‘I had internal struggles,’ says Kambua on birthday

Gospel singer Kambua says she has been having internal struggles that led to her not being sure of whether to celebrate her birthday or not.

Kambua who turned a year old this months wrote;

“09/11/2021. I had internal struggles about celebrating this birthday. I’m not sure I can explain and properly articulate why. But God has placed love all around me, and I was reminded that life is for the living. And life is a gift…’donde hay vida hay esperanza’ -where there’s life there’s hope.”

“I had a great day. A great one. Thank you all for the love- in big and small ways. I see it, and I receive it with open arms. Cheers to the remainder of 2021, and to the year ahead #itshallendinpraise.”

Kambua posing

Early this year, Kambua and her husband lost their second child. Kambua announced the sad news to her fans on Instagram and later took a social media break.

She recently got a ring to remind her of her late son I chose a morganite as the center stone because it is a rare gemstone, that signifies healing” She wrote in a past post


“I’m a little emotional as I write this out. I will cherish this forever. Malachi was here and he remains so deeply loved. Thank you Jesus for giving me the great honor of being an angel mom.”

Kambua’s message on healing after a dark time in your life

The hair product Kambua says has very convincing results


Our favorite fro celebrity Kambua is glowing and her hair is popping.

One thing we love about Kambua is her natural hair and how she manages to style it. She looks so good and attributes it to good products.

She wrote about it

The FRO came out to play 💃🏾💃🏾. I was just thinking today about how much I dreaded natural hair as a young girl, because it was kinky, would really tangle after washing, but the most dreaded bit was STRAIGHTENING 😭
Wueh! Do you guys remember the hot comb?? Ama those mkebes that had shimos and would be placed on hot coal before being used to straighten your hair? I know generation Z is looking at me like 👀.
But even as an adult, I get nervous when a blow-dryer gets close to my hair; always afraid of getting my ears or scalp burnt 🥵.
But friends, these are all things of the past! Let me tell you what changed: I was recently introduced to the Philips Heated Straightening brush @philipskenya . Can’t wait to tell you ALL about it!
Naturalistas, what’s your hair straightening experience been like?

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Kambua’s message on healing after a dark time in your life


Kambua has been through some dark moments in her life this year, more so after losing her baby Malachi.

The grieving mother took time off online in a heartbreaking message that many understood as her needignt iem to grieve.

“My little baby boy Malachi made a grand entrance into the world a few days ago. He was everything we hoped for, and more, much more. Perfect in every way. Malachi knew how much he was loved, and so he did all he could stay with us.”

She added that “With the help of a most dedicated team of doctors, and nurses, our little baby fought until Jesus healed him by taking him to Himself. Malachi is now free from pain and worldly care.”

The artist said that “Our tears fall freely because our hearts are broken beyond words. But our faith and hope remain unshaken because we have trust in a dependable God. A good good Father.”

To honor Malachi, Kambua has a ring in his honor.

The gospel artiste wrote recently that

When God begins to turn you mourning into dancing…!

Yesterday I met a phenomenal woman who said to me, “Kambua, death gives way to life; and when you press in a little harder, when you lean in a little closer to God, you begin to thrive in heaven’s economy”. That was right on target 🎯

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but, darkness must give way to the light.
Scripture says:

The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; Those who live in a dark land, The light will shine on them”.

Beloved, darkness cannot stay. The light is coming and no one- not even you can stop it. It’s bursting in, and will dispel all else! And when it comes, walk ye in it ”




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Kambua unveils late son’s memorial ring and it’s meaning 


A few weeks ago, Kambua told fans she is creating a ring that will be a memory of her late son Malachi, who died early this year after birth.

She has now unveiled the ring created with unconditional love.

Kambua penned after sharing a picture of the ring

“I am in love. Simply and truly. @thevavanistore you captured my heart and the memory of a little boy that I will forever carry in my heart.

