is entirely of her own making.

You see, since their apology, the politician has been making increasingly erratic comments and statements about relationships that showed she might still be stewing about how it all went down.

Kujeni muone Karen Nyamu inspecting her dowry (photo)

And many Kenyans indulged her antics for a while as they were entertaining, but the video she leaked early this week showing her and Samidoh having an intimate conversation, was a bridge too far for some.

It got so bad, that Maina’s morning conversation on Tuesday focused on women who refused to be left by the married men that they were dating.

She can even release a tape! Maina says about Karen Nyamu and Samidoh video scandal

But who was to blame for the video scandal? Was it entirely Karen’s fault or should Samidoh shoulder part of it?

Don’t forget that we only got to know that Samidoh and Karen had been an item when she shared a video of the singer playing with their new-born son, Sam Junior.

I don’t think Samidoh had endorsed the move at that time and Karen took the proactive step of letting the whole world know what they had done in secret.

So, we at Classic105 asked the audience who was more to blame? And drum roll please…Majority of Kenyans held Karen accountable. The results are below:

Karen Nyamu vs Samidoh
Karen Nyamu vs Samidoh

Read some of the comments from Kenyans who voted below:

I mean mimi sio celeb but kuna vitu zingine siwezi fanya… recording our dirty conversation aaaai.

Its showbiz. The more they trend, the more their ratings go up.

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“He doesn’t have the balls!” Karen Nyamu bitterly says about baby daddy Samidoh

Whoever advises Karen Nyamu has been failing her recently. The lawyer cum politician has been in the news recently after she leaked a video of herself with baby daddy Samidoh.

The video earned her a lot of criticism and some would even say hate with many arguing that she was trying to destabilize the Kikuyu singer’s home.

Samidoh himself has kept well out of the ensuing controversy, managing to look like a saint in a situation that should have no angels in it, apart from their son, Sam Junior.

But because of Nyamu’s antics, her actions have lost her what little support she already had as the “Other Woman” and made Kenyans attack her mote vociferously.

Karen Nyamu hints at reason she released shocking video with Samidoh

In one recent back and forth Nyamu let slip some of the frustration that she is having with the Mugithi singer after she had been labeled a husband-snatcher by an Instagram user.

But who is Karen? She took no accountability for her part in the whole fiasco and in fact shamed and blamed the man who had cheated with her.

She wrote back caustically calling out Samidoh for not having the requisite balls to stand for the truth. “We must learn to share. The only problem is when the shared man hana mak*nd* za kusimama na ukweli,” she retorted.

Karen Nyamu diss on Samidoh
Karen Nyamu diss on Samidoh

Methinks that someone should save Karen from herself and disable her Instagram account until she goes to therapy or chills down! Cause when all is said and done, she will still have to deal with a man she is now outrightly disrespecting in public-the father of her second child.

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She can even release a tape! Maina says about Karen Nyamu and Samidoh video scandal

Today morning, Maina Kageni spoke about the trending topic in Kenya -his friend Samidoh’s relationship with baby mama Karen Nyamu.

“Let’s talk about exes who just won’t go away! Karen Nyamu is back to posting Samidoh on her social media pages,” he said. Adding, “Ladies, why can’t you accept when it’s over?”

Check out the comments below on the highly-emotive topic:

Watu wamelala kitanda moja huezi jua mambo yao. Otherwise, Samidoh should give it a blind eye. Some people won’t give in to the fact that you can be happy without them. Watakustalk na bado as if it’s not enough, apost video mlipost mkiwa teenagers mkiwa in love.

Some relationships are hard to let go, but it’s wrong for Karen to post such clips on social media, she is willingly hurting the wife, you can never win by playing dirty, karma is real, you reap what you sow, a little girl seeks revenge, a good woman moves on.

It happens when the woman in question thinks she is the better one. But unless Samidoh feels the same, even if he was to go back, she would live a very frustrated life. You will have the man but not his heart. Hapa ndio unaanzaga kuskia he is a good father but not a good husband.

