Khaligraph was being funded by older women while we were dating – Cashy

Khaligraph Jone’s ex Cashy has cleared the air on allegations that she has sponsors owing to lyrics from Khaligraph’s new song, adding that he is lying.

Khaligraph’s new song throws so much shade, but she says that Khaligraph is indeed the one who got financial support from older women.

“He was getting financial aid from various older female sources, this was also a reason why I left. When it comes to a time where you’re committed to someone and he is being financed elsewhere, it hurts.”

‘I sleep with with my father- in -law and we even have a son’ Brags woman


She also opened up on the intimate details of how she put up with his infidelity adding that she was forced to leave after receiving threats from other women.

“Sometime in 2017 is when we broke up and after he said he will never introduce a woman to the limelight.

I left because it got messy to protect myself because you can’t let yourself be in a place you’re constantly unhappy despite who he or she is.

Stability mentally and physically comes first.”

‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries


They say in a relationship it is about compromise, forgiveness and second chances but there comes a time when you decided enough is enough.

When threats started coming in, Cashy decided her relationship with Khaligraph was over.

“when I started getting threats from other women, I decided that is it enough,just because he was a celeb, the women came in and to make it worse he was entertaining it.

I was getting messages from women and compromising pictures of him with other women.”

Finally!! Khaligraph Jones excited as he shares news of him being a dad

2019 seems to be looking up for Khaligraph Jones music wise and in his personal life. Jones will be a father soon and he revealed the news via social media.

Khaligraph shared a video of his girlfriend getting an ultrasound, something that most couples are always excited about.

He captioned the photo,

“Blessings on blessings. 2019. Finally.”

‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries

My hubby loves me the way I am, If I lose weight I might lose him – Senator Omanga

Well, it’s going to be an exciting year for Papa Jones.

His ex girlfriend, has however come out to reveal details about their break up, making it clear that she is the one who left Khaligraph.

She also revealed that after the break up, she received threats from him and people close to him and she had to alert the authorities.

She has vowed to talk about it when the time is right.

“I took the time I needed to grow and free myself of a certain past that I can now openly share… I’ll be real about why I chose to leave a certain relationship.

I’ll discuss physical abuse, financial manipulation, emotional abuse, slander and threats on my life and well being.”

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‘Una Bahati siku izi nimekua mpole’Kaligraph blasts DJ Pinye for calling his music mediocre meaning ‘haitoshi mboga’

Kaligraph Jones has hit out at veteran DJ Pinye after he termed his music as mediocre during an interview with a local radio station.

In a post shared on social media ,partly in the post DJ Pinye revealed that back in the day, he didn’t play Khaligraph and DNA’s songs, but their music careers have grown.

He went on to say that he can’t play Ethic’s Lamba Lolo and Position, urging DJ’s not to play mediocre music.

Kenyan celebrities dads bringing up children single handedly after losing their spouses

Kaligraph has responded and according to him DJ Pinye anabahati  the OG mekua mpole

“According to DJ Pinye, I used to make mediocre Music so he couldn’t play my mediocre music on his TV show, buda Ukona Bahati siku izi nimekua mpole kiasi na nina ka Heshima flani otherwise diss track ingekua ishatembea sai watu wana sing along mbaya sana , mazishi ni ile ile.”




‘I thought we were Brothers? Khaligraph shows displeasure at being left out of Fancy Fingers wedding

Days after Sauti Sol’s guitarist Polycarp Otieno alias Fancy Fingers tied the knot Kaligraph has showed his displeasure for being left out in the line up.

Polycarp shared a photo of him and the boys during a photo shoot with the caption below

“These men. Bless them. Bless their hearts ♥️ 📸: @emmanueljambo 🕴🏿: @sao_sartorial Styled by @brianbabu”


Well among those who commented is none other than the OG himself and going by his comment he is not thrilled at all.He wrote

“I thought we were Brothers? We even did a song together? @bienaimesol @itsmefancyfingers @savarafrica @iamchimano ?”



Below are some of the comments from the fans

[email protected]_jones: wanaku invite unakula unanyongwa na mate unakufa

[email protected]_jones :when u thought u were bros but it hits u that ilikua uchape verse urudi kwako,lakini OG ni OG bora uhai😂

[email protected]_jones: hivyo ndio kunaendanga. Diffenciate friends from people you know or work with.

[email protected]: najua hata wewe unashangaa invite haikuja aje na mlikua majirani hadi

[email protected]_jones: 🤣🤣🤣umecatch🤔

[email protected]_jones: 😂😂😂😂😂 bruuh…. Hapan jali… @bienaimesol hajaoa tutegee yake

[email protected]_jones: utajua hau-ju-i, hii si mazishi

[email protected]_jones: uko frieeeendzoooonnneee Jones 😂🌚

 Weddings come and go and just the fact that Kaligraph was not in the guest list does not necessarily mean that Fancy Fingers does not see him as a friend.

