Julie Gichuru opens up about losing her third-born and being totally broken

Media personality Julie Gichuru is thankful to God for her family.

In 2005, Julie Gichuru lost a son and she revealed it was the worst thing to ever happen to her.

Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru with her family

Sometimes back while responding to questions from the audience during a poetry session, Julie opened up and tearfully explaining how her son died.


Also in an interview with Kalekye Mumo on Talk Central last year, she talked about the tragic moment in their life and advised mothers to be extra careful especially with babies less than a year old.

“It was incredibly hard and I need to say now that our baby choked on pureed food, and to all the mothers and fathers out there, the biggest cause of child death under one year is choking. Children can choke on liquids and they can choke on solids, we didn’t know that and it happened,” she said in part.


“You see a lot of me out there but my life is my family, my life is my children. I was devastated beyond anything, I am telling you the kind of grief where you cannot breathe. I would literally would wake up and search for breath because I had no breath in my body.”


Well, God later blessed her with another child and yesterday, she shared memories of her dead child leaving many in tears.


Julie Gichuru's son

“‘He belongs to God’, we said, ‘And the Lord has gifted us with the blessing to be his parents.’ Now Wangai is completing his coming of age ceremony. This process has enriched him with both cultural and Christian knowledge and values. We could not be more thankful to the almighty Lord! #AwesomeLord





Julie and her husband are blessed with five children. Here are the reactions from her followers:

Munene.ciru: Profound….seek the father not the bread

Daviengash: Amen Amen very touching but encouraging keep the faith Julz. Thanks for sharing

Nadinemurekatete: Dear Julie the lord is always there to comfort you each and every day

David_mzepeda: God will be his vindicator, Keep your joy. Life is going to throw us curves. There will be disappointments, things that aren’t fair. That’s when you have to say, “Yet, will I rejoice in the Lord.” Blessed Mom!

Iambakari: So moving…thank you for sharing mum..be blessed

Keshrinshiks: Indeed when you seek the Father you automatically get the bread…I Adore the way you n Tonny teach your kids to be true christians n followers of Christ😘

Other celebrities who’ve lost their babies include Chantel of the Tokelezea hit song , Tanzanian actress Muna Love and Ugandan songstress Juliana Kanyamozi.

Media Personality Julie Gichuru celebrates first born son as he turns 18

Media personality Julie Gichuru is a proud mum after his first born son turned 18,the mother of five cannot hide her excitement on this special day.

Julie who is not new to the limelight has managed to keep her family away from the limelight only sharing photos of her and the love of her life Anthony Gichuru who is a  practicing pilot.

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Julie Gichuru with hubby Antony Gichuru
Julie Gichuru with hubby Antony Gichuru

On this special day this is the sweet message Julie sent to her son. The message was followed by a photo of Julie and her son shaking hands,making it obvious that she is not ready to reveal him tho the public,we can only imagine if he has the good looks of his mother or the melanin colour of his dad.

“18 years ago today my water broke just after midnight. One and a half hours later my firstborn came into this world. So fast, so strong, so determined. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined this journey!My son, my friend, my student, my teacher, my legacy, my love…. Happy Birthday young man! May all your days be filled with the purpose of the Lord, may they be filled with fulfilment and joy, may they be filled with effort and the blessed fruits of endeavour. May they be filled with LOVE.”


Awinja of Papa Shirandula unveils her son’s face on his birthday

Julie is not only an amazing mother and wife but also a philanthropist who gives back to the society through her  organizations such as FOOTPRINTS AFRICA FOUNDATION
which currently supports the Great Debaters Contest & Africa Leadership Dialogues, as well as the Natembea Campaign which takes shoes and healthcare information to children in less advantaged schools.

The organization also offers several scholarships annually and is in the process of launching several competitions across schools and universities in East Africa.As Julie Gichuru celebrates her sons birthday  here are a few photos of the beautiful mum.

