Yummy and curvy! Plus size celebs who are fashionable

We are made to believe that slimmer girls are s3xier while curvy girls are not. Well, these girls have proved us wrong because of their sense of style and how they embrace their bodies.

Most young girls who are big were made uncomfortable by society as they were growing up. This has made a lot of plus size girls have self esteem issues and not be comfortable in their own skin.

1. Grace Msalame

curvy msalame

How comfortable and beautiful does she look in her own skin. Grace is a Kenyan TV siren who is currently hosting a show called ‘unscripted with Grace’. This curvy girl above is a Vivo wear brand ambassador, a cloth line for plus size girls. She is also a mom to two very adorable girls.

2. Yummy Mummy (Joan)

curvy mummy

Joan is a Kenyan you tuber who is all bout lifestyle, family and motherhood. She is a mom of two, one boy and a cute baby girl. This beauty is all about fashion and confidence. She has always been body positive and has modeled for cloth lines including lingerie. She makes plus size girls look so sexy.

3. Kate Actress

curvy kate

This film girl is all about positive vibes and she is definitely body goals. Also a mom to one boy and a wife and most importantly a hardworking hustler. Kate is also about body positivity and wears her skin with so much confidence.

4. Neomi Ng’ang’a

curvy nganga

Neomi Ng’ang’a is a fashion designer and an advocate for plus size girls. She launched a program for plus size girls called Miss plus world Kenya. She is pashionate about inspiring young plus size women to love their bodies.

5. Kalekye Mumo

curcy kalekye

Kalekye Mumo is a whole mood. The ever bubbly TV girl is also very passionate about plus size girls. She has struggled with her weight loss journey in the past but she has been very confident and positive after working on her body.

6. Kamene Goro

curvy kamene

How fabulous and curvy is Kamene. Kamene has been controversial severally but she doesn’t quit loving her body even after being body shamed a few times. She is passionate about fighting for the girl child and has a phobia of not looking fashionable. One thing is for sure, she always expresses what she feels whenever she feels like which shows that her confidence is on point and we love her for that.


Curvy Kenyan celebrities whose hips don’t lie! (Photos)

In today generation, curvy ladies are rarely appreciated but some of this celebrities are comfortable in their skin and are even out here encouraging young ladies to be comfortable in their own skin.

This celebrities have even gone ahead to create fashion lines for curvy ladies and done shoots to encourage ladies to appreciate themselves.

Below are some of the curvy celebrities who look hot,

1. Neomi Nganga


2. Kamene Goro


3. Joan Munyi aka Yummy Mummy


4. Faith Muturi Ngugi


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Kamene Goro denies rumours on dating musician Calvo Mistari

Controversial former TV personality Kamene Goro has come out to deny rumours that she is dating local musician Calvo Mistari after appearing in his music video. Continue reading “Kamene Goro denies rumours on dating musician Calvo Mistari”

Kamene Goro flaunts body admitting she’s always been a big girl

Kamene Goro is a bold woman. The curvaceous lass, who has been off the air after calling it a day at Ebru TV is currently into modeling and positive body image.


kamene goro

The plus-size lass is among the many celebs who’ve been body shamed but that hasn’t deterred her from showing off what her mama gave her. Kamene Goro has always told off trolls and in her latest message, she had a message for them, which read:


Body shaming

Well, the bold Kamene has also shared a photo flaunting her body and she says she has been big or rather fat since the age of six. Ms. Goro revealed that she was put on a diet but it didn’t work and claims her body is all generic.

“So let me tell you a story, I’m sure you have seen this picture from the Doubledeeske #BeYou campaign, but I’ve never posted it. I can’t really say why but I didn’t have the balls to.

I’ve never been small, I was put on diets from as early as the age of 6, not because I was unhealthy but because society frowned upon me being bigger than the rest, School was a whole other battlefield, straight up to my A levels.
See I wasn’t bothered with how I looked, what bothered me was how everybody else including my family was bothered by it.

