Lupita Nyongo’s sister in law shares details of super private wedding with Vogue magazine

Wanja Wohoro, the newest member of the Nyongo family has opened up about the perfect and private wedding.

The article titled Wanja Wohoro and Junior Nyong’o’s Intimate Garden Ceremony in Their Hometown of Nairobi’ has garnered lots of interest from her fans and followers.

@WanjaWohoro..So um.. @voguemagazine @vogueweddings did a profile on our smol lil DIY wedding…….. Exploding head. So much thanks to
@overthemoon for thiS!

So beautiful! Junior Nyong’o marries singer Wanja Wohoro (photos)

She met Junior Nyongo back in 2015 when she had come home for a vacation from Australia. The cute moment happened at a New Years Eve party, where hearts fluttered.

Wanja is a musician and Junior is an actor cum DJ, so their love for music was a uniting factor.Junior Married

She told Vogue magazine that “He made me a drink, and we got to talking about music and that was that, really: Love,” Wanja says. “From that day, things just progressed and grew despite us both going back to study in Florida and Sydney, respectively.”

From that magical moment they dated until 2019 when Junior proposed and speaking of their four year dating.

He also planned the proposal to have her family surprise her the moment she said yes in Tigoni. He inscribed her favorite poem in the ring. Cute!

Their wedding was to happen in May, but they postponed it owing to covid 19. It took place in July.

Junior Nyong'o with his new wife 1
Junior Nyong’o with his new wife 1

Mr. Wanja! Anyang Nyong’o’s son Junior might be taking wife’s first name as his last

The cute couple had to make hard decisions and in a back and forth communication with family and friends they settled on a date and scrambled to plan the big day. They now plan to relocate to another country in 2021.

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Mr. Wanja! Anyang Nyong’o’s son Junior might be taking wife’s first name as his last

I don’t know how I feel about this story… We all know by know that Lupita’s younger brother Junior Nyong’o got married to his long-time lover, Wanja Wohoro yesterday at a surprise wedding.

The couple had one of the prettiest weddings that have happened in Kenya with the ceremony having a unique feel and quality in it that will surely go down as goals for some. And remember that the wedding wasn’t even what the couple had had planned initially!

Junior Nyong'o with his new wife 1
Junior Nyong’o with his new wife 1

And the uniqueness of the wedding didn’t end there as it seems that Junior might be taking his wife’s name as his last name, a departure of old patriarchal norms that most cultures have followed for ages.

This is if a tweet posted by his brand new wife is anything to go by. In a tweet seen by, the beauty revealed that her new hubby had taken up her last name: “Oop! Mr Wanja”. The beauty accompanied the caption with photos of their big day. Love is sweet.”

Junior has already shown a penchant for a man who dances to his own beat and if indeed he has taken her name as his own, this would be par for the course for him.

Junior Nyong’o amazes Kenyans with his stylish long dress

Her comment was met with a lot of joy and mirth from her fans and followers with many congratulating the couple as they entered a new phase in their lives. Some of those comments are below:
Wamathai Congratulations. Prosper.

Marcus Olang‘Congratulations, good people! May you grow in absolute joy and fulfilment with each other, both as individuals and as a unit!

〽️amjℹ️ Congratulations to the both of you. Karibu Nyanza Semeji

Kambua Congratulations Wanja! 💕

Sirjeremyke Ni juu sina dredi ama 😂😂😂 congratulations are in order

Matilda Cindy kivuti good job!

Junior Nyong'o with his new wife
Junior Nyong’o with his new wife

The two got engaged in 2019 last year and news of their marriage was first announced by Junior’s sister and Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o on Instagram.

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So beautiful! Junior Nyong’o marries singer Wanja Wohoro (photos)

Junior Nyong’o, the Kisumu governor’s son has finally wed his girlfriend, singer Wanja Wohoro.

The wedding was held in Limuru yesterday in an exclusive ceremony.

The wedding was attended by family members and close friends only.

The couple excitedly shared photos of their big day on their social media pages.

Junior wrote;

“@wanjawohoro, I will walk for miles to water your roots every single day until you are too tall and impossible for anyone to ignore. My strong steadfast Acacia. Ineffable in stature and beauty.
The shade of your branches will always be my refuge.