How TV presenter Sheila Mwanyigha celebrated her birthday





Julie Gichuru
Julie Gichuru



‘Rest in peace in heaven abode ‘Janet Mbugua mourns pilot Barbra Kamau of ill-fated Fly Sax plane crash

Kenyans are mourning that ten people who died in the ill-fated plane Fly-Sax-5y-CAC. Among those who died was a female pilot Barbra Kamau.

Barbra has been hailed as a Kenyan who loved and was dedicated to her career, having dreamt of being a pilot since her childhood. Many celebrities had interacted with her including Israeli-born singer Gillad, who shared a sweet message of Barbra and her co-pilot Jean.

Safety Tips!!! Secure ways to adapt your home for your children and their friends

Janet Mbugua eulogized Barbra, as she penned down a message;

Words would never be enough!💔💔💔 May our good Lord rest your young lively soul & all those on board in His heavenly peace. 🙏🙏🙏

Among other celebrities mourning Barbra is Julie Gichuru who expressed her sadness on her instagram page

Such a beautiful spirit. Such an incredible loss. RIP sweetheart, we shall all meet again 💔 she wrote

Would you consider getting back with your ex after a major break up?

We send our condolences to the grieving families. RIP Barbra.





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Mc Jessy awarded charity ambassador for children with celebral palsy

MC Jessy is a familiar face when it comes to the comedy and stand up scene. Heis not only funny but a recent award by Furaha Centre for his charitable work proves that he has helping heart too.

The funny man from Meru steals the hearts of Kenyans with his dance moves and funny jokes when hosting local show Churchill raw which airs on  NTV.

He has made a name for himself as he was recently emceeing at the Kinoru stadium in Meru during the Madaraka day celebrations.

Away from that the talented comedian spent some time giving back to the community at the Furaha centre in Meru bonding with children with cerebral palsy.

This came as a surprise to many since not many people know about Mc Jessy’s charitable work

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“Just been awarded by Furaha Centre for charity efforts in Meru and the whole country, and I have gladly accepted to be the charity ambassador for Furaha Centre,” the comedian posted followed by him receiving an award.

Here are the photos…

image-2018-06-04 (2)(1)


Mc Jessy receiving an award for his charity work
Mc Jessy receiving an award for his charity work

image-2018-06-04 (4)(1)


image-2018-06-04 (3)(1)
Mc Jessy’s award for his charitable work

Among other celebrities who run charitable organizations include The Footprints Africa Foundation which was established  to help empower and grow healthy, dignified and informed societies in the region.

Others include Janet Mbugua who runs Inua Dada Foundation which helps marginalized girls in the society especially in marginalized parts of Kenya.Stanley Kamau who runs Ahadi Kenya and has been on the fore front helping fight against jigger attacks.

Fashion Alert!! Kenyan Women Slaying in Their 30s, 40s And 50s


This list of older Kenyan women proves that age ain’t nothing but a number. Go through;

Margaret Kenyatta

The First Lady keeps it simple and descent and proves to ladies that life begins after 40, with her unique sense of fashion.

Margaret, always steps out in dresses or skirt suits, and at her age (54) with a lean body and a beautiful smile to top it off, and an added plus is the short natural hair she rocks making her regal.



Prisca Namwamba

Prisca Namwamba, wife to former MP for Budalangi Ababu Namwamba, is not shy when it comes to fashion and flaunting her beautiful body in flattering attire.

Be it in swimsuits, office wear or casual clothing  she simply looks amazing.


Cathy Kiuna 

“Mum” as she is fondly referred to by her fans and church members is a true definition that being in Christianity does not have to be boring when it comes to fashion.

Cathy, a pastor at Jubillee Christian Church (JCC) together with her husband has a great sense of fashion  and she seems to have a special place for beautiful heels which is every girls dream.The mother of 3 does not shy away from dressing well.




