That was fast! Mulamwah announces return to comedy days after quitting


Mulamwah made the viral announcement last week that he would be leaving the world of Kenyan comedy after what he described as online bullying.

The popular Churchill Show comedian seems to have had a change of heart and has decided to release some new material in what he describes as, “something that makes me happy.”

Mulamwah wearing a jumper
Mulamwah wearing a jumper

The comedian announced his return to comedy on Saturday, April 18, in a video shared on his social media accounts saying support from fellow Kenyans and colleagues had made the difference.

In the video labeled Back Like We Never Left, Mulamwah revealed the people who made a huge impact on him going back to comedy.

“I want to personally thank Jalang’o, he came through and talked to me with assurance all will be well. Akothee also came out and cried for all artists. Kenyans on Twitter and every other person who offered support, I want to thank you,” he said.


The comedian also commended Ezekiel Mutua, gave him a call encouraging him to continue doing what he loved. “Personally I spoke to Ezekiel Mutua who told me it was not the end but the beginning for us to produce more clean content for the society and to overcome other challenges,” he added.

People would laugh at my brothers telling them I was funny-looking – Mulamwah narrates

He also spoke about allegations from Kamene Goro who said the comedian had bullied her. Mulamwah blamed it on being a young artist and a bit ignorant as he was just coming up.

“I was a small artist and I did not know a lot, I tried DMing her for an apology but it wasn’t fruitful. We met at an event but when I went to say “hi” she acted like she did not know me. I hope that next time when a lesser entertainer comes to you asking for an apology, please take it,” he urged.


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Calvo Mistari declares his love for Kamene Goro. Poleni team mafisi (VIdeo)

Calvo Mistari and Kamene Goro had been rumored to be dating for quite some time now.

We went to dug deep and found out there is some truth to it. Calvo Mistari and Kamene Goro have been going on vacations and keeping it chini ya maji. If you follow Kamene Goro you know she posts almost everything going on in her life on her social media pages. She forgot to post this one very important piece of information though. I mean we all want to know who is banging all those curves.

kamene goro

Calvo Mistari, Fena and Bobby Mapesa dropped a heavy tune, Love Me, and we were all wondering why the song is 8 min long. Well, just after the song is over, it goes on and we are all left in awe. Calvo Mistari finally decided to declare his love for Kamene Goro with a romantic montage video of all their shenanigans together.

The song talks about loving Kamene now while she is his, before she leaves for someone else. Well, the best thing is in his rap he says he loves her so much and he wishes for a forever after. The song is a beautiful dedication of his love to Kamene.

 Calvo Mistari’s second video shows all the trips they’ve taken, some lovey-dovey days in his house and romantic dinners. He has been advertising this song saying something big is coming and we need to be ready for it. Kamene Goro has also been giving us teasers but we just did not put 2 and 2 together but now that we know we are happy for them.

Kamene Goro was once engaged but that ended and was then linked to Gnex a popular Tanzanian.

Kamene is one lady who has fisis all over her DM. Sorry guys she is taken and so in love. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below:


Kamene Goro Exclusively Reveals Why She Quit Ebru Tv, Spills The Beans

Kamene Goro has called it quits at Ebru TV. The screen siren has revealed to us that she quit the station last week to seek greener pastures.

“I quit two weeks ago. I left, heading to greener pastures, I just felt like Ebru wasn’t the Ebru that i fell in love with, it was a career and at the same time, it was becoming a bit difficult working there.”

Asked whether, the station had been facing problems with its employees, Kamene was reluctant and did not want to answer this writer

“I don’t believe any work place is perfect but one of my colleagues Doreen also left.”

We can confirm that Kamene will be gracing the TV screens once again and is set to make her debut in one of the biggest TV stations.

A close source told us that employees there have been underpaid which has led to some of them calling it quits.

People are highly underpaid over there, when that isn’t enough, there are problems, there are a lot of things that are happening within the station. A few problems in the working environment can make it a bit difficult….Its not all rosey,” Our source whispered.

Our source says this problem is not affecting the entertainment productions like Pierra Makena’s Lets Talk show.

‘Just Because A Little Nigerian Guy Has Come To Town?’ – Kamene Goro Throws Major Shade At Tekno Fans

Nigerian superstar, Tekno Miles, entertained his fans in the wee hours of  Sunday morning at Ngong Racecourse, Waterfront. The concert was attended by a large number of his fans who wanted to dance along to his songs and watch him perform live on stage for the second time.

tekno 1

There was major traffic along Ngong Road, mostly caused by people who were heading for the concert, which at the same time inconvenienced those who were heading home or to other places.

Well, Kamene Goro is among those who were inconvenienced by traffic and she didn’t hold back anything, as she expressed her anger, stating that she was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half.

kamene goro

In the midst of airing her concerns, she went ahead to throw shade at Tekno calling the artiste a little Nigerian guy.

Taking to social media to shout her disappointment in a video, she said, “Sasa, nyinyi watu wa Tekno, mmeniudhi. I’m just trying to get home, you guys have jazad Ngong Road like a bad habit. Kenyans, chill guys. Mmenichosha. I’ve been here for like one and a half hours. I have things I need to do, guys. Just because some little Nigerian guy has come to town? Zi. I refuse this inconvenience. This is why we are enemies of our own progress.”

Well, this lass seems pretty pissed, but did you just call Tekno a little Nigerian guy?