Attention Maina Kageni! Jose Chameleone has a new Range Rover please


Maina Kageni’s Ugandan Best friend Jose Chameleon has been gifted a 2021 Range Rover.

He shared a video of the car while making a political announcement telling Bobi Wine he has ditched his political party and rejoined the country’s main party.

The celebrated singer was welcomed back to the ruling party and gifted a brand new Black Range Rover Sport.

He was gifted this car by President Museveni’s younger brother called ‘mr toyota’.

Chamelone was led to the new car and knelt down weeping in a joyous moment.

Jose said

“My greatest witness can be Mr. Toyota, my friend, I am still your family, I have never left NRM. If you doubt that, put up your cameras and record me. I am still NRM,” Chameleone said.

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What a milestone! Jose Chameleone’s youngest child is off to preschool


Father of five, Jose Chameleone is in a celebratory mood. His youngest child daughter Amani is off to school.

The young girl lives in America with their mother and excitedly shared a picture of how her first day was.

Her proud daddy reposted the picture congratulating her on her milestone.

He wrote ‘My @amani_mayanja how was your first day at school? Well, I wish you a smooth education journey blessed with wisdom. Love you mama”

Chameleone is recovering from surgery after suffering a liver and pancreas problem. On 232rd August and rushed to hospital where he thanked his mother for standing by him in his trying moments.

Chameleone is also making an album that he says will be priceless.

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Jose Chameleone speaks after recovering from critical illness

Jose Chameleone has continued to thank his fans, family and friends for their prayers when he was sick. The singer shared a photo hanging out with friends to reveal that he has recovered. The ‘Valu Valu’ hitmaker was reported to have been in the ICU for days.

This was after a photo of his mother taking care of him in hospital went viral. Ugandan media pundits reported that the singer was battling pancrease and liver related disorders.

Jose Chameleone

The singer’s wife Daniella Atim shut down the claims revealing that he was suffering from H-Pylori which is a bacteria that affects the stomach.

Taking to Instagram, Jose wrote;

“Those times evil thinks you are weak is the perfect time you have to parade your faith!!!

Devil can’t reign – Thank you so much my brothers and sisters having heart to pray for the needful.

@swangzavenue_official thank you for the solid and everlasting love.

“May his will be done”


jose 1

The Ugandan legendary singer is working on his album dubbed ‘I Am Joseph’

Leaked photos of Veteran Ugandan artist Jose Chameleone sick in hospital

Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone is next to drop his long awaited album


Months after a lost mayoral bid in Uganda, Jose Chameleon has returned to music.

The artist has be sharing quotes about his inspiration and the lessons for his new album, making fans excited.

The moment for his next album is so close that it’s titled #IamJoseph.

Rumors have suggested that he may be interested in selling his music catalogue for 3 billion Uganda shillings.

One collabo he may be doing is with Koffi Olomide as they shared a picture together hinting that  ‘One love, one heart, Let’s get together and feel alright…’

On another quote, Jose wrote
“Like Micheal Jackson, I Am the Master OF My Moonwalk…Well they can do the Talko- Talko. I will do the Walk….”

He has been hitting the ground running in studio recording sessions and it will be interesting to hear what his new sound will be like.

Jose and his wife recently marked their 13th wedding anniversary, and his children and wife still live in America, where they relocated prior to launching his political ambition.

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Proud Papa: Jose Chameleon shares sweetest tribute to his five children in rare photo


Ugandan singer and aspiring politician Jose Chameleone is one lucky man. The singer recently marked 12 years in marriage to his wife, where he paid tribute to her, noting their struggles as a married couple.

It can’t be easy for Jose Chameleone and his wife to keep their family in one place considering their five children are quickly growing up.

Jose’s family lives in the USA and he travels back and forth to be with them as he lives in Uganda where he is campaigning for the upcoming elections.

However, the singer makes sure to document every journey his children go through individually. This time he has shared a picture of his entire brood to show us he is indeed a proud papa.

Jose Chameleone shared the heartwarming family moment with the grown up boys impressing his fans who commented how delighted they were at seeing the boys. The three boys and two girls looked happier than ever as they posed for the photo.