On the other hand, Wanja wrote;

“You are a fixed point in my universe, and the best friend I’ve ever known. ‘🧡
Not the wedding we planned originally, but ultimately even more perfect and intimate than we could have ever imagined. So many thanks to @zereniti_house for hosting us SO wonderfully.”

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Lupita Nyong’o, the sister to Junior was not able to attend but sent a congratulatory message to newly wedded couple.

She wrote;

“Yup, he is off the market, folks! Sharing a moment of joy in my family’s life when my sweet, gentle, loving baby brother @juniornyongo made his declaration of love to his new bride @wanjawohoro this week. I still cannot believe I was not physically present, but thank God for technology! Welcome to the family, Wanja”

Check out the photos;

Junior Nyong’o and wife Wanja
Junior Nyong’o’s wedding
Wanjo Wohoro

Junior Nyong’o wears dress during surprise engagement party (photos)

Junior Nyong’o shocked many when he announced his engagement this week to Wanja Mohoro. The son to Kisumu governor Anyang Nyong’o got engaged on Saturday, 16 Nov 2019 in a colourful event that was witnessed by close friends and relatives.

Junior Nyong'o
Junior Nyong’o

The pair had been dating for some time and have collaborated in several musical projects before taking their relationship to the next level. Mohoro is an Afro-Indie Soul Artist and an art enthusiast.

Junior Nyong'o engagement
Junior Nyong’o engagement

The man did it in the most controversial way possible; his choice of clothes reflected his loud and proud attitude he had adopted the past few years.

His engagement party
Junior Nyong’o engagement party
Junior Nyong'o engagement party 1
Junior Nyong’o engagement party

The younger brother of Lupita decided to wear a dress to the event, stealing the show with his blue and white floral skirt. This isn’t the first time that the fashion-forward Junior has rocked a dress.

In November 2018, the artsy thespian had the internets in a rage when he wore a red dress to a public.

The thespian posing in the dress
Junior Nyong’o

If you thought the backlash he received for the dress would make him quit that style, you were in for a surprise. The man wore yet another dress and this year that showed that the man lives his life as he feels, haters be damned.

The thespian posing in the dress
Junior Nyong’o

What do you think of his style at his engagement party? Pass or fail?

Junior Nyong’o amazes Kenyans with his stylish long dress

Peter Junior Nyong’o has been a leading proponent and observer in trying out new androgynous and gender-bending fashions.

The famous son and brother of Governor Anyang Nyong’o and Lupita Nyong’o is not afraid to use dress how he wants.

Lupita and Junior in a file photo
Lupita and Junior in a file photo

His recently posted an image of himself wearing a long black dress and a colourful leso. His caption read;

Fl🌺wer B🌸y aka Junelope Jones. Fit by @zerobyzawadi

The post inevitably elicited many comments from his followers with many being largely positive. Some of those comments are below;

chandlernwilson; Where do you find your dresses & skirts? I adore them & I’m trying to find dresses that fit a masculine body type! 🙂
wangari.mathenge; Eish! Sawa!!!
averyjnett; Hello you are perfect
vogueforme; Category is #heteronormativitysoboring
sellahtreza: 🔥🔥🔥🔥@juniornyongo
parisbenjamin; Fantastic
erick_mwinga; 🔥 🔥 Allot of love💋💋💋💋💋😘😘😘😘
princess_sehai34; @juniornyongo Your Style Is Awesome I love It hope your Having An Amazing And Bless day.
zerobyzawadi; Nobody has more #WaysToWearSayaris than you do! 🔥🔥🔥 Ok maybe you trail closely behind @zawadinyongo 😘 … Thank you for being part of our #ZeroByZawadiTribe 🙏🏾!

Junior Nyongo in a long dress
Junior Nyongo in a long dress

guillermodzomba; This look got me stealing my sister’s miniskirts..🤔😂😂.
ruthosiemo; 👌 I need one like that.its so🔥
duckleberryfinn; So obsessed! Love this look!
sammycruz24; You give me life 👌🏼🔥❤️
ericaheap; rocking it 🤟🤟
nitinashe; stuntinggg

This is not the first Kenyan celeb to try out ambisexual fashions. Ian Nene, popularly known as the character Almasi on the Citizen T.V show Machachari has displayed his epicene style to the consternation and display for many of some Kenyans.

Almasi aka Ian Nene
Almasi aka Ian Nene

They have even taken it as far as to question his sexuality because of his style, something that he has defiantly refused to address and is living his life his way.

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