‘All Of June’ Theatre Experience Is Here! Expect To Be Blown Away!

Bubbly, easy going, bright, fun. There is no single adjective to describe June Gachui, thespian, recording artist, dancer, singer, Em Cee, lawyer, wife.

She’s one who will gladly accept a selfie moment, talk and catch up with one two people, jump on stage and get an act going. Stop for some advise – to give it, or to give a keen listening ear.

All that and so much more lies in wait for you Thursday and Friday at the Kenya National Theatre when you show up for All of June theatre experience.

This is going to be bigger, and more fun than the album launch five months ago. In her own words, June says that Thursday and Friday will offer theatre goers a real open view of who June is.

“I will tell stories, I will sing, I will dance. Oh and the team will do so so much more!”

One Day_Mpasho

Her crew has heaped praises on June, saying that working with her is an opportunity to push limits, and keep learning. The dancers say they like working with June because she will dance along to their moves, however complex.

You need to book yourself a seat like right away, because this theatre experience is promising to be packed to the brim. The event begins at 8PM, and expect that the revamped KNT, now called Kenya Cultural Centre, will be all ablaze with #AllOfJune!

Get your tickets to the event here > http://www.junegachui.com/events/tickets/

Singer June Gachui Plans A Big Thing For You This February!

I know you may have clicked to read this with Valentine’s Day in mind, but I have what’s coming earlier than that special day.

Well,, renowned and talented vocalist, singer-songwriter and improv comedian June Gachui will be hosting an exciting two-day show dubbed “All Of June” at the Kenya National Theater. The personality has been in the music industry for 20 years, has been featured in a number of plays. Her collection of music is rich and speaks of life experiences, challenges and joys.

Her latest project was the launch of her album “20 Years” in August 2016.

She calls it “Nyummy Music”. June says that she writes music to elicit a warm fuzzy feel to
everyone that listens.

june gachui

She is warm and bubbly, albeit soulful and very precise. You can liken her to Jill Scott. Elegance wrapped in humour. At the show, there will be a healthy mix of June’s original music and renditions of timeless soulful classics. As if that’s not enough, expect more stuff from two bands — an all girl and all boy band.

There will also be dancers and visual graphics. This will be the most amazing event of the month. Be sure to attend!