Exes wengine ni kama kupe Bana , hawang’oki.

Ukiachwa achika maina. This girl hataki kumove on and since she has no dignity to lose she’s not caring. It seems atamake sure amevunja iyo ndoa kabisa.

Fear women who have nothing to lose ata anaeza release sex tape.

Moving on isn’t a walk in the park like some people are saying. When women love most of them love for real. But again, loving a married man is something else. It’s like dipping your finger in the fire consciously when you actually know the end result.

The only thing Karen Nyamu is entitled to is child support. Being clingy will only bring more problems, hurt those involved and at the end of the day, it’s entirely Samidoh’s choice to reconcile with her or rather make her the 2nd wife.

Exes wanaweza kuwa headache bana, kwanza most of them don’t believe you can move on or progress without them. They will always try to win you back and show they have changed of which its not true..

That is what happens when the society brands a woman a husband thief. It’s her defense. Samidoh is not a lifeless object so as to be stolen. He had a stake in it. He did not even mind being recorded begging for sex.

It is his undoing. He is the one that knew he was married and had a family, it is also him that was charged with the responsibility to protect his wife and kids in all this and he failed. Karen is just angry. She will be for some time, so Samidoh should brace himself.

I honestly believe they’re still seeing each other, but Samidoh refuses to acknowledge the relationship publicly & she’s going out of her way to prove to people that they’re still seeing each other & also to trigger a response from him.

Treat your man well & he’ll stick with you; bibi akianza pasa pasa, side chick mara dat.

She want the public to concentrate on her every time ata anaboo.

Ukioa nikama umeawaita ata uchange number watakusaka n kama wametumwa na shetani kukumaliza

To be honest there must be something that someone did you that no matter what you do, where you go just can’t forget. You can’t let go.

It’s not easy for ladies to let go but once we do it’s for real. We hold on to give you men room to come to your senses and because we loved for real. Don’t blame us we are keepers.

Karen Nyamu has never been an ex of samidoh that’s the thing.

Ukiachwa wachika, story ya kukatalia mtu hana feelings na wewe mtaacha madem.

You know the problem with these ladies aka clandes is that even if you tell them uko na bibi they’ll still find a way to lure you in a trap. They’ll make sure mmepata mtoi na yeye as a ransom.

Women don’t love more than one person, they concentrate to one guy who later fails them. But they have already made up with their mind, hata ukimchapa haendi. 

Karen nyamu ni “mûhiki wa mîkosi”.

Samidoh aoe wote wawili. Kwani iko nini.

Sijui tuambie nyamu ukweli ama tunyamaze tu.

Wewe hujui ndoshi ya samido.

Haha these two were never over.

But when did they say they have broken up?

Samidoh ndio first love wa Karen Nyamu ndio unaona she can’t let it go.

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Karen Nyamu hints at reason she released shocking video with Samidoh

Karen Nyamu doesn’t seem to realize how to behave as the side chick/mistress of Samidoh. The woman not only decided to release a video showing the singer playing with their son on her Instagram page proving to the whole world the badly kept secret that Samidoh had cheated on his wife of many years, but there’s also more.

Yesterday a video of the two emerged that has shocked many considering the two had made their round of perfunctory apologies after the scandal broke last month.

According to many, the embarrassing video was released by Karen and showed the couple spending quality time together.

According to those fluent in Kikuyu, Samidoh is heard asking the lawyer cum politician – whether she would give him some good time.

Karen Nyamu reveals she was preggers when she took famous photo with Ruto and Samidoh

The video has been met with near-universal derision from Kenyans who watched it. Using her I.G stories Karen decided to explain the reason she had shared a video of such an intimate occasion with her baby daddy.

She said, “If both spouses will listen to each other and treat each other with kindness and respect, then nearly every disagreement will get resolved long before it becomes a fight.”

