Juliani’s example for dealing with an ex that Maureen and Frankie should learn

Musician Julius Owino aka Juliani might not be the most recognisable celeb in Kenya but that doesn’t mean his music hasn’t had a big impact on audiences.

Not only that but the man also made one of the best celebrity relationships back in the day with his liaison with Brenda Wairimu that produced a bouncing baby girl.

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The two aren’t together anymore with Brenda rumored to have moved with a famous Instagrammer. But even though the two have a great relationship as co-parents, there are some who still want to pit them against each other.

One particular fan of Juliani on Twitter claimed that Juliani’s standards had gone down and said that the reason for that was Brenda Wairimu. “Juliani was dope before kupatana na brenda wairimu”.

That incendiary statement could have been met with silence or a like from him but he took the high road and defended his baby mama, saying, “Achana na Msichana wa wenyewe. Hakuna kitu ashawai fanya mbaya. If anything alinipa the best gift ever the most amazing baby Girl,” reads Juliani’s response.

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Juliani and Brenda have a daughter named Amor Owino and have agreed on a co-parenting arrangement that works for them.

And how does this apply to Frankie Kiarie and Maureen Waititu?

The two can learn how to treat each other in the public from how Juliani did in his response. The man kept it classy and avoided giving the media something to feed off of because at the end of the day he knows that he will always share a bond with Brenda-their daughter.

This is unlike Frankie and Maureen who made headlines last year after they disparaged each other in the public despite being co-parents to two lovely kids.

They took every opportunity to diss each other giving someone like me a lot of content, something I am not complaining about. But I believe it was the worst thing they could do-they have young kids and they will have to deal with each other for the foreseeable future.

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Top Kenyan Scholar Immortalizes Singer Juliani In New Book About The Gospel Industry

Juliani will forever be linked to the growth of urban-contemporary gospel music. This fact was recognized by Dr Mwenda Ntarangwi who studied Juliani’s  stint in the music industry and compiled his finding in a book dubbed The Street Is My Pulpit.

In the book, Dr Ntarangwi  shows that Julius Owino, aka Juliani, blends faith and beats into a potent hip hop gospel aimed at a youth culture hungry for answers spiritual, material, and otherwise.

According to an online description of the book, Mwenda Ntarangwi explores the Kenyan hip hop scene through the lens of Juliani’s life and career. A born-again Christian, Juliani produces work highlighting the tensions between hip hop’s forceful self-expression and a pious approach to public life, even while contesting the basic presumptions of both.

In The Street Is My Pulpit, Ntarangwi forges an uncommon collaboration with his subject that offers insights into Juliani’s art and goals even as Ntarangwi explores his own religious experience and subjective identity as an ethnographer.

What emerges is an original contribution to the scholarship on hip hop’s global impact and a passionate study of the music’s role in shaping new ways of being Christian in Africa.

One of Juliani’s good friends, TV personality Larry Madowo wrote a forward for the book.

He says, “I’ve known Juliani for a long time so I was honoured when Dr Mwenda Ntarangwi asked me to write something small about him when we bumped into each other in Detroit a few years ago. Mwenda wrote an excellent book about an extraordinary artist. It will soon be available in Kenyan bookstores. If you can’t wait, it’s available on Amazon.”

Here are some reviews of the book by top African scholars.

“A remarkably imaginative and personalized approach to popular music and youth culture, which sheds fascinating light on Kenya’s changing culture, history, politics, and especially Christianity.”–Paul Gifford, author of Christianity, Politics, and Public Life in Kenya

“A very provocative, fascinating, even entertaining peek into the youthful ferment under way in African Christianity.”–Emmanuel Katongole, author of The Sacrifice of Africa: A Political Theology for Africa

“Reading The Street Is My Pulpit is refreshing in diverse ways. It is a lesson on the intersection between creativity and social media in Africa, a continent that is reaping the benefits of information technologies in fundamental ways. The book is also a journey into ethnographic research in the digital age.”–Kimani Njogu, author of Youth and Peaceful Elections in Kenya

So cute! Juliani and Brenda Wairimu celebrate daughter’s birthday(photos)

Actress Brenda Wairimu and artist Julius Owino aka Juliani celebrated their daughter’s birthday in style yesterday. Their daughter who is called Amor was turning 5 and her parents made sure that it would be a day that she would savour.

Juliani and Brenda went to Amor’s school, letting their daughter celebrate a birthday together with her classmates.

Ms Wairimu went on to caption the photos shared with the words, “Could we BE any happier?!? Happy 5th birthday my Amor Njeri ⛄❄👸”

Juliani with his daughter
Juliani with his daughter

Juliani was over the moon as he was fed cake by the apple of his eye. His Twitter caption about the birthday was the appreciation he had for Brenda and a wish that her Godfather would have been there.

I could tell him send me Sh 1k’ – Juliani says of Bob Collymore

It read, “Today my little one, Amor Njeri turned 5yrs. She celebrated this day at his school na ma classmates. Special thanks to @BrendaWairimu for going the extra mile to make it happen. I wish her Godfather would’ve been here to see it,” tweeted Juliani.

