Three students, driver killed at Kapedo by bandits

Turkana Leaders have condemned the Friday Kapedo attack that claimed lives of three students and a driver who were shot dead by suspected pokot bandits.
Three students and one driver were heading to school from Marigat to Kapedo through Ameyan route,were ambushed by the suspected pokot bandits and shot dead.
Turkana leaders led by Senator Malichy Ekal,MPs Ali Lokiru and James Lomenen  Turkana East and South respectively, they have condemned the heinous act of suspected pokot bandits.
Ekal castigated the barbaric impunity that caused the deaths of innocent little angels.
“Many people mistakenly say that problems between the border of Turkana and West pokot is cattle rustling. Its not as people put it,the vehicle ferrying students to school didn’t have cattle.” He said.
He said the pokot community should come out clearly and say what they want fro Turkana community.
He said the bullets used in the killings are from Kenyan factories it means their are some rotten individuals who gives out such bullets,adding that Kenya police and criminal investigations departments should arrest them for propagating deaths for supply.
“During the state of Nation,the President Uhuru Kenyatta said Kenya is safe. Citizens are not safe Mr. President,innocent people are bleeding at the hands of primitive communities bordering Turkana and its time for the government  to disarm them.”he said.
Ekal said the security personnel should speedy up the investigations and arrest culprits behind the heinous act to face the law.
Lokiru said they have lost their people through an act that is perpetrated by the politicians who are not ready for peace.
“I personally made an appeal to Deputy president William Rutto about the cries of kapedo people who are under siege and  cant access food. He assured us we won’t cry for security because it our right.” Lokiru said.
He said, few days after the assurance of security the KDF vehicle was attacked at Kapedo and some officers were injured no action was done.
Lokiru added that,they are left wondering the government that don’t care about its own officers.
Lokiru said Tiaty MP kamket william claimed that  there would no peace until Kapedo Land goes to Baringo county.
“Kamket was bold enough to an extend he told the CS for Interior Fred Matiang in the presence of ten Members of parliament that he has enough armies in his constituency but no action was taken.” Lokiru said.
Lomenen has blamed the laxity of the National government to protect people of Kapedo.
“Its the role of the government to ensure every citizen has right to live. Suspected pokot bandits have turned kapedo to be hotspot whereby they kill police officers and innocent people nothing happens to them.”He said.
-Hesboun Etyang

IG says he didn’t say Slain Kapedo officers’ families to recieve 10 M compensation

IG David Kimaiyo says that he never said the  families of the 19 slain Administration Police officers in the Kapedo attack will  receive  compensation worth  Sh10 million.

The insurance company is working on the right amount to be compensated to the families.

He adds on to say that the officers deployed in Kapedo were qualified  for the job. You cannot underrate the training officers receive .

The I.G said the officers had a life insurance cover that would be used to compensate them since they died in the line of duty.

He was speaking at a prayer service held for the slain officers during which various leaders called for the arrest and prosecution  of the masterminds of the attack.


West pokot senator denies role in Kapedo raid

West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo has denied involvement in the West Pokot-Turkana Kapedo border conflict.

In a statement in the Senate yesterday, he said he played no role in the attacks that resulted in the killing of 24 police officers last Saturday.

Lonyangapuo said the conflict has no connection with the scramble for oil and mineral deposits on the common border.

“I am making this statement because there have been allegations by some leaders linking me to the said conflict. .. I would therefore like to set the record straight by refuting these allegations very strongly,” he said.

“I have been accused of perpetuating lawlessness in a camouflage for scramble for minerals and oil in Turkana County. This cannot be further from the truth. Indeed, the oil and minerals issue has nothing to do with the current conflict. The allegations are baseless and far from the truth. I also strongly condemn any act of banditry in the said counties or elsewhere,” he said.

Last week there were fresh attacks in the volatile region with politicians from the two counties blaming each other.

Lonyangapuo said the latest attacks were sparked off when a man from the Pokot community was beheaded at Kapedo shopping centre on August 30.

He said locals sought the help of the security to retrieve the head but they did not get help.

Lonyangapuo said he is committed to finding the root cause of the killings.

He called on the government to investigate the cause of the conflict.

Source: The Star

Police flags fly at half mast in honor of officers slain in Kapedo

All National Police Service flags are flying at half mast today and will remain that way for the next four days in honor of the 21 AP officers killed in Kapedo, Turkana.

Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo gave the directive on Tuesday which affects both regular and AP flags.

The bodies of the slain officers have since been driven to Nairobi for preservation. The bandits who attacked the officers last Friday escaped with more than 20 guns and thousands of bullets but only five of the weapons have since been surrendered.

The bandits also torched a police vehicle before they escaped.

A major operation is ongoing there with the military joining the hunt on the gunmen.

Uhuru leaves for Kapedo after bandits killed 22 police officers

President Uhuru Kenyatta has left for Kapedo where over 22 police officers were killed on Saturday in an ambush by bandits.

Cabinet Secretary for Interior Joseph Ole Lenku and Inspector Generalof Police David Kimaiyo are already on the scene.

The attacks took place Saturday at Karasani, north of Kapedo along the Turkana-Baringo border .

The GSU officers had been escorting a recovery team from Toyota Kenya to retrieve the police Landcruiser that had been burnt whilst transporting examination papers on October 23.

“When the GSU and Toyota Kenya vehicles failed to return, a search operation was launched this morning, utilising helicopters that had been recently sent to the area along with GSU reinforcements following a spate of violent incidents,” said a source.

The aerial search located the police vehicle and the Toyota Kenya pick-up truck.  Reports indicate that both vehicles have been burnt and discarded clothing and other debris can been seen in the immediate vicinity.

Confirming the incident Baringo County Commissioner Peter Okwanyo said that 22 GSU officers and six  KPR officers were heading to Kapedo from Amayan to restore peace and order before suspected pokot bandits waylaid them at Chesitet.

Okwanyo said there was fierce exchange of fire at Lomelo and Kapau areas before the gunmen killed all the officers before razing down their vehicles.

He said that some police officers and a number of locals were still missing.

He said the mass killing of the security officers happens barely a week after three GSU officers were slaughtered including three civilians at Kapedo in an attack that saw bandits take away three guns with six police uniforms

Source : The Star