Huh…? What does that even mean? One can only read between the lines. Is her way of fighting the father of her second child to release embarrassing footage of the two to get him back in line or was this an overreaction?

Karen Nyamu screenshot
Karen Nyamu screenshot

Don’t forget that the Kikuyu singer had released a new song barely a week ago where he asks God to forgive him; for hurting his family and fans with his reckless actions.

Karen Nyamu with William Ruto and Samidoh
Karen Nyamu with William Ruto and Samidoh

In the song dubbed “Ihinda Ringi” (Another chance), Samidoh pleads with God to protect him from his enemies and to never allow him to be a slave of his mistakes.

But it seems that Karen might the mistake that keeps on giving.

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Karen Nyamu reveals she was preggers when she took famous photo with Ruto and Samidoh

Long live Karen Nyamu! I say that tongue in cheek cause this lady keeps on surprising me with her level of chutzpah knowing no bounds.

Most women who have been mistresses would hide and wallow in their shame but not Nyamu. In fact, she seems to glory in it.

The mother of two recently revealed that she had had a baby with popular Mugithi singer, Samidoh. Nyamu didn’t care that the man was married and posted a video of Samidoh playing with their son.

The backlash came hard and fast with both apologizing for their behaviour. While the Kikuyu singer has tried to reestablish the image of a loving and loyal hubbie to his wife, Edday, Nyamu herself has reveled in throwing subliminal hints(and disses) at her enemies using her popular social media page.

In them, the lawyer-turned politician seems to be rubbing in the fact that she was Samidoh’s mistress and there was nothing they could do about it.

Yesterday’s post by the mother of two encapsulated this with Nyamu sharing a TBT she took with both Samidoh and Ruto when she was heavily pregnant.

She reminded her fans the photo was taken during their visit to the hustler’s mansion in Karen, where they had gone to visit the country’s number two. Her caption read;

”Throwback Thursday with baba SM jr and hustler 1 DP William S Ruto. The hustler narrative proposes a bottom-up approach that starts from the realities on the ground to design solutions adapted to needs, from the most local to the most global. And not the other way around. PS – I was very preggers here. Nakaa kangurue ka cute,” Karen captioned.

Her post attracted the attention of her online fans and critics alike who thronged the comments section with some insisting that the relationship with the singer was not over despite their claims to the contrary.

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Samidoh asks God “to never allow him to be a slave of his mistakes”

Mugithi singer Samidoh has broken his silence one month after he publicly apologised to his wife Edith for having an affair and siring a child with politician Karen Nyamu.

Through his new song, ‘Ihinda Ringi’ [Another chance], he pleads with God to protect him from all his enemies and to never allow him to be a slave of his mistakes.

Samidoh and Edday in church
Samidoh and Edday in church

In the first stanza of the song, he thanked God for blessing him with talent but regrets that it becomes his downfall.

“Please let my relationship with you be permanent and even when I make stupid decisions, kindly forgive me. Give me another chance. I prayed that you expand my territories and you gave me a favour, now they know me all over.”

He added that enemies are all over and were it not for the prayers from those who love him, he would have been finished.

“Give me another chance and hide my star from my enemies. My talent is to build rather than destroy them. I am human and at times I will fall into temptations.”samidohhildign son with karen

In a long social media post early this month, the father of three admitted to having an affair with Nyamu that yielded a son.

While saying he put his family in a bad situation, he affirmed that he would fully support Nyamu’s son emotionally and materially.

“I bless my generation and may it continue growing. I now apologise to you my fans for setting a bad example. I take full responsibility for my mistakes, which I regret. We have had our own shares of ups and downs but we are stronger and happy together,” he said.

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Watch as Samidoh’s baby mama Karen Nyamu twerks to dancehall beat (video)

Karen Nyamu might have come in for some criticism the past few weeks after she revealed that her son Sam Junior was popular Kikuyu singer, Samidoh’s son.

