Needy form 1 student reports to school with nothing but a Jogoo

A 15-year-old form 1 student has touched the hearts of many after reporting to Kangaru High School with nothing but a Cockerel (jogoo).

The needy student wanted to give out the Cockerel to the school administration in exchange for him being allowed in school.

The boy identified as Lawrence Murimi woke up and told his mum that he could no longer continue staying at home.

Since he got his admission letter, the family has not been able to raise his school fees. Murimi had earlier been given the Cockerel by his uncle.

He caught the Cockerel and requested his mum to escort him to school adding that they might get lucky.

Their hopes were however dashed after they were sent back home by the teacher, something that left them in tears.

Having no other hope, mother and son went back home.

Lawrence Murimi’s mum breaks down after being to go back home for reporting to school with a Cockerel but no school fees

Murimi’s mum now says the teacher suggested they look for a day school that they can afford to pay for.

Below are some of the reactions to the story

Njîhia Mûrû Wa Njuguna: Such stories break my heart. It reminds me of myself and my best friend. He had scored 504 marks out of the possible 700 marks in 1995.

He was admitted to Nyeri High school. When they turned up with his mother they were turned away. By the time they reached Banana, it was already at night.
They had to borrow somewhere to sleep. To cut the long story, we studied at the local school.
Today the guy has served in one of the elite Forces in the USA. My story is for another day.

Tabby Francis: I feel for them but it’s always good to take action and the idea of taking a step of faith will see doors of greatness opening…fear what God can connect divinely.

David Ihura: People are going through tough times, but the grace of God will be sufficient. Forget not that Isaac harvested 100 fold in times of severe drought (Gen 26:12) If God’s purpose is that we also harvest in the tempest of storms, it shall come to pass. Courage, young man.

Lilies Mwangi: Aki children are not supposed to suffer this much. And now the same government is scrapping classes seven and eight to introduce junior secondary wazazi walipe. Sometimes I feel like I can take a gun n shoot some people in this country.

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