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It was painful!!Khaligraph Jones opens up on how he lost his brother in a drowning incident

Khaligraph Jones is a force to reckon with in the music industry, but not many know of his personal struggles as he mourns his brother.

The artiste, who  may easily pass like a tough guy, opened up about losing his brother in a drowning incident in 2009, something he says that he has never recovered from.

In the lyrics, he partly says

“Ushawahi kua na thoughts suicidal no need for survival dunia inakupiga vita and everyone is your rival. I have been there nilikosa makao na malazi pekee ndio aliniokolea na mbao ya mandazi but hamjui kuna time nimetingwa hadi indu ,For me to be here ni Mungu amekua akinilinda Makadara court case Kalighraph ameiba simu reason mpaka leo mi hukua nimeuma ndimu.”

See Wendy Kimani’s message celebrating her 4th wedding anniversary


He also goes to divulge that his late dad battled diabetes

“Niko mnenge  tumbo inarequire dishi  uko mtaa dad anadedi na diabetes,In 2009 my little bro died in a swimming pool he was only 7 i still cant believe i lost a brother and it pains me so much juu mpaka leo sijarecover.”


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‘Thank you for the support’ Khaligraph Jones to his fans after bagging award for the Best Rap Act Africa during AFRIMMA 2018

Khaligraph Jones emerged the winner during AFRIMMA 2018 after winning the Best Rap Act Africa, an award he has been eyeing since his nomination.

Celebrating his win, he thanked his fans for their undying love and support saying that

“Good news to the +254 we manged to bag the award for the Best Rap Act Africa,It s a good look for Kenyan music we are taking it to the next level .

Thank you very much if you have ever supported me thank you to those who support Kenyan music ,Keep the support coming through and lets keep making history.”

This is what the late Janet Kanini’s husband is doing to keep her memory alive


Among other celebrities who walked away with awards include Gospel artiste PAPA Dennis who won Best Gospel artiste in 2018

Others include

Eddy Kenzo – Best East African Artiste of the year – Afrimma 2018

Yemi Alade – Best Female artiste of the year – Afrimma 2018

Wizkid – Best Song of the year –  Afrimma 2018

Fally Ipupa – Artiste of the year and Leadership in Music- Afrimma 2018

Flavour – Humanitarian Award Afrimma 2018

Politicians with baby mama drama. Here’s how much they want these politicians to pay as child upkeep

Here are some of the comments from Papa Jones fans congratulating him for the win

dougie_wa_nyamiraYou put in work bro . Congrats @khaligraph_jones

tendermuzikiCongrats bro.

deejaysuavelinksWell deserved OG

macollectorCongrats bro

iamerictuneI voted a million times NGORI

estherkaylaWoow, Congrats OG

small_wachi @khaligraph_jones .. We your fans are proud of youpius.magoyaFrom Bondo to Texas…..Khali u the bestest…dreams are valid….. CONGRATULATIONS

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Khaligraph Jones nominated for two categories in AFRIMA awards

Kaligraph Jones has been nominated for two categories in AFRIMA awards.

Kaligraph has been nominated alongside artistes such as Shane Eagle -South Africa,  Olomide-Nigeria, Zoro-Nigeria, Sarkodie-Ghana,The Dogg-Namibia, Casper Nyovest-South Africa, MHD-Senegal, Phyno-Nigeria and Nasty C -South Africa.

Fashion tips curvy women can borrow from the beautiful Neomi Ng’ang’a


DPP Haji orders fresh probe into death of KU student Maureen Wambui

Kalighraph took to his Instagram page to announce the exciting news, urging his fans to vote for him.

He wrote

“To Everyone who has ever Supported me, God Bless, Courtesy of You the OG is Making power moves, I have been Nominated in 2 Major categories in The Afrimma Awards, *BEST RAP ACT & BEST MALE EAST AFRICA*. Now this is Major and with Your Support we could bring it home so go out there and Vote. Once again Thank you, getting nominated is more than enough already but if I win we all Win so lets get it, To vote Go to and follow the guidelines. OG is OG #testimony1990#respecttheogs”

Among other Kenyan artistes that have ever been nominated previously include Sauti Sol, Victoria Kimani, Avril, Nyashinski, Mercy Masika and Dufla Diligon, Kanyekiz, Evelyn Wanjiru, Denno and Papa Dennis.

We hope that Kaligraph Jones brings the award home as it is not only good for him, but for our Country as well.

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10 Kenyan celebrities who have experienced cyber bullying and trolling

Cyber bullying is on the rise and more local celebrities are becoming victims of these acts perpetuated by unknown people.

The impact of cyber bullying is massive, with victims sometimes committing suicide. From Larry Madowo to Victoria Rubadiri, here is a list of 10 Kenyan celebrities who have not been spared from trollying by social media bullies.

