Usijidharau: TBT photos of your favorite celebs will leave you laughing

Its that day of the week where we look at throw back photos of your favorite celebrities,some of them walikua wamechapa but as they say ‘bora uhai’.

While back then most musicians could not afford to live a good life most of them now can easily afford to travel around,drive expensive cars buy designer clothes and shoes while back then they could only see such in magazines

Here are some some musicians who have undergone serious transformation you would be shocked to see their old photos


Born Hubert Nakitare,nonini has seen a major transformation not only in his body size, but also in his fashion sense ,music growth,he is a true definition of ‘watu hutoka mbali’

Genge musicians Nonini and Juacali


Don’t get it twisted ,your favourite artiste diamond hasn’t always been an eye candy but with the money and the fame things seem to have greatly changed for him.

He can now afford the best of things money can buy and he can mostly be seen rocking designer attire,entertaining beautiful women and of course going for vacations something he could have only dreamt of


3.Timmy Tdat

Don’t let the biceps lie to you back then Timmy had nothing to flaunt but he can now comfortably buy himself whatever he wants thanx to his music career.

His sense of fashion was way below poor but he has greatly transformed and the meek Timmy is gone.

Before and after photos of local artiste Timmy Tdat


Wyre the love child has always been an eye candy but nevertheless less he has seen a major transformation ,as he now looks more mature and confident unlike when he ventured into this music industry.

From back then singing as necessary noize Wyre has remained a sweetheart to many women but too bad he is off the market.

Wyre the love child

5.Dj Sadic

Forget the good looks and the well kept dreadlocks back then Dj Sadic rocked short hair which made him look so naive an easy target for nairobi thieves who steal from you in broad daylight.

Sadic has seen a major transformation given the fact he is among the best dressed DJ’s in Kenya something he never thought he would achieve

Before and after photos of Dj Sadic


The self proclaimed queen of single mothers hasn’t always had it easy in life ,with time she has seen a major transformation and the photo below is a proof of that.

She now boasts of designer shoes,clothes,watches and a beautiful mansion to top it all.

Local Kenyan artiste Akothee

7.Jua cali

Juacali popularly know as ‘Baba yao’ has seen a major transformation in his physical appearance ,going by his throw back photos,the only thing the musician has maintained all these years is his beautiful hair which seems to be growing longer by the day.

left:Juacali back in the day Right:Juacali with fellow musician Wyre the love child.


The ‘Shoulder back’ artiste has changed alot from the skinny young man he was to a true ‘gentleman ‘ who leaves ladies yearning for more,through the years the only thing he has maintained is his durag for reasons only best known to him.


9.Anita Nderu





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He is mine! Jua Cali’s wife warns lady attacking husband on social media

Genge artist Juacali found out what it is love after his wife defended him after an attack on social media by a woman who had nothing better to do

There has been an increase in social media bullying as people enjoy hiding behind a desktop and a keyboard making mean comments about other people without minding about their feelings.

According to Ghafla Jua cali’s wife Lilly Asigo found that someone was trying to dig out dirt about the love of her life and father to her kids and this did not seem to settle well with her thus she came out guns blazing.


Image result for photos of jua cali and his wife

The said attacker going by the mane Susan Nekesa  had posted the a photo of Jua kali and his fellow artistes Nameless and Vivian,but drawing attention to juakali by circling on his photo to highlight the target.


Lilly came out to give Nekesa the savage answer she was looking for ,here is what she wrote

Wro“First of all its JUACALI. Hiyo K yako ambia watu wenyu! Eti sijui anakaa aje, amevaa aje, he smiles less this days, nyenyenyenye..sijui akona watoto wangapi. Babako akiwatajia wale watoto anao, naona tuki mark register ya county!Hiyo isikujalishe. I’m I you? Are you me? Are we related? Shindwe! Watu washachoka na umbea ya tz mapema hivi 😂. Wale wanaongea mavi wengi wao hata boyfriend hawana 😄😄. Yale Mambo huyu KING wangu hunifanyia..(other than being a good father) No wonder ni yeye tu ana key. Rudisha kiherehere ulikotoa mscheeewww! Kama Sina shida na anavyo kaa, anachofanya, wewe ni nani tena?

On learning that his wife had defended him like the way KDF soldiers defend us from the Alshabab Jua cali could not hide his amazement and here is what Jua cali had to say

“Defence iko juu!!! Hapana leta mchezo!!!”

Not contented with the response Lilly showed haters the middle finger in a separate post.

Damian Marley Nails Street Fusion Performance At Carnivore Grounds

Jamaican reggae star Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley stunned fans on Wednesday when he gave one of the most electric performances of the year at the Carnivore Grounds.

The reggae artist seemed to have gotten past Chiko Lawi’s verbal attack that was unleashed on his arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as he gave the crowd an extraordinary show.


The show kicked off late with our very own rapper Khaligraph Jones who bragged hard about being among curtain-raisers of the reggae legend. He performed tracks such as “Julius Yego,” “Mazishi” and didn’t fail to give a taste of his latest hit “Toa Tint”.

Next on stage was Juacali who was then shortly followed by Jah Lyric backed by The Connection Band.


The final local act to grace the stage was Wyre The Love Child who ensured the throng was hyped and ready for the headlining act.

The 38-year old star headlined the concert with a terrific performance from several of his hits to the admiration of his fans who sang along.

He performed some of his favorite tracks such as “Affairs of the Heart,” “Set Up Shop,” “Road to Zion,” “Patience” and ” “Welcome to Jamrock”.

Damian also paid tribute to his father reggae legend Bob Marley by performing “Could You Be Loved”, “Is This Love” and “No More Trouble”.


He brought the house down and delivered a thrilling performance to match the massive turnout.

Even as he left the stage, partygoers continued chanting his rhythms, showing that they wanted more of his fired-up performance.

Check out more photos from the concert;







#TBT: ‘Explicit’ local songs from back in the day

Children born in the 90s  and  before would relate to some of these songs that were released in early 2000s. The Kenyan music industry was still struggling in terms of quality music videos and the perfect lyrics that would not offend their Kenyan market. However, Juacali, Nonini, Flexx were determined to change the game. They released songs laced with hidden meanings including some that were considered very explicit for  children. Who remembers how parents were opposed to the song ‘Manyake’ by Circuit and Joel? Check out our throwback song selection today.

1.Circuit and Joel- Manyake

2. Prince Adio-nikiwa ndani

3. Flexx ft Juacali – nyundo


5. FLEXX – Amejibeba