Kenyan female celebrities who are single and still look hot

These female celebrities have accomplished a lot in the Kenyan entertainment industry and all this is without a better half in their lives. Not only are they aging like fine wine, but they are also taking over the world with their massive talents. They however still leave their fans wondering when they will see a man in their lives.

Below are some of the female celebrities who are single.

1. Joy Kendi

Kenyan Celebrities who got to watch Beyonce at the Global Citizen Festival(photos)

2. Patricia Kihoro

3. June Gachui

4. Joey Muthengi

5. Sheila Mwanyigha

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Blue ticks! Kenyan Celebrities who have been Verified on Instagram

Being verified on Instagram means Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.

A verified badge is a blue check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search and on the profile.

Below are some of the Kenyan celebrities who have been verified,

   1. Avril

    2. Njungush

Celebrities we wish were dating FOR REAL

   3. Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’

  4. Sauti sol

   5.Vera Sidika

Utashtuka! Creepy maternity photos that will surprise you

     6. Huddah Monroe

    7. Bahati

     8. Victoria Kimani

    9. Joy Kendi


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Kenyan celebrity squads that will leave you jealous (photos)

It’s one thing to have favorite celebrities but it’s another thing when you find out they are friends. I have put together a list of surprising celebrity friendships who will  leave you wanting to be part of their squad.

1. Edith Kimani, Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro


2. Kagwe Mungai, Fena Gitu and Lenana Kariba

These Kenyan celebrities show you how to rock short hair(Photos)

3. Sheila Ndinda, Nancie Mwai and Mandi Sarro aka The girlfriend diaries


4. Naiboi, Nyashinski and Big pin


5. Joy Kendi and Cris Njoki

Utashtuka! Strangest People You Didn’t Know Existed

6. Catherine Kamau, Neomi Nganga, Celestine Ndinda, Judy Nyawira and Faith Mary Nyaga.


7. Terryanne Chebet, Monica Kiragu, Shix Kapienga, Kirigo Ngarua and Jacque Maribe

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These Kenyan celebrities show you how to rock short hair(Photos)

Going natural has become the new thing in town. In a world where Melanin queens are appreciating themselves, it has all started with our nappy African hair. These celebrities however prefer having short hair and they rock it like queens. Oh, and we are not complaining.

Here are some celebrities who rock short hair like the queens they are,

1. Patricia Kihoro

2. Joy Kendi

‘Hii si kazi rahisi,’ DJ Soxxy’s wife appreciates all mothers, adds pregnancy is no joke

3. Lupita Nyong’o

4. Wahu Kagwi

Fashion from back in the day that has made a comeback

5. Cece Sagini

6. Huddah Monroe

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Fashion Blogger Joy Kendi Shows Us How To Beat The Cold And Still Slay

The cold season is here and if you’re tempted to pick u p that masai shuka and wrap it around your shoulders to keep warm, I have news for you.

Popular sexy blogger Joy Kendi who is a celebrated fashion blogger who runs JustJoyKendi fashion blog, that offers a first look at fashion trends including insightful reviews, advice on backstage beauty, and street style.

Her efforts have caught the attention of industry players who last year nominated her for the BAKE Kenyan Blog Awards for “Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style” blog  in 2016.

Whether you are going to the office, or for a girls night out or just hanging around the neighborhood Joy shows you how to keep looking all sexy without exposing yourself to pneumonia.


















A peak into lifestyle blogger Joy Kendi’s fashion and style (Photos)

Joy Kendi is a lifestyle blogger, vlogger and content creator who covers everything from fashion, beauty, and travel.

Her outfits and style become her as she tries new trends and switches up her looks from time to time.

She dresses to impress and never disappoints as her followers keep up with pretty much her every day life.

Here are some impressive photos to showcase that all;











And of course her make-up is always popping.


joy ken

Forbes facing backlash for naming Kylie Jenner ‘self made’ billionare

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WCW! Fashion blogger and lifestyle guru Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi is one of the best female Kenyan fashion bloggers in the country who started her passion at a very young age of seven years.

Her inspiration to start her blog started when she moved to Kenya with her mother and realized that one can get nice clothes for cheap that look really good.

She tries to show Kenyans that they can get creative and stylish just by being on a budget.

joukendi 8

Joy is different from other bloggers as she responds and interacts  with her fans and followers by telling them the places where they can buy their outfits.

Apart from the blog, she is also a Youtuber who shares her hobbies, passion and talents with her viewers. She was also an actress on the TV hit show ‘Changing times’ where she took on the role of Patricia and also acted on the TV series Prem as Sandra.

Joy Kendi’s fashion sense just shows how Kenyans are starting to appreciate fashion and she has put the 254 on the world map as she represents us in other countries where she is famously known for her amazing taste in lifestyle.

