‘I want to do my own things’ Kalyeke Mumo on why she quit K24

Kalekye Mumo is set to start her own network after being in the media industry for the last 13 years. She says its time for a change.

The radio queen said she was excited to start her own network.

Having worked in the media for 13 years, I feel the growth is massive and I now want to try something else.

I am building a brand that will be employing people to produce and direct content that allows my fans to get to know me.

In my real world and space, while still interviewing people who interest me, whether famous or not.

‘5 years ago I was depressed, stressed and overwhelmed’ Ciru Muriuki

Kalekye Mumo

She says she will use Facebook Live, which will later be broadcast on YouTube as well as a podcast because people have always wanted to know about her life and be a part of it.

I have grown and in terms of the interviews that I have conducted, they have been out of love.

I want to take the challenge and do my own things and influence people with a great story to tell.

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Talk Central presenter Kalyeke Mumo
Talk Central presenter Kalyeke Mumo

Kalekye has been working with K24 for two years.

Her first episode of the show was aired in 2017. She also hosted ‘Couples Show‘, a dating game show that pitted married couples against each other in a series of revealing questions to determine how well the spouses knew each other.

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‘Thank you for showing me what love is supposed to be’Kalyeke Mumo celebrates her parents on their wedding anniversary

It is not everyday that we see celebrities celebrating their parents in public but Kalyeke Mumo does it effortlessly and with pride. Continue reading “‘Thank you for showing me what love is supposed to be’Kalyeke Mumo celebrates her parents on their wedding anniversary”

Kalyeke Mumo hints on qualities she is looking for in her future guy

Talk Central presenter Kalyeke Mumo may be ready for marriage after hinting the kind of man she would want in her life.

The laid back presenter (below)has been single for a long time which has left many wondering when we will go ‘Kula pilau’.

Classy gifts to buy your father this Father’s day to celebrate him

Going by her description Kalyeke would love to settle with a man who has characteristics similar to those of her father who is her first love .Here is what the sassy presenter said about the man who will be her Knight in shining amour

“Let’s be honest, we all look for the first man we fell in love with in our husbands. And more often than not that man is your father. For me… DT is THE MAN… my all-time number one.. any man wishing to marry me must live up to his standards,” she wrote in part.

Unable to hide her undying love for her dad she goes on to describe the kind of man he is in this caption that left our hearts melting .

NI WANGU! Woman flaunts old mzungu bae enough to be her grandfather

He’s funny, so loving and affectionate, open, honest, encouraging and extremely handsome with loads of swag. He has never let me down once. His way of cautioning and advising me remains unmatched. Love my dad to bits 💞💞💞 and I pray I find a husband that’s half the man he is. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
What about you,” she added.

According to Mpasho this is not the first time that Kalyeke Mumo is celebrating her father with sweet messages,during his birthday she sent him a lovely message as he turned 82,such a shame that some of us don’t even remember our birthdays.

Media Personality Julie Gichuru celebrates first born son as he turns 18

Kalyeke Mumo and her dad
Kalyeke Mumo and her dad


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Awinja quits her presenter job to handle private matters

A few days after celebrating the birthday of her son Mosi celebrated actress and radio presenter Jacky Vike known to many as Awinja has quit her day job.

The damsel announced this decision on her Instagram pages explaining to her followers that she will be back on air once she sorts ‘her stuff’ which she was not willing to divulge.

“I’m sorry to say that May was my last month with Qwetu Radio, it was one of the hardest decision to make but unfortunately I have to leave to go attend to other things, but I promise once i’m through you will definitely hear me back on air, but first I want to take this opportunity to thank one Man Vincent Ateya for believing in me and giving me a chance on Radio, it was my first time and I Loved it!” her statement read in part.


The above announcement that left many wondering maybe she had gotten a new job or if she is quitting radio completely.

We can only be left guessing. Awinja has been a presenter with Qwetu Radio  and also an actress with a local show Papa Shirandula which brought her to the lime light .Among other personalities who left their media jobs to handle personal interests include Janet Mbugua who left her job at Citizen TV.

Awinja of Papa Shirandula unveils her son’s face on his birthday

Janet left at a time where many considered the prime of her career but she is doing well all the same.Others who quit their media carers include Kalyeke Mumo who left her job at Kiss 100 where she hosted Rush Hour with her co host Shaffie Weru.