I chose a morganite as the center stone because it is a rare gemstone, that signifies healing.
We surrounded the morganite with diamonds (conflict free & ethical), because diamonds are forever ✨ Signifying my everlasting love.
The stones elegantly sit on a rose gold band. 🤍

I’m a little emotional as I write this out. I will cherish this forever. Malachi was here and he remains so deeply loved. Thank you Jesus for giving me the great honor of being an angel mom.”

According to the internet, Morganite is a variety of beryl, a clear mineral that forms in hexagonal crystals. Its other varieties include emerald (green beryl) and aquamarine (light blue beryl).

Morganite can range from pale pink to coral. It was discovered in Madagascar in 1910 by George F. Kunz, the chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co. and the personal gemologist of banker J.P. Morgan. Morgan was an avid gem collector; Kunz named the new pink stone in his honor.

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Kambua honors late son Malachi with custom made ring



Gospel singer Kambua commemorated the memory of her late son Malachi with a custom made ring.

Kambua shared a picture of the process of getting the piece of jewelry and the reason behind it.

She told “One of the things I really wanted to do after my baby boy got his angel wings, was to get some memorial jewelry. I wanted something precious, but also functional. Something I could always wear and remember that Malachi was here. In my search I found @thevavanistore . It was a big win for me that it is a Kenyan brand, that does custom made jewelry! And because I rarely do bracelets, necklaces, etc., I decided to do a ring. I can’t wait to show take you through the process”

Kambua lost her baby boy soon after delivery and shared the sad news.

She wrote that “My little baby boy Malachi made a grand entrance into the world a few days ago. He was everything we hoped for, and more, much more. Perfect in every way. Malachi knew how much he was loved, and so he did all he could stay with us.”

She added that “With the help of a most dedicated team of doctors, and nurses, our little baby fought until Jesus healed him by taking him to Himself. Malachi is now free from pain and worldly care.”

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Maina Kageni’s tribute to Kambua on death of her new born son “find strength”

Kambua is mourning the death of her new born son, days after giving birth.

On February 15th, Gospel singer Kambua announced on her Instagram the sad news and bravely spoke in a tribute to him.

Reacting to the sad news Classic 105’s Maina Kageni sent his condolences saying

“Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers because I don’t think there is anything harder for parents, Kambua tuko pamoja sincere condolences, we are together, find strength and we will say a prayer for you. Kambua and your husband and family and friends imagine their is strength in the Lord. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers”EuSA4FGWYAYB44f

Co host Mwalimu King’ang’i shared her pain saying “they waited for over seven years to have children, do you know how hard that is?”

Her courage and strength has won the admiration of Kenyans who commended Kambua while sending their condolences.


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Kambua shares moment she realized her fertility struggles would end


Gospel singer Kambua is expecting her second baby any day now, and to serve as an encouragement for other women struggling to conceive, she shared a picture of when she looked pregnant but wasn’t, a moment she finally understood that she would eventually get pregnant.

She wrote that she intentionally refused to share the photo on her social media because of #wombwatchers those who constantly criticized her for not having a child.

“But I remember when @greg_complementpictures sent it to me, I thought, “Good Lord! I look pregnant..”! Something about seeing this, as simple as it may seem, stirred up my faith. I knew exactly how I’d look when my time came to carry a child. I saved it in my prayer journal, to remind myself in moments of doubt”




While giving thanks to God for blessing her abundantly now, she added that

I’m writing this to trigger your faith in turn. Perhaps you’ve waited so long, that you can no longer envision yourself as a mother, or a wife…or having that door of opportunity open up for you. My reminder for you today is that: 1) God is who he says he is 2) None of the promises he’s made over your life will fail; they will ALL come to pass

Dear Classic 105 fam, do not give up as Kambua encourages.

Super creative tricks Kenyan celebrities use to hide their pregnancy


So Kenyans have this year been treated to exciting baby reveals by Kambua, and former tv girl Faith Muturi Ngugi. Even Ugandan sweetheart Juliana Kanyomozi shocked us with a baby reveal, while in the hospital bed.


And not one of us could have seen this coming honestly.

While we are happy and glad to see their glowing baby pictures, there is one thing some do as they try to hide the pregnancy from all of us.

