Politician Jokate Mwegelo pays tribute to President Magufuli on her birthday

Tanzania media personality turned politician Jokate Mwegelo turned a year old yesterday.

To celebrate her day, she said she took time to reflect on the leadership of the late Tanzanian president Pombe Magufuli.

She added that despite him having a heart problem, he still lead the people of Tanzania.

She is a first-time administrator appointed by President John Pombe Magufuli in 2018 to serve in the district located southwest of Dar es Salaam.

Check out her post;

‘Jana Tar 20.03 ilikuwa ni kumbukumbu ya siku yangu ya kuzaliwa, lakini imekuja wakati ambao Taifa tuko kwenye majonzi makubwa ya kuondokewa na Jemedari wetu Rais wa Awamu ya Tano, Dkt. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli. Hivyo, nilitumia muda kutafakari maisha na kifo cha Rais wetu mpendwa. Hakika maisha na uhai ni upepo tu. Lakini isitukatishe tamaa kufanya mema kadri ya Mungu atakavyotujalia ili tuweze kuacha alama.

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She added;

Magufuli uliongoza taifa letu kwa kujitoa licha ya maradhi ya moyo ya muda mrefu, ukaweka uhai wako rehani kwa ujasiri, uthubutu, ubunifu na upendo mkubwa wa dhati kwa wananchi na taifa letu Tukufu la Tanzania.

Kama sehemu ya vijana uliotuamini kwenye serikali yako, tutaendelea kuenzi yako yote mema kwa ajili ya Taifa letu mama la Tanzania kwa vizazi vya sasa na vijavyo.

Nitoe pole kwa Mama yangu Janet Magufuli, familia yote na Watanzania wote. 🇹🇿

Bwana Alitoa, Bwana Alitwaa, Jina La Bwana Lihimidiwe. Amina.

Wanampendea? List of the sexy women Diamond Platnumz has dated

Diamond Platnumz is a pro not only when it comes to producing music but also when it comes to selecting women, his taste for women is unmatched.

His latest catch in 2020 is Vanessa Mdee’s sister Mimi, and the rumors are spinning really fast.

in 2019 he hooked up then later broke the heart of Kenyan lass Tanasha Donna in 2020 and going by his confession they loved each other, just their stars didn’t align. They have a son together. Tanasha is not the first nor the second woman has dated.

No offense but this dude is a pro but also a dodge as well. While dating Wema Sepetu, he cheated on her by sleeping with her BFF’s Jokate Mwegelo and Penniel Mungilwa.

He is a father of two kids with Zari – a son and daughter and he also has a son with Hamisa Mobetto.

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Below is a list of women he has dated.

1.Tanasha Donna

She is Kenyan and a former radio presenter. She is now active in the music industry and runs a charity.31761244_219272538663772_2109436701683220480_n

2. Zari Hassan

She is known to many as the boss lady, she is mother to two of Diamond PLatnumz’s kids Nillan and Tiffah.


‘He called me another woman’s name’ Kenyans confess of most embarrassing things during s#x

3. Hamisa Mobetto

She has a son with Diamond named Dyllan


4. Jacqueline Wolper


5. Jokate Mwegelo


6. Upendo Mushi

‘I was forced to breastfeed my husbands snakes’ Narrates woman

7. Penniel Mungilwa


8. Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu

And his most recent conquest according to rumors coming from Madale is that he is possibly romantically linked to Vanessa Mdee’s sister Mimi. she has been warned not to get pregnant if indeed she is having a thing with him.

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‘Alikiba dumped Jokate, people laughed now she is winning’ Says Huddah

Things seem to be looking good for Ali Kiba’s ex girlfriend Jokate Mwegelo after landing a position as a District Commissioner of Kisarawe District, Tanzania.

She took to her instagram page to share the good news with the post below

“Trust that God is full of Grace and he will never dessert those who believe in him.Thank You my God.May be i share just a little ,there is a time end of last year i was so down and i wanted to give up about everything in life, i had also not understood well my fate in politics.I was in a political meeting and a lady from Arusha ran to me and hugged me tightly,she was with another woman and they had come to take a photo with me.