Idah Odinga

Wife to NASA leader Raila Odinga, Idah knows how to dress conservatively without looking “old”. The mother of four who is found of rocking African attires still has it when it comes to fashion and we applaud her for that.CahpvwYWAAEQKkj

Julie Gichuru

Believe it or not Julie in her forties dresses better than some of us in our twenties. She knows how to dress for different occasions unlike the normal Kenyan girls who just pick stuff from the wardrobe.

While some of us are busy following youtube tutorials for make up lessons, hers is always on point regardless of whether she is at work or at home. She is a true definition of beauty with brains given that she is a mother of 5, an entrepreneur and a wife .


Sheila Mwanyigha

The talented media personality is ageing like fine wine, the curvaceous and beautiful Sheila always brings out her best foot forward in the fashion department.

Although no one knows her exact age it is argued she is in her late thirties or early forties, which she is embracing so well, she knows how to dress her body without over doing it and we love it.

With the current generation where people are dying to show off skin, Sheila dresses with the intention of letting team mafisi imagine what’s hidden under the beautiful figure hugging dresses.




Fashion: How to dress to China the Julie Gichuru approved way

Media personality Julie Gichuru brought out her top notch fashion sense during the just concluded Stanford University Africa Business Forum held in China.

The sassy and soft spoken public figure stepped out rocking a fitting pair of African print pants with a black top (below), and wasn’t she looking amazing.

The forum creates a  platform for exceptional business leaders, insightful policy makers, pioneering faculty, and motivated students with a shared interest in shaping the future of business in Africa.

Its meant to exchange powerful ideas and build long-lasting relationships. It is a collaborative effort between the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (Stanford Seed), the Africa Business Club, Stanford African Students’ Association and Center for African Studies.


Screenshot from 2018-05-22 01_20_12(1)(1)


Posting on her social media platform the sexy public figure said she had had the privillege of delivering a speech during the event

Bringing a pop of African colour to Guangzhou, China!
Powerful week of investment, development & private sector meetings in an incredible city! May we make the right partnerships to unleash growth & development in Africa 🌍Awesome trousers by @rdclothiing #MadeInKenya #MadeInAfrica
@wanjiru_mbugua calls them pants but I just can’t speak American. In English pants are something else 😂😋

Her followers were quick to compliment her on her beautiful choice of clothes. Check out the comments below

 ahmedkabima-..your so beauty gal

samuel muturi.. Looking ausome.

petermjulius..Guangzhou pande gani,,nitabuy lunch Leo

Nickson.kimani..I love the colours za longi why lie

aliyahnjuguna..50 is the new 25

houseoffracia_homedecor ..Lemme screenshot this..looking lovely

Amoszacks..Waaah stunning

          king_kittyin ..Like your swag ,they are very unique

This is not the first time that Julie is rocking African print but  every time she does she just looks amazing,leaving some of us ashamed with our terrible fashion sense



Julie Gichuru


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Julie Gichuru’s candid confession about not being able to cook

Looking at her, one would never guess Julie Gichuru can’t cook. I mean she’s successful, has a good man and is a mother to four adorable kids. How now?


She admitted as much adding she was never interested when it came to cooking.

The media personality shared a talk she had with her father on social media

“My father was reading the newspaper but stopped to contribute to a debate I was having with my mother. He interjected firmly, “But Julie, you must learn how to cook!” He was perturbed but I could tell it came from a place of love. So here’s the low down. I was a teenager & I had pointedly refused to learn how to cook. As the only daughter in the family it was obvious & apparently a source of social embarrassment. Indeed, in an African – Asian home this was unheard of, girls should know their place & the kitchen was part of that. But I was adamant, I was disinterested in the art of cooking… Read the full story on FB Julie Gichuru Fanpage 🤗🤗🤗 Just sharing a piece of me.”

She proved her father wrong by getting married to a man who wasn’t interested if she could cook or not.

julie hus

                                                                                                                   Julie and her husband

She is happily married and also a mother and we hope she is learning one or two things about the kitchen.