Janet Mbugua

NTV also went through a double loss after Sheila Mwanyigha left the station to venture into her own thing. She took that leap of faith and ventured into untapped waters and things are looking up for them.

‘Nothing but love for you always’ Awinja celebrates brothers birthday

Left: Sheila Mwanyigha and Kobi Kihara



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Momo is bae! Men who marry chubby women smile more according to this study

Forget diets, forget working out and starving yourself. A new study suggest that men who are in relationships with chubby women tend to smile more.

The study further shows that chubby women  are better at dealing with problems than men who are in relationships with thin women. The regular Kenyan woman is chubby but the hype to lose weight and be skinny has been on the rise due to westernisation.

Extreme diets have led to health complications and even death.

The study also shows that thin women tend to be more reserved, more unfriendly and less expressive with their emotions.

The Argentinian newspaper Buevo Diario reports on the findings from the research conducted by Dr Filemón Alvarado and Dr Edgardo Morales at UNAM’s department of psychology.

According to their research, chubby women make their men ten times as happy as thin women. And we all know that happy people live longer. The study also indicated that chubby women are better at anticipating their partner’s needs.

But keeping fit isn’t bad. And Kenyan fitness experts such as Jane Mukami, who runs 21 Days Of Change, Chiki who has a show Dance with Chiki, Esther Dindi who runs Fit Sistaz and many other personal trainers, inspire us to be fit.

But going by this recent study,  maybe those few extra pounds aren’t fat – they’re love and tenderness! More and more celebrities are making the effort to lose weight  such as Big Ted who recently opened up about his struggle with weight before he lost 70 kgs from his initial 168 kgs.

Female musician Nazizi Hirji is also among local celebrities who have lost a drastic amount of weight over time bringing her sexy back. She went through a complete nutrition change and incorporated workouts .

Talia Oyando, Size 8 reborn, and Kalyeke Mumo have also been tagged along in this fitness journey  and we commend them for wanting to keep fit.

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Kenyan Celebrities Whose Fashion Sense You Should Emulate

Fashion is an ever evolving industry, unlike in the past where people were more conservative people are opening up to new changes in the fashion arena

In Kenya, we have seen great improvement especially by people who are considered as public figures or celebrities

Looking at them now one would be forgiven for thinking that they have always been this sharp in their fashion sense, however this is far from the truth as proven by the photos below;


1. Nameless

The talented musician has been in the music industry for more than a decade and with that time his music has greatly changed so has his fashion sense.

Nameless, who was fond of rocking a durag dropped it and decided to give people a glimpse of his dreadlocks and we are loving it.pcXcsqwy

2. Size 8

The Mateke singer has seen a great improvement in her fashion sense, from back then when she was a secular musician rocking skin showing attire to now where she simply rocks beautiful dresses properly for her new role as a wife and mother.https://www.photojoiner.net/image/yOvT7uek

3. Amani

Recently turned gospel musician is turning a new leaf not only in her singing but also in her fashion. Amani who is an eye candy has recently changed her wardrobe to a more conservative but decent look which is fitting well with her.

Amani is a true definition of beauty and brains and is a great role model to the girl child.


4. Tv show host  Kalyeke Mumo

There is nothing as sexy as a confident woman and Kalyeke Mumo seems to be rocking all the confidence after her major weight loss journey. Kalyeke who has worked really hard, has not shied away from revealing  her new body in figure hugging dresses away from the baggy clothes she was used to.


5. Akothee

The self proclaimed Boss lady has seen a major transformation in her fashion department. From the laid back girl from the village, Akothee has turned out to be a fine woman who leaves men drooling.

The mother of five, who is not shy to rock skin revealing attire boasts of a well toned body and that melanin pops, a true definition of African beauty.

Although her fashion statements leave people talking, on claims of being inappropriate as she is a mother, the mother of five never seems to give a hoot.


6. Nazizi

The sexy and talented rapper has seen a major transformation in the recent past, from the baggy t-shirts and baggy trousers Nazizi has now embraced beautiful dresses that embrace her curves.

Nazizi took a bold step to shed off the excess weight and she is ageing like fine wine.


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