I realized the problem was not me, I had no problem with my body, I was fighting my body because everybody else was fighting it. And you could see this struggle manifest in how my body was, how my face looked, and how tough and hard my spirit had become, I was perpetually at war…
And there and then at the age of 18, I said f**ck it! I love my softness! I accepted my body and it started accepting me, everything started falling into place, mind, body, soul. When I accepted myself and loved it, I became the best version of me from the manifestation of beauty, to the strength in my spirit and the joy, love and light that is and always will be my M.O,” wrote Kamene.

She went ahead to tell women to learn to accept themselves.


Other celebrities who’ve been body shamed include Pierra Makena, Neomi Ng’ang’a, Sheila Mwanyigha just to mention but a few.

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Calvo Mistari declares his love for Kamene Goro. Poleni team mafisi (VIdeo)

Calvo Mistari and Kamene Goro had been rumored to be dating for quite some time now.

We went to dug deep and found out there is some truth to it. Calvo Mistari and Kamene Goro have been going on vacations and keeping it chini ya maji. If you follow Kamene Goro you know she posts almost everything going on in her life on her social media pages. She forgot to post this one very important piece of information though. I mean we all want to know who is banging all those curves.

kamene goro

Calvo Mistari, Fena and Bobby Mapesa dropped a heavy tune, Love Me, and we were all wondering why the song is 8 min long. Well, just after the song is over, it goes on and we are all left in awe. Calvo Mistari finally decided to declare his love for Kamene Goro with a romantic montage video of all their shenanigans together.

The song talks about loving Kamene now while she is his, before she leaves for someone else. Well, the best thing is in his rap he says he loves her so much and he wishes for a forever after. The song is a beautiful dedication of his love to Kamene.

 Calvo Mistari’s second video shows all the trips they’ve taken, some lovey-dovey days in his house and romantic dinners. He has been advertising this song saying something big is coming and we need to be ready for it. Kamene Goro has also been giving us teasers but we just did not put 2 and 2 together but now that we know we are happy for them.

Kamene Goro was once engaged but that ended and was then linked to Gnex a popular Tanzanian.

Kamene is one lady who has fisis all over her DM. Sorry guys she is taken and so in love. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below:


Kamene Goro’s drool-inducing pictures are the subject of trolls as she responds swiftly to critics

Kamene Goro is fresh from celebrating her birthday, meaning, she is older and wiser.

As such, she has dropped some knowledge on trolls who went ham on her when she posted steaming hot lingerie photos of herself on her social media networks.

It is not easy for women to post revealing photos of themselves that have not been airbrushed to death.

Kamene is brave.

And unapologetic.

The former news anchor wrote:

“I love that Double Dees Kenya picked me to go on this brilliant journey of self love and discovery, because I have been confronted with the reality that is my body, and I love it!”

Kamene continued, “It’s really surprising the impact a little photo of a big girl in some really pretty underwear can have. How hateful some can be but how loving more of you are. So to those of you who caught such deep feelings about the last photo, here’s another one, Get mad!!! I told y’all, buckle up, It’s a Storm!!! #Fearless #Unapologetic.”


Mic drop.

Now, check out reactions from Nairobians.

anitamoochi: It’s time for big girls to heal

jamila.mohamed1: Slay! Keep slaying! Big girl rock!

motherofdragones:Yassssss! You are serving so much of EVERYTHING. #femmefatale

cr_m_art: Fire, let the haters salivate and choke too as they marvel at what’s infront of them.

maxthedeejay: Yaaaani @kamenegoro u had insecurities about your body??? Thats unfortunate coz me and @djnruff think Big Is Beautiful!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘 Oh yes you are amazing…

sheilamuoka: Mami you look sumptuous. Middle finger to the haters. Most people who have issues with other people’s bodies are insecure and the only reason they feel better about themselves is hating on others. Do you mami. You are gorgeous.

kabondemollohan: This is a true depiction of a real African beauty. Our music videos and commercials are brain washing us to believe in western standards of beauty. It’s women like you my dear who stand out and remind us to cherish what is our and I must say it’s Glorious!! Haters kill yourselves as a mattet of fact Die today you hateful motherf…..

miketorah: Amidst all the hullabaloo and fuss, here is my take Kamene: put extra efforts to tone down that body. Yes you love it and it is amazing but you will love it even more if it is leaner and cellulite-free.