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Tutawezana Na Yeye Kweli? Julie Gichuru Hangs Out And Takes Selfies With Wonder Woman Actress

I was there to see it happen. Actually, I also got to take a selfie with actress Connie Nielsen, who stars as Gal Gadot’s on screen mum in both Wonder Woman and Justice League.

She is the fierce leader of the Amazons in both films, who live in a fairytale-esque realm, which is closed off from the real world by a mysterious shield.

julie g

Anyways, Julie Gichuru hosted the stellar, award winning actress for a show at the Capital Club yesterday. The event was thronged by diplomats, media executives, entrepreneurs and the wealthy. Notable were the Chandaria family and former Nairobi Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe.

Julie Gichuru Pens A Sweet Message To Janet Mbugua On Her Birthday

The actress is in the country to check on her Human Needs Project, an initiative that seeks to empower young people in Kibera to get employability skills. She came across as sweet, humble and a super busy woman.

Despite being a mother of five and always on the plane, she still finds time to come to Kiberat to help the needy. The project has a town centre with an ICT school and a burgeoning community of learners, teachers and supporters. Millions of shillings were raised yesterday to support her cause.

This is the selfie moment I am talking about:


Don’t they look so good together?

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Julie Gichuru Pens A Sweet Message To Janet Mbugua On Her Birthday

You would not expect them to be friends because they do not act as groupies, but away from the screens, Julie Gichuru and Janet Mbugua are great friends.

Well, Janet turned a year older yesterday. In her Instagram announcement post, she was wearing a black ensemble outfit, styled by Brian Babu.


#Mood 🤗🤗 Thank you all so much. My heart is full and I’ll try respond to as many of your bday posts as I can! I had flower walls, amazing conversations leading up to something exciting AND lots of love and support!

Janet Mbugua didn’t wear a bra on her wedding day for this reason

 Many celebrities took to social media to wish her a happy birthday. Among them was fellow TV queen Julie Gichuru. Here is her sweet message to Janet.

julie gs

Wishing Happy Birthday to an amazing, intelligent & beautiful woman, Janet Mbugua Ndichu! May this year be one of focus, purpose, continued growth & fulfilment! Love & blessings huneeee @officialjanetmbugua 😙😙😙💙💙💙👑👑👑

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Julie Gichuru Celebrates Turning A Year Older

Julie Gichuru has been an admired public figure for years. She is a darling to many and she has proven to be a woman of steel over the years to a point she quit TV to start her own PR firm.

But one thing that amazes many is how she never ages. I mean, Julie looks like she’s 18 over and over again. Talk of good genes.


Every time she shares her throwback photos, she leaves many with their mouths wide open because she looks just the same. The best thing about her is that she lives a simple life and many people admire and love her for that. For those who’ve met or worked with Julie will bear me witness that she has the kindest heart and she’s the true definition of a sweetheart.

Well, Julie has turned a year older and she still looks the same as when she was 25. She also took to social media to jot down a message, thanking God for the far he’s brought her.


Thank you FATHER,
For your LOVE & GRACE,
For every gift & blessing,
For family,
For friends,
For goodness & mercy.
Thank you LORD,
For every single breath.
For every den of lions,
For every fiery furnace,
For You are always by my side,
My rod & my staff.
Thank you my GOD for 44 years of me,
For it is not promised, thank you.
And thank you LORD for you 💙

Your loving daughter & servant,

Soaring Eagle,” she wrote.

Happy Birthday Julie. To many more.

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‘Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu, Refused To ‘Shoot An Elephant’,’ Julie Gichuru Pens Heartwarming Message To Supreme Court Judge

Supreme Court Judge, Njoki Ndungu together with Jackton Ojwang are the only Supreme Court Judges who dissented when four others judges including Chief Justice David Maraga agreed with the nullification of Uhuru Kenyatta’s win during the hearing of August 8th presidential petition filed by the opposition party leaders.

After reading out her ruling, Njoki Sussana Ndungu got diverse reactions that ranged from love to hate. Depending on which side of the political divide one came from.

