‘Before being a mom, I didn’t even know how to change a diaper’ confesses Joy Doreen Biira

Joy Doreen Biira is not only a talented TV Presenter, but also a dedicated mother and wife as well .

Doreen has managed to keep her new-born son away from the limelight for the past few months, but she has finally decided to show his face to the public and isn’t he handsome.

She opened up on how clueless she was as a first time mum especially on the breastfeeding part, which she says was a whole new subject. Ending her maternity leave was also something she was not prepared for.

Joy Doreen Biira during her pregnancy

She says

“Before I became a Mom, I didn’t even know how to change a diaper (being a last born left me little room to learn that stuff despite my begging to have a younger sibling 😃). When I had my first born, breastfeeding was a whole new subject altogether… while I read widely about what to expect, I didn’t even know what latching or burping was really about practically 😳!!! I cannot count how many times my hubby helped me burp the baby 🙈literally everything was new and overwhelming and little by little I learned all I could each day. .
Returning to work 3months later felt like 3 days later 🤥. The schedule was hectic and balancing the breast milk pumping/expressing and work schedule was tough.

Doreen's hubby with their first born son
Doreen’s hubby with their first born son

When I was in a hurry to leave home after 45minutes of pumping, I’d still be at 30ML (😁 I know I’m not alone) then give up and rush to work and drive back home during lunch time to pump again 🤦🏾‍♀️. (And this all was unnoticed at work so I thought my then editor @mkaranja might not have noticed 🤣 if he did he kept it a secret). And imagine on a chill day when not in a rush, I’d do over 150ML in the same time period 🤡. (I learnt that good🤱🏾and pumping is also about peace of mind – a relaxed mind). Through it all, I managed 7months exclusive breastfeeding🤱🏾before starting to supplement with formula (about the same time we started weaning/introducing solids). “


She concludes by proudly stating that now that she is a mum for a second time,she has become a pro,she concludes

“I’m on my 2nd baby (in pic – he’s 3years 4months younger than the 1st) and I can now proudly say I’m a #pro at #breastfeeding, burping etc and committed to🤱🏾with the 2nd one. .
Just want to encourage mums out there, WHO CAN, to choose breastfeeding🤱🏾.. one of the benefits I got from breast feeding with my first son was he never got a cold or cough or fever 🤒 until he was 2 years old.🤱🏾 boosts the immune system for babies, increases babies IQ among other benefits.”

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Shock For Former KTN Editor As Judge orders His Remand In Theft Case

Things seem to be going badly for former KTN editor Aaron Ochieng after a Magistrate ordered he be remanded after contempt of a court order.

The order came after the former editor (below) forfeited his bail in a Sh2.8 million theft case in which he had been accused of stealing a Mercedes Benz belonging to Joy Doreen Biira, who is now working under the Ministry of Mining. The case was scheduled for mention yesterday.

Former KTN editor Aaron Ochieng

Ochieng’ initially accused Biira of collusion, a statement he later recanted his statement and apologised for  after which the court allowed the two to settle the case outside court.

The court magistrate Andayi was yesterday informed that Ochieng’ had only paid Sh350,000 of the Sh1 million he was to repay, the matter was referred to Andayi from senior principal magistrate Peter Ooko after Joy(below) and Ochieng failed to agree on payment terms. Andayi directed Ochieng’ to remain in custody pending payment of the new bail. The accused requested the court to give him more time to raise the money.

But Andayi dismissed the request and forfeited the Sh300,000 bail Ochieng had posted. “This file has been brought to me from a different court and it seems that the parties have failed to agree on settlement for almost a year. The accused should remain in custody until he pays the new bail,” Andayi said.

In September last year, the dispute was scheduled to proceed to full hearing after the two journalists failed to settle the dispute out of court.

Ooko granted them a last chance to settle the dispute. The case will be mentioned on June 5.