The lady said that she loves me because i am the one who made her join politics and vie for a political seat in Arusha and she won.I was left smiling.That gave me the strength to keep going , i was happy to see there is a lady i had enlightened and given the courage to vie.”

Jamby Koikai pens the struggle of adapting a pain free life after treatment

image-2018-07-30 (6)(1)

She adds

“You might be going through a tough time in life but never give up because of those who are looking up to you,those relying on you and those learning from you.The journey to success is full of ups and downs and it requires you to keep fighting on,after all there is no success without challenges,and sometimes challenges mould our character.Just remember that God does not disown his own,I love you ,Thank You 🙏🏽.”

‘Not even your opinion can change me, mtakoma’ Akothee proudly boasts

Her appointment comes almost a week after her ex Ali Kiba was signed by Coastal FC on a 1 year contract to play and he is expected to play around 20 games ahead of the 2018/19 season in the Tanzanian Premier League.

Some months ago the Tanzanian heart throb Ali Kiba tied the knot to the beautiful Amina, who works for the county government of Mombasa as a financial analyst.


Huyu ndio wife material: Mercy Masika shows Kenyan women how to dress

Well Jokate seems to have moved on from the heartbreak and immediately after news of her appointment, many have sent their congratulatory messages but, Huddah Monroe is not impressed.

She took to her Instagram to slam those who are only trying to associate with Jokate only now when things are working out for her.

She wrote

“When Alikiba married another lady and not Jokate. People abused Jokate so much and laughed so hard about it . Now she is winning everyone is sending their congratulations msgs! LMFAO! The Internet is undefeated . Pretenders . None of these fans are LOYAL!

If you live off people’s compliments,you will die from their criticism LIVE for you . DO YOU! No one wants to support you at the start of your journey but once they see your success they all want to be friends again.”

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‘You have been with me through thick and thin,’ Zari cries to her followers

Zari  is known as The Boss Lady. And like a bausss, she has hit the 4 million mark on Instagram.

She has come out thanking her loyal fans and followers for making her hit that new milestone on instagram taking her up the rank of celebs with the highest followers in Africa.

This comes at a time when company and brands are taking marketing a notch higher by utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram and twitter. Social media has played an important role in helping companies and individuals maintain high  standards when it comes to selling their brands.

Cupid Struck !5 Types of men that drive women crazy and melting like teens

Zari  took to her instagram  to thank her fans with this post

Wapendwa wangu Sina cha Kuwalipa Zaidi ya kusema ASANTENI sana kwa 4M followers.
Ninyi Ni Ma Ndugu kwangu, Mmekua Nami Bega Kwa Bega Kwenye Shida na Raha. Sasa Mnichiangieni $1 kila mtu tujenge clinic ya wanawake sehemu yoyote dar, Najua tukiipata Baba Magufuli atatupa kiwanja….😁😁 #JustSaying

Zari is among the celebs who have reached over a million followers and above. Others include Eric Omondi  1.2 million, Sauti Sol 1million, Diamond Platnumz 4.7 million, Ali Kiba 2.7 million and Jokate Mwegelo 3.1 million.

Mwacheni Mwanangu!! Hamisa Mobetto’s mum warns Diamond’s family

Zari took the chance to ask for donations from her followers to help her build a women clinic in Dar es salaam, Tanzania,to help her reach out to the marginalized women in that country.

As she celebrates this milestone her are some photos of the African Instagram Diva










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Wooishe!! Ali Kiba’s ex-girlfriend trolled on social media after musician weds Kenyan girl

Bongo sensation Ali Kiba has today married his fiancée Amina Khalef, at the Diamond Jubilee Hall, Mombasa. Reports indicate that Ali has been dating the woman since late 2016.

Ali Kiba decided to settle down with Amina Khalef, who is a Kenyan from Mombasa, after his breakup with beauty queen Jokate Mwegelo over “irreconcilable differences”.

When they were dating, word went around that Ali Kiba was cheating on her, something that convinced Jokate’s family that the singer is not the right man for her. No one knows what really led to their separation.