The former Citizen TV anchor Julie Gichuru recently expressed admiration for Njoki Ndungu. She however didn’t base her praise on Njoki’s controversial judgement but rather other things like how Njoki champions women’s rights when she was still a nominated MP.


Below is what she wrote;

“You are my HERO alongside our fellow Loreto sister Wangari Maathai.
I watched you passionately work on the Sexual Offences Bill then present it to a hostile parliament that vowed to shoot down any attempt to protect women. You lobbied tirelessly & against all odds saw the passage of the Sexual Offences Act 2006, an Act that now provides a firm foundation for the protection of women, children & men. Resolute, determined, knowledgeable, principled & purposeful, you MADE A DIFFERENCE.

During the post election mayhem of 2007/2008 I struggled to find Voices of Reason amidst the threatening bray of loud extremists. You spoke up for peace & justice when many others were fearful. You took a NOBLE STAND FOR KENYA.

I watched you work diligently on the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, making time to inform & educate Kenyans on the content of the draft. When you were concerned that processes were not being followed in the Commission you spoke out, UNBOWED BY PRESSURE & INFLUENCE.
You have delivered the most thorough, detailed & researched dissenting opinion in the Supreme Court ruling on the 2017 General Election. UNBOWED, you have spoken hard truths, for that you are now under fire from some quarters. Such is life.

George Orwell wrote a fascinating essay, Shooting an Elephant. As a young officer in Burma, he was notified of an elephant that wandered into the village. A growing, braying mob that resented him goaded him on, demanding that he shoot the elephant. He knew it was scared, it had caused damage, agitated when it first wandered into the village but now the majestic animal was calm. He felt strongly that the right thing to do was to lead it safely, unharmed, out of the village. But this was not popular with the loud extreme voices of the mob. So, what was he to do?
You, Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu, refused to ‘shoot an elephant’. Most importantly, you took the time, effort & care to give the situation the time, effort & seriousness that it deserved. I salute you!

You are an exemplar. Stand tall as the winds blow. Your foundations are strong, woman of purpose, substance & grace. Stand tall knowing that there are so many more standing with you!”

However the post brought about mixed reactions from readers;

charlesodhiambo98: You people are milking Kenya dry.. ‘n very soon we shall have our say

dennisthemenace254: @charlesodhiambo98 who are you talking about?

jemimadnjenga: May God keep her safe as she continues to serve in this generation

sarahmwebia: I love njoki Ndungu and salute her

juliegichuru: @charlesodhiambo98 who is ‘You people’? Which milk of yours have I touched? I grew up on a farm and my grandmother taught me to milk our cows. It is a lesson I have never forgotten. I have never milked another persons cows. It makes sense to invest time, effort, capital and sweat in your cows, as you will milk yours, not someone else’s. Speaking of milk. I also breastfed all my children for up to 2 years (some longer). The only milk I have had from others was when I attended a government school for two years and we were given Nyayo milk at the end of the day. Hii maziwa yako ni gani?

juliegichuru: Thank you for all the heartwarming comments. Loreto women are cut from a cloth of velvet titanium, strong as heck but with a touch of velvet. Voices of grace warm our spirits 🙏

ezzomj: I also respected her n still do stare n admire in awe of her achievements til juzi’s judgement..now unlike these other guys who hate her for nothing cz of her dissenting judgement, I just feel she spent so much time attacking the other judges instead of dealing with the motion at hand..it was honestly disappointing saana

joseend: @ezzomj: That is what a dissenting opinion is supposed to do, show why you disagree with the others. She was just doing her job. Same way the majority were doing their job despite what some quarters may say.

‘I Am A Terrible Cook’, Confesses Julie Gichuru

Cooking, being a good wife, taking care of children, sex education were some of the traditional gender roles assigned to women back in the days of our grand parents.