The backlash lasted for a few days as is the norm in Kenya and people went on to the next scandal. But it seems that Karen doesn’t want to hide the infamy that her revelation caused, in fact, it seems that she might want to capitalize on it as she has been posting incendiary posts and messages on her Instagram page.

Her latest one is a video that shows the politician twerking to a dancehall song in her Instagram stories without any regard to the potential trolling that might emanate.

Nyamu, dressed in blue jeans, a black and gold sweatshirt and white sneakers, could be seen dancing at what appeared to be an isolated bar.

One could see that the mother of two seemed to be in her own world and having fun. After reactions came in, Nyamu simply commented on the video writing, “Jana nilichoma” to mean that she had embarrassed herself with the dance.

The information of where the video was taken is still unknown. This weekend Nyamu has been on a trolling mission of her detractors.

Just a day earlier, the CEO of the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company took a swipe at her critics after sharing photos of her inspecting a herd of cattle.

Her tongue-in-cheek caption read, ”Inspecting my dowry. The ill-hearted committee will say I do not have a husband. Where did you hear it from?”

Nyamu who seems to thrive on negative feedback got it in bundles as fans and followers sharply criticised calling her out for the recent scandal involving Samidoh.

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Kujeni muone Karen Nyamu inspecting her dowry (photo)

Karen Nyamu has become the big bad wolf for many after she revealed that she and married man, Samidoh had had a baby together.

Since then the vitriol (and her Instagram following coincidentally) have increased with many accusing her of being a homewrecker and husband snatcher.

Nyamu has taken all the criticism on the chin, apologized and has been trying to move on so much so that she can even joke about a very calamitous period in her life.

But she has had enough of the trolls who keep asking if she has a lover and came out with a rebuttal for them yesterday in a hilarious post.

”Inspecting my dowry. The ill-hearted committee will say I do not have a husband. Where did you hear it from?”

The post made many of those who commented go apoplectic. Some of the responses are below:

Get yours first and stop holding onto Edday’s husband.’

The resilience is inspiring.

But it is true, you do not have a husband.

We must have a thing soon.

When you are tired of Samidoh come to me. I love you so so so much.

Where did you hear that men these days marry miss independent women like you?

Yes. Show them Karen. Those telling you you have stolen someone’s hubby let them know you did not kidnap anyone.

Money is good, you get someone’s husband and on top of that help the goat wife secure a KSh 9M tender. Weeeh!

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Samidoh hatoshi mboga! Meet Karen Nyamu’s hunky first baby daddy (Photos)

At the moment, politician Karen Nyamu can best fit the theme of the song “Wangu” done by Nadia Mukami and featuring Sanaipei Tande.

The song is about the eternal struggle between wives who have stood with their men from day one and side chicks who want to take those men from those women.

Nyamu has been the flavour of the month after she and Kikuyu singer Samidoh confirmed that they had gotten a son together despite the musician being married.

The two have subsequently apologised to fans and family for their behaviour after the inevitable fall-out that came. People might be focused on Nyamu’s second child but what about her 4-year-old daughter, who happens to be her first child?

Well, the information is out there and her first baby daddy is pretty if I can say so. Details remain scanty as to why the two didn’t remain an item but all we do know is that the man is an entertainer, a Dj to be more exact.

The man’s name is Dj Kevin who unlike Samidoh isn’t averse at having Karen put his photos up on social media.  During Father’s Day she celebrated Kevin with her caption reading, “Happy Father’s day to this papa of my baby. We are so thankful for everything you do. Thank you and God bless!”

One can tell from the photos that the couple gets along well and are great co-parents to their daughter. Check out photos of Kevin, the beautiful baby daddy of the politician who doubles as the Director at Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, below;

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Protect your man’s ego – Karen Nyamu declares as Samidoh attends church with his wife

Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki has been the man of the moment this past month and not for his excellent music. Nope, the reason for his increasing fame/infamy was the cheating scandal that erupted last week that involved him and politician Karen Nyamu.