Check out how amazing her fashion sense is.


                                                                                                                                                 thigh high slit


                                                                                                                                floral and a touch of shoulder


                                                                                              Wideleg pants, a leather jacket and a lace bustie


                                                                                                                         comfort and chic


Pretty in pink



Floral boho swag


                                                                                                           Black and white

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BEAUTY ON ANOTHER LEVEL! Top 13 Most Photogenic Female Celebrities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

In a world where almost every woman is now applying layers of makeup to look good, it’s hard to tell a naturally beautiful woman from an artificial one.

In Kenya, most female celebrities have embraced the trend of makeup, and fake facial features like eyelashes, penciled eyebrows, with many even bleaching their skin.

All in all, you would have to agree with me that there a few celebrities who have tried to keep it natural and even when they have to put on some makeup, you can still see their beauty underneath it all.

Aren’t They Dazzling? Check Out 10 Of Kenya’s Sexiest & SINGLE Celebrity Mothers

At the same time, we have some female celebrities who actually need makeup to look good, and without it, they are barely recognizable and look like totally different people.


Today, I want to focus on those female celebrities who look good through a lens, in other words, those photogenic ones.

Enchanting! Here Is Why Joyce Omondi Is One Of The Most Beautiful Female Celebrities In Kenya (Photos)

How about we take a look at some Kenyan female celebrities who are always appealing in photos because of their elegant and charming looks…? Trust me, it’s hard to find a bad looking photo of the following celebs.

1. Kambua
She’s one of the most popular gospel singers in Kenya, and her beauty is out of this world. Kambua always looks stunning in her pictures, whether she has been made up or not. Plus her warm smile just makes it easier for any photographer to do their job.


2. Joyce Omondi
This is another gospel artiste who drives men crazy with her exquisite looks, but sadly, Waihiga Mwaura was the lucky man who got to put a ring on it. Joyce Omondi is not just pretty but also very humble and soft-spoken, and her chocolate complexion makes her look like a true African lady in all her pics.


3. Julie Gichuru
This media personality has been in the industry for more than a decade and for some reason, she never ages, and still has that youthful look. Her face is just glorious and even without makeup, she still looks fabulous in photos and on screen.


4. Edith Kimani
Though she’s now working for German’s DW-TV, she’s still Kenya’s sweetheart and her charming looks give her the perfect look on and off the screen. Edith’s Kimani photos are always warm and you can see the beauty in her eyes almost all the time.


5. Brenda Wairimu
The renowned actress is a now a mother and you would never tell from her photos because she has kept herself looking sexy even after giving birth. Brenda Wairimu is also a model and you can be sure that her photogenic face is what any camera man hopes for.


6. Caroline Mutoko
The celebrated media personality looks nothing her age, and over the years, Caroline Mutoko has been able to keep looking elegant and lovely. From her pictures even back in the day, you can tell that she’s totally photogenic. The mother of one is not exactly ‘photo crazy’ but when she does snap one or two, they are always on point.

7. Bridgette Shigadi
She’s one of Kenya’s top models and fashionistas and with her slim figure and incredible looks, she makes it onto the list of beautiful female celebrities. The stylista is always looking exquisite in photos and she makes it look so effortless!


8. Sarah Hassan
The former Tahidi High actress in one of the most beautiful Kenyan celebrities, and you have to agree with me that she’s extremely photogenic. Whether it’s a close-up or a full body pic, Sarah Hassan aka Tanya always brings her A game.


9. Joy Kendi
Ask me about a Kenyan female celebrity who can pull off a shaved head or short hair, and I’ll show you Joy Kendi. The blogger and fashionista loves taking photos and she always comes out looking ravishing, even when she has long hair.


10. Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame is a mother of twins – two very adorable daughters – but you would never think that she’s a mum, from her curvy body and tiny waistline. The media personality is also very gorgeous and all her photos are just on point. She never seems to struggle when striking that pose.


11. Anita Nderu
The radio presenter is one stunning lady and she knows it. Anita Nderu is always taking photos because she probably knows that she’s super photogenic and naturally beautiful through a camera lens. Her sense of style is also very admirable and dapper.


12. Amina Abdi
Here’s another top radio presenter who decided to move to TV and her beauty and lovely looks were an added benefit. Amina Abdi is also one of Kenya’s top emcees and her job exposes her to a lot of photo sessions. She always nails it, and never struggles to look good on a camera.


13. Maureen Kunga – Elani
The Elani group member is no doubt lovely and glamorous and is the favorite of many. Her looks give her a unique touch in all her photos, whether it’s a photo shoot, event photo, selfie, or an expected camera moment. And the best part is that she likes to keep it natural.