Congratulations: Ali Kiba weds in Mombasa

Well, in any big occasion like this one, hater or trolls are always everywhere trying to remind us of the past. That is exactly what has happened after Jokate Mwegelo, the ex- girlfriend to Kiba who took to her social media and wrote;




Check out reactions;

smaka_king: Nimesikitishwa sana nakitendo cha alikiba kuto kukuowa nilitengemeya angekuwowa wewe pole sana kalibu kwangu tufunge ndowq nasisi tumoneshe mambo ni ??????????????????

mercy2374: utapata mwanaume Bora tena wa hadhi yako achana Na hao mabwege wanao kusema vibaya wakunyumba yesu yupo pamoja nawe

talhazainabu :Dada acha waone kenya hapo hata kwa baiskel wanaenda we yako utaenda kuolewa korea tena kwa ndege achana nao hao kwani wa kwaza wao we yako mwez ujao korea kaskazin

king_oc91: Endelea kuigiza unapiga kazi akati xwako ndio anaenda kuvunja bikra leo

starhadasa: Ni mwanamke mwenye akili huna skendo za kijinga lwa kifupi unajielewa na @officialalikiba …sio mume Mungu anayemtaka kwako keep on moving ,Fanya kazi kwa bidiii,endelea kujiheshimu na usiache kumuomba Mungu ,Mume wako WA Heshima yupo ni suala tu LA Muda tu…I love u Jiji

gift_ngailo: Kila kitu hupangwa na Mungu so maneno hayasaidii na lawama hazijengi Mungu kapanga alkiba amuoe amina so kikubwa ni kuwaombea wawe na maisha ya furaha amani na upendo kisicho ridhiki usile ukitupilie mbali jokate nakupenda na na nilipenda uolewe na alikiba but ndo hivyo haijawa na najua ulimpenda sana kiba but nakuombea utampata wako

isaacedward5515: Hahahahahahaha usijali ndo maisha by the way kuna uchumba na ndoa kwahy neno ndoa ni neno ambalo huwa linatafsiliwa kwa upana wake kwahy usijali mama kidoti

daiada4: Hivi kwani kuvunjika mahusiano ni kitu cha ajabu! Mbona mmemuandama dada wa watu as if yeye ndo wa kwanza kuachana na mtu. Walishaachana so kila mtu ana haki ya kuendelea na maisha yake, tofauti ni kwamba kiba ameanza, na hata bidada naye siku yake itafika. Tuache kushabikia vitu visivyo na tija.








Ali Kiba’s rumored girlfriend Jokate Mwegelo admits she wants to get married

Will this be the year that bongo singer Ali Kiba finally gets down on one knee and proposes to Jokate?

It has been alleged that Ali Kiba and Tanzanian video video-cum-socialite Jokate Mwegelo, have been dating on and off for quite some time, but the two have kept off the rumors choosing not to confirm or deny it.

Ali Kiba’s family early last year made it clear to the world that they are ready for their famous son to finally settle down, and they even indicated their choice as Jokate.

Even their fans have been rooting for them to get married and start a family.

Jokate on her part is finally admitting she is ready to settle down. She declared that 2018 is her year to walk down the aisle, but did not mention who her bae is. We certainly hope he is paying attention, and doesn’t let such a fine species get away.

She said:

Oh 2018 bring me my hubby already 😏. I’m ready. ❤️

In the meantime here are sexy photos of Jokate, that we hope her bae will see and get down on one knee.






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Umecheswa Brathe: Ali Kiba’s Ex-Girlfriend Spotted With This Legendary Arsenal Star (PHOTO)

Jokate Mwegelo is one of the most celebrated and influential people in Tanzania. She is also Ali Kiba’s ex-girlfriend.

After several months of their very public break up, it seems the business woman-cum-fashionista has moved on.

She first graced the Forbes Top 30 Under 30, then was spotted hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z and now this?

Well, on Saturday, this once upon a time Miss Tanzania runner’s up, was spotted hanging out with former Arsenal player, Thierry Henry.

Yes, the Legend himself.

The two were enjoying each other’s company during the NBA Africa Game which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With a lot of excitement, Jokate wrote:

“Before the after party we are having dinner with the core team that made the #NBAAfricaGame a reality. Look who joined us @thierryhenry . Nahamia Arsenal rasmi, naomba ushauri lakini naambiwa Arsenal ni stress tupu 😄”

Jokate who is the founder of Kidoti bags broke up with long time boyfriend and singer Ali Kiba citing irreconcilable differences.