But things have changed. Women nowadays concentrate on their careers and only a few who come from communities that still practice old traditions are the ones still lagging behind. Continue reading “‘I Am A Terrible Cook’, Confesses Julie Gichuru”

Get Well Soon Baby. Read Julie Gichuru’s Message To Her Youngest Son

Former TV queen Julie Gichuru has revealed that she has been through a series of difficult days looking into a unique medical issue with her youngest son.

Get Well Soon Baby. Read Julie Gichuru’s Message To Her Youngest Son


Though she did not disclose what her son was going through, Julie was kind enough to let her fans know that he had gone through a successful procedure and was now doing ok.

The Tv star cum anchor also shared a photo while at the hospital.

Screenshot from 2017-08-24 02:52:03

She said “Been through a series of difficult days looking into a unique medical issue with our little one. Finally, done with a key procedure today. So relieved and thankful for God’s enduring grace, mercy, love and blessings.”

Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru went further to advice her fans with an emotional message saying “Please if you notice anything odd, irritating, uncomfortable or unusual with yourself or your child, don’t procrastinate. Ask questions. Seek professional answers. Do your research too. Don’t take chances. Take appropriate action. The earlier you deal with an issue, the better. Be well. Love. Light. Blessings.”

‘No, No!’ Julie Gichuru Denies Allegations That She Is Physically Abused By Her Husband Of 18 Years

Former Citizen TV news anchor Julie Gichuru is one of the most celebrated and renowned media personalities in Kenya, and over the years, she’s proved to be one of the best.

However, the journalist and businesswoman prefers to keep her private life off the public radar, and never talks a lot about her family or love life, but once in a while, she’ll share a few pictures on her social media.

Julie Gichuru is married to Anthony ‘Tony’ Gichuru and they are blessed with 4 amazing children, one girl, Njeri Gichuru, and three boys, Daniel, Kimoshe, and Joseph Gichuru.


The down to earth news anchor would have been a mother of five, but sadly, she lost a son, Arthur Mwaura, back in 2005.

“It was incredibly hard, and I need to say now, our baby choked on pureed food, and to all the mothers and fathers out there, the biggest cause of children’s death under one-year-old is choking, she said during a recent interview on K24.

Super Mum Julie Gichuru Is Not Ageing At All. Check Out Her Latest Breathtaking Photos

julie-gichuru-new-3 (1)

Though Julie tries to keep her relationship under wraps, there have been rumors that her pilot husband has been physically abusing her, allegations she decided to clear in the same interview.

She made it clear that her hubby of 18 years has never laid a hand on her, let alone even insult her, saying she would have already walked away;

Are we still on that one? For real? Let me let down those who wanted me to be battered, not a day in his life. That is number one. Number two, you hit me one time, you will never see the front of my face again, you will see the back of me for a few seconds, and that’s it! I don’t believe that any woman should accept any kind of violence; let alone physical violence, talk to me wrong! Talk to me wrong. No No No!


She went on to add that she loves and respects her hubby Tony Gichuru;

Let me say something else. I love and respect my husband. In my home, my husband is the king. He will come home and feel happy and feel comfortable and he will make me feel like a queen. If you are in a family where two people are not getting along, sometimes the difficult decision, especially for children is to say maybe we don’t jell maybe we need to step back.

I don’t believe we should bring up children in an environments where they see all this kind of stuff. By the way I am vocal. Me and my husband, we will have arguments and stuff, we will discuss stuff like any other couple, but there will always be respect and regard. So no, never, absolutely never.


Super Mum Julie Gichuru Is Not Ageing At All. Check Out Her Latest Breathtaking Photos

Julie Gathoni Sumira Gichuru is not your ordinary kind of woman, she is a business lady, a top media personality, a fashionista and above all, a doting mother who looks nothing like her age.

Well, the beautiful public figure is said to be 43-years-old and is a loving wife to husband Anthony Gichuru. The two have been married for close to 18 years now, and are one of the most celebrated celebrity couples.

Incredibly Youthful! Have You Seen How Young Julie Gichuru’s Mother Looks? (PHOTO)


Julie Gichuru is blessed with 4 children, three sons, and one daughter; Daniel, Kimoshe, Joseph and Njeri Gichuru, who are all grown now.