Juliani with his daughter
The rapper with his daughter

This comes after Juliani revealed the sad news to Betty Kyallo that he broke up with Brenda two years ago. The decision to separate, he said, was amicable and has not interfered with how they are raising their daughter.

“We haven’t been together for almost two years, with Brenda. She is a great mother, she is a good human being and she has been helpful, helping me raise my child, understanding. So as a person namwombea mema. Naomba God afungue njia yake in all the things she is planning to do,” said Juliani.

The rapper-with-Brenda-Wairimu-in-the-past

He added: “I still spend time with my daughter. I spent like four days with her just the other day kwa hao. I try my level best to be there, but I spend as much time with her. At least the mother is helpful in that she is always trying to make me spend more time with her, even when najidai niko busy.’

The rapper-with-Brenda-Wairimu-in-the-past

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I could tell him send me Sh 1k’ – Juliani says of Bob Collymore

Juliani was recently interviewed by Betty Kyallo. The man who rarely ever makes the headlines because he is very private revealed a lot about his personal life and his career.

Juliani opens up about split from Brenda Wairimu

One of the highlights of the interview was when the musician spoke about the late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore who was closer to Juliani that most people are aware of.

Juliani speaking to Betty Kyallo
Juliani speaking to Betty Kyallo

The rapper confirmed that Collymore was not only a friend but a mentor and motivator he looked up to. The entertainer himself who is doing a mentorship project dubbed Dandora Hip Hop City said he feels insecure in Collymore’s absence.

‘You know when you are doing things people see like you are going crazy. But one needs someone to affirm them that they are fine. This is the role Bob Collymore played on my end. You know there are those kind of people who in case you get into something they are the first ones to look up and they won’t let you. I could tell him Bob send me Sh 1k and would do so without probing a lot,’ the rapper said.


He also added how much of a positive impact Bob had on him. He explained,

‘If I was in a problem, I only made a call to him and he was quick to respond. He was the kind of person that did not ask a lot of questions, ” said the father of one.

Juliani and the late Bob met years ago at a Safaricom event, and since that time, their friendship blossomed. Many a time, the two had been photographed attending events together.

The rapper in black and white

When Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore walked down the aisle, Juliani was the only one artiste on the guest list.

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Juliani opens up about split from Brenda Wairimu


Juliani has for the first time opened up about his relationship with Brenda Wairimu.

It has been out there that the couple broke up but no solid information because they are very secretive people.

Brenda Wairimu and Juliani/ Instagram

In an interview on Up Close with Betty Kyallo, he said that it has been two years since they broke up.

We have not been together for almost two years. she is a great mother and a human being. She has been helpful in helping me raise my daughter. as a human being she is an amazing person and I pray the best for her. Juliani says

Betty asked him what his relationship is with his daughter and he said Brenda who he refers to ‘her mother’ gives him time with his daughter.

I spent like four days with her last week the mother allows me to be there for my daughter and I try my level best to be the best father I can be. I can pick her whenever

As per the usual, the segment Weekend With Betty did not start at the celebrity’s home, he said it is because he needs a safe space.

We did not start in my house because I need that space where no body knows. A place I can be myself and stupid with no judgement.

The major lesson learned in the relationship was that we are all human beings.

Even if someone makes mistake you need to understand they are human beings and not focus on one thing only but get the most out of someone. It is not always about give me give me also give

Juliani said that now he is not in that space to be in a relationship.

I do not need love right now. I have enough from Dandora

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Brenda Wairimu cryptic message on ‘blinking away tears amid separation rumors from Juliani

Word on the street has it that gospel singer Juliani and his baby mama actress cum TV presenter Brenda Warimu are no longer an item.

The mother of one who used to post pics getting cozy with her baby daddy no longer posts them and this has raised eyebrows with many speculating that there is trouble in paradise.

Not so long ago, Brenda Wairimu while in an interview with Talk Central, told the viewers  to stop referring to her as Julian’s baby mama because she felt she has already built her own brand and her name.

Brenda Wairimu holidaying in Samburu

A few weeks later, Juliani was interviewed by Kiss 100 and he opened up about their failed relationship indirectly.

‘What’s the status of your relationship?’ Chito Ndlovu asked.


Juliani went ahead to refer to Brenda as a lady with ego saying she’s not humble.


Julian further revealed that he will be releasing a new song soon that will sum up everything about their relationship.


Brenda, on the other hand, seems to have moved on and her latest post suggests so.


Keep it here for more updates on the Juliani-Brenda affair which didn’t work out.

Una Heart Of Gold, That’s Why Nakuita Mine! Juliani Writes A Sweet Poem To The Love Of His Life

Gospel rapper Juliani is one of the few celebrities who do not like sharing their private life on their social media pages like others do. His private life remains private at all given costs, but this time he just had to share a sweet poem to the love of his life, Brenda Wairimu, who is an actress and the mother to his daughter.

juliani and wairimu

Juliani, whose real name is Julius Owino, is popularly known for his hit song Utawala and proposed to Brenda early this year. His captions are always long trying to express himself which is a common thing with poets and rappers.

The two love birds are not used to posting their relationship on social media because they do not want to be subjected to public show off and being protective of what they hold dear.