If you take note from Kambu and Diana Marua, they post old photos including selfies that deceive us.

Scroll through their social media feed, and I can assure you there are others who are yet to announce their good news, and continue to fool us with old pics.


The second trick celebrities use is to wear loose fitting clothing leaving unsuspecting fans clueless.

Singer Avril often relied on this trick before she shocked us all with a baby bump reveal photo. She kept it under wraps for months before going public with her first child.

While many of them argue that they want to keep the good news from us for as long as possible, their fans argue that the effort is not worth it.

The only downside to that is having to carry random objects to hold in front of their bellies, wearing loose-fitting clothing and even changing the way they work.

Bahati and Diana Marua at he baby shower
Bahati and Diana Marua at he baby shower. The couple have now had a baby boy

Covering bellies with huge handbags and wearing only black is another trick employed by celebs.

They tend to wear peplum tops, with belts, and humongous handbags when they are out and about. Next time you hear rumors, pay attention to these tricks, you just might unearth some good news.

You know those celebrities who have always been so adamant about sharing pictures of their killer bodies? Those female celebrities when pregnant will suddenly begin to post throwback pictures and close up selfies, as they keep away from the public.

What other tricks do you think they use to fool us? Drop your comments below.

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She looks so good! Grace Msalame shares first photo of her new-born baby

Grace Msalame is a very happy woman this week. The mother of two baby girls got a new addition to her family last week, a newborn baby boy.

8 years after getting twin daughters with Paul Ndichu, she was blessed with the baby a few days ago. According to the posts shared by the curvaceous Grace, she hinted that the boy’s name is Isaiah.

While we still don’t know the identity of the father, Grace is finally ready to share an image of the boy. From the photos, one can see the boy’s who is fully covered but with the angle obscuring the child’s face.

Tumbo flat kama pasi! Grace Msalame excites many with throwback photo in crop-top

Another facet of the photo that catches the eye is that Grace looks really good judging from the make-up free photo she posted. Her caption read; This season summed up… Gratitude & Love💙Here’s wishing you abundance of both😘🙏🏾#Grateful🙏🏾 #InLove💙 #FaithfulGod🙌🏾

This great news comes a few days after Grace had stoked some interesting baby rumours as far as her friend Kambua is concerned. Grace hinted that Kambua was expecting twins after the singer posted an image on her Instagram revealing that she was heavily pregnant.

She had written; “And she shares the Amazing news🤗🤗🤗Ari ri ri ri🤗💛Congratulations again Mama Twins😉We love you💛” wrote Grace Msalame.

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‘Usiogope..choma’ Kambua told after spotting conman on TV


Kambua’s story about being conned has gone viral and in someway encouraged fans to share their own stories of falling prey to conmen, and what should be done.

She wrote on Twitter that
Seen someone who conned me 3yrs ago on TV kwa news. Eh

Adding that
I actually laughed when hubz pointed him out. I almost missed him in the mask. Ni mkubwa pia.  I was like, why do the wicked prosper?

Kambua orange sweater

KOT responded, encouraging her to ‘choma’ which means go ahead and expose, reveal and out the person.
Wah how did you feel? I’ve been through that na nilinyongwa na kiwaru he even changed professions. He was now an “advisor of security in Kenya”


Totally name and shame….a little accountability. Warning to the rest of the us

Kings Edwin..
Cheza kama wewe tupatie jina tujitenge na yeye

Weka @.
We don’t fear in 2020.
Choma yote.

Kambua African print tshirt

Angie M..
Conmen are everywhere

Kevin Fitness..
Our wrongest moral perception is that our enemies will suffer and you will prosper. Life si Nigeria movie

Alex Monayo..
My Conman is currently driving,,,had i known i cld have also bought a vehicle instead of trusting him with my hard earned money,,,but one day he will pay for his sins.

Cons make it large all the time and remind you how merciful God is!

Ahahahahahahaha I bet they had ugly shoes.

Our wrongest moral perception is that our enemies will suffer and you will prosper. Life si Nigeria movie

Even if not in this life, in eternal life.