Jokate was also used by singer Bahati in his song Maria as a video vixen playing the role alongside Mali hunk Daniel Weke.

Here is Jokate and Henry:


jokate and thierry henry


jokate and henry Thierry

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African Sauce!!! Photos That Show Ali Kiba Lost A Hot And Sexy Mama

Ali Kiba is without doubt one of the best Bongo Flava artistes we have seen. He has vocals…Good vocals.

But just like any other celebrity, he has had a tough time when it comes to matters of the heart. Ali Kiba has been head over heels in love with a Tanzanian businesswoman, singer and model, Jokate Mwegelo.

Is Ali Kiba’s Female Manager And His Ex Girlfriend Fighting Over Him?

Jokate is the video vixen to Bahati’s song, Maria, and with no doubt she nailed it. She and Ali Kiba have never admitted to having a thing together, but photos that went viral were proof that the two have been seeing each other.

ali kiba jokate

Aki Yaoo! Maina Kageni confesses whose songs he prefers between Ali Kiba and Diamond Platnumz

Well, I recently found out that the Chekecha Cheketua hit maker had broken up with this fashionista over what was termed as irreconcilable differences. There is one thing that still stands, though.

This girl Jokate is one hot lass. Proof that Ali Kiba really got taste when it comes to women.

Gospel Singer Is Bahati Back With a Bang, Drops New Song With Jemmimah Thiong’o (Video)

Check Out Jokate’s photos, you will agree with me that she is not only beautiful but also has got style:

Is Ali Kiba’s Female Manager And His Ex Girlfriend Fighting Over Him?

He is a father of four kids from different baby mamas. Ali Kiba is considered as one of the popular heartthrobs  – according to some lasses. Kiba never has a shortage of swooning female attention. When he was recently photographed with his manager Seven Mosha, drama ensued.


Point is, there is something we barely understand about Ali Kiba…That would be, if he is single or nah!

Jokate Mwegelo, who is known for her role as a video vixen in Bahati’s song ‘Maria‘, has been romantically linked to Ali Kiba.

The Tanzanian model and designer has apparently been in a social media fight with Ali Kiba’s sexy manager Seven Mosha.


However Ali Kiba’s mother recently denied any knowledge of Jokate being Ali Kiba’s girlfriend, and when asked if the two were having something, Ali would say that the two are just friends.

This statement hurt Jokate too much to a point of writing posts that seemed to be targeting Ali Kiba’s manager Mosha, after Ali posted a photo of himself and Mosha which seemed to suggest their relationship was more than business.

“Unapotumia sio nguvu bali akili nyingi kumtengeneza mtu na akafikia mafanikio fulani hivi halafu ki-mtu kingine kikajiweka mbele na kutaka credit zote ????????????, una smile kama hivi ????ukiacha waendelee huku ukitafakari maneno kwenye vitabu vitakatifu wa kwanza atakuwa wa mwisho na mwisho atakuwa wa kwanza. Maisha ni mzunguko. Mungu yu mwema sana. ????❤”


In an interview with a Tanzanian based show, Jokate said that Ali and his family did not mean to deny her for they all know the truth but instead Jokate claims it was a slip of the tongue;

“Mimi sifikirii sana maana mimi ni mtu Positive nataka niamini hawakuamaanisha sasa sijui waliteleza au walikosea”

Check out fan’s reaction to the story of Ali Kiba and his manager Seven Mosha;

evy_mkush_nunda: Kaka piga tu mti kwan shilingi ngapi… Hayo maua yameumbwa kwa ajili yetu ????

mwanarama9999: Huyu meneja sasa hivi ataliwa …

k.wise96: Hahahahahabaha meneja wa kikeeeee hhhha apo mapenz tuuu na ndio maaana Joket huwa haumpost.

kaboyenx: Ali Kiba ujue jokate anakuona bro @officialalikiba

mis_entry: Mmmh uyu manager nawasiwaasi nae Kama kiba anamlaa @carrymastory

mjin_viva: Mhhh huo umenanger msije mkawa mnamuibia jokate maana mhh