1. Pierra Makena

The beautiful damsel has been on  the receiving end of trolls due to her weight gain after the birth of her daughter. She has spoken out about it, admitting that a woman’s body goes through a lot of transformation after child bearing and it only takes a courageous woman to accept the changes.


Pierra indicated she would only lose the weight when she felt the time is right and her daughter is big enough.

2. Carol Odero

Citizen TV’S fashion watch analyst Carol Odero came under a lot of criticism a few weeks ago after criticizing Meghan Markle’s dress and make up saying it came short of her expectations.

Carol Odero

Kenyans who would hear none of it trolled her telling her that her make up and code of dressing is what needed an upgrade given that she wears alot of make up, with most questioning if she has something to hide.

3. Size 8

Mama Wambo has also not been spared by trolls and on countless occassions. Her performance during a recent public holiday did not please many who termed it ‘poor’.

Image result for size 8 photos
Size 8


She has also been dragged for makeup gone wrong.

4. Kambua

The soft spoken beauty has not been spared. During a New Years performance in Nakuru, she snatched a microphone from her colleague and the internet went in on her.


On different occasions cyber bullies  have attacked her for not bearing a child, Kambua  responded to her haters that it is not good to judge some one since you do not know what they are going through.

5. Cathy Kiuna

‘Mum’ as she is fondly known by her followers has not been spared from cyber bullying. Most noteably was when it was alleged she told girls not to marry poor men.

Cathy Kiuna

6. Nyota Ndogo

‘Kuna Watu Na Viatu ‘ songstress has been under attack for her poor make up during her wedding. the photos went viral and  she blamed her photographer for using poor lighting.

Nyota Ndogo

Nyota always responds to trolls.

8. Dk Kwenye Beat

The Kayole talent has come under heavy criticism for his weight. Meme’s and jokes were made to get the message to him.

DK Kwenye Beat

Even though Dk has not lost his weight, we sure hope he does at some point.

9. Jimmy Gait

Gospel artiste Jimmy came under the harsh attack of  cyber bullies after releasing a mash up of ‘Hello’ by Adelle, which left many Kenyans with more questions than answers.


The bullying caused him to cry on air during a live Tv interview on the The Trend. Since that episode he says things have never really been the same.

10. Khaligraph Jones

He came under attack for people saying that he had ‘bleached’ his skin something he refuted completely.




Khaligraph Jones slams slay queens and reveals his type of woman

He broke up with his girlfriend Cashy, and although he tried to keep it hush hush, we all found out.

So now that he is team single, Khaligraph Jones shared intimate details of the kind of woman ‘that does it for him’.

In a recent interview on Kiss FM, he shared that slay queens are a NO for him, admitting that they don’t do it for him.


“There are those basic qualities that you’d look for in a woman. For me as the OG, discipline, I’m not about to date a slay queen, so you have to know your limits and just have to be obedient coz I’m out here and I’m talking out of experience. You have to listen to me, I’ve been in the industry I know how these bloggers out here be acting up. So if I tell you not to do this or do that, you better listen to me,” he said.


He also shared that he won’t put his personal life in the public again after what happened to him and Cashy.

“At this point of the knowledge that I have as far as music goes, I ain’t talking about that. I learned my lesson. Going forward you will never know nothing aside from the music that I release, that is as far as it goes,” he explained.

So ladies if you had any plan of winning the OG’s attention, sahau mambo ya kuslay.

Popular Gospel Singer Claims Bleaching Is A Disgrace To God

Gone are the days when being black was considered beauty, ladies nowadays regard having a lighter skin as the ultimate beauty goals. Video vixen-socialite Vera Sidika has been very vocal about it saying she spent millions on a medical procedure to ‘toa tint’.

While she has money to undergo surgery, others rely on creams found in Nairobi streets, which could be dangerous.

vera s

The results could take days, weeks, if not monthss depending on the quality of  product you use. Socialite sand celebrity have been in the spotlight for doing it, but at the end of the day it is a personal choice.

It’s not just Kenyan women, but men are also doing it. Sometime back rapper Khaligraph Jones was the butt of peoples jokes after he was accused of skin bleaching. He was a guest on a TV station for an interview, and of course sharp Kenyans noticed his lighter complexion.

He dismissed the rumors, saying that his skin only looks lighter because he’s doing well in life including not being exposed to sun hence contributing to his color.


It turned out to be a stunt and he dropped his hit song by the name (Mask Off).

Controversial gospel artiste Alex Apoko popularly known as ringtone has come out and added his opinion on the bleaching debate. A local daily interviewed the star to get his views on the topic.

The singer says he thinks bleaching is a disgrace against the Most High.


‘If the bible says you were beautifully and wonderfully made, why should you go on bleaching or doing other forms of body modifications?Are you a car?’

He says it should be done only if there are healthy risks and on doctors advice and bleaching should not be entertained. Ringtone is proving to be a responsible member of the society,he has been speaking his mind and he even went into prayer and fasting for socialite Huddah Monroe to accept Jesus in her life.