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‘Why I Broke Up With My Tycoon Husband’ Kamene Goro Speaks Out

TV personality Kamene Goro hit the headlines when news came in that she was officially separated from her Tanzania-based South African fiancé. Now she has spoken out about why she broke up with the man who was supposed to be the love of her life.

I haven’t been particularly lucky with love, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I honestly can’t tell you what happened. I don’t know, because we were in a very good place. We lived in Arusha and I was coming down to Nairobi to get a visa, and he had flown down to South Africa, that was on a Monday. Then Wednesday we talked and at the end of the conversation, he just told me we can’t be together anymore.”

The screen siren says she had no idea why her ex-fiancé left her at a point when their relationship was at its highest.

I didn’t understand and I asked why, but he kept saying he’ll come to Nairobi to talk through it, and he never came. That day I remember I called DJ Hypnotic because he was there when I was proposed to, he was part of the guys who put the surprise together with my ex. I called him and I told him he’d broken up with me. Afterwards, I called him and asked if he was sure of what he was saying because once you close this door I can’t guarantee you it will ever open again. And he said, Yes.”

She added, ‘I moved back my things from Tanzania, and the day he broke up with me, I was offered the head of news position on Ebru TV, everything fell into place.’

Up until now, I don’t know what happened and I told myself I didn’t want to know. I’m not friends with my exes. And then I found myself single. I can never go back to him.”

She was then rumoured to be dating a Tanzanian media personality, claims she rubbished.

There was no relationship. I posted Ginex twice and it was a very innocent post. This one, I didn’t date. He used to DM me a lot and told me he admired my work. I gave him my mobile phone number. He works at a media house in Tanzania. He then started posting me. I had just got out of my relationship with my fiancé and at that point, I didn’t want to get into another relationship. Ginex was someone who I respect for the work he does. I’m done with non-Kenyans, I’m for team Kenya.”

Kamene Goro

Here’s the exclusive interview;

Fashion At The Kalasha Awards Was Iconic And Breathtaking, See How Your Celebs Faired

The Kenya Film Commission hosted this year’s Kalasha Awards at Crown Plaza.

The celebrities stepped out in their best attires complete with their face beat. The organisers also pulled all the stops to ensure it was a night to remember. There was a performance of the national anthem by Afro Benga star Dan Aceda. He also performed some of his popular hits.

Dubbed the Kenyan Oscars a slew of celebrities were awarded for their efforts in various productions.

This year, the awards registered the highest number of entries ever received since the inception of Kalasha, with the submission of 237 films, an affirmation of the credibility of the Kalasha over the last 7 years!

Kalasha International brought under one roof a film festival, a film & TV Awards and a film & TV market.

Filmmaker Mbithi Masya said, “I am grateful for this award,” as he walked away with the best director gong for his award winning Kenyan film, Katikati. It also bagged the best DOP award that was presented to Andrew Mungai and the best special effects award.

Other winners were Best original screenplay award that went to John Kararahe of Kidnapped, the best feature by a student award was Detox and Catherine Kamau bagged the  best actress award.

Uyu ni Mwariguo bagged the best short film award, Louiza Wanjiku walked away with the best editor, the lifetime achievement award was given to Joseph Kioni while Gifted Soul won the best documentary by a student.

Best lead actress in a tv drama award was bagged by Catherine Kamau for her role in the TV drama Sue Na Johnnie. While, Martin Githinji cast  bagged the best lead actor in a TV drama.

Neomi Nganga who was nominated posted a message after the glamourous gala saying, “Hey hey hey 😊😊… What a night at the Kalasha Awards Gala night. Special thanks to everyone that voted for me in the awards. Sad that we didn’t manage to win but we will definitely come back stronger. Congratulations to all the winners. 👏👏👏. We keep rising!! #Kalasha2017.”

Naomi may not have won on stage but she won many hearts on the red carpet. See how the other stars performed on the fashion front.

Kamene Goro Exclusively Reveals Why She Quit Ebru Tv, Spills The Beans

Kamene Goro has called it quits at Ebru TV. The screen siren has revealed to us that she quit the station last week to seek greener pastures.