Sadly, the former Citizen TV news anchor lost a son, David Mwaura, back in 2005, which was one of the saddest and most heartbreaking times of her life.

“I have already given up on my child who died under God’s watch and there was nothing I can do about it. My house help was feeding the child, he got choked, rushed to the hospital, the doctors managed to resuscitate him, but later could not stand the amount of adrenaline injected into his body, the boy left us,” she opened up in an interview back in 2014.


But that is all behind her now and Julie has learned to appreciate what she has in her life and she does this by posting her gratitude on her social media, and we can all agree that she has also been taking good care of herself.

Kenyan man gushes over Akothee and Julie Gichuru’s post baby curves

The Arimus Media founder also eats well and takes good care of her skin and body.

Check out her latest photos, she looks nothing like someone who celebrated her 43rd birthday in January.



Ouch!!! Carol Mutoko Hits On Haters Who Criticise Others For Documenting Their Work

Celebrated media personality Caroline Mutoko has come out to hit at haters who get pissed off from seeing other people documented while working.

“A lot of us work and the fact that we are documenting work for some reason pisses some of you off. You need to ask yourself what’s wrong with you.”

Apart from being a renowned media personality, Caroline is an MC who has caught the eyes of the who’s who, something that seems to rub some people the wrong way.

Caroline adds: “If I was told to name the top ten emcee’s, moderators, facilitators in Nairobi, I can tell you myself, Julie Gichuru, Janet Mbugua, Anita Nderu, Terry Anne Chebet, Jalango, Maina Kageni, Dr Ofweneke, Eric Latif because he is low-key and he is not all about himself, he is all about work.”


Eric Latif
Radio Host Maina Kageni

Even though the people mentioned above are good at their work, haters will always try to find fault in their work. Carol adds, “However, what tends to happen is whenever you catch those people I have mentioned doing work, you notice some people going like ‘Kwani hakuna watu wengine hii Nairobi? It’s only them’ …Yes it is because we go to the job as a job.”

Anita Nderu

Caroline says that what differentiates her from other people is that she does not fraternise with her clients and disappears whenever she clears whatever she was contracted to do.”I am not gonna sit around and partake in my client’s food and drinks, I have gotten my cheque, it’s time for me to go home, and unless my client specifically asks me to remain behind for a specific reason, I go.”

According to Carol, the search for fame is what is ailing most people, the documentation of what people have on social media has no bearing on an individual’s capacity in terms of their work. People are constantly photographing their cars, food, and so on, and the fact that Carol does not do that makes people question her work.


Speaking about the controversial story on emceeing for the President, Carol says, “Other than Julie, no one asked did you get home OK? That was Friday night. I haven’t heard from nobody on Saturday, Sunday. Nobody asked, did you eat? Aawww you are being trolled on social media, I’m so sorry. I am a big girl and I know what comes with the job and I get on with it.”

In this technology era most people spend most time doing things that don’t add value to their lives. Carol advises, “While you are busy documenting nothing, why don’t you spend more time documenting yourself at work? It does not matter what event I do. Chances are you will see me in pictures while at work. I don’t have a tall relative, I don’t steal money, I don’t have tenders, I work, so deal with the fact you will see a lot of me because I don’t know know how else to get a meal, I have to work.”

Caroline goes on to add, “My favorite guy who documents himself working is DJ Joe Mfalme. I don’t know who your photographer is, but boss we need to sit down and talk. You inspire me because he is all about work. If Joe is not at a gig you don’t see him taking selfies.”


These Are The 10 Hottest Celebrity Mothers In Town (Photos)

A woman can have it all; both a successful career and a beautiful family. The following women have had a successful run both as career women and families,

The following women have had a successful run both as career and family women. We all know showbiz can be demanding but these women always find a balance between their work and families.