Kambua in studio

I got conned heavily by the “Mwafaka Awards ” director “DyDyero” 5 years ago and the craziest part is I was introduced to him by the people I really looked upto and even after Shairing the story wth them, They couldntt help but made fun of it.

Sisi tunaona yule jamaa wa Corona kila siku na leo nimesikia ako kwa wale walikula chakula ya wagonjwa Face with medical mas

[email protected]_kyp..
hii najua umetweet ukakumbuka Bibilia inasema samea ubaya malisa Twitter washachukua screenshot!

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I have grieved the fact that my late father never got to meet my baby boy – Kambua

Kambua is one celebrity who isn’t afraid of sharing her experiences from the past with her fans and followers.

Kambua, who is also a gospel singer, recently reminisced about her late father Professor Manundu who passed away on April 9, 2014.

Kambua with her father on their wedding day
Kambua with her father on their wedding day

In a post seen by Classic105.com, Kambua said that grief is something no one can prepare you for, noting that each time you think it’s over, it comes back in a new form.

I didn’t know I would be waiting for a baby for 7 years – Kambua says on wedding anniversary

The singer stated that she grieved a lot because the father never got to see her son whom she gave birth to, several years after his death, adding that she will never forget how he used to laugh.

Kambua smiling
Kambua smiling

In the post, the mother of one said losing her dad taught her to understand that grief and hope co-exist and the hope gives the pain people go through some purpose. Her post is below;

“6 years ago today, my Father went to be with the Lord. It has taken me years to heal and fully come to terms with the loss. Grief is like unfamiliar, uncharted waters than no one can fully prepare you for. Grief is multilayered; just when you think it’s over, it reveals itself in a new light. I have grieved the fact that he never got to meet my beautiful baby boy. I’ve grieved my fading memory, guilted myself for forgetting things I should remember about dad. But I will never forget the sound of his booming laugh, nor the sparkle in his eyes, or the warmth of his hands… just as I will never forget how cold they were before he breathed his last. It has taken me many years to accept and understand that both grief and my hope in Christ can indeed co-exist. And this hope in no way nullifies the pain- it gives it purpose. God writes our stories, and in Him nothing is lost. Our present pain and suffering is nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed in us. I am grateful that my father’s legacy points to Jesus. Keep resting in glory my Papa. 09/04/2014,” wrote Kambua.

Kambua in green
Kambua in green when she was still pregnant

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I was ready to cut my hair! Kambua reveals some challenges of motherhood

Kambua Manundu was finally blessed with a cute baby boy called Nate late last year after many years of trying to become a mother. Since then the singer has regaled fans with anecdotes about being a first-time mother.

Her messages normally reveal a side of the Rauka host that many rarely get to see as she expounds on the various experiences she is having. Recently, the gospel musician explained how she had had to opt-out of her self-care routine for the needs of her young, growing boy.

Kambua portrait

In her recent post, the TV host revealed that she has been unwell but she condemns any obstacles channeled her way.

“My eyes look some type of way because I haven’t been feeling too great lately (migraines). But, I remain unmoved by the antics of the devil😪”

I tested whether my tubes were blocked or my eggs were viable – Kambua

But speaking of first-time motherhood and in the current crisis of quarantine, Mama Nate sought to microblade her eyebrows to avoid everyday pencil coloring of the eyebrows. Despite the pain that comes with it, she was glad it will spare her time to focus on something else.

Microblading is a temporary technique for enhancing the appearance of eyebrows whereby pigment is scratched into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair, using a hand tool with a blade formed of tiny needles.

Kambua portrait

Moving on to her hair, Kambua confessed she almost chopped it off because it was proving too hard to handle.

So she sought temporary locks instead to hold her on.

“And then my HAIR! A girl got her hair temporarily locked because let me tell you, Postpartum alopecia is REAL, and if @chimoga254 hadn’t convinced me to lock it, I was ready to get it ✂️.”

Postpartum alopecia is described as a normal but temporary change after childbirth, where new moms notice hair loss around three months postpartum, but it is unrelated to breastfeeding.

