Diamond Platnumz’ close friend savagely disses Huddah after beef with Tanasha

I don’t think Huddah Monroe had any idea the hornet’s nest that she was poking when she trolled Tanasha Donna on her impressive feat of becoming the most followed Kenyan female on Instagram.

The beef escalated online with Tanasha getting a lot of support from hardcore fans-most of them from the country her baby daddy Diamond comes from, Tanzania.

Huddah vs Tanasha
Huddah vs Tanasha

With the jealousy so obvious – Ms. Donna’s Tanzanian fans started hitting back on behalf of their ‘queen.’ As usual, they did not hold back from throwing the meanest insults; which again pushed Huddah to make yet another mistake of abusing them.

In the end, I think Huddah realized that she couldn’t win this war and did an apology-non-apology.

“If anyone can have it, I don’t want it!” Tanasha says as beef with Huddah escalates

But it seems that while her little tiff with Tanasha might have ended that doesn’t mean that her Tanzanian in-laws were placated yet.

And all because of an IG post where Huddah referred to Tanzanians on social media as idle robots; who are good at wasting both their data and time investigating other people’s lives.

Juma Lokole, Diamond’s wonderful friend led the charge for our Southern neighbours and came out with a clap back that would make even the most foul-mouthed people blush.

Zari Hassan with Juma Lokole
Zari Hassan with Juma Lokole

Juma Lokole hit back at Huddah’s privates for the major mileage they had covered over the years. In a post shared by blogger Original East, Juma Lokole is seen throwing Huddah shade saying, “Robot K*[email protected] yake inayogusa mchanga mxiiiiiiiu”

Those with long memories will remember that Huddah is disliked by the WCB family, following the 2014 drama where she claimed that she had slept with Diamond who at the time was still involved with Zari.

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Tanasha is Diamond’s favourite baby mama-Juma Lokole reveals

Juma Lokole is one of the most prominent gossip-mongers in Tanzania. When it comes to Wasafi and anything Diamond, the man is their resident Edgar Obare.

Juma spills tea on the Dangote family, even talking nasty about women his benefactor has slept with. And Zari Hassan, the mother to two of Diamond’s kids, has borne the brunt of his salvos.

Just recently, Juma claimed that Zari had gained a lot of weight when she came to Tanzania and accused her of faking the photos that she shares on her social media profiles.

And the man seems to be burying the dagger deeper into Zarinah with the revelation he made this week that Tanasha was Diamond’s favourite baby!

Yep, people, he said that! According to Juma Lokole, Tanasha remains a favorite to the Dangote’s because of her good behavior and attitude.

“Tanasha ni mwanamke ambaye anajielewa…kwanza akiongea, mdomo wake unatoa harufu ya strawberry. Maneno yake yanakuwa yanaishi kifuani…Tanasha anajua mapenzi…..”

This comes months after Juma himself trolled Tanasha saying that she had poor bedroom skills but the singer was smart in that she didn’t respond unlike Zarinah who clapped back at him.

Zari Hassan with Juma Lokole
Zari Hassan with Juma Lokole

It seems that Juma enjoys rolling in the mud and anyone who plays his game, will come worse off in the end, as they have more to lose.

While Lokole might be in Diamond’s close circle, I would take anything he says with a pinch of salt as Diamond himself is careful in how he speaks about his baby mamas.

But maybe he could be right and that he is the attack dog that Chibu sends to deliver proxy messages to anyone he has an issue with.

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