1. Julie Gichuru

She is one of the influential media personalities in Kenya. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arimus Media Limited, a production house focused on quality African content, and Mimi Holdings LTD, a fashion retail business.


2. Lulu Hassan

She is a mother of two boys and a lovely wife to Rashid Abdalla, a popular Swahili anchor. She loves her family and is never afraid to show it off. Lulu is one of the best Swahili anchors


3. Kanze Dena

Kellen Beatrice popularly refereed to as Kanze Dena is multi-talented. She’s a news anchor and news director. Aside from that, she is a mom to a handsome son.


4.Amina Abdi

The bubbly TV host and radio presenter started her career way back as a musician before getting into media. She has surely spread her wings and has established her brand. Amina is the wife to John Rabar and a mom to son Tumi.


5. Mwalimu Rachel

Rachel Muthoni, popularly refereed to as Mwalimu Rachel by her funs is a popular radio presenter. She is married to Kletta, who is a musician and mom to Jabari.


6. Terryann Chebet

Terryann is jounalist and a business woman with a beautiful baby girl, though she’s not married, but co-parents with the father of her daughter.


7. Grace Msalame

The former TV personality refers herself as ‘mama twins’. She is a proud single mom to girl twins, Zara and Raha.


8. Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko is one of the most celebrated and popular media personalities in Kenya, known for speaking her mind. She is a mum to cute daughter, Theodora Nduku.

Despite having a demanding career, she always finds time to spend with her daughter, because Nduku is her biggest inspiration, joy, and pride.


9. Victoria Rubadiri

Victoria Rubadiri has won us over with her on-air composure, maturity and her ability to deliver news articulately. She became a mum when she was younger. Victoria is a loving mother to daughter Neema.


10. Lilian Muli

She’s one of the prettiest media personality mothers in the country and is blessed with a son, Joshua, whom she got with ex-husband, Moses Kanene.









Media Personality Caroline Mutoko Shuts Down Haters After Being Attacked Online For Emceeing At Uhuru Fundraiser

A selfie of President Uhuru, Deputy William Ruto , former Citizen TV host Julie Gichuru and Caroline Mutoko has got tongues wagging, prompting the two ladies to come out and defend themselves.
The photo was taken at the recently held Jubilee Party fundraising dinner at a local hotel where Julie and Caroline were said to have been the emcee’s for the function.
It is trending online and was also used on the front pages of local dailies, eliciting mixed reaction from online users with some expressing pleasure at the photo, while others criticized the two ladies.
The criticism has prompted the no-nonsense Caroline to speak up.
Here’s what she said:
“If I was born of a scarcity mentality and I woke up on a Sunday to all that awesomeness on front page of Sunday Nation, and I wasn’t proud of it even me why lie I would be like that. I would get to social media and get nasty because how dare they and why those two, why us?  because we are awesome. Julie and I are great at what we do”.
“But I don’t think that is even in contention is it? What is truly in contention is one thing; how much did they get paid, isn’t it? That’s the only thing that’s bothering you isn’t it? Ok so let me tell you something. Having Julie as co-emcee for the friends of Jubilee fundraiser dinner was awesome. because we speak the same language”.
“We  didn’t get paid. It’s something we decided, nobody decided it for us. The only time we mentioned it publicly is at the dinner table and we clearly told the President we had forfeited our pay as a gift to him for his fundraiser”
The bold and charming Caroline goes on to dare her haters to pick up the Emceeing job for the upcoming NASA Party Campaign Fundraiser Dinner and even charge for it.
Nasa is about to have a fundraiser. I dare you, I dare you to try and charge them. They will be like Caroline and Julie don’t charge, who are you”. Then the bile will start all over again. Which goes to show you can’t please people. If we had been paid you would have been bitter and now that we haven’t been paid, some people are now saying that we spoilt it for them”.
In her You Tube Channel, Caroline adds
“Now that you know we didn’t get paid and that was the only thing bugging you, jealousy was destroying you, calm down, untangle your necklace swallow the bile in your throat before it kills you and get back to life”.