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Kambua reveals reason she has been cautious about sharing her pregnancy story

Kambua shocked many last year after sharing an image of herself on Instagram heavily pregnant.

Many were shocked that she could have kept the pregnancy so well hidden and some wondered the reason for her secrecy.

There was already pressure to have children 2 years into our marriage! Kambua

In an interview with Parents Magazine, the chocolate beauty explained that she did it because women have been asking about what she did to get pregnant.

Kambua posing
Kambua posing

The mother of one went on to say that she had no answer to the question and stated that the reason she tells everyone that her son Nathaniel is a miracle is that only God can be credited for him.

“Part of the reason I have been cautious about sharing my story with people on a larger scale is because ever since I got pregnant, I’ve had women ask me what exactly I did to get pregnant and I don’t have an answer for them. That’s why I tell people that Nathaniel is a miracle, and no one can take credit for it,” said Kambua.

Kambua smiling
Kambua smiling

Despite her joy at becoming a first-time mother after 7 years of marriage, she said it wasn’t easy and will strive to create platforms where people will openly speak about infertility and get professional assistance.

“I’m unafraid of having this kind of conversations because I know how it feels. My journey was painful, but it helped me speak up for other people who are constantly facing pressure from all kinds of places,” said the singer.

Kambua with beads on her head

A few days ago, the Citizen TV presenter disclosed that she declined to grace the cover of Parents Magazine 4 years ago, on grounds that she didn’t have children.

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‘My heart nearly drowned in tears’ Inside Kambua’s journey to motherhood

Kambua has finally come out to open up about her journey to motherhood in an in-depth interview.

She has gone through the most daunting experience in her life on that journey but she is a happy mother and thankful to God for blessing her with a child after years of waiting.

The Rauka host welcomed her first child, Nathaniel late 2019 after being childless for quite a while. She had been in her marriage for seven years without a child, and was often trolled by people who did not understand her situation but questioned her value as a woman.

Kambua has shared a touching post, talking about how she struggled to get a child and kept her hopes high.

She advised women who are struggling with fertility-related conditions and those struggling to get children to be patient and keep trusting in God.

Kambua and her son are on the cover of this month’s (March) Parents Magazine and she revealed that she refused to do an interview with the popular magazine because she didn’t have a child.


She added that the waiting was one of the most draining experience for her but despite it all, she would not take them back.

“My years of waiting were so daunting. But I wouldn’t take them back. The lessons God taught me…the encounters I have had with Him are all priceless. When the pain was gut-wrenching and my heart nearly drowned in tears, I never stopped believing that God would come through for me (whichever way He chose to). And as I hold my toto today I am reminded that God gives good gifts. My baby Nathaniel is a miracle; He is, as my husband likes to say, a world-changer and a history-maker. And I believe His life will continue to bring glory to God.” Kambua added

She ended her post by encouraging the waiting wombs (waiting mother to be) that God will forever be faithful.

May every waiting womb be reminded that God remains faithful even when we are faithless. As you wait, my tent remains pitched right next to yours, in the land of hope. I haven’t crossed over alone. We will cross together, leaving no one behind. None of us shall be left drowning in despair. Our stories, regardless of how they unfold, will be beacons of hope along ancient paths. ⠀
If you’re still trusting for a miracle, just drop me a 💓. I’m praying for you 🙏🏾💛

She has constantly said that it has not been easy and because she understands that, Kambua will always make room in her life to help women who are going through the same. She will stand in the gap for them in prayer because now more than ever, she is assured of God’s faithfulness.

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My planned baby shower backfired – Kambua 


Kambau announced back in May 2019 that she was pregnant with her first child.

The announcement was followed by a cute baby bump picture that suggested she was in her second trimester.


This announcement had followed persistent rumors that she was heavily pregnant and doing her best to stay off the public radar.

Well either way her fans were happy for her considering she had admitted her struggles trying to get pregnant for seven years.

Kambua safely delivered her baby, and we later came to find out it was a boy named Nate.

Mama Nate as she loves to be referred to has once again publicly admitted she tried to hold a baby shower that backfired. The baby came early as she revealed in an interview seen by this writer.