Jose wrote about his pride saying

Congrats my beautiful ones ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Jose Chameleone to retire from music with Nairobi concert


Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone will be paying tribute to Kenyans with a special concert.

The singer, who lived in Nairobi for the longest time, when his music career was starting, will hold a final concert to bid goodbye to his music career.

Jose Chameleoen wearing Kenyan jersey/Courtesy instagram

Chameleone will retire to focus on politicos, and if all goes according to plan a concert will be held in the 254.

Chameleone’s career began at a young age in 1996 as a DJ at the Missouri night club in Kampala. He was later signed to the Kenyan record label Ogopa DJs,, where he broke through with his first single, “Bageya” that featured Kenyan artist Redsan.

He writes often about his love for Kenya and once wrote

Sitted on a stool in the bus Corridor #Vumilia Every sweat counts – I glorify God. I know Nairobi than many who think they know. Big up My people in Imara Daima, Kayole,South B, South C, Dandora, Lavie, Karen ow! Kawangware 💥Jambo! Kenya yetu……… hakuna.………❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jose Chameleone Valentines toast

Chameleons first album, Bageya, was released in 2000. He has released more than 12 albums, including Mama Mia in 2001, Njo Karibu and The Golden Voice in 2003, Mambo Bado in 2004, Kipepeo in 2005, Shida za Dunia in 2006, Sivyo Ndivyo and Katupakase in 2007, Bayuda in 2009, Vumilia in 2010, Valu Valu in 2012, Badilisha in 2013, Tubonge in 2014, Wale wale in 2015, Sili Mujjawo in 2016, Sweet Banana in 2017, Champion in 2018.

He has a music label called Leone Island of which he is CEO. Artistes formerly under this label include; the late Moses Radio, Weasel, the late AK 47, King Saha, Papa Cidy, and Pallaso, Melody, Yung Mulo and Big Eye.

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He Was A Cute Baby: This Is How Jose Chameleone Looked Like When He Was Young (Photo)

Jose Chameleone is among the most celebrated male artistes East Africa. He has made a name for himself in the music industry, not only regionally but internationally too.

His music has been embraced by all age groups and his concerts are never a let down. With such a successful career, one is bound to ask themselves how he does it. But only he can answer that question.

Apart from being a musician, Chameleone is a husband and a dad. He never shies away from sharing photos of his family on social media, and I must say he has a beautiful family.


Many celebrities tend to hide their past once they become famous. They rarely share photos of themselves when they were young. But the ‘Valu Valu’ hitmaker is not about that life.

Happy Day! Jose Chameleone Finally Treats His Biggest Fan, Maina Kageni, To a Night Out (Video)

He shared a photo of a young  Joseph on social and he was quite a cutie pie.

He captioned the photo as, “Joseph at 4 months!! Thank you Mama 🌹 #Legend <<<<>>>>You gave birth to a great one!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ May god bless the sons of my generation >> Lugogo | May | Cricket Oval | Hitaftahit.

Check out the photo below;


Why Jose Chameleone moved his family to the USA


Ugandan crooner Jose Chameleone has been showing off pictures of his beautiful family living in the USA.

His wife and five kids relocated to Michigan, USA a while back but did not let us in on the reason why.

While many of us thought it’s because of the opportunities the first world offers, it turns out there is another solid reason.


Chameleone declared his intention to contest for the Kampala Lord mayoral race in the 2021 general election this year in June.

His political ambitions hit a raw nerve. Soon after his announcement, President Museveni unfollowed him on social media,

To avoid the pitfalls that many young families in politics fall, Chameleone relocated his family to the USA to protect them from the messy and nasty situations.


One time Jose got cryptic about facing challenges owing to his ambitions, hinting that

The stones people throw at you are meant for you to put in use to build a strong inner you. I have been intimidated countless times by those people who don’t believe in starting a journey with challenges that makes a strong and brave being.

Jose Chameleone is not the first musician to get into politics. His friend Bobi Wine, an MP in the current parliament has faced troubles and tribulations that knows no bounds.

In Kenya, we have Jaguar, or Charles Njagua the Starehe MP who is a singer.

