The glamorous, young and cute MCA driving Kakamega politics


If looks and charm could win elections, these beautiful women we are witnessing in Kenyan politics, would never lose! Seriously, with these hotties around, Kenyan politics has become anything but boring!

She mentors girls, loves playing football and her fans love her, proving her mettle in politics.

Leylah Muhandale is the hottest MCA representing Lugari, Kakamega county. She was just 23 when she vied as an independent candidate and beat 17 male contestants to become Lumakanda Ward boss in the August 2017 general elections.

Take a sneak peak into her life in politics through these pictures:

leylah muandale 7

leylah muhandale 6

leylah muhandale 4

leylah muhandale 2

leylah muhandale ichami

leyiah muhandale

Leyla Muhandale (MCA Lumakanda Ward) 1

Leyla Muhandale (MCA Lumakanda Ward)

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