Kambua explains in a sweet note how her family made up for the failed event.

This past weekend my family came together and put up a most precious celebration for my little bub, Nathaniel Muhoro. Last year a baby shower was planned and it backfired 🤭 because baby decided to come early! I’ll talk more about this someday. I’ve learned to unpack all my experiences slowly. He came early, but still right on time. I am eternally grateful for a healthy baby. God’s ways are perfect, and they are good. .

Kambua delivered baby Nate via C Section.



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Young and boujee! Celebrity kids born in 2019

In 2019, several Kenyan celebrities welcomed new babies this year.

Whether first-timers into parenthood or those who have already been through the journey, this is a list of famous individuals who had kids in 2019.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

 Gospel artist Linet  Munyali Muraya alias Size 8 and DJ husband Samuel Muraya famously, Dj Moh,  welcomed their baby number two this year.

In a video posted on Size 8’s Instagram account on November 20, the couple welcomed their bundle of joy amid fear of complications.

The musician had been admitted at RFH Healthcare prior to her delivery.

Size 8 confessed to her fans on social media that she was going through a hard time during her pregnancy.

She broke down in tears during her surprise baby shower in October saying, “Those tears are a sign of a brand new thing that God is birthing in my life and your life be encouraged”.

The celebrity couple had a hard time last year when they lost baby number two.

DJ Mo opened up about it, revealing that his wife was five weeks pregnant when the misfortune happened.

The mateke hitmaker received a flurry of congratulatory messages on the safe delivery of the second child.

Although the exact date of delivery is not confirmed, Size 8 posted a video of her daughter Ladasha Wambo meeting her young sibling.

Tanasha Donna Aketch

The radio presenter come singer and her lover, Bongo star Diamond Platinum were the most talked about parents this year.

The couple welcomed their son Naseeb Jr on October 2 which is the exact date Diamond was born.

Naseeb is Diamond’s fourth child but Tanasha’s firstborn.

The Tanzanian superstar has two children with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and one with model Hamisa Mobetto.

Diamond and Tanasha had announced that they would be getting married early this year but they postponed.

Tanasha said they were taking their time to get to know each other.

Sarah Hassan

The sensational actress flouted her baby bump on social media for a long period of her pregnancy.

Soon after her surprise baby shower, Hassan went MIA on all social media.

In July this year, the actress broke the silence announcing that she had indeed given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

She made the update three months after the delivery date.

The former wedding show host and hubby, Martin Dale welcomed their baby two years after they got married.

The wedding held in February 2017 was very lavish but intimate ceremony attended by invited family and friends.


After seven years of a childless marriage, Gospel artist and show host Kambua Mathu welcomed her first child this year.A bouncing baby boy. Baby Nate.

Kambua and her hubby Pastor Jackson Mathu could not be happier.

The couple especially the lovely Songstress had gotten a lot of backlash for failing to conceive after so long in marriage.

In the past Kambua has always been candid and emotional about the subject. Yet still very hopeful.

She has constantly encouraged women waiting to be mothers through her social media.

“..For any woman whose pain was triggered by my announcement, I have prayed that God will turn your darkness into a spark of hope. I hope that your faith is renewed knowing that His power knows no bounds,” read part of her post.

She broke the news of her pregnancy on Instagram with a picture of her baby bump and her fans were overjoyed.

Diana Marua

She is officially a mother of two.

Wife to gospel artist Kevin Bahati welcomed second child on  August 14 this year.

Her son Majesty Bahati follows baby girl  Heaven Bahati who will be turning  two next year.

The reality show star took to Instagram to announce the new addition to her family.

“They call me Mama Morgan, Mama Heaven and today, my King has been born. Wednesday 14.08.2019. At exactly 1.04pm. Majesty Bahati, ” she posted.

The couple are known for their ‘unconventional’ baby names.

Bridget Achieng’

According to Achieng’, her baby  Sekani Rich Opeyemii is of mixed nationality since his father is Nigerian.

Achieng’, a star in reality show Nairobi diaries  revealed in her you tube channel that she is well equipped to take care of her baby as a single mother.

