Shut Up: Femi One Throws Shade To The Haters And Fake Friends

Wanjiku Kimani better known as Femi one is not new in the music industry. she is a

She is aKenyann lyrical and a HipHop artist whose music contains, wordplay, humour, and avenues to narrate stories.

Femi One oncecreated a buzz after releasing a diss track dubbed Pilau Neri which she threw shade at her fellow rappers. Since Femi doesn’t mince her words she took it to her social media to address the ‘haters’ in a long post.


It’s funny how you meet people and they start advising you on what direction your music should take. Sometimes it’s not even random people these are your ‘friends’ or just people you know. They are always like ‘ You should release this type of song, do videos like nani and nani, dress like nani and nani, you’ve been too quiet release two videos at a time, release another diss track, what is the label doing for you’ as if they are offering a better deal or something Bruh!! 🤦‍♀️🙄. Question is where were you when all I had was a dream? what have you done or what are you doing to help my career grow? You don’t pay for my videos or sessions. Do you download my songs? or wewe ni wa kutext utumiwe audio watsapp. have you liked my Facebook page? or even subscribed to my YouTube channel? do you show up to events I’m performing? buy tickets ama wewe ni wa kutaka tickets za bure? do you request my songs on radio, tv or clubs? do you show up to video shoots atleast for moral support? Anything??? NOTHING!!! So take several seats 💺 and shut the front door.

Just from the post, it’s clear that some of her friends and random people were advising something she didn’t take too well.She made it clear she doesn’t seek advice from anyone so next time you have something to say keep it to yourself.



































ONE LOVE! Popular Kenyan Rapper Attacks Corrupt Leaders In New Film, Urges The Youth Not To Be Deceived By Money

Kenyan rapper King Kaka is known for his lyrical prowess and his amazing rap skills, but his musical journey has not been that smooth and he had to work extra hard a few years back to make it to the top list.

The crooner is one of the best Hip-Hop artistes in Kenya, going head to head with other rappers like Octopizzo, Khaligraph, Juliani and others.

Other than just music, King Kaka is a businessman and is the founder of Kaka Empire, a music label which hosts the likes of Avril, Femi One and celebrated rapper Timmy Tdat.


In the last couple of months King Kaka has been dropping emotional songs with his last single featuring RedForth Chorus dubbed Senzenina taking over the airwaves for it’s touching message.

Now, the renowned rapper has dropped a new video, where he tackles the issues about corrupt leaders who pay the youth to engage in tribal fighting in Kenya.

In the new film, King Kaka introduces a certain minister, who was appointed as a minister and after 2 months inoffice, he exposes the dirt and corruption that takes place in the ministry.
King Kaka2

The man, who goes by the name Mwizi Mkubwa, decides to expose the scandal, after he found out that money set aside for development projects was embezzled and used to fund ethnic tension between different tribes in Kenya.

In the same video, King Kaka finalises with a few lyrics where he urges the Kenyan youth not to be lured into tribal fights and violence just because of a few coins.

This is an eye-opener and I think it’s the appropriate message for Kenyans as aw await the forthcoming general election. Check out the new film dubbed Mwizi Mkubwa below.