His poem to the mother of his sweet baby will leave you shedding tears.

Here is what he wrote captioning it with a photo:


“Ka outfit za hart the band, ina colors.
bad days.
Unafaa kua miss india, venye we ni bomb bae!
Hutaki kuniona ndeee ka wall safi siku za campaign.

Si promise life ya champagne
Sauti yako inani weza nikikusikia from the other end ya kabambe.

Netflix and chill
Una prefer candle lit, kupunguza bill that’s why nakuita mami wa power.
Selfie wakiwa dubai, kwa raha zao, mi najua tu one middle east
Hii ni spiritual nani, si tu release ya G, kuteremsha zip.

Solar system inapata rhythm
break barrier za isms.
Bora tufike, kwa rim ama kwa limb

Walisema ulichukua rib, chukua ile, chukua hii, chukua all, chukua finger chukua ring, chukua jina, chukua one knee.
Anakaa wewe ama anakaa mimi?
Mtoto ni Perfection ya mapenzi
Mara nyingi Nimesikia jina yangu wakitaja “and the winner is”
Lakini haikaribii yeye kuniita daddy
Na Smile ya milk teeth.
Sisemi mi ni Angel lakini niko far from the devil, hatakaa nilimea pembe.
Hata jogoo hawezi wika kwa mkono ya jamaa wa mlembe.
Tunasahau the past but uchungu inarudi nikigwaruza same place uli hurt.
Kadhaa nimefanya mistakes, pia wewe one way, the same.
Hope love ni strong enough sio weakness ya barafu kwa naked flame.
Boys wana fall for dimples
Real men wana look forward to wrinkles.

Nipe forever, pia ni love leo ni kama ni siku ya mwisho ya forever.
Hizo ni stripes za womanhood, usitumie filter kuficha cellulite, na respect their hustle, tho The only thing wanaeza offer ni IG likes.
Dance ya mwiko ni furaha ya tumbo.
Lets take it further umenifanya a father

Kenye me i got, ina mean a lot, ulikwama kama gari engine inaknock, days zikiwa dark kama skin ya Nanok.
Heart ya D na taste ya kempinski
Naamka morning ka Lewinsky, na bill
Si mind ku-spend
Hutaki nikupe one knee kama boss ya pence, kama hakuna mate ya wazazi, ku-bless.
Yellow sun, tukihold hands tukidissapear kwa horizon, nime come all way, from nikiwa base tuki idle, na boys tuko like “ona hizo” urembo tuki measure na Chakupendeza macho.
bad manners za kabich karat, kabich karat.
Mbele nyuma nina 2 Bob; ule ambassador na ule wa mpesa Kwa line,
una heart of gold, that’s why nakuita mine.”

Check out reactions from fans:


Wetalatales:  My friends think I love your art n craft because of your punchlines, some say delivery, some say locks, I say, I call Juliani a real artist not because his lines are always on point but because his power bank lies in the smiles thrown by his rib n seed and not the punchlines he throws n this right here is pure magic!

Dotty: I love the fact that you and you bae are not show off couple. God bless your union

Mufasapoet: Too real, too dope, too great, too fresh. You are son to the sun, fire day in day out. Bless you man.

Muthoni: Wow… Beautiful, keep it burning always

David: I find myself singing through this beautiful masterpiece too dope

Loui: Boys wanafall for dimples…..real men wana look forward to wrinkles. 💙💙…..yeeees

Felix: The super lyrist. Oozing juice like a jukebox.Mapenzi itambae

Webimusic: Eish! Mpaka nimeshindwa kumaliza kusoma… MAPENS 😍



Brenda Wairimu And Juliani Show Us What They Do In Their Bedroom (Video)

A few weeks ago, Juliani officially announced that he had proposed to Brenda Wairimu in an exclusive interview with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on The Morning Kiss.

Neither he nor Brenda gave out any hints of their engagement. Although Juliani put up a post on social media and mentioned the word ‘f-word’, fiancée.

juliani and brenda

An open letter from singer Juliani to his fiancée

Well, Brenda had put up a photo of the two chilling with their faces covered in face mask with the caption, “A couple that masks together, stays together.”

That was enough reason to believe that the two were deeply in love, even though they had some problems in their relationship before.

Since they’ve made it clear that they are more than just girlfriend-boyfriend, Brenda posted a video on social media of the two yet again cuddling and masking their faces. But based on this video, fans have drawn different conclusions that confirm they are more than friends.


Top Kenyan Scholar Immortalizes Singer Juliani In New Book About The Gospel Industry

After all;

1. They’re in bed together.

2. They were sequestered in a dark room.

3. They can be seen cuddling.

4. They took time to put on face masks…together.

5. A family that stays together, prays together. Prayer partner, anyone?

6. They’re comfortable enough with each other to a point where they shot an insta-story video and posted for you ninjas to admire.

‘Hatred Is Heavy To Bear’ Juliani’s Baby Mama, Brenda Wairimu, On Single Motherhood

Isn’t this enough to prove that these two are in this to win it? In case you were wondering what you can do with your bae when alone, here’s something you can try out.

Watch the video of the two in their bedroom below;