After a tough week for Samidoh and his innocent wife Edday, the couple was seen in church together, a wonderful sight for those who want their relationship to thrive. Edday’s caption read, “Great Sunday it was…”

Samidoh and Edday in church
Samidoh and Edday in church

The musician has already apologized earlier in the week in a long message, where he admitted that he had messed up badly. ‘I am sorry!!! I have put my family and myself in a bad situation. It is true I had a friendship with Ms. Karen Nyamu and it’s this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child whom I have and will always support both emotionally and materially. I am a proud father to my children.

“I am however perturbed by the motive and timing of these past videos which have led to unnecessary trolling of the child and my wife, I have never left my wife of 11 years for another woman. I apologized to her and my family before.
I now apologize to you my fans for setting a bad example.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by samwel (@samidoh_muchoki)

On the other hand, Karen was giving out advice to women, telling them to always protect their men’s ego at all costs. Karen said that a woman should never put her man’s ego on the line as punishment no matter what happens between them. (I wonder which man she is alluding to?)

“Ladies a smart Woman protects her Man’s ego. Your Man’s ego should never be put on the line as a punishment. All a man has is their Manhood and their Masculinity. Don’t embarrass him by using simping as a punishment. Find a punishment that won’t get him ridiculed because Woii my Man. Let him be known out here for his bravery, his boldness as his lowest,” read Karen Nyamu’s advice to fellow women.

Ms Nyamu’s statement come days after she was forced to apologize to Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu following her involvement with her husband that led to the birth of Sam Muchoki Jnr.

Nyamu also added that she went public with the news of Samidoh being her baby daddy, because she was fighting for her son’s identity. “Drama imeisha I was fighting for my son’s identity” said Nyamu.

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‘I got his pregnancy in form four,’ Samidoh’s wife reveals details

For the last one week, Mugiithi hitmaker,Samidoh has been trending after he came out and apologised to his wife for having an affair with politician Karen Nyamu.

The affair which brought fourth a son.

Part of his long apology post, Samidoh wrote;

“I am sorry! I have put my family and myself in a bad situation. It is true I had a friendship with Ms. Karen Nyamu and its this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child whom I have and will always support both emotionally and materially. I am a proud father to my children,” he said.

If your mans phone is always face down, is it a sign of cheating


Well, Samidoh is married to his high school sweetheart Eddith Nderitu.

Samidoh met his wife when he was still in high school after his wife had transferred to the school he was in and the chemistry between the two was ignited.

“She actually transferred and came to the school when she was in form 3 and I was in form 4 then,” he said in a previous interview in 2019.

Well, in a post on Facebook, Samidoh’s wife revealed that she got pregnant for the singer while still in school admitting that she also got married immediatelyy after high school.

Edith who was celebrating their daughter’s 10th year old birthday wrote;

‘Today is a big day for my daughter, 10yrs ago she made me a mother a proud mother at a young age, I got pregnant in my fourth form,nilitoka high school na 3 certs, baby, hubby and the paper 😋, I thank God for the blessings ….may God always watch over you baby gal, usitoke na hizo certs tafadhari.’

“Married men should not fertilize your womb” single girls advised


On February 27th, Samidoh began to trend, all because he was exposed as having a child out of wedlock.

A video shared by the former Nairobi County Women rep aspirant Karen Nyamu showed the Mugithi maestro having good moments with child.
Nyamu wrote about the moment in a sweet note saying “A dad doesn’t tell you that he loves you, he shows”.
 samidohhildign son with karen
And on March 2nd, Samidoh released a note publicly apologising for what he said was setting a bad example, while admitting he was indeed the father to her son. He denied having left his wife of 11 years as videos released suggested he had done so.
Amid Samidohs row with his side chick, his wife got into an accident on March 1.
In the discussion about his apology on Classic 105, a woman called in blasting single girls for getting a married mans child.