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Excitement as Jose Chameleone carries last-born daughter on his back (photo)

Jose Chameleone is one veteran Ugandan musicians that has consistently churned out hit song after hit song. The man whose real names are Joseph Mayanja is also known to be a great family man and a loving husband.

Chameleon wedding day
Chameleon’s wedding day 11 years ago

He was recently spotted carrying his last-born daughter on his back while on the streets of Minnesota. The thing that caught many people’s eyes was the way he did it; not in front with his hands but on his back as has been captured poetically many times by African women.

Chameleone with his lastborn daughter on his back
Chameleone with his lastborn daughter on his back

His tongue-in-cheek caption read;

It’s you to instill the values you expect out of your children. When they are born they are empty as a new flash drive, it’s you to load the data.

‘I want to remarry you love’ Jose Chameleone declares to wife on 10th marriage anniversary

The image was met with excitement from many of his Instagram followers who were amazed that he was confiednt enough to carry the child on his back. Some of the comments are below;

leilakayondo Best pic so far. Last month to this month 😍❤️
chimoga254 Well said brother 🇺🇬🇺🇬💪🏿💪🏿🔥🔥
kennethsargent Now that’s the kinda shit y’all should be posting. That’s what I call real man! But some dumb asses think that taking care of children is woman only.

Chameleone in black and white
The artiste posing

The star has a history of going all out for the four kids that he and wife Daniella Atim Mayanja have been blessed with. Closer to home, Kivutha Kibwana the Makueni Governor posted a photo on his Facebook timeline on Saturday, June 16, 2018, carrying a young girl on his back.


Kibwana who had in the past moved hearts of many Kenyans with rare acts of humility for a man of his stature said it was all in the celebration of the Day of the African Child marked every June 16.

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Maina Kageni and Jose Chameleon in the ultimate friendship photo

Maina Kageni has reasons to be happy after the weekend.

He got to meet his best pal Uganda Jose Chameleon who was in Kenya for a concert.

Well he could not contain his excitement as he took to share how excited he was to link up with Chameleone.


@jchameleon, Africa’s finest, a special music maker, a great son of East Africa, my brother, my homie…

Been a while since we had the chance to catch up and laugh and share a meal…

Jana was just about good times and positive vibes….


Men on the fake life of social media and Kenyan women

Thanks for making time.. Karibu Kenya, you’re other home…

And thanks for bringing @pallasomusicand Humphrey, two crazy Mayanja brothers…

Til we meet again, safe travels…

To @cahootspub, thanks for your ever amazing kuku kienyeji…. Always A1


Fans think Diamond Platnumz’s bae Tanasha is pregnant (Video)

Well Jose was not left behind as he took to his social media to recognize Maina and the fact that Kenya has always stood by his side since day one.

Jose Chameleo penned an emotional thought about Kenya that read;

Somebody Tag this brother of mine 😊#Legendary –

Thank you so much Nairobi | Kenya you stood by me from day one to date.

Maina Kageni and Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleon just celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary. He jetteed off on sunday after an exhilarating performance at the Tomorrow’s Leaders Festival which happened at the Kasarani stadium.

Other artists that were to attend the festival were Diamond platinumz, Yemi Alade who failed to show up.

But JBoog, Alaine, Wyre, Naiboi among others hit the stage.

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Apart from Jose Chameleon and Avril, here is a list of celebrities who were born in April

April has finally come to an end.

This has not only been a rainy month but also many celebrities birthday month.

Today, celebrities like Avril, Jose Chameleon, turned an year older and the Internet is blowing up with fans wishing them a happy birthday.

In Photos: Akothee’s Sons Celebrate Joint Birthday In Style

Avril wrote;

‘We always wish each other happy birthday and so the tradition continues .. happiest birthday to my birthday mates @jchameleon… May happiness follow you. Fam, help me wish these EA superstars a happy birthday’


Jose Chameleon wrote;

“Born: 30th April 1979,
Today is my Birthday Life is the biggest gift God gives to man and Talent is another he gives to those he favours.Happy birthday to everyone I share this day with.”


Yesterday, King Kaka also celebrated his birthday.