“I quit two weeks ago. I left, heading to greener pastures, I just felt like Ebru wasn’t the Ebru that i fell in love with, it was a career and at the same time, it was becoming a bit difficult working there.”

Asked whether, the station had been facing problems with its employees, Kamene was reluctant and did not want to answer this writer

“I don’t believe any work place is perfect but one of my colleagues Doreen also left.”

We can confirm that Kamene will be gracing the TV screens once again and is set to make her debut in one of the biggest TV stations.

A close source told us that employees there have been underpaid which has led to some of them calling it quits.

People are highly underpaid over there, when that isn’t enough, there are problems, there are a lot of things that are happening within the station. A few problems in the working environment can make it a bit difficult….Its not all rosey,” Our source whispered.

Our source says this problem is not affecting the entertainment productions like Pierra Makena’s Lets Talk show.

‘Just Because A Little Nigerian Guy Has Come To Town?’ – Kamene Goro Throws Major Shade At Tekno Fans

Nigerian superstar, Tekno Miles, entertained his fans in the wee hours of  Sunday morning at Ngong Racecourse, Waterfront. The concert was attended by a large number of his fans who wanted to dance along to his songs and watch him perform live on stage for the second time.

tekno 1

There was major traffic along Ngong Road, mostly caused by people who were heading for the concert, which at the same time inconvenienced those who were heading home or to other places.

Well, Kamene Goro is among those who were inconvenienced by traffic and she didn’t hold back anything, as she expressed her anger, stating that she was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half.

kamene goro

In the midst of airing her concerns, she went ahead to throw shade at Tekno calling the artiste a little Nigerian guy.

Taking to social media to shout her disappointment in a video, she said, “Sasa, nyinyi watu wa Tekno, mmeniudhi. I’m just trying to get home, you guys have jazad Ngong Road like a bad habit. Kenyans, chill guys. Mmenichosha. I’ve been here for like one and a half hours. I have things I need to do, guys. Just because some little Nigerian guy has come to town? Zi. I refuse this inconvenience. This is why we are enemies of our own progress.”

Well, this lass seems pretty pissed, but did you just call Tekno a little Nigerian guy?



Has Kamene Goro Been Dumped Like Trash? See The Hot Babe Her Tanzanian “Lover” Is Showing Off

Ebru TV presenter Kamene Goro has always left many envious of her. The well-endowed lass, who was once engaged to a Tanzanian man, broke up with him two months ago



And recently, Kamene introduced a new man by the name Gnex_thebaddest, a presenter at CloudsFM in Tanzania, who many speculated that they were dating.

The two media big wigs went ahead to share photos of each other on their respective social media accounts accompanied by sweet messages but it seems their affair didn’t last for long.

Gnex has been parading photos of other women among them Nairobi D’s socialite Stacey Pendo and model Tanasha Donna. Also, the popular presenter shared photos partying with a Kenyan chic named Josie leaving many talking for days.











Josie replied to one of the photos with this message: “Words can’t tell how much I miss you darling😘💝…Love you babe @gnex_thebaddest” leaving Instagramers speculating that he had dumped Kamene Goro for this lass.

We called the curvaceous TV girl to clarify if she was dumped by G-nex and she said that they were never an item.

“I don’t know who thought I was dating him.  I just came out of a very long relationship. I’m not seeing G-nex. He admired me and shockingly I have never met him. I don’t think I posted anything in the regards that I’m dating G-nex. He is just someone I have interacted with over the phone. He is really a cool guy, I think he admires what I do. I can’t really talk for the nature or intention with which he was posting, but I think what I posted it’s evident that there’s nothing between us,” she exclusively told Mpasho on phone.

Kamene went ahead to say that in case he gets into another relationship, she won’t keep it a secret.

“If I was dating someone people would know JUST BY NATURE OF HOW open MY SOCIAL MEDIA IS.”

The sexy lass denied that G-nex was the reason she broke up with her husband and when asked if she would ever have a problem with her partner posting photos of women on his social media accounts and partying with other chics, Kamene Goro Replied;

“It’s not a big deal. Most of my friends are men. So it will be highly hypocritical of me to set a precedent like that for my significant other. I’m not really intimidated by anything much.”