She advised girls to ‘have fun’ with a married man but cautioned that “you have no business allowing a married man to fertilize your womb”.

6 brutal yet real signs you are his side chick in a relationship

She added that “a child is forever, you cannot get rid of that child once it comes. Just have fun with a married man if you must date one, but don’t get pregnant”.
Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with this woman, and are side chicks crossing the red line?

“Stick to your lane” Kenyans tell side chicks like Karen Nyamu

Kikuyu singer Samidoh had a friendship with Karen Nyamu that led to the birth of a child.

Samidoh apologized and said he is/was friends with Karen in a statement on his social media. While this should have put the matter to rest Karen responded telling him he holds her better than his wife.

“running away from reality mpaka lini. lakini si ungeshika your lovely wife bib vile wewe hunishika wanaume wewe. It was easier to declare the whole truth not half because utakuwa slave wa ma apologies. You have done nothing wrong babe”

In the Wednesday morning conversation, Maina Kageni tackled the topic and asked what women like Karen Nyamu want when they expose an affair with a married man. Here are 9 responses.

!. Ukifichwa fichika

2. Umerukwa kipetero kiyesu

3. tell Karen to come slowly and be a second wife ama apoteze everything,

4. That karen is just an attention seeker ….she is just desperate for love

5. A word to karen:cheza Chini unachoma ere

“Live your life” Maina Kageni tells Samidoh after apologizing for cheating

6. Karen is just an attention seeker …..anafaa akule kenye anakula kama amenyamaza because at some point when she was hooking up with Samidoh,she knew he was married…..mamiiii kula share yako kama umesharaaaap

7. Karen should know BWANA YA WENYEWE IS NO-GO ZONE….

8. To karen Wife ataremain kua Wife na wewe stick to your place SIDECHICK… To samidoh lea mtoto na uchunge boma yako after all its where you go at the end of the day

9. Karen naye akule hii kitu polepole she should know they are sharing and she can’t take it all shez a side chick.



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Karen Nyamu finally reveals well-known secret that Samidoh is dad of her son, Sam Jr.

Popular Kikuyu musician Samwel Muchoki alias Samidoh has done something this weekend that will keep tongues wagging for a very long time.

The singer who has been linked in the past to politician Karen Nyamu was spotted cradling her son this week.

In a video posted by Karen herself, Samidoh can be seen smiling as he rocks his son, Sam Junior. This is what Nyamu shared on social media: ”A dad does not tell you that he loves you, he shows you #muchokis.”

Karen made it clear that the video showed the sweetest moment between a dad and his kid in the caption contrary to earlier denials by the two that they were dating.

The video clip left Kenyans divided with some very excited and others bringing up the fact that the singer was married to another woman.

Some were unhappy with the musician for leaving his marital home to spend time with his alleged baby mama. Below are some of the comments from Kenyans who felt Samidoh and Nyamu got it all wrong.

But Karen isn’t a woman to take criticism lying down, the mother of 2 responded with vigour to a certain Instagrammer called jane.james114 who had told the politician,” You are dating a married man and think he would never cheat on you,” she said.

But, the mother of two did not take that comment lightly and responded to it in sarcasm. ”Now where is this coming from? You think I also do not know how to cheat?” she asked.

Jane however ate humble pie and apologized to her but the thread had already attracted comments from others who had something to say.

Some other comments from the thread are below:

Husbands cannot be stolen, they just decide to wake up and leave you.

I love that answer, people will mind their business by force.

Today, people with bad hearts have no luck here.

Today you are serving people with career ending tackles like you don’t care madam lawyer.’

Prove them wrong, what is their problem, let people love each other.

When you come to understand the heart of a man that’s the time you will feel like a woman. You will not find a man with that kind of thinking they will leave you.

He is an African man, he can have as many wives as he wants.

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