Avril’s sweet message to J blessing on his birthday

He wrote;

‘Now this is love. On your 16th birthday they made you a cake with my image on it. You mentioned that I was your hero. I thought it only happens to akina Bieber na CB , anyway Happy Birthday Nevian , May you have many more.’


Well, here are more celebrities who celebrated their birthday this month;

1.Fena Gitu

Fena was born in April and on the 25th she turned 28 years. she wrote on her Instagram page;

’28!!! 🍾🥂I’m Just Grateful!! ❤
#Trouble2018 Drippin 😉’


2. McDonald Mariga

Kenya’s greatest football players,  Mcdonald Mariga Wanyama, turned 31 years old this month. He is still the beckon of many youth footballers in Kenya. He was born on the 4th of April 1987.

3. Wangari Maathai

The late Nobel peace price Wangari Maathai was born on 1st April. She would be 78 years. She will be remembered for her vast achievements and the impact she made on the lives of so many people.

4. J Blessing

Video director and Pace ambassador J blessing was born on the 15th April. The rumored baby daddy to Avril’s new child share his birthday month with his beautiful  baby momma.

5. Akothee  and her two sons

Single mothers president Akothee celebrated her birthday this month. The same month, her two sons Oyoo and Ojwang. They  also happened to celebrate their birthday in the same month with their mum.

Jose Chameleone Claps back At TV Service Provider After They Claimed They Are Not Partnering With The Star

Uganda’s finest Jose Chameleone has found himself in a rather embarrassing situation in regards to his upcoming concert dubbed “Legend: Hit after Hit”.

Most times, these things happen, but when the company you claimed was sponsoring your event slams you for being a liar or better yet for not being part of your event, it hurts and it’s pretty embarrassing.


Well, Jose Chameleone has found himself in a really awkward situation after a TV service provider slid on the side claiming they are not aware of any sponsorship with Chameleone’s concert. Ouch!

“Si You Will Kill Me” Maina Kageni Gets Excited After Nyashinski Reveals That He Wants To Work With Jose Chameleone

The service provider took to Facebook stating that they have not partnered with the mega star.

The post read, “We are not aware of any partnership in this concert. Please ignore it.”

Larry Asego and Jose Chameleone


Well Chameleone wasn’t going to let that slide of that easy. He has in turn slammed them stating that the show will still go on with or without them.

He said, “Wrongs don’t make a right!!! We can only move the world with positive energy!!!With, Without The Dates changed from one to the other as we sought the appropriate one. Whether true or false, As claimed in the picture, We are bound for the moon.”

‘I Believe In God,’ Jose Chameleone Refutes Claims That He Is Illuminati

The African music industry is something to smile about. Over the past ten years, we have seen many talented artistes fly our motherland’s flag high. One of the stars doing this is Ugandan veteran artiste Joseph Mayanja popularly known as Jose Chameleone.

He is multi-talented. His music is widely played across the globe. The legendary singer who has been in the music industry for 16 years now, continues to shine as the days pass by, but of late, he has been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. Rumours have been circulating that Jose Chameleone is an Illuminati, but the Wale Wale hit maker has come out to refute the claims saying that he never uses black magic and that he believes in God.

Watch the full video here…

Maina Kageni Hangs Out With Jose Chameleone (Photos)

Jose Chameleone is undoubtedly Maina Kageni’s favorite artist and a very good friend of his. Chameleone was in Toronto Canada for his Wale Wale tour and he jetted in Monday night for Coke Studio Africa 2015.

Jet Lag wasn’t enough to stop the Ugandan music king from hanging out with radio king Maina at Code studio.

maina and chameleone

Maina posted the photo below with the caption, “With my brother from another mother!!! @jchameleone you are a real super star inside and outside… I’m so proud to call you a true friend…. Karibu nyumbani… Chapa job kwanza Tubonge jioni…”

And it seems Maina is not the only one excited that Jose Chameleone is in the country, Anyiko Woko the Grapevine presenter and Sauti Sol publicist also uploaded a photo with the music king with the caption, “From Toronto with love! @jchameleone has arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. #CokeStudioAfrica 2015 here we come! Love this guy’s work ethic.”

anyiko woko