She stated that her baby daddy ghosted  her when she was three months pregnant with her baby Sekani.

Milly wa Jesus

The bubbly Milly and her husband Kabi wa Jesus  announced the birth of their daughter, Reign Taji wa Jesus via Instagram on October 11.

The couple work together to earn a living as online content creators.

Kabi and his wife are famous from their youtube videos.

Nimo Gachuri

On March 5, Nimo and her husband Mr Seed welcomed their first child, a boy named Gold Christen.

The model took to Instagram where she expressed happiness of delivering the normal way and not Cesarean section.

“Welcome to the world my Little star born, 3.5 kg the labour the screams were all worth it. I thank God for normal delivery and all those that took part in saying a prayer for us,” read the post.

The couple got married on August 10 this year in a colourful wedding.

Georgina Muteti

Rapper Khaligraph Jones and bae Georgina Muteti welcomed their first child together.

On June 8, Muteti gave birth to a lovely baby girl and the rapper has since taken pride in being a father.

BY Sharon Maombo

Joyous Size 8 shares first photo showing off her miracle baby

Read the touching message Kambua’s husband wrote her

Jackson Mathu and Kambua have been married since 2012. This past weekend was Kambua’s birthday and the beauty decided to make a loud and proud return to social media.

During her return, she not only spoke of the immense joy she had at finally getting a baby but also revealed the gender and name of her son.

Kambua portrait
Kambua portrait

But what about the man who has been her rock all the years that they have been married? Jackson, who is a businessman wasn’t to be left out and decided to celebrate his wife with a wonderful message.

Kambua reveals the name and gender of her toddler

The message read;

Happy birthday to my flower. I love you!# Beautiful wife

Jackson Mathu message to his birthday wife, Kambua
Jackson Mathu message to his wife on her birthday

Kambua has in the past spoken about the impact that her husband has had on her during the years when she was struggling to get a baby.

Kambua on her wedding day
The singer on her wedding day

In a past interview with Kiss 100, she explained that Jackson had been the rock in her life saying,

“One of the things that I’m grateful for is that I met a really strong man and it’s because of him being strong that has helped me even in my ministry and career. That he is not fazed or moved by what people say and for the moments where I have gone through things and felt that ‘okay this has really hurt me’ he has been there to speak life into me and to encourage me. If there is anyone who is not bothered it’s my husband and I am learning, he is teaching me how to do that. How to not care because either way regardless of what you do people will have an opinion it just comes with the territory so yea he is cool.

Kambua smiling
The singer smiling

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‘The God who opens wombs’ Kambua makes teary first post in 3 months

Kambua is one of the most celebrated of TV presenters and singers in Kenya. The entertainer, who had been married to her pastor husband Jackson Mathu for a number of years was finally blessed with a baby in September this year.

Glowing and gorgeous! Check out first photo of Kambua after giving birth

From August 4th this year, she stopped posting anything on her Instagram page and many assumed that she was doing so as a result of her getting a baby.

The singer holding her baby bump
The singer holding her baby bump in the past

But today the mother of one who has still not revealed an image of her child, finally posted an image of herself for the first time in 3 months.

Kambua portrait
Kambua portrait

Her caption read,

A Mummy. A whole mummy! Ain’t God good? Also, it’s my birthday 🎉 Aaaaalso, I have missed you all. But I took time to be fully present in the season God ushered me into. My current ministry is in changing diapers, warm snuggles, and wet kisses🥰🤱🏾. Ah! This. God. Is. Too. Much. Too much! God of Sarah, Hannah, Rebecca…Kambua. The God who opens wombs and causes the “barren” woman to sing! Covenant keeping God. In Him there are no limitations.
I am grateful to know a God who does great things through weak, broken people.
My JOY is FULL, and my confidence in His goodness is rock solid.
Happy birthday to me
“The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock”- Matt 7:25

Kambua with her husband
Kambua with her husband

Many of her fans and followers were joyous about her return to social media and complimented and congratulated the mother of one about her testimony.

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