Joy Doreen Biira’s natural hair tips will inspire you on your hair journey

Former KTN presenter Joy Doreen Biira’s decision to embark on a natural hair journey was the best decision, according to a confession she is making.

She has embraced the natural hair for a while. She has added major length to her hair,

Here are the changes she has made to her natural hair routine while pregnant.

I’ve been asked what hair products I use? And if my hair is Natural? How I maintain the mane? Yes my hair is natural (did the big chop in 2014 and several other mini chops before I let it grow again). Before I say what hair products, let me state here when I’m pregnant🤰🏽my hair grows fastest in its natural form – Don’t know if it’s the supplements (pregnacare with omega3 and folic acid), the plaiting to avoid the hair dryer or genes…its volume is healthiest and bouncy during and after pregnancy (Baby is now a little over a month old).
Now to the products and maintenance question; I treat my hair depending on what I think it needs at a given time.


I KEEP IT REAL SIMPLE – I oil my scalp 1-2 times a week with Shea butter from Ghana🇬🇭 or Uganda🇺🇬 (the Scented one as I don’t like the smell of the Shea butter) or scentless coconut oil 🥥 (Made in Kenya🇰🇪). Once a week Or once every two weeks I will part hair and sprinkle avocado oil 🥑 to keep hair moist. I visit the salon once every two weeks to wash, condition (I’m not so much a do-it-at-home Naturalista like the many I admire here I can’t keep up 😊). I do natural hair treatment once a month (using whichever natural hair treatment the salon has at the time as I’m not too particular with with shampoo or conditioner or treatment as long as the pH levels are balanced and there are no sulphates in the ingredients. I plait it when I think it’s starting to thin out (braids, cornrows or a kinky weave) to regain its body. I blow dry hair once or twice a month. I go to the same salon and use the same stylists, they know my routine and understand my hair texture. I plait two knots in the evening , use hair cap and comb them out in the morning, it gives me super curls 👌🏽 Finally I trim ends of hair and layer it once a year. I think that’s pretty much it 😊. How do you maintain your natural hair? .
PS: don’t let your stylist blow dry your hair to a point you can smell it or see it “smoking”. It thins the hair very fast. Also make sure when your hair is washed, shampoo is completely washed out else it breaks when not washed thoroughly well.


Are you going to give this a try? Let us know in the comments below.



‘Sorry, it’s a house rule, we don’t show local channels,’ Doreen Biira narrates her bad experience at News Cafe

KTN’s JoyDoreen Biira is unhappy. The sexy TV siren was yesterday shocked by the reception at one of the News Cafe branches in the city.

Joy Doreen Biira

According to Doreen Biira, she walked into one of the branches, ordered for breakfast and while waiting for it to be prepared, she requested a staff to switch the TV to a local channel so as to keep updated with what’s going on but she was shocked to be told that the management doesn’t allow that.

News cafe


“I walk into One of the News Cafe branches in Nairobi, place an order, “breakfast special of the day” and a hot chocolate. As I wait to get served, I make a request to one the staff if it’s possible to switch to a local channel just to get an update on the latest local news updates. At the time we are three customers in the restaurant before a fourth walk in a minute later. My quick observation was one was working on his laptop and the other on his phone. CNN is airing a horse 🐎 riders interview.

My request was to change the channel to local from CNN just for a bit. The staff asks what the channel is and tries to change as requested. His manager changes it back to CNN. I request a second time, this time, with a different member of staff. She goes to put in the request and the instructions she’s given to come relay to me by her senior is, ‘we do not show local channels; it’s a news café policy.’ Astonished I respond, ‘I’m sorry? Why’s that?’ She says ‘it’s just the policy.’ So the fourth customer who walked in and sat on a table next to me is also now wondering. The first staff I put the request to comes back and says, ‘maybe you can speak to the manager and see if he can help?’… ‘sure’, I curiously get back!Doreen wrote in part.

News cafe

She went ahead to narrate what happened next leaving Kenyans in disbelief.

