Nana Gecaga’s son Udi celebrates his 5th birthday -photos

Nana Gecaga is known for her love for the finest things in life something she is not ashamed of ,but behind all that is a humble woman.

Despite the fact she can afford to hold a lavish birthday for her son ,she opted to hold a simple ceremony with his classmates.

The cute little boy Udi was turning five and Nana joined him in cake cutting at school.She took to her Instagarm to celebrate her son with this beautiful message.

“5 years ago today my journey of motherhood started…. my eldest son Udi turns 5 today and I’m feeling soooo blessed 🙏🏾 Happy Birthday Udi…May you live to blow out 100 and more candles 🎂 #weloveyouudi #happybirthday #cakecuttingatschool”

Nana Gecaga

Early this year Nana celebrated her 40th birthday in a private ceremony that was attended by the creme de la creme of the Kenyan society.

Some of the people gracing her event included Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko ,Jomo Gecaga who is Nana’s brother ,Anita Nderu among other celebrities.

My wife almost intentionally infected me with HIV thank GOD she failed




Nana who is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece knows all too well that you only live once thus during her birthday her mantra was

“You only turn 40 once”

Here are photos of how Nana Gecaga’s son Udi birthday went down

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Nana Gecaga

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Anne Kiguta leaves team mafisi heart broken as she celebrates her baby daddy, Jomo Gecaga on Fathers day

As Kenyans marked fathers day ,TV Presenter Anne Kiguta left many talking after wishing the father of her twins Jomo Gecaga a happy father’s day.

Anne is an eye candy who has caught the attention of many including a  Kawangware man who would give anything to spend time with the Citizen TV news anchor?

Citizen TV anchor Anne Kiguta
Citizen TV anchor Anne Kiguta

Double Blessings! Stunning News Anchor Anne Kiguta Gives Birth To Twins

According to Kiss 100 the man struck by cupids arrow even confessed that he will take her, with her three children on condition that she should be ready to give birth to more.Here is his letter

“Dear Anne Kiguta.

My name is Timo Semi, one of your biggest fans in Kenya, I’m also your secret admirer. I saw what your ex-husband did to you, he kicked you out of his house. Am ready to take you as my wife and we can bring up your little girl together as a family…I’m six feet tall and I live in Kawangware. Money is not a problem, we shall hustle together. I own a laptop. We can have five kids together. I will be waiting for your reply Yours faithfully,”

Other admirers also struck by cupids arrow reached out to Anne Kiguta after the screen siren posted a selfie on her social networks.

Anne Kiguta

“Those eyes really ‘murder’”, commented another one.

“Mrembo Kweli….” wrote another follower.

White teeth, brown skin, wah, I’ve never seen this. More than beautiful”,

Read a comment posted by Anne Kiguta’s follower.

“Pretty lass”, read another comment.

Well, Team Mafisi, hamna kitu hapo. Anne Kiguta is so taken.

Check out Anne Kiguta’s adorable kids whom everybody is talking about

She took to social media to post a dated photo of Jomo Gecaga with the twins and captioned it, “✨Happy Father’s Day✨”

Jomo Gecaga with the tweins
Jomo Gecaga with the twins

Jomo who is Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew, reacted to the kind wishes by saying:

“And respect to the Mother’s who pick up the slack and make Fathers lives all the more easier 👏👏.”

Jomo also took time out to respond to a fan who asked him why he is wearing two watches.

An instagrammer, linah.og asked, “Is it wrong for me to ask why is he wearing two watches? 🤔🤔”

jomo gecaga responded, “one for each of the two’s “😇


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President Uhuru’s cousin’s socks have caught the eye of the Canadian Prime Minister

He is stylish, and has a selection of themed pair socks for different appearances. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is famed for his love of colorful yet playful socks. Even on forums with world leaders, you can be sure he will wear a star trek themed pair of socks. How cool right?

Well, he is in London and bumped into President Uhuru. In Uhuru’s delegation was Jomo Gecaga the press secretary.

Jomo was spotted with a pair of socks quite similar to the PM. The smiley Prime Minister was only to glad to take a picture showing off their similar socks.


The socks added a quirky twist to 46-year-old Trudeau’s otherwise straightforward politician’s blue suit.

Jomo Gecaga and Canada PM Justin Trudeau don similar socks

The socks cost about Sh1700, according to various socks blogs. Is that too pricey for y’all?

Also check out other socks the youthful PM has worn.

Proud: The Canadian PM flashed a pair of moose-print socks as he welcomed his Irish counterpart Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Montreal in August

Making a statement: Trudeau in rainbow coloured socks during a pride ceremony in June