Sickening! Kakamega Man Caught Red Handed Getting Intimate With His Daughter-In-Law At a Lodging

What is the world coming to? Men, how would you feel if you found out that your wife was having an affair with your father, blood father?

Residents of Shinyalu were left in shock after finding a 65-year-old man having sex with his son’s wife at a lodging in Khayega market in Kakamega County.

Muhati Andole caught the man red handed in the establishment, with his pants down after they saw the elderly man booking a room in the lodging accompanied by the disloyal woman.

The residents then decided to tip off the adulterous woman’s husband, who angrily stormed the lodging, and broke the door to the room where his father and unfaithful wife were getting intimate.

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The furious residents, who surrounded the room, reigned kicks and blows on the elderly man, after learning that he had been caught red handed in the act.

According to Edaily, the man’s wife, who was caught cheating with her father-in-law, claimed that her husband had abandoned her and neglected his marital duties and responsibilities, including denying her conjugal rights.

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The shocking and disturbing part is that the lady confessed that her father-in-law was the one who had been satisfying her sexual desires until the incident where they were finally caught. Appalling indeed!