“The Manager comes to the table and puts it straight;
‘It is a house rule not to air local channels,’

What is the reasoning behind this decision? I ask,
‘Its just a News Café house policy, sorry about that’

Breakfast was served and I began to enjoy it. So we started to have a conversation with a fellow customer on how awkward it was that such policies can still be effective in this day and age.

We are even given the option of using their “Free” WiFi in case we want to watch the news online. Thing is I had my data on so the ‘WiFi’ was not what I needed. Mine was a simple request. Now I’m wondering…

1. Has it always rained on us this hard that we now have awkward house rules and policies at restaurants and eateries like “no local channels”

2. Should I ever go back to News Café as a customer?

3. Should there be an attack similar to “west gate” (God forbid that it does ever happen again), should we wait to watch it on international channels ?

4. Do staff at these places of work ever have a say in basic things like these? What makes a work place likeable to staff or what draws customers to their favorite hangout or eateries?

5. Who owns News Café Kenyan franchise? Look I understand the majority of their clientele may not be largely local but coming up with such policies is simply disturbing… please review or consider doing away with 📺 📺altogether

6. I also know that the last thing on some peoples minds at an eatery is the Televisions content 🤲🏽😉 but I’m a news junkie, a Career Journalist.

I paid my bill (using M-Pesa local solution) 😉 and asked for a receipt – At the time I left, CNN was giving an update on China-North Korea relations, a bit of a relief

PS: This is posted for conversation purposes on “no local channels” policy, nothing more.”

Could this be racism?

Doreen Biira’s post has gone viral with many condemning such rules set by some organisations.

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Priceless! This Is How Joy Doreen Biira Reacted When A Motorist Hit Her Sleek Mercedes Benz

Celebrated TV personality Joy Doreen Biira had an interesting incident yesterday after a motorist hit her sleek Mercedes Benz.

At first, as per her narration, the man had admitted to have made a mistake but never said sorry. However, when a cop came over, the guy decided to change the storyline. Luckily for her, the police officer had witnessed everything that ensued, and this made the offender to quickly apologise.

KTN Presenter Joy Doreen Biira breaks her silence about the car theft drama and being arrested

Joy noted that an apology goes a long way in clearing conflicts, and that the matter could have been easily be solved if the dude did not play smart. In the end, she noticed that his car had suffered more damage, and opted to let him go scot free.

Joy Doreen

“At a junction …bang… a brother gongaz (knocks) me… “A guy” says his battery kaput and so when he tried to accelerate the car was going backwards instead of forward…police officer shows up and he tries to explain the issue with his car, this time a different version to the officer. In his defense of course. Officer says “so you think I didn’t see this car moving backwards” (he was literally watching it all happen) 😃 Officer pulls us over, asks “a guy” for his driving license, he pulls out the red book(can that red thingy be done away with already)😉 officer says to him, “let’s go to the police station pale so you tell me which driving school you went to”… “a guy” panics, he says Sorry madam ! (Kumbe the mention of police station humbles people) 😄 I look at extent of damage and decide his car is more damaged than mine so I let it all go … my conclusion is that “a guy” got a brain freeze in that traffic pale 5th Ngong ave intersection🚦. You know that moment when your foot is on the brakes pressed so hard and you think vehicles besides you are moving backwards when they’re actually at standstill? I think that’s what happened to him 🤗 ________________
rate at which I let people go after doing these things to me shocks even ME… 🤩 sorry is a magical word. Be humble, Say sorry to people, it makes a difference”

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Ex KTN Journalist Joy Doreen Biira gushes over baby number two

Joy Doreen Biira is set to welcome baby number two pretty soon. She already has a son, Ty.

In a past interview with True Love she gushed about baby number two.


Joy Doreen reminisces on when she met her hubby, saying that it was through a mutual friend at a party. Due to their busy work schedules they did not manage to really meet and bond, but in 2013 they went on vacation to Uganda together.
joy doreen biira
Shortly there after they moved in together and a year later they welcomed their son Ty into the world.
She says he proposed much much later when their son was three months old.


Joy Doreen shared a beautiful video of her son kicking…

Here are photos of Joy Doreen dressing her baby bump in a stylish manner.



‘Stop Showing Off Your Cleavage,’ KTN’s Yvonne Okwara Gives Her CANDID Advice To Single Women On How To Attract a GOOD Men


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KTN Presenter Joy Doreen Biira breaks her silence about the car theft drama and being arrested

She is a stunning beauty and passionate at her job on screen and off.

Joy Doreen Biira has opened up about her roller coaster life after she was arrested in Uganda on the day of her traditional wedding, the drama of her car being stolen and expecting baby number two with hubby, Newton Kungu.

Joy Doreen will be welcoming her baby number two early next year. The new born will join Ty who turns three this December.

‘Stop Showing Off Your Cleavage,’ KTN’s Yvonne Okwara Gives Her CANDID Advice To Single Women On How To Attract a GOOD Men

Speaking exclusively to True Love Magazine, the screen siren confirmed the news.

“I am actually three weeks pregnant. I cannot believe that it’s actually happening. I’ve always wanted two babies and I guess this is God’s answer to it. Though I remember how bad my labour pains were and that’s the anxious bit,” Joy Doreen said.

Joy Doreen reminisces on when she meet her hubby saying that it was through a mutual friend at a party. Due to their busy work schedules they did not manage to really meet and bong but in 2013 they went on vacation to Uganda together.
Shortly there after they moved in together and a year later they welcomed their son Ty into the world.

She says he proposed much much later when their son was three months old.

“It was in March 2015, at Hemingway’s in Nairobi. It was on his birthday and our son was just three months old, so I thought we could have dinner, just the two of us. And bang, he’d made arrangements with the team there to do the needful. After dinner, he went down on one knee and proposed,” she told True Love

Then came the traditional wedding in Uganda where she was arrested after taking a video of the palace of the Rwenzururu Kingdom being burnt down.

When she posted it on social media it went viral.

The government was not happy.

A day after her traditional wedding she was rounded up by cops, arrested and detained for hours.

“They hit me with a gun on my side and had a lady police probe my private parts, hair and clothes for any memory card that they thought I was hiding. Things had become very, very frightening,” Joy Doreen narrated.

Their lawyer eventually came and bailed them out and the case was eventually dropped.

Like that was not dramatic enough, weeks after resuming to work, her car is stolen.

Joy Doreen confesses that she would have dropped the case and let it go if her workmate had not gone and lied in court.

“He alleged that I had given him the car and colluded with him to steal it for compensation
by my insurance company. That day, walking into court, I was very close to forgiving him and retracting the case at the request of my family, but I ended up walking out angrier than before.”


Aaron Ochieng has since resigned from Standard Group and the case is ongoing.

FLAWLESS!!! Female Celebrities Slaying With Blow Dried Hair (PHOTOS)

African hair rocks!

I guess you agree with me on that one. Well, remember the times when African hair was too hard to groom? Sometimes the only way out in such cases is to have a short haircut and wait for the new healthy growth. That era is gone now.

Female fan roasted after criticizing Size 8’s new hairstyle

Female celebrities are doing away with the weaves and wigs that many perceive to be fake personality. I must admit that the new natural hair trend is doing just fine.

Blow drying the hair is probably one of the cheapest hair dos in Kenya. Well, here are celebrities who’ve proven that straight blow dried hair slays;

Maureen Kunga-Elani




Mummy’s Girl! Mercy Myra’s Hair Styles Are Inspired By Her Mum

Janet Mbugua

janet mbugua

Joy Doreen Biira


Ngina Kenyatta

ngina kenyatta

NATURAL IS BEAUTIFUL! 6 Photos That Prove Wahu Kagwi Looks Hotter And Younger With Short Hair

Gladys Gachanja

janet mbugua1

Anita Nderu

anita nderu